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Post Season Five: Dean is no longer with Lisa and is now living and hunting with Bobby. It is almost a year after the incident in the cemetery, and Bobby's daughter has shown up in town. And yes, I know that Bobby doesn't have a daughter on the show that we know of, but I thought it would be fun to throw that curveball in. This is the first story of any kind that I've ever written, so please read, review and leave constructive criticism or praise.

ps. Dean still has no idea that Sammy is out of the Cage.

Far From Home


Bobby looked at Karen with tears in his eyes. He still couldn't believe it had ultimately come to this point. It was all so crazy really. Not a lick of it made any sense. This wasn't the woman that he had vowed before family, friends and God to love for the rest of his life. No, she had died months ago. All she was now was an empty shell. A shelled that was filled with evil. In the last six months he had watched her descend into madness. It started out small. A fight here and there, which if you knew Karen, she never had an angry word toward anyone. She stopped sleeping and eating. Bobby would beg and plead for her to go see Doc Evans but she would have none of it. She just kept saying that not even God could help her now. And now, she had killed someone. Or rather repeatedly killed several someones to be exact. So Bobby supposed she was right in the end. She was beyond help now. When Karen screamed at him and then lunged at him with the knife, he was only acting on instinct. He managed to wrestle the large, silvery butcher knife out of her tiny, frail hands not fully understanding where this small woman had found such incredible physical strength. She was still screaming that she was damned to hell anyway even as he plunged the knife into her chest. Then it happened. As he watched her life's blood pouring from the wound, she reared her head back and black smoke billowed, no, poured out of her mouth. Bobby watched in disbelief as it disappeared through the roof. Karen touched his face and looked into his eyes with all the love that Bobby remembered. "Thank you for freeing me. Take care of her Bobby. Tell her I am watching over her always." Then she was gone.

Chapter One:

"Bobby? You still with me man?" Dean looked at the man that he had come to know as a second father with concern in his eyes. They had been on over a dozen hunts together and he had never seen Bobby so quiet afterwards. It was almost like he had seen a ghost, no pun intended. The two men where seated in a diner having lunch and discussing their latest hunt. They were going over the history of the haunting of the town, ya know, the usual boring stuff and Bobby sort of spaced out. He was looking out the window and just kind of stopped.

"I'll be damned." Bobby whispered. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was like he was seeing Karen all over again. Bobby suddenly stood up and bolted out the restaurant. Dean looked at him wondering if Bobby had finally snapped after all the years of hunting. Deciding it was best not to let the old man get too far, he threw some money on the table and started after him. As he came out the door, Dean spotted Bobby across the street hugging a woman. She was fairly small with light brown shoulder length hair.

"What the..Did Bobby get a girlfriend?" Dean asked himself. "If he did, then he is one dirty old man." He had to give it to Bobby, Dean thought with a smirk. He never failed to surprise him but this took the proverbial cake.

Just then Bobby looked up and saw Dean on the other side of the street with bewildered look on his face. Smiling he grabbed the mystery woman's hand and started leading her over. "Dean..I want you to meet Andrea. My daughter." Bobby smiled down at the girl proudly.

"So, you are the infamous Dean Winchester huh?" Andrea smiled. "My dad here has told me all about you. I was so sorry to hear about Sam."

"Yeah, it was a real rough time for a while sweetheart." Bobby smiled at her.

Dean however was completely speechless. Which, for Dean that was saying a hell of a lot. What stood before him was not just Bobby's daughter, but a woman that had the prettiest brown eyes he had ever seen. They had little flecks of green and gold in them. It was as if he could fall into them and never worry about coming out again. And her smile. Well, this girl's smile could light up a room. She had perfect, soft lips that he could see himself kissing right then and there. Just then a slight breeze blew through and he could smell the strawberry scented shampoo that she must have used earlier that day mixed with the fruity smell of her soft perfume. Dean inhaled and slightly smiled. Taking a moment to also check out the rest of her, he had to admit that her body was pretty great too. She was about 5'4", not slim, but curved in all the right places. Just like he likes them.

"Umm..Dean? You gonna say something here?" Bobby nudged his adopted son back to reality. Snapping a glare at him, Dean plastered his patented shit eating grin on his face and then realized that Bobby was still standing there.

"Uh, hi...I'm, uh Dean."

"Yeah, we got that all ready you idjit." Bobby rolled his eyes at the boy thinking if he even so much as entertains the thought of putting his slimy hands on his little girl, he would personally show him exactly what a seasoned hunter could do with a knife. Bobby knew all too well about Dean's love 'em and leave 'em attitude towards women. It wasn't so much that he thought that the boy was a bad guy, hell, he used to have the same attitude as Dean for a long time. Until his sweet Karen came into his life. Feeling that all too familiar stab of pain, Bobby quickly changed the subject.

"What are you doing in here?" Bobby asked Andrea. "I thought you were still at school."

"The Fall session doesn't exactly start for another month or so, so I figured I would come and see how things were going with you." she replied. "Is this a bad time or something?"

"No, it's never a bad time to see you. It's just that I thought we agreed a long time ago that I would rather come to you." Bobby hadn't had Andrea at the house since the night after Karen's funeral. After everyone had left, he packed up the car with his little girl's things and drove her to his sister-in-laws house in Indiana. There was no way in Hell that he was going to let that child be in danger of the the thing that took her momma.

"I know Dad. But can't I just surprise you once in a while?"

"Of course you can sweetheart, but we've talked about why it's not a good idea for you to be around here." Bobby replied tenderly. Dean could see so much love in the old man's eyes when he looked at his daughter. It was something he hadn't ever seen in his father's eyes growing up. It was always about the hunt, emotions just got in the way. The only person in this world that ever loved him unconditionally was Sammy and he was gone now. Stuck in the cage with Lucifer forever. Damn him for making Dean promise not to try to get him out. Damn him for doing what he did in the first place. He has lost everything in this world. So much gone that can never be retrieved. His parents, his brother and best friend, Lisa and Ben and part of his soul. Dean would lie awake at night often thinking if he made the right decision in hunting again. Lisa's final words to him the night she asked him to leave were that she was never going to be enough for him. Nothing would. And deep down inside, Dean knew she was right. He hadn't ever truly let anyone into his heart before. And even though he had the best of intentions with Lisa, he kept her at a distance and never loved her the way he knew she deserved. It broke his heart to walk away but he knew that it was for the best. He had started hunting again about 3 months after moving in. During the day, he worked at a garage and tried to be a dad to Ben. Made love to Lisa. Went through the motions of trying to have that "apple pie life" that Sam had told him he deserved. But he quickly became restless. His nightmares of the day that his baby brother jumped into the hole at Stull Cemetery to save the world never stopped. Every night he would wake up drenched in sweat with tears streaming down his face. Lisa knew something was going on but he refused to talk about it. He didn't want to touch her with this darkness that permeated his very soul. She was too pure. So he started sneaking out at night to hunt. Killing demons with a vengeance that couldn't be matched. If he couldn't save his brother then he was going to make damn sure that nobody else suffered at the hands of those sons of bitches ever again. So night after night he went after them. Most times he didn't even try to perform the exorcism ritual. He just killed. It was the only thing that brought him some release from the pain he was feeling. Lisa finally caught on when she saw a shirt with a blood stain on it. When she confronted him, he tried to lie his way out of it. Telling her that he must have done it at work but she didn't buy it for one second. It quickly escalated to a full blown fight and a lot of things were said that can never be taken back. In the end with tears in her eyes she kissed him goodbye and closed the door. Dean drove around for a while, staying in motels that he and Sam had always stayed at. But that only made the nightmares worse. So eventually he ended up at Bobby's doorstep one night. Of course his surrogate father took him in. Telling him he could stay as long as he needed. Bobby knew that Dean was broken inside. He never pushed him to talk knowing that Dean carried his feelings locked behind an impenetrable wall. As the days and weeks past the two men eventually developed a rhythm. Researching, hunting and drinking beers. They never talked about Sam. It was too fresh. The wounds never really heal when you lose someone but it was made worse by the fact that they knew exactly where Sam was. Dean knew first hand the kind of torture they dished out on souls in Hell. The agony of what he experienced while there never really left him. And knowing that Sammy was going through the same thing, if not worse, was too much for him to even think about.

"So, are we just gonna stand here all day or are we going to head back to the house?" Andrea asked.

Bobby sighed, "I guess we should get going and get you set up." Even though he wasn't comfortable with her being there he knew that there would be no arguing with her. She was a lot like her mother that way. Once that woman set her mind on something, well, that was the end of it.

Dean was still staring at Andrea with a stupid smile on his face. He couldn't get over the fact of just how not like Bobby she was. She was smiling at him and winked when her dad wasn't looking. He started to feel his pulse quicken and his face got warm. "No way this girl was making him blush," he thought to himself. But the uncomfortable tightness in his jeans said otherwise. "This girl is going to get me into so much trouble," he realized to himself. Bobby was gonna kill him, but what a way to go.