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Far From Home

Chapter Seventeen

Three weeks had gone by and the Singer household had pretty much gotten back to normal. Bobby was barking at the boys. Sam was researching a cemetery in Dewitt, Michigan on his laptop. Dean was outside, underneath the hood of the Impala as usual. He spent his days there and his nights were spent sitting in the same chair just watching Andie sleep. Every night he fought back the urge to just climb into the bed with her. He wanted to just hold her close, to feel her body next to his. So many times, he stood to walk over to her just to sit right back down again. He had purposely avoided her during the day, coming up with one excuse after the other. When she would asks him if he was okay, he would give her the same textbook answer that he was fine.

Dean heard the screen door shut and he looked up, seeing Sam walking towards him. He wiped his hands on the rag and shut the hood. "What's up Sammy? Got anything yet?"

Sam just shrugged. He had spent the entire morning pouring through the history of Blood Cemetery. "The usual stuff really. The cemetery was on the Blood family land starting as far back the 1800's. Dr. Blood…"

Dean started laughing. "Dr. Blood? Are you freaking kidding me?"

Sam's lips tightened. As usual, Dean was making a joke. He guessed it was better than him brooding like he had been for the last few weeks. He had seen how his brother refused to look Andie in the eye. Sam also knew how much this was hurting the poor girl. He barely knew her, but the pain in her eyes was easy to read. Sam shook his head, clearing away those images and getting back to the task at hand.

"Yeah, Dr. Blood. Anyway, so, supposedly the good doctor buried his wife on the land but there was a catch."

"A catch?"

"Yeah, as in he buried her without her arms or a head." "Since then there have been about 12 deaths on or around the property. Some people have reported seeing apparitions and according to the Clinton County Medical Examiner's office, the family's house caught fire and underneath the rubble they found the body of some kid that had gone missing with his hands and feet bound together."

Dean thought for a moment. "You said that people have seen ghosts? What did they say it looked like?"

"Big guy, a shotgun in his right hand and an ax in his left. They've also said the wife sometimes shows up." Sam finished. "That's pretty much it so far."

Dean leaned down and opened the cooler that was at his feet. Reaching in, he grabbed two beers. He handed one to Sam and popped the lid on his. "Well, let me get Baby finished and we'll head out."

Sam took a breath. He looked at his brother as he was drinking his beer. "Dean, you sure you want to leave just yet? I can pretty much handle this one myself, ya know. Typical salt and burn if you ask me. And I really think that Andie needs…"

"She'll been fine Sam. She has Bobby and Cas. Besides, it'll be like old times again." Dean smiled at Sam. "Just you and me doing what we do best." He slapped Sam on the back and turned to head back into the house. "Yep, it'll be great. Trust me."

Sam watched as Dean walked away. He knew damn good and well that his big brother was going to break down. He just didn't know when. And he hoped that he would come to his senses before it was too late.

Andie stood watching from her upstairs window as Sam and Dean talked outside. She heard footsteps approaching behind her and she smiled. "Hello Cas." Castiel had become sort of a confidant. They spent most of the day in deep conversation. Mostly though, he was trying to get her to remember her time in heaven, saying that there had to be more to why she had been returned. She had finally remembered the conversation she had with her mother. It had been slow going to say the very least, but she was starting to remember a little more every day.

"Good morning Andrea" Cas replied. "Did you sleep well?"

Andie sighed, "Same as usual. The nightmares weren't as bad last night though."

Cas smiled at her. He knew that she was putting on a brave face. "You were crying just now. What is it?" Cas knew that the girl's heart was breaking because of how Dean was behaving. It hurt him to see the rift between the two young lovers growing wider. This was one of the myriad of things he did not understand about the human race. How they could love one another, yet insist on hurting the other person.

Andie looked back out the window. She could see Dean laughing at something Sam was saying. His smile warmed her heart and she never got to see it anymore. Turning back to the angel she just shrugged her shoulders in defeat. "I just don't know what to do Cas. I don't want to push him to talk to me, but..." She paused, taking a shaky breath, she continued. "I miss him so much." Tears welled up in her eyes and immediately Cas was at her side, pulling her into his arms to comfort her. He sat her down on the bed and let her continue to cry in his shoulder.

"Perhaps it is time for you to push him."

Andie wiped her face and looked into Cas' brilliant, blue eyes. She knew that he had played in intrigal part in Dean and Sam's life. Her dad had told her all about the averted Apocalypse. How the angel had sacrificed himself trying to fight Lucifer. He had also told her how Castiel had brought him back to life after the fallen angel had snapped his neck like a twig. When Cas had appeared in the kitchen later that day, she immediately threw her arms around him, thanking him for saving her dad. Needless to say, the poor, unsuspecting angel was thrown for a loop. Bobby had busted a gut at the expression on Castiel's face.

"I don't know Cas. I want him to talk to me, but I just think that I should wait for him to come to me."

"I have known Dean a long time. He is a stubborn, prideful man. It is, as you would say, part of his charm. But I don't know that he will ever do that. Sometimes, when it comes to a Winchester, you have to bring the fight to them in order to get results." Cas finished. He reached up and touched Andie's cheek. Placing a kiss to her forehead as if she were his child, he added, "And if you are Bobby Singer's daughter, and I know you are, then I am pretty sure you can take him in a fight."

Andie laughed. "You think so, huh? Well, you are the great and powerful Oz, so I guess you would know right?"

Castiel looked at her with confusion on his face. "I do not know who this Oz is, I am an angel. And yes, I do know."

Andie smiled up at him. "Remind me to teach you about pop culture Cas. It will make things so much easier for you in the long run."

Cas stood up to leave. "I will let you have some time to think about what I have said. Later, if you don't mind, I would like to continue with what we have been working on." He crossed the room and stopped at the door. Turning towards Andie, he smiled at her. As he read her thoughts, he added, "Yes, he still does. He is just scared. Not an easy thing to handle for a Winchester." With that he walked out, leaving Andie alone to figure out what her next move should be. She stood and ran a hand through her hair, grabbing a change of clothes she headed for the shower.

Later that evening as Andie was cleaning the dinner dishes she overheard her dad talking to Sam and Dean in the den. She crept over to the door and was shocked by what she heard.

"So it shouldn't be more than two days drive to Dewitt. I figure we bang this one out and then head on to take care of that demon in Milwaukee." Dean said.

That settled it for her. Walking back to the sink, she tried counting to ten to try to get her anger under control. Picking up a plate, her hands started shaking and before she realized what she was doing, she flung it at the den's door. Hearing the commotion, the door swung open and the three men stood there looking around. Noticing the shattered plate on the floor, Bobby looked at her with surprise. She had her back to the door and was leaning on the sink, her shoulders shaking.

"Sweetheart? You okay?"

Andie whirled around and stared Dean down. He shrunk back a little. "No Dad. I am pretty far from fucking okay." He could feel her anger coming at him in waves. "Dean. My bedroom. Now." She turned and stomped out of the room. Bobby and Sam looked at Dean with pity in their eyes. They knew this was going be nasty. Dean just shrugged and headed after her. As he came in the room, he had to dodge a shoe that came flying at his head.

"Jesus Christ Andie! What the hell is your problem?"

Andie was pacing back and forth looking around the room for something else to throw at Dean. "What is my problem? What is my problem? You, Dean Winchester! You are my problem!" she yelled.

"What the hell did I do? Wait. Is this some sort of hormonal chick thing?" This time Dean didn't get out of the way fast enough and the book that Andie threw at him hit him in his chest.

"You son of a bitch! You think this is hormones?" Andie started to grab another book. Not wanting to get hit again, Dean grabbed her by the wrists. "Don't touch me!" she screamed. "Just let me go dammit!"

Dean chuckled. "I don't think so sister. I let you go and you'll knock my block off."

"Yeah, well maybe you need your ass kicked. God knows I'm dying to do it." Tears began welling up in her eyes. "If you didn't want to be with me, you should have just said so Dean. I could handle just being a fuck to you instead of being played." She was seething now. "Tell me something, does that 'I love you shit' work on all the girls you sleep with or was that just some new trick you pulled out of your sleeve with me?"

Dean took a step back, shocked at what she was saying. "What are you talking about?" he asked, confusion evident on his face.

"You know damn good and well what I'm talking about." she yelled. She reached for the book again and Dean grabbed her into his arms, forcing her arms at her sides. Andie struggled to get loose.

"You throw one more thing at me and I swear to God, I will walk right out of this room."

"Good. Go! You're fucking leaving anyway. What's it matter anymore? You don't talk to me. You won't touch me. Hell, you won't even look at me anymore." Andie finally sunk to the ground, her anger spent and replaced by sadness. Dean let go of her and sat down in the chair. Neither of them said a word for a long time. Dean listened to Andie quietly crying. He couldn't bring himself to look up from the spot on the floor he had been focusing on.

"Why do you watch me sleep?" Andie asked quietly, almost whispering the question. "I mean, it's not like you care or anything."

Now it was Dean's turn to be angry. "How the hell can you say that I don't care Andie?" He stood up and stormed over to her. Dean reached down and jerked her off the ground. "Of course I fucking care! And no, I wasn't playing you. I have never told any woman that I loved them, Never! And I can't talk to you right now. No, I can't look at you." His voice was reaching a fevered pitch as he got nose to nose with her, he screamed, "I ALMOST SLIT YOUR FUCKING THROAT ANDIE! I ALMOST KILLED YOU GOD DAMMIT! YOU TELL ME HOW YOU WOULD HANDLE THAT TYPE OF GUILT! CAN YOU TELL ME, BECAUSE I WOULD SURE LIKE TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT ONE!"

"I know Dean." she sobbed. "You don't need to feel guilty either. You had no other choice at the time."

Dean let her go and almost shoved her on the bed. "Don't! Okay? Just don't! I don't want you to forgive me okay? You deserve someone who can protect you. Someone who isn't going to put you in danger everyday of your life. Someone who isn't toxic to be around. I can't be that for you Andie. I'm sorry, I just can't. It's better off this way, trust me." As he reached for the door handle, Andie grabbed him and spun him around.

"Wait, don't a get a say in the matter?" She reached her hands up to his face and forced him to finally look her in the eyes. "You're probably right. But I don't want someone like that. If I wanted safe and boring, I would have never went for you in the first place. You think I didn't know about your reputation Dean?" she chuckled a little. "Guess what sweetie. It precedes you. Look, I know that everything in your world is crazy. But you forget, I have been around it my whole life. A saw what my dad had to do to my mom. I have heard all the stories about the hunts and the monsters in this world. And you know what? I don't care about that. I want you. All of you." Andie didn't move to wipe the tears streaming down her face. She looked at Dean and saw the inner struggle in his eyes. "I love you Dean." she finished.

Looking down at Andie, his resolve finally broke. He grabbed her face and crashed his lips into hers. Tears were streaming down both their faces and the kiss grew more passionate. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Andie pressed her body closer to his. Dean reached down and lifted her up so that she was straddling his waist. He spun around and pressed her up against the wall, never breaking contact with her lips. His whole world had crashed down in front of him and this woman had dug through the rubble and pulled him out of it. Dean's lips finally released hers and began traveling down her neck. His hands reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. Grabbing her again, He carried her over and sat her on the dresser, knocking a lamp over in the process.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly.

"No biggie." she giggled.

Andie breathed heavily, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him towards her again. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him there as she too pulled his shirt off. Her nails scratched down his back making him hiss in pleasure. Dean tore at her bra, releasing her breasts. She sighed at the feel of his hot tongue on her nipple and gasped when she felt his teeth bite down a little on the sensitive flesh. Goosebumps formed on her body from head to toe at the sensations he was causing. Throwing her head backwards, her breathing getting more ragged, she let him take total control. Dean moved to the other breast and reached a hand up and started twisting the dusty rose-colored nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This alone was driving her wild, but Andie wanted more. She reached down and began unbuckling his belt. In one quick movement, she yanked it out of its loops and deposited it on the floor. Dean had started kissing her neck, running his tongue up and down, causing her to shiver. Andie was panting at this point as she started unbuckling his pants. Taking her cue, Dean did the same. Pulling her shorts and panties down at the same time. He grabbed her left leg and threw it over his shoulder as he started kissing a trail downward. Andie gasped as she felt his breath at her opening. She heard Dean chuckle at her reaction. He felt her body tense in anticipation. Normally he would tease her a little, but unable to contain himself, he dove in. His tongue moving in small circles, he flicked the sensitive nub and lightly grazed his teeth over it. Andie sighed and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer. Reaching up with his right hand, he slowly inserted one finger and then a second, moving in and out to the rhythm of his lapping. He could feel her walls tighten around his fingers as she got wetter and wetter. He knew that she was close. He thought about stopping for a second. Changing the angle of his fingers he found the spot that he knew would drive her over the edge.

"Oh God Dean!" She panted. "Please don't stop! Please, please don't stop! Right there! RIGHT THERE!" Andie screamed as her world was flipped upside down. Dean kept up the action as she rode out her orgasm. Feeling her finally relaxing, Dean slowly kissed a trail back up to her lips. He lowered her leg and she wrapped it around his waist. As she came back down, Andie realized that his jeans were still on. Using her feet, she started pushing them off his hips. She growled in frustration when she couldn't get them off and Dean just laughed. He had to give it to her, the girl was determined. He captured her lips with his, causing her to lose track of what she was attempting. Suddenly Andie's hand pushed him backward and he fell onto the bed. She hopped off the dresser, her knees shaky and reached down to pull his jeans off. Dean was straining against his boxer briefs. Andie climbed on top of him and ground her hips downward, pressing against his aching erection. Dean grabbed her by her hips, flipping her over onto her back. Arms and legs were everywhere as they grabbed for each other. They were clutching at one another as if the end of the world were upon them. Andie reached down between them and grasped Dean's hardened member and he gasped at her touch. She slowly led him into her. Her heat enveloped him and it was all he could do to keep from losing it.

"Dean?" she whispered into his ear.

Dean looked up at her as he began moving in and out of her at an achingly slow pace. A tear fell from his eye and landed on her cheek. He didn't care about anything else in the world. All he knew was his Andie. He looked at the woman before him. The one that loved him even though he had been a complete and utter dick to her for the past few weeks. He didn't understand how someone could make him feel so safe, so utterly and completely whole. But she did. Dean smiled down at her and placed a gentle kiss to her lips. His voice was husky in reply.


He pushed deeper into her, still going slowly. He wanted to savor this moment. To make it last as long as possible. Her breath caught in her throat. "Jesus she is beautiful." He thought. He got lost in her eyes when he looked into them. He felt himself sinking deeper and deeper. Both of them were crying freely and openly now. Each letting go of the painful memories of the last few weeks. They needed each other. She needed her fortress and he needed her heart.

"I love you." Was all she said before she was crying out in ecstasy once more. Dean forced her to look him in the eyes the whole time. As he watched her face, he felt the pressure building in his stomach and before long, he too was riding his own wave. Their eyes never left each other. Both of them knowing that there was no going back now. This was forever. It was meant to be.

It was well past midnight as Andie and Dean lay in each other's arms, both spent and sated. A light breeze was blowing through the open window and the sound of crickets could be heard from outside. They had made love a couple more times before they both collapsed. Andie had her back towards Dean and he was lazily tracing a pattern up and down her arm.

"I don't want you to go."

Dean leaned down and kissed her shoulder. He didn't want to go. But people were dying and he still had a job to do. "Now I know what Batman feels like." He thought to himself.

"I know you don't babe. But I have to. This is what Sam and I need to do right now. I mean, yeah, it's partly about the job, but it's about Sam too. Ya know?"

Andie sighed and rolled over. Kissing his lips, she smiled. "I know that. But, I just have a bad feeling that I won't see you again. I know how it was with my dad. He always tried to be there when he said he would, but I can't tell you how many times he wasn't."

Dean stroked her cheek, trying to soothe her worries. "Andie, I can't make you any promises. I wouldn't even bother to do that. Promises get broken. But I will say this, you aren't getting rid of me that easy." He smirked and added, "I'm kind of a stubborn pain in the ass, in case you haven't noticed."

Andie snuggled closer to him as he pulled the sheet around them. Her eyes were starting to close as she tried in vain to fight off sleep. She yawned and asked, "Well, will you at least be here when I wake up? Not in that stupid chair, but right here next to me?"

Dean started stroking her arm again. "Yeah, I'll be here Andie." Soon they were both asleep, each of them with a smile on their faces.


The next day Andie sat on the couch watching Sam and Dean go back and forth gathering up their weapons and research for the trip. She had woken up early and made love to Dean one more time before climbing out of bed and making everyone breakfast. Her dad had come up to her in the kitchen, placing his coffee mug down, he smirked and said, "You know, you two are replacing that lamp you broke." Andie blushed a bright red. And Bobby just chuckled. "Oh yeah," he thought to himself, "Ain't no way she's living this one down."

"Yes sir." Andie looked back at the eggs she was suddenly finding very interesting. She could tell from the corner of her eye that he dad was laughing at her obvious discomfort.

"The plate too."

"Dad!" she swiped the spatula at his arm and Bobby quickly ducked out of the way. He finished filling up his mug and kissed her on her cheek before leaving the room. Sam came in after Bobby and noticed that the man had left laughing. Andie just gave him a look that suggested that her father had possibly tightened his trucker cap too tight and it was cutting off circulation to his brain. Sam helped her set the table and went to go get the rest of the family. Andie thought about that for a second. "Family. My family." She smiled to herself. Cas popped into room and she just looked at him.

"See? I told you." He said winking at her. Andie started cracking up laughing at the angel. He just grinned his little crooked grin.

"Why Castiel! I do believe you just made a joke." She laughed. She put her arms around him and gave him a big hug. "Thank you." She whispered into his ear.

"Hey! You puttin' the moves on my lady Cas?" Dean had walked in and grabbed Andie by the waist, pulling her to him. She giggled and leaned in to kiss him tenderly.

"Nah, not Cas. We just…have an understanding."

"An understanding about what?" Dean asked.

"Just an understanding." She teased. "Nothing to worry your pretty little head about." She kissed the tip of his nose and went back to making the plates up, making sure to include Cas.

They had sat around for a couple of hours before it was time to go. Andie felt nervous butterflies bouncing in her stomach. She heard the trunk slam shut on the Impala and knew Sam and Dean were ready. She quickly wiped away a tear before it fell. Andie stood up and walked out to the porch were the men were standing around. Sam looked up at her and she approached him first. She had to stand on the top step in order to hug him.

"Take care of yourself and take care of him Sammy."

"I will." He replied, giving her a squeeze.

He let her go and walked to the passenger side of the Impala. Opening the door, he climbed inside. Bobby walked over and gave him some last minute instructions. Dean walked up to Andie and pulled her into his arms. She fought back the tears and tried to put on her bravest face.

"You better call me from the road Dean."

"I will." He replied before capturing her lips one more time. Pulling away, he winked at her. "Maybe you could do some dirty talking to get me through the long nights."

Andie smacked his shoulder. "You perv!" she laughed. Reaching up, she pulled his ear down towards her lips and whispered seductively, "Only if you are a very good boy." Dean looked up at her with surprise in his eyes.

"Yes, dear."

Dean let her go and headed toward the car. Turning and smiling at Andie before climbing in he mouthed the words 'I love you'. Andie did the same. Dean turned the ignition and smiled as his baby purred like a kitten. Before he put it in gear, Andie ran up to his window and ducked her head inside. Placing one final kiss to his lips, she looked at him. What he saw there made his chest ache. It was killing him to leave her, but at least she understood that it wasn't forever.

"You'd better come back to me Winchester." Was all she said before stepping away and going to stand beside her father. Dean smiled at her and nodded his head. Throwing the car into gear, he and Sam sped off down the dirt road. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid together again.

*Final Author's Note: This is the final chapter of this story. But fear not, I will be starting the next one tomorrow. I am far from done with this. But don't get too comfortable kids, there are going to be tons of twists and turns for you in the next installment. I promised that I would let you know where I came up with the title, so here goes. This story was based on a core scene where the Demon says to Bobby, "Like mother, like daughter, eh Singer?" That was my basic building block that kept screaming in my head. Then I came across the song "Far From Home" by Five Finger Death Punch and that sealed the deal. If you get the chance, listen to that song and I think it sums up the story pretty well. I also wanted to include a playlist of the music I listened to every night while writing. The soundtrack if you will. I suggest that if you can get a hold of these songs, listen to them in the order that I did and for the parts of the story they go to. Here ya go folks,

The First Date in Ch. 3: Simple Man/Lynyrd Skynyrd

First Love Scene in Ch. 3: Far From Home/ Five Finger Death Punch

Bobby watching the video in Ch. 8: My Never/Blue October

Dean Screaming at God in Ch. 9: Hard To See/Five Finger Death Punch

Dean Fights With Castiel in Ch. 9: Burn It Down/Five Finger Death Punch

Andrea says goodbye to Dean and Bobby in Ch.9: Undone/Five Finger Death Punch

Sam racing to Bobby's house in Ch. 10: Turn The Page/Metallica

Final Love Scene in Ch. 17: No Other Love/Chuck Prophet

Closing Epilogue where Sam and Dean head out: Slow Ride/Foghat