Chapter 1-The Pleasure Begins

(A/N: Just for the record, this is just a real quick on the fly thing that was in my head I couldn't ignore anymore. It will probably be one or two chapters after this so don't think its going to be some long story. This will have LOTS of lemons hence why it's rated M for a reason. So for those of you that do NOT want to read this because of that you may leave. Those that stay to read the whole thing you were warned therefore don't try to kick me off for this. If you did you would miss me too much. LOL!)

(Konoha Hospital)

Tsunade sighed as she stared at the patient before her baffled at what had happened to the young female Shinobi before her, who was considered the most sadistic torture expert just below Ibiki. At first, it didn't seem much at the time when one Mitarashi Anko had not reported in for a few days since many assumed she was feeling under the weather due to the cold sickness that was sweeping through the village. However, after a few days of rest, which was required to get rid of the cold passed, and the woman still didn't show up Tsunade sent ANBU to investigate.

What they found and reported back was not what she expected.

Anko had been quite literally been sexually screwed into a some form of coma with a shit eating grin on her face with a lot of drool coming out of her mouth in waves. Her purple messy hair was even messier, her eyes had a far away look like she had just castrated or killed Orochimaru only it was 10,000 times better, she was on her bed butt naked with her ass hanging in the air, dried cum was caked onto her, and Anko's thong panties had been used to bind her wrists while she mumbled "Pleasure-sama" repeatedly.

Tsunade originally wanted to put Anko as a victim of rape when she had learned of her current state, but after seeing the woman up close, the Hokage doubted it was anything but rape. Still, it did seem serious if one of Konoha's top Shinobi was taken down via having crazy sex with some unknown person in the village since not many people would even remotely try to be near Anko unless they absolutely had to. The test on the samples of the left over "essence" left by the "sexual assailant" was unreadable, as the man had used his chakra manipulation to remove any imprint of DNA from it, and the stuff inside of Anko was too long gone to get anything.

Kurenai had been infuriated when she heard the news and demanded that in the name of her friend's honor that the man be caught before having his manhood publicly removed by a rusty scalpel. While tempting as that was for Tsunade, she had no witnesses to the time the snake mistress went missing, and the samples they had were blank as a sheet of unwritten scroll paper. All they knew is that whatever made Anko go into such a state of sexual...bliss was that the man had incredible stamina meaning it had to be a Shinobi of high ranked caliber.

Unfortunately, for Tsunade all the ANBU and Jounin were all present and accounted for in their present spots, homes, and/or one missions the night of Anko's disappearance. Chuunin's had no interaction with Anko and if they did it was only during rare occasions with the Hokage in her office. Accusing a Genin was simply out of the question since it was impossible for them to ambush much less have sex with the Special Jounin from the Torture Division.

So seeing the only option available, Tsunade asked Ino to use her Mind Transfer Jutsu, and see if Anko got a good look at the man that banged her like a drummer does a drum at a festival dance.

"Are you sure you want me to go into her mind Hokage-sama?" said the 18 year old Ino, who while wanting to help get justice for a fellow female Shinobi didn't think that it was a big deal since Anko clearly enjoyed it.

"We can't rule out it was a rape Ino. I just want you to make sure. If it is rape, I need you to tell me, but if it's not well...then keep what you see to yourself, and tell Kurenai to get off my back," said Tsunade smirking at Ino, who was blushing slightly at that since what she would see if it was NOT rape would be watching someone's memory of blissful sex.

"Okay, but I still say your trying to corrupt me into being a pervert like Jiraiya-sama tried to do to Naruto," said Ino only to see the death glare by Tsunade, who was a hairs breath from hitting Ino, and sending the girl to the Hospital via Air Tsunade's Fist.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that this once, but you better get out of here before I change my mind," said Tsunade, as several tick marks appeared on her forehead.

After that comment, all that was left of Ino was a few blonde hairs, and a very nervous yet smiling afterimage remained.

(Konoha Hospital)

Ino was somewhat reluctant to step inside her fellow Shinobi's mind considering that there was probably a lot of stuff inside Anko's head that the Yamanaka Clan member shouldn't see. However, she had her orders from the Hokage and to disobey would result in treason thus getting her in trouble.

"Here goes nothing. I just hope I don't regret this 'Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu'," said Ino performing the seals and entered Anko's mind.

Little did Ino know that after she performed the Jutsu, the same person that had sexually dominated Anko had entered the room, and picked her up to take back to his place.

"Enjoy the show my dear. When you return to your body I'll see to it you get your own experience," said the figure's muffled voice letting out a dark chuckle before he they went "poof" to the man's humble abode.

(Inside Anko's Mind)

As expected, when Ino first entered Anko's mind it was completely shut down due to the impact of what she had experienced a few days ago. Ino walked the treacherous mind that had snakes lying on the ground limp, unconscious, and/or sleeping by the looks of it.

"These snakes must be apart of her considering she was Orochimaru's former apprentice, but what kind of power forced them all to fall limp like this," said Ino walking through the comatose mind of Anko.

Her answer soon came in the sounds of repeated grunts and gasps coming from a simple rice paper door that was partially opened yet was dark inside. Walking cautiously up to the door Ino slowly opened it enough to stick her head in only to be suddenly forced into the memory seeing the events that took place.

(Anko's First Memory of the Encounter)

It was late into the night as Anko was currently at her favorite place that was the Dango Shop eating dangos and drinking sake' like usual for someone with her reputation along with her background. Not many places served her food or were friendly, but this was, and the guy running it wasn't about to throw out a customer, who was a healthy form of profit in her buying so many dangos. The Special Jounin had at least consumed a good half a jar of sake' feeling slightly inebriated from it since it was the really potent stuff.

Reaching down for her last dango, she stopped when a chakra string pulled it from her intended grasp to a man in the shadows of the bar, and took a big old bite out of it. Anko was so surprised and slightly drunk that her lateness in reaction time allowed her dango thief to walk off with a smile on his face towards her that made the female Shinobi go into a foul drunken mood.

Chasing after the man, who stole her precious dango she followed his chakra signature into a nearby alley making her grin sadistically at what she could do this guy in an alley where very little could be heard. Grabbing a kunai from her pouch she entered the alley ready to deliver justice Anko style. Her grin turned into a scowl, as Anko walked down the seemingly disserted alley seeing no signs of her dango thief, and half suspected the man was secretly an ANBU since they were the only ones that could get away with this if they tried outside of the Hokage.

And Anko could tell from her thief's physic that the person was a HE.

"If you surrender now I might just be merciful and NOT castrate you before leaving you naked tomorrow morning in the village square," said Anko hoping that it would cause some kind of fear in her thief and make him reveal himself to her.

Imagine her surprise and shock when she sensed a figure behind her throw knock out gas at her making her fall unconscious.

"You've been a very naughty woman Anko-chan. Don't worry though as what I have in mind will make you happy in the end," said the figure with Anko seeing only his grin in the darkness before all went black.

(End of Anko's First Memory)

"So she was raped," said Ino to herself knowing that when Kurenai heard the news she was going to be livid along with the rest of the female Shinobi's, who would look at the male half with distrust.

The blackness soon changed to what looked like Anko's room and judging by the range of torture devices in one of the was.

(Anko's Second Encounter)

Anko's eyes opened slowly feeling like she just got hit with one of Tsunade's punches for making a "you are so old joke" when they were both drunk that one time in her office. Trying to comprehend her surroundings, Anko tried to moved from what seemed to be a strained position only to find that she could not, and that she was stomach first on her bed tied up with something soft yet, tight around her wrists.

Anko's eyes widened when during her struggle to move when she noticed that she was now naked and unable to move.

"Finally awake I see," said the mystery voice behind her still too deep in the shadows for Ino to see clearly.

"When I get out of here I'm going to make you beg for death!" said Anko now struggling against her binds while trying to use the Kawarmi Jutsu with what fingers she had at her disposal.

(Lemon Officially Begins)

"There will be none of that," said the figure grabbing her fingers tightly before massaging them sensuously making Anko stiffen at his touch.

"Let me go!" said Anko before trying to get free from his grip only for the figure to slap her ass in retaliation making the snake mistress small gasp from the pain she felt.

"Did I say you could speak to me in such a way? No I didn't and before you get any ideas of trying to let out a scream that will awaken every Shinobi in the Leaf don't bother. I put a special sound proofing seal on the door that will vanish when I wish it too so when you do scream it will be calling out my name in ecstasy," said the figure, who massaged the side of Anko's rear that he slapped, and grinned his vicious grin when he heard her let out a moan of pleasure.

"I have to report to the Hokage tomorrow. They'll be suspicious of my absence if I don't show up tomorrow and send ANBU for me," said Anko trying to put some fear of Kami into the man behind her while kicking herself mentally for letting out that stupid moan.

"True, but given the situation with the cold going around, they will probably believe you caught it, and avoid you to keep themselves from getting sick," said the figure moving his hand from Anko's rear to her inner sanctum making the woman gasp at what he was now doing.

'Damn it! He's got a point and his fingers aren't helping me resist him either though it's around this time that I usually dominate,' thought Anko before she felt her rear end being lift by the fingers in her pussy.

"Your pussy just feels so good to my fingers Anko-chan, I could almost do this to you for hours on hours to nearly no end," said the figure whose fingers were soon touched that so very special nub before grinning and pinched it with his nails.

Anko had no choice, but to scream out in pleasure at what she felt struggling against this feeling her body was experiencing at this man's hands. However, every time she tried to resist the pleasure, Anko only seemed to make it come back stronger, and it wasn't long before he forced her into an orgasm.

'Holy crap!' thought Ino, who had been blushing and surprisingly turned on as she was watching.

"Ready to submit yet Anko-chan?" said the figure into Anko's ear earning him a growl of defiance from the man, who still had not given his name.

"!" said Anko her strength to fight against him returned though with slightly less vigor since he had just given her a great deal of pleasure with just his fingers alone.

It earned Anko yet another slap to her ass.

"Now that was uncalled for considering all the pleasure I just gave you. Maybe I need to give you more before you see that submitting to me has its...benefits," said the man, as he grabbed her nub again and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"You son of a bitch!" said Anko feeling a jolt of pleasure run through her from his touch.

Another slap to her ass came only this one was the hardest so far.

"What did I say about uncalled for insults? Do that again and I'll bring you to the brink of pleasure and then stop you from giving you what your body desires. I'll leave you here all tied up, humiliated, and I'll shatter your reputation so people will think your some whore wearing a Leaf headband that wants to be screwed every night like some bitch in heat. I bet there are several less honorable Shinobi of the Leaf, who would love take advantage of that," said the figure whose fingers had gone to rubbing her special nub in her pussy making Anko cry out again in pleasure.

"The Hokage will have your head for this. Even if I can't see, who you are, she will find away to catch you, and when she does you'll beg for mercy by the time she gets through with you," said Anko before gasping in pleasure, as her captor gave her another squeeze, and then brought his lips to her ear while his other hand moved around to massage one of Anko's breasts.

"I'm looking forward to her investigating of this event since she'll be waking up from a hang over when she sends someone to check up on you. When I am done with you here, the trail will be so cold that not even the Inuzuka Clan's most prized dogs will find me, and I highly doubt that people here will care given all of their past experiences with stupid people, who have had no control over the dark things sealed into their bodies," said the figure nibbling on Anko's ear making her shiver at how sensual he was with it.

"The...voice...of...experience?" said Anko hoping this would lead her to a clue while Ino in the background of her mind watched now for any hint this figure gave to his identity.

"Only as a third party witness," said the figure letting out a deep chuckle that almost had almost sounded unnatural and as if he expected her to ask the question.

'Damn!' thought Ino, as she was sure she had found a solid lead only to find a dead end.

And what was worse was she was starting to feel turned on.

"What do you know of pain if your only an observer?" said Anko only scream slightly in pain as the figure bit down on her ear with his front teeth.

"I know enough, but that's not why I'm here. Now be a good little snake mistress and be sexy for me," said the figure before increasing his ministrations on her breasts and clit making Anko start breathing heavily from his touch.

'Damn he's pushing all the right buttons. Who is this guy?' thought Anko, as her body had yet another orgasm making her scream louder yet again.

"Will you submit and let me mount you?" said the figure breathing into her ear yet again.

"Why bother asking for permission when you could just as easily screw me without it?" said Anko, who was now breathing heavily again from the orgasm she felt.

"Because then you aren't happy Anko-chan. Maybe you haven't realized it, but I'm doing this to make you happy. Aren't you happy my Anko-chan?" said the man behind her was sounding almost worried for her well being.

"First, I'm NOT your Anko-chan! Second, I am happy right now, but only in the physical sense. Mentally I'm angry, hurt, and pissed off that someone is having their way with me right now without me being able to do anything about it," said Anko trying to struggle yet again only to stop when a large smack on her ass echoed throughout the room, except this time the hand that slapped her ass never left, and squeezed until she let out light scream.

"You are whatever I say you are Anko-chan and before I'm done with you, I will make you mine! If I say 'jump like a bunny up and down naked' you say 'how high and for how long?'. If I say 'suck me off' you say 'deep throat or tongue?'. If I say 'bend over and take it like a bitch in heat' you say 'my pussy is at your fuck and call' before you bend over to take all of me in you. Whether at your home, hot springs, or in public for everyone to see, you are my bitch, and after tonight I expect you to be just one of my many...bitches!" said the man before covering his hand in chakra and grabbing Anko's clit sending wave after wave of pleasure through the Special Jounin's body making her feel 2 more orgasm at the same time.

"By Kami!" said Ino somewhat wishing she was in Anko's position though only slightly.

"Ready to submit to me now my sexy Snake-hime?" said the man his hand soaked to the bone in her juices before he began licking it halfway clean before bringing the other half to Anko's face.

The scent of her own juices, combined with her multiple orgasms that had created what was now in this man's hand made Anko cave, and responded to his question by licking her lower juices from his hand clean. She didn't care anymore that she was at the mercy of this man, who was clearly a Shinobi, she didn't care she was being dominated, and treated like some whore.

What she cared about was feeling another orgasm to stop the hot fire in her body that wouldn't go out.

"P-Please," said Anko raising her ass up higher to feel his still clothed hips and the hard on he was sporting under the various fabrics.

"Please what Anko-chan?" said the man sweetly grinned, as his hips met Anko's making the woman feel just how much he wanted to make her his.

"Please whoever the Hell you are! Take me! Screw me! Fuck me until I fall asleep from exhaustion and even afterwards when I do! Brand your name, your mark, and your very being into me making me your property. I don't care what you do as long as you ride me long and hard!" said Anko feeling so horny right now to even contemplate her words.

'I second that!' thought Ino couldn't help, but blush, and get a nose bleed from where she was watching.

"Your wish will now be granted," said the figure moving away slightly that made Anko let out a small whimper at being denied his touch only to hear the sound of clothing being undone, and a large item of sort pressing up against her neither regions before thrusting deep into her pussies depths.

Anko never thought she would scream so loudly.

The man kept pounding into her without mercy. He moved his tool into her body trying to make Anko screams, moans, and cries of pleasure reach their maximum volume set.

"YES! YES! FASTER! HARDER! DON'T STOP! OH BY KAMI!" yelled Anko, as the ruthless pounding screwing brought pleasure to her like no other.

"Call me Pleasure-sama! Call me Pleasure-sama!" said the figure in a commanding voice, as he thrusted into her even faster feeling her pussy muscles clamping against him as he made her scream out in pleasure over and over again.

"PLEASURE-SAMA! PLEASURE-SAMA! I LOVE JUST HOW YOU'RE FUCKING ME PLEASURE-SAMA!" yelled Anko having experienced several orgasm and felt her sixth one coming soon.

Pun definitely intended.

"Here...I...cum...ANKO-CHAN!" said the man sending his baby making seed into her only to have it overflow after several long minutes.

"PLEASURE-SAMA!" yelled Anko with her eyes glazed over, her body was now arched upward with the man grabbing one of her breast and squeezing it making Anko's yell of pleasure intensify before they finally collapsed on each other.

"You look thirsty Anko-chan. Want a drink?" said the man in a lecherous way, which the response from Anko was simply a nod.

Grinning, the man pulled out of Anko slowly making the Special Jounin whine slightly, but stopped when the mystery man gently slapped her ass, and the snake mistress obeyed. Walking around the bed, the man guided his still hard member to Anko's mouth, which the woman sucked on like a baby did a Mother's breasts. The juices on his member from both him and herself tasted so good to the snake mistress, as she used her skilled tongue to further increase the pleasure the man was currently feeling. Anko didn't care that his face was in view of her eyes at this angle if she looked up, all she wanted was to drink the liquid her Pleasure-sama gave her, and she was doing it with the utmost devotion to the man's large appendage between his legs.

"Here's some more...Anko-chan!" said the man grunting before cumming in her mouth and after pulling out, he continued to spray it all over her body, as if to mark her as his, and only his until the end of time.

"Thank you Pleasure-sama," said Anko weakly enjoying the feel of his essence covering her body only to feel even more pleasure when he grabbed her ass again with his right hand and channeling chakra into it.

"This is my mark on you Anko-chan so no one else can see it. When I want to fuck you or have you in anyway I want, I will channel chakra into my hand, and slap your ass on this mark. You will no longer wear thongs or underwear as they will be needed to bind you and allow me to screw you again to no end," said the man before giving her rear yet another light tap making Anko wiggle her hips in response.

"I understand Pleasure-sama. I am yours to screw when ever you want," said Anko in an almost hypnotized state.

"Very good Anko-chan. Now relax and get some rest. You'll need it for when I take you again and have you help me with the other women I wish to conquer," said the man to her ear making Anko let out a tired perverted giggle before the man left the room and the snake mistress fell into the realm of bliss from her sex romp.

"Pleasure-sama," mumbled Anko, as she repeated the words in her trance.

(End Lemon)

(End of Anko's Second Memory)

Ino was now walking out of the memory with a blush that could outdo Hinata any day of the week. She never felt so hot and bothered by this and was also quite confused as how to approach this to Tsunade about Anko's condition.

"I'll just tell the Hokage what I saw and let her figure it out," said Ino before she released her Justus and returned to her body.

(Unknown Location)

Ino felt her mind return to her body and opened her eyes, only to find she was not in the Hospital anymore sitting next to the Anko as ordered to by the Hokage. Instead, she was now staring up at a ceiling she didn't recognize in a room that was clearly not part of the Hospital. Trying to sit up, she found herself unable to move her body at all just like Anko couldn't do in with her situation, except the difference now was Ino was on her back with her bandages she wrapped around her legs being used to tie her down on a bed.

"What the Hell?" said Ino struggling to get free only to find her bandages had seals on them covered heavily in thick chakra preventing them from breaking.

"You like it? I call it the 'Chakra Steel Seal'. Depending on how much chakra is put into the seal no matter what the fabric or item the seal allows the chakra to make things just as strong as steel itself. You leg wrappings I took off of you for instance are just one of few perfect examples of it being used," said the figure from Anko's memory lurking deep in the shadows of the room grinning at her like a predator catching its prey.

"You are the one that raped Anko!" said Ino shocked at seeing the figure before her even though she was still hot and bothered by what she saw with such things now occurring in her physical body.

"Raped? I never raped Anko-chan. I gave her the chance to submit rather then take her by force and eventually if from what you and I saw...she did," said the man walking silently in the shadows still looking at Ino like he did Anko.

"You forced her into submission! You made her...her...," said Ino blushing as she could complete her sentence since it sounded so weird to her.

"Cum? That was the word you were going to say right? Or was the word you wanted to say...'orgasm'?" said the man making Ino blush heavier and she could feel something warm leaking out of her lower regions.

'Damn stupid body,' thought Ino hating her body for betraying her like this.

"What do we have here? It seems young bossy Yamanaka Ino liked what she saw and wishes she were fucked like Anko was," said the man grinning at her while she looked away slightly ashamed at her body and herself for letting it tell him what she wanted.

"Let me guess you want me to submit too and call you 'Pleasure-sama' like you told Anko to call you?" said Ino trying to get angry at the man, but found the memory of Anko being fucked like there was no tomorrow made her even wetter.

"I don't have to tell you to submit Ino-chan. Your body has already done it for you and as for calling me Pleasure-sama I think it goes without saying that the answer is...yes," said the shadowy figure, who gave Ino a familiar grin that she had seen before, but just could not place her finger on it.

"Hentai!" said Ino blushing while the man in the shadows just grinned wider at that little statement, as if it was an honor to be called one.

"You're one to talk Ino-chan. If I remember correctly when we were in the Academy just before we graduated, you asked Hinata to try using her Byakugan, and see the Uchiha-teme's crotch to see how big he was," said the man making Ino blush again as her eyes nearly jumped out of her sockets at hearing that embarrassing incident back in her still developing years and her curiosity about boys.

Poor Hinata had (reluctantly) tried to use her Byakugan since it was taboo for all of the members of the Hyuuga Clan to use their bloodline limit like Ino asked. However, instead of finding Sasuke like the Yamanaka girl wanted, the Hyuuga Heiress had ended up using her eyes to see Naruto's crotch line, and within just mere moments of seeing what was hanging in-between his legs fell over with a nosebleed that would put Jiraiya to shame if he saw a teenage Tsunade naked.

Thus began the days of the shy pervert known as Hyuuga Hinata.

"How do you know about that? Only a select few people knew about that incident that got me in trouble with Iruka for acting irresponsible," said Ino eyeing the man carefully wishing she could see more of him in order to get some idea of who it was that was now standing before her in this embarrassing position.

"Because Ino-chan...I'm the one that Hinata-hime saw with her eyes," said one Namikaze Naruto standing out of the shadows to face Ino, who was looking at him in disbelief.

Naruto had was now 18 years old and had taken up his Father's last name much to the disapproval of the Council, but were silenced when Tsunade showed copies of legitimate marriage records of his parents getting married, and Naruto's official birth certificate that had been signed by Kushina before she died from complications when going into labor. Still, it didn't stop the various members of the Council from demanding that half of the financial assets of the Namikaze Clan to be given to the village to compensate the losses suffered at the hands of Kyuubi.

Fortunately, Naruto had gained favor with the Fire Daimyo for defeating Akatsuki and killing Uchiha Sasuke, which Sakura was not happy about, and still wasn't to this day. So the Council couldn't go after Naruto's family fortunate or anything with the Namikaze or even Uzumaki name on it without getting the Fire Daimyo's full attention.

Not only that, but Fire Daimyo had then demanded that all of the villagers and Shinobi, who had gone against the dying wishes of the late Yondaime needed to be punished. As such many of the Shinobi in Konoha were demoted, had their pay reduced, and a large amount of their assets seized to give to Naruto. For the Civilians, they were punished by being forced to surrender half their family belongings, some were forced to close down their shops if they owned one, and make a meaningful public apology to Naruto no matter how much they didn't want to.

All in all, Naruto had hit the jackpot, and was going to become the next Hokage with the backing of the Fire Daimyo despite the protest of the Council.

"If anyone finds out you're behind this, you could lose your position to become the Sixth Hokage of Konoha or worse the Council could take things away from you. So why are you doing this?" said Ino looking at Naruto curiously before she blushed at realizing he was shirtless and his ripped muscles were quite a site to behold.

"You make it seem as if Anko was the first woman I dominated to becoming my mate," said Naruto grinning his eyes flashing red with demonic lust in them.

"There are other women besides Anko-san?" said Ino wondering, who else had fallen to Naruto's sexual domination.

"Only one other and she actually embraced this idea of mine before this even happened," said Naruto walking over to the side of the bed caressing Ino's shocked face.

"Who?" said Ino wondering what woman would let Naruto do all these things.

"Hinata-hime of course," said Naruto, as it had been the simplest thing in the world.

"What?" said Ino not believing that only shy Hyuuga in the history of the prominent clan would even suggest Naruto dominate women and to do as he pleases.

"You remember back when the old hag gave me that mission with Hinata 3 months ago for that C-ranked mission? Well let's just say I learned that Hyuuga woman has quite the fire burning in her once shy soul," said Naruto before giggling perversely like a certain Super Pervert did at the hot springs.

"You had sex with Hinata? But Hiashi hates your guts. There is no chance in Hell he will allow you to be with Hinata," said Ino wondering how Hiashi never learned of this.

"More like made love. It wasn't like she bent over and I mounted her without her saying I could. Though I don't think she would have minded as long as it was me," said Naruto, as he raised an eyebrow, and looked up in thought about it.


"Damn that old hag for making the two of go on a C-ranked mission with minimum pay. Do her a favor my ass, she just wants me away because I caught her drinking sake' when Shizune told her she couldn't or else. Well it doesn't matter because the jokes on the old bat since I made a Shadow Clone to tell Shizune about it," said Naruto to Hinata, who saw her crush grinning mischievously at her.

"N-Naruto-kun what e-exactly did y-you d-do?" said Hinata hoping it wouldn't get him into too much trouble.

"Who me? Well I just had my clone tell Shizune, show her a picture, and then I might have...placed stink bombs in the secret spots where her sake' would be," said Naruto his grin growing even wider and the faint sound of something like "damn you" followed by "Naruto" at the end made it all the sweeter.

"Won't Tsunade-sama get mad at you for that?" said Hinata knowing that her Hokage could punish Naruto harshly if she wanted to.

"For what? Making her do her job? She promised Shizune that she would focus on being the Hokage more then being a lazy drunken gambler, and as a future Hokage I have to make sure that the current Hokage keeps her promise. Besides, even if she tried to punish me, I still have a lot of blackmail to keep her off my back, and FYI...there are some pretty crazy pieces of blackmail in my possession," said Naruto showing some of the blackmail in question making the Hyuuga Heiress gasp at each picture and blushed a shade of red never before discovered.

"I suppose your right Naruto-kun. She really shouldn't have used her Hokage hat in that manner," said Hinata, as she made a mental note to make sure Naruto washed the Hokage hat before he wore it when he took up the mantle.

The two arrived at their destination ahead of schedule and completed the assignment just as fast before Naruto sent Gamakichi to tell Tsunade they completed the mission with a P.S. that she was still a drunk old hag. Another faint shout of a few choice words could be faintly heard moments later and Naruto knew his mission to tick Tsunade off had been done for the day.

Now Naruto and Hinata were now in a medium sized town with hot springs, which both Shinobi agreed to partake in since they felt it would benefit them before heading home. Naruto went to the male section while Hinata went to the female section, which were both empty at the moment due to a small festival celebrating the towns holiday.

Hinata sighed as she relaxed in the hot springs finding it seemed to have the power to free her of her worries as long as she stayed in its depths. Her worries had been her Father and him getting Hanabi ready to become the true Heir to the Hyuuga Clan meaning if Hinata didn't do something fast she would lose out in being with her Naruto since her Father was trying to get her married to some rich man with political influence outside of Konoha.

A man, who was a little over twice her age no less.

She had found out about Naruto's hidden heritage thanks to Tsunade, but Hiashi said he would rather be dead, and his body being dissected by the Kumo Raikage then let Hinata marry a Namikaze. Apparently, Hiashi's hatred for Naruto ironically didn't come from him being the jailor of the Kyuubi, but rather the Yondaime for beating the Hyuuga Clan Head when they were still Jounin, and the late Namikaze used the "1,000 Years of Pain Jutsu" on the Hyuuga in front of their future wives no less.

The embarrassment from that experience infuriated Hiashi to no end.

Naruto however, didn't care about Hiashi's feelings in the matter and flat out told the Hyuuga Head that if Hinata wanted to date him, it was her choice not his. To even add further insult to the injury of Hyuuga Clan Head's pride, the Namikaze Heir flipped the man off while a Shadow Clone did the very same embarrassing Jutsu that had been the bane of Hiashi's existence since it was first used on him by the Yondaime.

Hinata was gratified to see that Naruto stood up for her and wished she had the courage to tell much less show her love how much she actually loved him. It wasn't until she had finished that train of thought that her eyes widened with a perverted idea and used her Byakugan to find Naruto alone on the male side of the hot springs lying contently against the rocks.

'Maybe I can find away to show Naruto-kun just how I feel about him,' thought Hinata perversely blushing up a storm before using her stealth like skills to jump over the barrier and onto the water without making noise sinking slowly afterwards walking towards the blonde man in front of her with predatory eyes.

(Lemon Starts Here-Again if you don't like it turn back now)

Naruto felt completely relaxed sitting in the hot springs feeling his muscles while hardly doing anything for this little trip release whatever stress they had. His eyes were closed and felt himself dosing off slightly between sleep and awake that most would consider apart of meditation.

Sighing in bliss, he gasped suddenly at something touching his "third leg" as Jiraiya had called it when he was younger when the boy was in the hot springs after a training during the 3 years. Looking down, he saw Hyuuga Hinata bobbing up and down on his member while looking at him love, and the devotion one would find in a lover.

"Hinata-chan...your...your mouth is...incredible!" said Naruto putting a slightly shaking hand on Hinata hair petting it gently, as she blushed, and proceeded to continue her work with renewed vigor knowing that her Naruto-kun liked it.

"So the shy Hyuuga girl finally caved to her desires for you. I was beginning to wonder just when she would," said the Kyuubi in Naruto mind making the vessel struggle to talk to the fox while enjoying the moment.

'You have the worst timing, you know that fox?' thought Naruto while he physically let his right hand stroke Hinata's hair.

"On the contrary I have impeccable timing. Though it is probably a matter of opinion depending on your point of view. But enough of philosophy for the moment. We need to deal with this Hyuuga girl and what I am about to do to you that you'll later build a shrine to me for," said Kyuubi letting some of his chakra enter Naruto's body.

'I think she's 'dealing' with herself very well if what I'm feeling is any indication and what exactly do you mean by 'build a shrine me'?' thought Naruto while he felt himself getting closer to his release.

Hinata obviously sensed it too since she started to increase her pace.

"Simple really. You see as a fox by nature, I have the power to seduce anyone or thing to my will that is of the opposite sex of either me or in this case you. However, what the Hyuuga girl is doing to you is entirely of her free will since you obviously know she loves you, and wants to make you happy. I'd say she's doing a damn good job," said Kyuubi laughing at Naruto, who let out a groan physically, and massaging Hinata's scalp further that was encouraging the to press on since he was almost there.

'Get to the point fox I'm losing restraint here,' thought Naruto his eyes physically rolling in the back of his head.

"Clearly. I'll get to the point since this conversation is dividing your control over this situation. What I'm about to give you is something that your late teacher would rise from the grave to have and use to his hearts content on the women of the world. I am going to give you the power of demonic seduction, domination, and lust that will make any woman wish to partake in the current action the Hyuuga girl is nearly finished doing to you," said Kyuubi his chakra now reaching Naruto and covering his very being.

'Won't Hinata sense this?' thought Naruto not wanting to freak the girl out, especially since he was so close to the brink.

"No. Even if she did, she won't care since her love, and lust for you are blinding her to notice it," said the Kyuubi before the process ended and seconds after it did Naruto came in Hinata's mouth while moaning out her name.

Hinata herself felt the immense flow of white life giving liquid enter her mouth seconds before Naruto called out her name in a sensual moan that made her wetness beneath her folds increase. Unfortunately, Hinata couldn't swallow it all though she tried with all the muscle strength she had in her throat, and when she couldn't she let go of the large meaty object before feeling what missed her mouth hit her face. Licking up what she could, the Hyuuga woman took the rest in her hands, and smoothed it over her body like it would become a second skin to her.

"Damn Hinata for a beginner you have mad skills," said Naruto panting at the now red faced woman, who mentally couldn't believe that, and her inner-self waving a banner like flag with the words "GO HINATA! GO ALL THE WAY!" above her head.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Anko-san taught me when I turned 16 and said 'When that gaki finally gets brain in that skull of his use your skills to show him how much you care'," said Hinata giggling a little remembering how she frowned at Anko and gave an above average threat to the Special Jounin to never insult her Naruto-kun again unless she didn't want to have kids.

Anko's own response was to send poor Hinata to the Hospital after several snake bites later from her low leveled poisoned legless lizards.

"Remind me to get Anko back for that incident when we return to Konoha. I have a little something planned for her just as I do for you now my Hinata-hime," said Naruto with a mischievous look in his eyes that made Hinata nervous yet excited at the same time.

Moving quickly, Naruto grabbed Hinata by the shoulders, and lifted her up onto his lap earning him a surprised squeak from the still slightly shy woman. Hinata, who now had her hands on Naruto's broad muscled shoulders, was now sporting a blush that had nearly covered her entire body, and when she felt a certain object between his legs caress her form from below she moan at its touch.

"Naruto-kun, what if someone hears us?" said Hinata not wanting to spoil the moment, but wondered how they were going to keep quiet when what they were going to do was not the most quiet thing to do in the hot springs.

"If it's a guy I'll kick his ass out. If it's a girl...maybe we'll ask her to join," said Naruto making Hinata blush further while the man, who held her just chuckled at her reaction.

"You're a pervert Naruto-kun," said Hinata slightly grinding her hip against him earning her a moan of satisfaction to her sexy movements.

"Says the woman, who sucked me off just a few minutes ago," said Naruto using his right hand to massage her breast while his left went to her ass making it Hinata's turn to moan in pleasure.

"How could I refuse myself not to?" said Hinata sounding more aggressive as she now increased her hip motions while Naruto did on his end as well.

"Indeed. How could you not," said Naruto whispery into her ear before lifting Hinata and onto his member making the girl gasp knowing what was about to happen.

There was brief pause.

"I'm ready Naruto-kun," said Hinata lowering herself upon him and breaking the barrier that was between her and would eventually be sexual bliss.

Right now there was pain.

Naruto stopped her from screaming out loud in pain by kissing her right on the lips letting her yell enter him and become apart of him as well. When the pain passed, Hinata slowly parted her lips from Naruto, and began moving her hip letting out a moan of pleasure at what she was feeling.

"How does it feel Hime?" said Naruto moving his hips with hers making the woman gasp in pleasure again at the action.

"It's great. You are great Naruto-kun. It feels wonderful inside of me. I feel so complete now with you inside of me," said Hinata her breathing was quickening and she continued to ride Naruto without a care in the world.

Including her Father and the Clan Elders.

"That makes two of us," said Naruto before kissing, licking, and sucking her large breasts that could rival Tsunade's making the Hyuuga squeal in delight at her love doing so this to her.

"Faster Naruto-kun! Harder! Ride me like only you can!" said Hinata the rational side of her mind now completely taking a back seat to the feeling of pleasure running through her body.

"As my Hime desires so shall I deliver," said Naruto sensually into her ear before moving his hips upward to match the already fast rhythm of Hinata's descending hips making her scream and moan even louder then before.

"That's it Naruto-kun! That's the spot! Keep going! Take me all the way. Make me cum! Cum in Me! GIVE ME YOUR CHILD!" said Hinata finally speaking the words she only said in her dreams and even then she had a special silencing Jutsu in her room to keep her screams of passion at night from said dreams from waking other Hyuuga's up.

Without further words, but rather through actions, Naruto set out to do that, and soon began increasing his hip pace making Hinata's eyes roll in the back of her head feeling the sexual bliss very few women could say they could experience. Hinata's pussy was overflowing with her juices soaking Naruto cock so much that it went in so smoothly like it had been in her precious womanhood for years.

"HERE...I...CUM...HINATA-CHAN!" yelled Naruto before slamming the girl down on his members and releasing his seed into her making Hinata scream to the heavens in pure bliss calling out the name of the man that brought her so much pleasure in this one single moment in time.

When it was over, Hinata was resting her body on Naruto, who had worked up a sweat from using so much energy in making Hinata happy. Hinata herself looked wiped out and was covered in so much sweat she was practically sticking to Naruto.

Not that Hinata minded.

"You want to go one more time Hime?" said Naruto his breathing now becoming slightly heavier then before and push upward making Hinata gasp again at his movements.

"Just give me a minute Naruto-kun. Not everyone has the stamina of 3 Kages in them," said Hinata sighing in content at the bliss she was in and couldn't believe that Naruto still wanted more.

His hardness that was still inside of her was proof of his longevity.

"4 Kages and 2 ANBU, but who's really counting these days?" said Kyuubi inside of Naruto's head while Naruto himself just mentally shook his head at the fox's words.

"While were waiting for you strength to return what should we do about Anko?" said Naruto massaging Hinata's rump to help get the girl back in the mood while marking her as well.

"For what she said and did? I don't know Naruto-kun. I think she's too dominating for anyone to take down considering her line of work as a torture and interrogation expert," said Hinata kissing Naruto's shoulder and moving up to his ear licking the inner part of it with her tongue.

"Leave that to me Hinata-hime. Now...where were we?" said Naruto turning Hinata around so she was resting her back against his chiseled chest before squeezing her breasts hard making her moan in pleasure yet again.

"Don't tease Naruto-kun," said Hinata using her hips and pussy muscles in her body to stimulate a reaction from Naruto, who groaned loudly at her inner muscle flexing.

(End Lemon)

The hot springs had been ruined on both sides of the field due to the rampaging hormones of both Shinobi though no one knew it was them since they had left in the afternoon after secretly making it back to the hotel. Upon looking at the chaotic scene of the place the old man of a mayor, who ran the town noticed a large amount of money in an envelope with a note signed anonymously stating that the ones, who destroyed the hot springs were sorry with the money going towards it being restored.

The hot springs would later be restored and twice as large due the amount given.

(End Flashback)

Ino's face was now beet red and her body had become hot from hearing the story with her pussy becoming wetter by the minute.

"On the way back to the Leaf Hinata and I talked about what we did at the hot springs with me telling her I could have more then one wife to revive the Namikaze Clan. She didn't like that, but I told her that if I did have more then one wife they would according to my clan's rules be more like mistresses then anything. Hinata of course is going to be my wife since I already asked her to marry me and naturally she accepted, but were going to do it in secret so the Hyuuga Clan can't interfere with some political loophole that they would try to create. The trick is now finding other women to become apart of the clan, who will be my 'mistresses' if you will," said Naruto simplifying things for Ino.

"So you and Hinata both had sex and now you're conquering every other woman in your path to make them into your future wives?" said Ino not understanding why Hinata would allow this considering how much she loves Naruto.

"You're catching on. And who says blondes are dumb," said Naruto before grabbing one of Ino's well shaped legs and gave it a nice feel with his fingers.

"Yeah we'll when I get out of here I'm telling the Hokage about this and when she finds out, she'll have you neutered in order to punish you," said Ino smirking at Naruto, as she half expected him to panic, and run around worried thus making enough noise to possibly draw attention to the situation she was in.

"Are you sure about that?" said Naruto confidently making Ino's eyebrow go up at the man's calmness.

"Why wouldn't I be? It's not like I'm going to bend to your will like that Anko lady did. Besides even if you somehow did to me what you did to her, you'll have every female on full alert, and once they find out it's you they will make you wish you were never born," said Ino smirking triumphantly at Naruto, who for a brief moment seemed sad.

"That hurt Ino. You know fully well that the village has tried to do that since I was born. Or have you forgotten," said Naruto his voice no longer holding it playfulness and Ino had flinched as she realized her choice of words.

Tsunade had revoked the Sandaime's law less then a year ago because she felt it had done more harm then good to the demon vessel. She made a public announcement about it just before the one about Naruto being the Namikaze Heir so the people would understand the full ramifications of their past actions. The remaining Rookie's, except for Sakura, were outraged at the village, and more importantly at their parents for letting this happen to the man. The older generation tried to find an excuse saying they didn't know any better, but the glare from the younger half shut up their half baked excuse for an explanation rather quickly.

"Wrong choice of words. Sorry Naruto," said Ino wishing she hadn't been one of the kids his age that had been cruel to him.

"It's all right. You didn't mean it the way others would have. Tell you what, I'll make a little deal with you," said Naruto, as some of his energy had returned.

"A deal?" said Ino, as she felt Naruto now resumed his touch over her legs finding that while she herself never like her legs hence the bandages, the feel of Naruto's fingers on them stirred something in her.

"More like a bet I suppose. I bet I can make you feel so good having sex with me Ino that you won't want to turn me in just so you can have more of it later on in the near future," said Naruto moving the lower part of her purple dress away more revealing her now very wet pussy.

"What happens if you lose?" said Ino looking suspiciously at Naruto since he had a real luck streak when it came to betting with people.

"You turn me in to Tsunade and have her let the female Shinobi populous deal with me as they want. However, if I win, you become my next wife/mistress like I made Anko the other day, and you will not tell anyone what you know," said Naruto simply, as if that was all there was to it.

"Well...I suppose it wouldn't be that bad considering your sexual prowess did make both Hinata and Anko happy so at the least I gain the most out of this with a good fuck. Okay you got yourself a deal, but I don't want to be taken like Anko was like some slave," said Ino motioning her head to her bandages that tied her to the bed.

"Oh you mean this? This was done so you wouldn't run when you first woke up. I mean can you even blame me considering how you woke up from your Mind Transfer Jutsu that had you recently used on Anko?" said Naruto making Ino blush with embarrassment since she had freaked out at not being in a familiar environment.

"So how do you want this to go down then? I told you already that I won't do this in my current situation," said Ino wondering if Naruto would keep his end of the agreement since not many men would surrender taking a hot woman like her in such a dominating fashion.

"You think I forgot already? For shame Ino I'm hurt. 'Shadow Clone Jutsu!'" said Naruto making four clones, who began untying Ino while the original one pulled up a chair to sit down on.

"For a moment there I thought you were going to...," said Ino waving her hand at the four clones, which dispersed, and Naruto chuckled at her.

"No. As you said you don't want to be taken like that. What I have in mind is different. I want you to dance for me while stripping," said Naruto making Ino blush at his words.

"You want a striptease? But I don't have any underwear on," said Ino wondering why he wanted her to and quickly looked around the room for any video cameras should this be some kind of prank.

"Not even a bra? So what I'm looking at is all you?" said Naruto wiggling his eyebrows at Ino, who blushed even further red since she walked into that one.

"Shut up! Just because Sakura had her bra stuffed until she was 17 doesn't mean I did the same," said Ino blushing further and then her eyes widened in shock at revealing her best friends biggest secret.

"Let me guess you weren't supposed to tell that right? Don't worry I won't say anything since everyone already knows thanks to Hinata. She saw Sakura's bra with her Byakugan one day and told me about it after pinkie called me names for no reason. I think it was her 'time of the month' as they say when a girl is angry for no apparent reason. Besides your not the only one now as Hinata hasn't worn any since we made love during our mission and Anko will only have hers on hand to be dominated with," said Naruto seeing Ino relax at his words about Sakura since she was still the blonde girl's friend even if the pink haired woman was no such person to the others.

Though the blush came back full fold about Hinata and Anko no longer wearing panties.

"I guess we could get started with this little bet, though I wouldn't mind if some form of music while I did this, and so I could get into a dancing mood," said Ino folding her arms along her stomach line, which pushed her breasts out more in her purple attire.

"Of course," said Naruto snapping his fingers and instantly sensual music began playing around them with a few sound barrier seals keeping it in the room.

"Why do I get the feeling you've been planning this from the start?" said Ino, as she had begun swaying her hips in a sensual motion, and began getting into a strip teasing mood.

"You're body's not complaining. In fact if I could take a guess...I'd say would be more then happy to cum near me," said Naruto seeing the line of Ino's juices now going down her leg like a river.

"Perverted baka," said Ino though it was more whispery then her usual volume her voice took when talking to people, as she moved over closer to him moving her body in a lust filled dance of sensuality that made Naruto excited inside.

The girl removed her upper clothing slowly as she danced in front of Naruto in the most sexual manner her body could create, moaning as she squeezed her breasts, and shaking her ass along his crotch when she moved close. The Yamanaka girl gasped at the feeling of Naruto' hard member in his pants rubbing against her skirted rear while her mind now wished to see the real thing that the other two women felt up close. She suddenly gasped again when Naruto grabbed both her breasts giving both mounds a healthy massage.

Ino was now feeling her ever horny body growing hot with each passing moment while apart of her mind was telling her she couldn't do what she wanted to do right now just yet. With only half the act complete and needed to get to the second act before moving onto the grand finale that she knew Naruto would enjoy.

"Damn Ino, your kick ass hips can do this to me anytime," said Naruto kissing her neck as he began to lick her ear lobe making Ino moan louder, as she moved her hands down taking off her skirt making her totally naked his eyes.

"Just you wait there is more to come," said Ino panting as she grinded her ass against him a few more times before she quickly turned around and unzipped Naruto's pants to let her see the massive hard on that was pointing at her.

Sliding down to her knees Ino licked her lips, as she was beginning to see why Hinata was always blushing heavily around Naruto when they were younger. Hell, if Ino herself had known Naruto had something this massive, she would have blushed too, and would have jumped him when they were 16 to show him the time of his life. Grasping the large thing in her hands, which looked tiny in comparison to it, Ino began licking the head like a lollypop, and began moving her mouth along the tip before taking what she could into her mouth.

As for Naruto himself, he was in heaven once more like he had been with Hinata, and then again with Anko when she sucked him off. Hinata did it with grace that told him she was patient to get what she wanted, Anko he knew was the sly seductive type, as she had done it to him even when tired, and Ino herself was a ravager sucking on him like there was no tomorrow. Ino's nature was to always get what she wanted and get them quickly since she hated to wait, which was why she her first relationship with Shikamaru didn't work. Right now Ino wanted Naruto to cum in her mouth soon hence why she was now stroking him with her hands, then using her breasts, and massaging his testicles while she continued sucking him using her tongue to stimulate the pleasure along the bulbous head.

After a few more minutes, Naruto came right in Ino's mouth with so much entering that the woman couldn't swallow it all, and to prevent herself from choking pulled back to let the rest cover the front of body. Not wanting to lose out on her tasty treat, Ino took what she could to her mouth with her fingers while rubbing the rest of it on her body, and was making her feel even more excited.

"Now the real fun begins Ino-chan," said Naruto grabbing Ino and lifting her by the waist so she legged locked with him squealing as he did that to her.

"I'm so horny right now Naruto. Please put that massive thing inside of me before I go insane," said Ino before she was dropped on the bed and Naruto took off his pants fully so he could enjoy this moment better.

"You know this will hurt right? Since it's your first time," said Naruto getting lined up with Ino grabbing his member and wetting it once more with her pussy juice that was leaking out of her womanhood so it would be easier for him to enter.

"It's a good thing were both lubricated then or else you would probably have ripped me in half," said Ino getting a solid grip with her legs around Naruto's hips before the blonde juggernaut moved in for the kill and too the blonde girl's virginity in one swift moment.

Ino screamed in pain like she had been stabbed with a kunai, only this pain was from the inside, and she began to wonder if this is how someone feels when they get hit by the Gentle Fist style of a Hyuuga. Fortunately, for Ino though, the pain passed, and after a few seconds of a none screaming girl connected with him, Naruto began thrusting into the Yamanaka girl. This time Ino's screams were one of pleasure, as she lifted her hips occasionally to meet Naruto's to heighten the sensations further, and loved every moment of it.

"You're tight Ino! I know you like having a iron grip on men in your life, but this almost ridiculous," said Naruto thrusting faster making Ino scream even louder at the wonderful experience of Naruto's meat stick in her.

"Keep going Naruto-kun! I can feel you in me. I love every second of it!" said Ino, as her breasts moved up and down with each thrust almost hypnotizing the man pounding into her.

"Call me Pleasure-sama. Only call me Pleasure-sama," said Naruto, as he pounded harder making Ino inhale at the sudden influx of movement, as she didn't think he could go any faster.

"Pleasure-sama! Pleasure-sama! Pleasure-sama!" said Ino instantly, as if it were the only words she knew while her body rocked with one organism after another while he still kept pounding into her making each sensation of the orgasms go higher then before.

"Do you want to become my mistress/wife? To striptease for me when I ask? To always grind your hot ass against my dick when I ask for it? To never wear bandages? To get yourself pounded constantly like a bitch in heat when I want?" said Naruto increasing his pace making Ino scream almost erratically with each thrust while her nails were digging deeply into the mattress.


"Here it comes Ino-chan! Welcome to the family," said Naruto lifting up Ino so her legs were now on his shoulders and his hands now on her hips with one hand moving to her ass cheek before channeling chakra into it when finally came.

Ino's voice box was pushed to the limits, as Naruto came inside of her, as it made her feel relief for the fire inside of her that the blonde's semen had the power to put out, and from the look on the demon vessel's face the feeling was mutual. Pulling out, Naruto felt more of his baby making seed cover Ino like a second skin, which the blonde girl rubbed over her skin, and licked what she could off her fingers.

"Thank Nar-Pleasure-sama," said Ino correcting herself at what to call Naruto from now on when they were like this in the future.

"My pleasure Ino-chan. I hope you don't mind, but I have to leave you here since moving you would most likely be painful to you, and I need a few days head start in making sure no one knows it was me. Right now no one knows you're here so I'll leave it to Hinata to 'conveniently' find you," said Naruto putting a hand on the side of her leg before he sent chakra through her to take out the genetic identification needed to pin this on him.

"I understand Pleasure-sama. Don't worry I won't tell anyone. I can't risk Hokage-sama finding out and try to rip that incredible thing of you. I know you could probably grow it back and in doing so would make it even longer, but I think she would make sure that it would never happened," said Ino her eyes had a flash of fear in them at that, though she also imagined Naruto switching places with someone else like Kiba at the last moment since the man just to dog like for his own good, and needed less testosterone in his life.

"Agreed. Just relax and sleep for a few days since you'll be too sore to move if you do. Oh, one more thing before I go I need to ask you Ino-chan," said Naruto, as he got his closes on ready to head out on his next conquest.

"What is it Pleasure-sama?" said Ino her eyes fixated on his chest with the shirt he had on unbuttoned giving him a very rebellious and sexy look to him.

"Does Tenten wear a thong?" said Naruto smiling, as he gave Ino a hint into, who he was seeking out to be his next mistress/wife.

"I don't know. I think so. I saw her once at the hot springs and I thought I saw something black and thin, but before I could get a better look she came in to get changed. I'm sorry I failed you Pleasure-sama," said Ino looking away slightly ashamed at herself only to have Naruto cup her chin and give her a kind smile.

"You didn't fail me at all. You gave me the information you know and I have to just go with it. It's not your fault in any way," said Naruto caressing her cheek while Ino gave it little kisses here and there.

Leaving the room to let Ino drift into a realm of sexual bliss inflicted state, Naruto went to another empty room, and went out the window after making sure no one was around. He couldn't help, but smirk at the thought of Tenten, and how she would soon be his very soon due to her break up with Neji nearly 6 months ago after broke it off saying it wasn't working.

After Neji tried to gently break her heart, Tenten broke one of his nuts between his legs with a swift kick to the spot in-between his legs in a moment of anger. It didn't help Neji that Tenten was wearing leg weights at the time or that the weight on the leg was a little over 50 pounds give or take a few ounces.

'Don't worry your heart anymore Tenten-chan. Soon you will see that when a Hyuuga fails to make you happy, a Namikaze will always is there to give you what you need, and of course...much much more,' thought Naruto smirking evilly, as he couldn't wait to see if Tenten wore a thong or not.

If she did, he hoped it was black, and if she didn't? Well it didn't hurt either way.

At a distant training ground, Tenten shivered suddenly as an unknown sensation now ran through her, but it was hard to tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing, and the female weapons master could only hope it was the former.

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