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WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Dirty Thoughts, Innuendo, Violence, Dark Themes



"It's called coffee, Ryn—it's the greatest substance in existence and I apologize that the Starbucks is an hour away and I don't wanna drive there today, but I promise my coffee is better." 24 year-old Lana Meckenzie told her 19 year-old cousin, Kathryn Meckenzie.

The two girls had been living together for the last few years, taking a small break from hunting. Florence Meckenzie, Lana's mother, had been missing in action for the last year (even though she called every once in a while) leaving Claudia Meckenzie, Kathryn's mother and Florence's sister, to go out to try and find her. Kathryn was trying to focus on college classes while Lana was trying to keep her cousin out of trouble in the adults' absence. The two hadn't been using their powers that they had inherited from being witches much, but Kathryn had caught Lana doing more than one little spell or two just to keep herself feeling balanced out.

While Kathryn was simply a full blown witch—her father also had powers, but he left her mother soon after Kathryn was conceived—but Lana was half demon and so her powers were off the charts. Azazel had possessed Florence for nine months, Lana being produced and having extraordinary powers that Florence actually wasn't scared of. She knew her daughter was special and she also knew that with the right guidance she wouldn't be hunted by demons or by angels—they couldn't sense her anyway. The problem was that Lana had the potential to be a vessel because that ran in the Meckenzie blood…meaning Kathryn had the potential too.

"Maybe I would just rather sleep through this exam, Lan." Kathryn told her shaking her head even though the smell of the coffee was filling up her nostrils and making her desperately want to just give in and drink the warm substance in front of her. "My teacher will fail me anyway because he hates me."

Lana shook her head. "1) I don't want Aunt Claudia mad at me, and 2) no man in his right mind can resist the Meckenzie charm."

"Then how about my attractive older cousin comes with me and hits on him? Please? Pretty please? Stop shaking your head, Lan! I'll pay you!" Kathryn begged, taking the coffee cup from Lana since she couldn't stand smelling it and not being able to taste it anymore.

"I don't know if you could pay me enough to hit on your professor." Lana told her shaking her head. "I mean I'm not that girl—I like those long lasting relationships you know? I mean I dated Lance all through High School and then yeah, we broke up when he proposed and I turned him down after graduation, but I had just found out that I was half demon. I just…I just…fine—but only because you're pouting."

Kathryn cheered and sipped the coffee. "Yay! You do realize here that Lance isn't a working excuse anymore, right? I mean to be honest, that was like 7 years ago and since then you've only had one other boyfriend and he turned out to be a mercenary. You totally need a good random flirt and maybe a meaningless fling."

"Kathryn Harmony Meckenzie!" Lana scolded her, laughing a little bit.

"Alana Rose Meckenzie." Kathryn mocked, rolling her eyes and drinking her coffee more, reaching for a cinnamon roll.

Lana shook her head. "I'm a bad influence on you."

"Yeah you are—maybe you should stop corrupting me." Kathryn said as she winked at her cousin.

Lana laughed again and rolled her eyes, sipping her own coffee and then watching as Kathryn bonded off towards the stairs with the cinnamon roll in hand. By the time she made it up to her room and started rummaging through what to wear to flirt with Adam Milligan that day, she would have the cinnamon roll eaten. Lana just cleared the empty dishes away and poured the rest of Kathryn's coffee into a thermos she could take with her to school, and then hopped up onto the counter and took a deep breath.

She really was just itching to hunt—she had a feeling that a demon was near and she was trying to figure out why. Lana was rather in tune with her feelings and when she sensed things she had to react because it always meant that something bad was going to happen. Factor in that she knew that Adam's absent father that only visited once a year was none other than John Winchester, and Lana had a feeling that something big was about to happen.

Lana knew the Winchesters—Florence had hunted with Mary before Mary and John met and then she helped to protect them when Mary gave it up. Once Mary was killed, Florence was already possessed by Azazel, but soon after Lana was born she helped John to acclimate to hunting. It was what he wanted to do and she still felt like it was her job to keep John safe—it was what Mary would have wanted…John and the boys safe. So every once in a while Lana was stuck with Sam and Dean and the little girl that occasionally saw them was definitely not as acclimated into hunting as they were, but she was better at it because of her edge on them…because demon blood pumped through her veins.

Although Kathryn hadn't actually met Sam or Dean, she had heard a story or two and Lana hadn't told her that Adam was their half brother. John recognized Lana right off the bat because she looked so much like her mother, and he knew that she knew who he was and that she would keep her mouth shut—Lana was more than acquainted with secrets. Kathryn was the more truthful one. In fact she had told Adam that she and Lana were witches and he had accepted them…he just had no idea about the demon blood and Kathryn was smart enough to know to keep that a secret—at least until Lana decided it was time to let other people know about it.

In fact Kathryn hadn't even known about how Lana had come about into the world until she was 18—that was when Florence and Claudia had decided that it was relevant information for Kathryn to know. She had suspected it when demons taunted her and Lana in the past, but when her mother and aunt laid it all out there for her, she was able to accept it and it didn't make her look at Lana any different. Kathryn actually felt good about it because it meant Lana wasn't stronger power-wise because she was just a better witch—Lana was more powerful because she was half demon, and that meant that Kathryn wasn't a failure. Her magic was strong and though her Latin was rusty and she needed to brush up on it, she knew that Lana was just a freak…in the most loving way possible, of course.

"Whatever you're wearing today had better be appropriate!" Lana called up as she finished off her coffee and set the mug in the sink, smiling as Kathryn came down with her dark curls pulled back into a ponytail, jeans and a t-shirt on, her bag slung over her shoulder. "You could go easier on the eyeliner there, Ryn."

"You could go harder on it." Kathryn replied with a shrug. "How are you going to seduce him when you look so proper?"

Lana laughed and hopped off of the counter, looking down at her jeans and three-quarter length white button-up fitted shirt. "I hope that people who don't look like hookers can hit on a man sufficiently enough to make him stop hating her younger cousin long enough for her to get a fair grade."

"I still say you should un button a button or something—let your hair down?" Kathryn suggested as she saw that Lana still had her brown hair up in a ponytail. "You are such a mom."

"I'm taking that as a compliment." Lana replied with a shrug, slipping her black flats on when she got to the door and grabbed her purse off of the mirrored coat-rack. "Are we going? Grab your thermos."

"Okay…sometimes I like it when you mother me." Kathryn said with a nod, following Lana out the door and getting into the passenger seat of the car after Lana locked up and hopped into the silver Lexus RX350 SUV. "You could get a less mother-ish car though."

"Tell that to the friends you always invite over." Lana told her as she turned the engine over and stared Kathryn down until she fastened her seatbelt. "Are we picking up Adam this morning?"

Kathryn nodded and fixed her lipgloss. "Yeah…the carpool after all was his idea."

"All right—I promise when he calls you his adorable pet name for you, I won't meow this time…Kitty-Kat." Lana said, and then she laughed and meowed, laughing even more when Kathryn punched her playfully in the arm and looked out the passenger window as Lana backed out of the driveway.


Lana pulled up in front of Adam's house and Kathryn smiled as she opened the car door. She glanced at herself in the car's mirror, fixing any flaws she saw and Lana laughed at her. It was just so adorable to see her cousin make sure she was presentable for a boy—Lana like that Kathryn was so happy.

"Shut up, I need to look perfect." Kathryn said closing the car door and Lana smiled rolling her eyes.

"You look fine now go get your boyfriend before you're late." Lana said and Kathryn smiled nodding then walked towards Adam's door fixing her shirt.

Kathryn walked up the steps to Adam's house and rung the door bell, Lana fiddling with the radio in the car. She didn't know if she wanted to listen to a CD or to the radio, but she knew that without Kathryn there no matter how short a time she was in the care on her own, she was bored.

"Coming!" Kathryn heard Adam's mother say and she took a breath as his mom opened the door.

"Kathryn, come in," Ms. Milligan said and Kathryn smiled walking into Adam's house, giving a wave to Lana before closing the front door. "Adam's running a little late this morning, but make yourself at home feel free to take a muffin."

She smiled watching Kathryn as she sat on the couch taking a muffin, feeling content. Ms. Milligan enjoyed making sure that the kids were fed and happy and she was glad that Kathryn was around. She had a soft spot for Kathryn and she rather enjoyed seeing Lana when she could to—the girls were so down to earth and they made sure Adam was happy and safe.

"Mom! Where's my grey shirt!" Adam called down from upstairs sounding frustrated and Kathryn smiled a little.

"I don't know honey; it might still be in the laundry room!" His mother called back and Kathryn heard him groan then his footsteps as he ran down the stairs.

Kathryn's eyes widened when he stood in front of her only in pants that hung loosely on him and he blushed. The two of them kind of smiled at each even though the pink was rising in their cheeks. They were a lot more shy with each other than they were with their group of friends that they'd known for a while, but that was because they liked each other so much and felt just a little self conscious.

"Kat, I uh, didn't know you were here already." He said scratching the back of his head and Kathryn smiled giving him a once over.

"Is this how you plan on passing your test? Showing Professor Harris your hot body so he gives you a good grade?" Kathryn asked, and Adam's mom laughed as Adam glared at Kathryn but smiled too.

"No, but that's how I plan on passing your test." He said and Kathryn blushed this time looking away from him as he chuckled.

"I'll go get your shirt Adam—eat a muffin. You need some food in you for your big test." She said ruffling his hair as she walked passed him making Kathryn smile.

"Momma's boy," She said standing up.

"Shut up," He said and she held the muffin up and Adam took a bite of it then pecked her on the lips as his mother walked into the room.

"Here you go Adam." Ms. Milligan said handing Adam his shirt. Kathryn took a bite of her muffin as Adam pulled his shirt on, Kathryn not being able to help a frown when his torso was covered.

"Well, Mom we should be going, but I'll see you after school." Adam said grabbing his backpack off the couch and his mom nodded.

"Okay sweetie," She said and hugged him making Kathryn smile at how cute their mother-son bond was and then Ms. Milligan pulled away from him and turned to Kathryn smiling. "Will I be seeing you later too?"

"Yeah, I'm coming home with Adam." Kathryn said smiling and Ms. Milligan nodded.

"Alright then good luck you two on the test." She said and waved to Lana as they walked towards the car.

Adam opened Kathryn's door and she smiled at him climbing in getting a look from Lana. Adam climbed in the back as Kathryn buckled her seat belt and Lana smiled as she started to drive looking back and forth between the two. She couldn't help but break the silence with something, and so she decided to just go ahead and joke with them to show them that she wasn't a mother…she was their friend too.

"Meow," She said then laughed as Kathryn groaned while Adam smiled, blushing a little.

"Promise breaker," Kathryn muttered and Lana laughed shrugging.

"I'm sorry but it's just too cute, I couldn't help myself." Lana said smiling and Kathryn rolled her eyes. "So Adam, how are you and your mom doing?"

Lana always made sure to inquire after Ms. Milligan when she couldn't talk straight to her. Ever since Lana and Kathryn had kind of been on their own, Ms. Milligan had been like a mother to them and Lana always wanted to make sure that she and Adam were all right. She glanced at Adam in the rearview mirror and Adam cleared his throat glancing at her as Kathryn smiled at how adorable he was.

"We're, uh, doing good—she's still on graveyard shift." He said and Lana nodded stopping at a red light as silence fell between the three and then Kathryn cleared her throat.

"Awkward silence really isn't my thing, so…how about so music?" Kathryn said and turned on the stereo the song 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls blasted and Lana turned the stereo of quickly coughing a little as Kathryn looked at her.

"The Spice Girls?" She asked and Lana shrugged a little biting her lip.

"It's catchy." Lana said and Kathryn snorted causing Adam to laugh a little as Lana pouted. "Judgmental little squirt." Lana muttered and Kathryn laughed shaking her head.

The two smiled a bit at each other and their behavior, finishing the drive to the school pleasantly. Lana pulled into the school's parking lot and turned the car off, grabbing her purse and turning to her favorite cousin.

"Get out of my car." Lana said smiling and Kathryn rolled her eyes grabbing her bag as she climbed out of the car.

"Okay so tell me—this professor somewhat cute?" Lana asked sipping her coffee as Adam took Kathryn's hand in hers laughing a little.

"You're getting your cousin to flirt with Professor Harris?" Adam laughed looking down at her and she shrugged a little.

"Yeah so? I mean you were going to come to school shirtless so he'd give you an 'A', why can't I use my cousin's hotness to get myself one?" Kathryn asked, causing Lana to snort as Adam smiled shaking his head.

"You are one of a kind, Kat." He said and she grinned up at him.

"I know." She said and Lana smiled at the two, happy they were happy. "And yes, Lana, he is cute—he's just a hard ass. I don't think he's been laid in quite awhile so you know there's a janitors closet two doors down."

Lana gasped hitting her playfully with her purse as the walked into the building. "I am not sleeping with your teacher in a janitors closet Ryn."

"So then there's the teacher's lounge; I hear there's a leather couch in there." Kathryn smiled and Lana gave her a look.

"I'm not sleeping with you teacher period, got that?" She asked pointing her finger at Kathryn as they stopped in front of the class.

"Fine, I guess I'll just settle with a 'C'." Kathryn pouted and Lana gasped swatting her butt as she dashed through the door Adam following close behind.

Lana smiled at her and then looked at the teacher, nodding slowly at the brown haired man who stood in the front of the class. He was taking some notes as the students filed in, Lana quickly taking her hair down and fluffing it was he hadn't noticed her yet. Kathryn laughed a little and Lana shot her a look, smiling at her teacher and holding out her hand.

"Lana Meckenzie." Lana said aloud, smiling as the teacher slowly looked up at her and smiled. "I just wanted to see the classroom that Kathryn comes to every morning."

He smiled and took her hand, grasping it softly. "Luke Harris—nice to meet you."

"Pleasure's all mine." Lana replied with that Meckenzie smile that made men weak in the knees.

"If she had just unbuttoned one more button I could get an 'A-'." Kathryn told Adam who rolled his eyes and sat down next to her.


Adam and Kathryn where on his bed that afternoon, Kathryn on her stomach flipping through her Calculus book while Adam sat at her feet looking through his. They were studying because they were starting a new year and it was already way too hard for both of them.

"I hate this class." Kathryn groaned closing her book and rolling over.

Adam smiled setting his book down glancing at her as she looked around his room from her spot on his bed. She smiled at the picture of her and him kissing on his nightstand and grabbed it, her face lighting up some more. She'd taken the picture on one of their weekends hanging out together and with Lana and there it was displayed in his room where anyone who came in could see.

"I didn't know you had this." She smiled running her fingers along the glass as Adam smiled at her and crawled on top of her his hands on either side of her head.

"Well I had to take it because my mom was going to put it on the mantel with the naked baby pictures of me." He said smiling and Kathryn laughed a little touching his nose.

"You were an adorable baby, as you are now." She said and Adam smiled leaning down there noses touching. "Tease." She muttered and Adam smiled bringing his lips to hers.

"I am not a tease." He said against her lips and she laughed stroking the back of his neck.

"Then stop talking and kiss me." She told him softly.

Adam smiled and gripped her hair supporting his weight on his other hand as he leaned down to kiss her his tongue teasing the edges of her mouth and Kathryn let him deepen this kiss. Adam straddled her hips and moved his hand to her waist tugging at her shirt a little. Kathryn ran her hands along his arms as his hand moved up her shirt his finger brushing against the edge of her bra. Kathryn shook her head a little pulling away from his lips as he sighed a little sitting up.

"I'm sorry." She said softly looking up at him and Adam smiled a little shaking his head as he stroked her cheek.

"It doesn't matter—I don't want you doing anything you don't want to." He said and she nodded smiling.

"What did I do to deserve you?" She asked as Adam smiled kissing her gently.

He ran his nose along hers. "You didn't have to do anything."


Lana felt dirty hitting on Kathryn's attractive professor for a grade and was currently wading through murky water in a dark tunnel on the phone with her best friend, Jennifer Delkan, a flashlight in her other hand. She wanted to hunt—she'd been itching to do it and she knew that there was a demon close but she couldn't hunt it in broad daylight and she knew that. All she could do was research and figure out where it was camping out so that she could attack it come nightfall.

"So let me get this straight—Kit-Kat had you hit on her professor and you aren't actually going to date him?" Jen asked her with a shake of her head.

Lana rolled her eyes. "Jen, I'm not going to freaking hook up with some random professor. There's a door he thinks is open just so that he stops picking on Ryn."

"You should go out on a date, Lan!" Jen told her with a smile on her face. "Come on, Lan—you need to get back out on that horse. After Lance it was just one train wreck after another."

"Hunters don't get to be happy." Lana replied shrugging and pointing her flashlight at a slimy wall. "It smells like shit down here."

"You're the one that hides behind hunting." Jen said as her husband, Kevin kissed the top of her head and pointed at the phone mouthing Lana's name. "Kevin says 'hi'."

Lana smiled and felt a little happier. "Tell him I say 'hi' too, all right? I'm going to let you go and hang out with your husband and then I'm going to try and find this demon so I have something to do tonight. You know for the record, Jenny, I don't shut myself off because I want to—I want a normal life…I just know I have a job to do."

"It's not your fault that you're half demon, Lan." Jen told her softly.

Lana bit her lip and nodded, letting the words sink in even though they didn't really comfort her much. She knew that it was her father's fault that she was what she was, but at the same time she felt like rebelling against it was more help than harm. Lana didn't want to be used in this war between the angels and the demons and she sure as Hell didn't want to be anywhere near the fight they were having over the Winchesters.

Because of what she was and her completely unintentional run in with Uriel and Castiel once, Lana was more than aware of what was happening. It was one of the reasons why she had been lobbying so much lately to stay out of hunting for Kathryn's sake—she didn't want her being dragged into it in case Adam was. She and Kathryn were now both a little out of shape hunting-wise and Lana felt bad about that…they needed to be in the game to protect each other.

If there was any way that Adam could get sucked into this fight, Lana didn't want Kathryn in it…but she knew it would happen. Kathryn was falling hard for him and Lana understood that kind of loyalty and devotion—that kind of love. Once upon a time Lana had actually felt that kind of love for another individual…the kind of love that made you do stupid things—the kind of love that made you crazy and irrational.

Suddenly Lana missed Sam and Dean. She had so much in common with both of them and she suddenly wanted to just hear their voices but she knew that if she randomly called even if it really was just to check up on them, they'd think something was wrong and head out. Lana couldn't do that to them right now and she didn't want to have to explain Adam just yet and figured someday if she had an emergency, she'd call them then. For now she was going to have to suck it up and just hunt down this demon…that was all that really mattered right then.

"I love you for that, Jenny, really—I'm going to go now. I stepped in something rather disgusting." Lana replied with a soft laugh. "Tell Kev I love him too and I'll call you later."

Jen laughed and nodded. "All right, Lan. We love you very much. Be careful—bye."

"Bye." Lana told her and then pocketed her cell phone, moving the light over the walls of the disgusting tunnel and sighing. "I've lost it for now…damn demon."

Lana sighed loudly and then headed for her house, getting into the shower and letting the hot water run down her body. She reached for the shampoo and the body wash, making sure she smelled really good before she blow dried her hair and took a nap on the couch, waking up with a start. It almost felt like all of the air had been sucked out of her lungs and she hurried up, grabbing a gun and her jacket, heading out of the house.

Kathryn and Adam had come over for dinner and they were surprised that Lana had just bolted up and left, Kathryn feeling like something was wrong. Lana knew that the two were there and she also knew that suddenly everything had changed and she didn't know how to explain it—she just knew. She hurried into Adam's home when knocking didn't bring his mother to the front door, covering her mouth when she found her dead body on the ground.

"No…" She murmured, looking up to see the demon. "You've just ruined everything."

The demon started to snicker, but it didn't expect Lana to look at it funny and kill it instantly just by thinking about it. Lana had been able to control her powers for a good year or two now and though she never used her powers in full, she was able to handle herself. She was rusty, but that didn't matter…what mattered was finding a sensitive way to tell Adam that his mother was dead…what mattered was finding a way to call Sam and Dean and have them come to protect their brother.

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