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Shiro talking; "out loud"/'mind link'

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee- CRASH!

Ichigo twitched his hand from the pain that came from smashing his annoying alarm to bits. He groaned. Thursday. School. Fun. He rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, his eyes bleary. He rubbed them, attempting to get rid of the extraneous liquid, but eventually gave up.

Ichigo locked the door to avoid a morning-ruining attack from his dad. He flicked the shower knobs and stepped in once the water finally heated up.

He could hear a sort of humming in the back of his head as the water pounded onto his back, making him think back to last night. Shiro had come out and listened to music with him, apparently developed emotions and a heart and...Ichigo's heart pounded when he remembered the last event. He had kissed Ichigo.

Tanned fingers rose to brush the spot on his cheek which was burning from a blush. He shook his head trying to get the thoughts out of his mind and stepped out of the tub and into the swirling mist from the heat of the shower.

Stepping out of the bathroom with his towel securely around his waist, he snuck quietly across the hall, keeping himself as quite as possible. Just a few more steps and he wouldn't have to deal with-


Said person ducked as his father attempted a flying kick at his head. Isshin's face was greeted with a fist as Ichigo mumbled, "It's too early for this Goat Face. Go bother someone else." Isshin cradled his face, crying and murmuring something about a 'cruel son'. Ichigo brushed him off and continued into his room, and pulled on his uniform.

''Che. I've been standin' here for who knows how long and you just refuse to acknowledge me. How cruel, King," spoke a voice, a smirk obviously on their face, from the sound of the tone.

Ichigo tilted his head to observe his albino inner hollow, Shiro. He nodded toward him, still feeling awkward about last night...or earlier this morning, anyway. Shiro snorted at the lack of reply and lay back on the bed under the window.

"Headed t' school?"


"Think I can pop out every once in a while to watch? It's much more comfortable of a view than from those damned windows."


Ichigo's head was jerked to the side by a white skinned hand and his eyes widened at the sight of the hollow, whose eyes were livid.

"Why the hell not? 'T's not like I can do anything to anyone! I'll just be standing there, wandering around the room. You can force me back anytime! Why aren't you giving me a fuckin' chance?"

Ichigo jerked his head out from his grip, grabbed his bag, and stormed out of the room. He went downstairs, taking a piece of toast from the plate of food Yuzu was trying to force on him.

"Come on Ichi-nii! You should have breakfast for once! Most important meal of the day you know!"

Ichigo's previous anger cause by Shiro faded at his younger sister's voice and he turned back around, his face softer.

"Sorry Yuzu, I'm running late!"

"Oh you Ichi-nii!"

"You too!"

He slipped out of the door before his father could bid him goodbye with a foot in the face and made his way towards his school. A flash of white in his peripheral vision caught his attention, and he groaned.

'Why do you always have to materialize and follow me around?'

'Hey, this is only my second time doing this, so don't give me any shit about it. If it was my 50th or some other insane number, maybe, just maybe, I would listen.'

'Hell if you would listen.'

'Good point, aibou.'

Ichigo cut off their mental conversation (which prevented passersby from questioning his sanity) and walked into the school's courtyard. The bell rang and he redirected himself towards the doors, going up into the 2nd story and into class 1-3.


Ichigo stuck out his arm and the nuisance of a brunette smashed into it and collapsed onto the ground.

"Why'd you do that Ichigo? I thought we were frrriiiieends!"

"Shut up Keigo," replied Ichigo wearily, noting how his Shiro was cackling madly, and he shot him a glare, unbeknownst to said hollow.

Ichigo dropped his bag next to his desk, preparing himself for a long and boring day.

Shiro's POV

I wandered through Ichigo's classroom, marvelling at how different it looked in real life, compared to what I saw from inside Ichigo. I could see the big-chested orange haired girl, whose name I had to strain to remember. I failed miserably, and simply asked King. He visibly jumped at my telepathic question, but he passed it off by pretending his desk was uncomfortable and he was simply readjusting.


'Oh shut up. You're the one who made me do it in the first place. And her name is Orihime. And before you ask, the big guy is Chad, the dark-haired, skinny one with glasses is Uryuu, the spiky black haired one is Tatsuki, and you really ought to know Rukia by now.'

'Oooohhh ok. Thanks. I'll leave ya to your boring learning then.'

'...Why? It IS boring. I've already learned this crap. So. What do you think of the real world?'

'It'd be cooler if I could actually interact with these people, but I mean, beggars can't be choosers.'

'I don't trust you enough to let you interact with people anyway. You have threatened to kill myself and everyone else around me multiple times. So it's definitely justified.'

'Yeah, Yeah, whatever you say. You just don't want me to meet your friends cause they might shun ya. I am basically the materialized form of your instincts. So your instincts might be telling you to do some naughty things.' I popped up in front of him in the middle of our conversation, and wiggled my eyebrows suggestively at the last part.

He growled and his hand twitched like he wanted to slap me.

'Uh uh uh, King, can't be viewed as a freak that has imaginary friends now can we?'

He simply grumbled in reply, and I couldn't help but laugh at his childish antics.

Since Ichigo was starting to ignore me again, I decided to get his attention again, maybe make him look insane in the process. I crept over to his teacher, without Ichigo's noticing, and popped up behind the teacher, an evil glint in my eyes, and I opened my mouth wide open and bent to graze my teeth on her neck. Ichigo's head snapped up and his eyes widened. "No don't!"

The entire class turned towards him, the teacher looking impatient. "Excuse me, Kurosaki, but is there something wrong?"

"Eh heh"

"Good. Now get back to studying. No more outbursts, unless of course you want detention."

Ichigo mumbled incoherently, shooting me a glare when no one was looking. I noticed his friend Rukia watching him intently, and I felt something rage inside me and I sent the girl a death glare, even though she couldn't see it. I growled, wishing I could smack her with Zangetsu, but not kill of course, because King would be unhappy.

'Hmph. I wonder what the hell this is...'

I felt something tugging me and then the scene disappeared and I was back in the damned boring blue mindscape. I whirled, screeching.

'What the hell? Why am I back in here? What did I do? Let me out of here NOW!'

'Hell no! I could feel your killing intent towards Rukia a minute ago! I'm not letting you back out until you can prove that you CAN keep a hold of yourself!'

'I don't even know what I was feeling! One second I'm fine, and the next she's watching you, like you belong to her, and I snapped! I don't know what the hell it means, so how can I stop it?'

Ichigo didn't reply, so I guessed that he was thinking. Huh. No wonder it was heating up in here.

I just scowled up at the sky, as if those fluffy innocent clouds were the reason I was stuck back in this prison of a place. I took a deep breath, trying to calm down from my earlier outburst. Which brought me to the current issue.

'Why in the hell am I feeling so strongly about things that normally wouldn't matter to me at all? I mean, sure, sometimes I'd feel a twinge of something, but never like this..Damn, it must be those emotions Ichigo was talking about. I still have to get him to explain this crap. But of all the times I've looked in Ichigo's memories, I have never seen anyone respond this strongly. So what the hell's going on?'

I decided to just leave this topic alone for a bit since I wasn't really sure what triggered each of the emotions, and I just watched what King was up to through the windows. He was on a roof, apparently having finished lunch, but he was alone. I wanted to get out of this prison, but I hesitated. What if he was still mad at me?

Then I saw something through the window in a blue building. I could see a Garganta opening up a little ways behind Ichigo, and since he is a terrible reiatsu sensor, he hadn't noticed. I tried to open our link, but he was blocking me out, still mad about earlier. I could see an arrancar coming through the garganta and I desperately pushed against his mind, trying to get his attention, though he remained stubborn.

I inhaled, using all my willpower to push myself out of here. Then I felt a mental push on me, and I realized Zangetsu was helping me too. 'He must be pretty desperate to save Ichigo if he's trying to help me...'

I finally broke through Ichigo's mental walls and landed in the real world, though I still couldn't be seen by others. "Ichigo! Ichigo, look behind you dammit!"

Ichigo spun only to have a sword pushed through his stomach out his back. I watched in horror as a smirking blue headed arrancar pulled his Zanpakutou out of Ichigo, and he collapsed in front of me.

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