Chapter 8-The Big Day

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Tsunade grumbled up to the step of the Hokage Tower, whispering to herself about her funds being cut off while she was away, being unable to gamble, and blonde gaki's who don't appreciate that she needs to relieve stress while away from the village. All she had done was speak with the Fire Daimyo in meetings that lasted hours on and made her want to smash her head against the table with enough force to split her skull open.

Opening the door, Tsunade turned to find Naruto doing a huge mountain of paperwork with Shizune holding papers standing by his side behind the desk, and glad to see her. Also in the room was, Anko, Hana, Ino, Sakura, Tenten, and Temari all looking like they were just hanging out with nothing better to do.

'O-kay. This is weird,' thought Tsunade, as she saw the girls looking at her now, and saw the blonde gaki looking letting out a sigh of relief at finishing what appeared to be only half of the paperwork in front of her.

"Tsunade-sama! You're finally back," said Shizune, as she squirmed slightly, and had to keep the blush off her face knowing it could ruin everything.

"Yeah I am though I'm less then happy. Why? Because a certain someone in this room managed to cut me off from funding to needed gamble and drink sake' while I was away," said a clearly peeved Tsunade, who saw Naruto whistling nonchalantly, and not looking her in the eyes.

"That sounds really bad Tsunade-sama. I'm sure you are more then ready to take your frustration out on the paperwork here on this desk," said Shizune, as she squirmed further at the waist before eyeing Naruto, and then quickly back at Tsunade too reluctant to do paperwork to notice.

"I...think I'll resume my duties as Hokage," said Tsunade, as she also seemed to like the idea of Naruto doing this mountain of paperwork one last day, and start off fresh the next day.

"Yeah, you look a little under the weather Granny. Your old age must be getting to you," said Naruto grinning at a peeved Tsunade, and seeing she was resisting the notion of beating him silly.

But then again she would have to do the paperwork on her desk and not him.

"You're so lucky I'm tired brat or I'd slug you into next week," said Tsunade, as she left the room, and needed to get some sleep before she hurt someone that wasn't deserving of it.

After Tsunade shut the door, the room changed from the Demonic Genjutsu (thanks to the Kyuubi) had cast to make it appear that he was working on paperwork, and revealed what was really happening. The sigh of relief Naruto let out from doing the paperwork was really a sigh of pleasure from Hinata, Sasame, and Shion licking his cock. The supposed "paperwork" was really Hana tied up naked, her mouth gagged, and getting her pussy licked by Anko while one of Naruto's trusty Shadow Clones was fucking her pussy. The same thing was happening to Sakura with Ino on top of her and another Naruto Shadow Clone fucking her hard. Tenten and Temari were both being gangbanged on the nearby couch. As for poor Shizune, she was currently squirming because one of Naruto's hands was fingering her pussy while his other hand was increasing the vibration of the vibrator egg in her ass every so often.

It didn't help that Shizune's exposed rear was near the air conditioning vent that was blowing right into her heated core making the poor woman slowly go crazy.

"Its a good thing that Genjutsu you used prevented Tsunade-sama from seeing what we were really happening, right Pleasure-sama," said Shion, as she looked up at her lover, and saw him smirk at her before patting her head like she was a pet before the girl went back to pleasing him like the other two still were.

"That's right Shion-chan. Now I'm going to cum and I want you girls to open wide so I can cum in your mouths equally," said Naruto, as he let out a groan of pleasure before letting out a load of his baby making liquid that into the mouths of Hinata, Shion, and Sasame before leaning back in his chair.

As for Shizune's own orgasm, she got it when Naruto increased the setting of the vibrator egg in her ass, and sent chakra to her clit made the woman scream out in bliss. Which no one outside of the room would hear because the sound proofing seal Naruto had setup to activate when the doors and windows of the office were closed.

It wasn't long before Tenten, Temari, Anko, Hana, Ino, and Sakura had there own blissful orgasms at the hands of Naruto's Shadow Clones with their bodies slumping from the draining experience. By this point, almost all the ladies were nearly out of it, and they wondered how Ayame was doing with the group of Shadow Clones that Naruto left for her at his special booth?

Naruto was thinking the same thing and used the Sandaime's viewing orb to see the sexy woman being lying on a large dinner table, naked, and covered in cum with a satisfied look on her face. The blonde smirked at the sight and made a mental note to put some of his own investment into the place from his clan's personal funds after his marriage to Ayame followed by the honeymoon.

"Naruto-kun, when can we have the wedding now that Tsunade-san is back," said Hinata, as she looked up at him, and saw him smiling back at her with those gentle blue eyes that had captivated her so many years ago.

"Soon Hinata-chan. in 1 weeks time. Does that sound good?" said Naruto, as he saw Hinata, and the others nodding in agreement to that.

Or rather their tired yet satisfied moans of approval.

(The Next Day)

Tsunade knew something was up when she sat down in her chair in the her office, as she looked around to find that there was a pile of paperwork in front of her, and Naruto didn't seem to mind doing the paperwork yesterday. At first, she thought there was going to be some kind of prank being played on her, but Tsunade didn't get hit with anything upon entering the room, and all that was left was the paperwork that Shizune brought in for the female Hokage to sign.

Then of course, Naruto came in hours later seeing the former Sannin turned Hokage near wits end at doing this, and the bombshell he laid on her didn't help either.

"You want to what with whom?" said Tsunade, as she saw Naruto grinning confidently at her, and she had a great desire to punch the spiky blonde in front of her through a wall.

"I'm want to marry Hinata-chan, Sasame-chan, Shion-chan, Anko-chan, Ayame-chan, Ino-chan, Sakura-chan, Ten-chan, Temari-chan, and Shizune-chan within a week's time. Something wrong with that?" said Naruto, as he saw Shizune trying, and failing to hide the blush on her face.

"Possibly. I thought you said 'Shizune-chan', but I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, and chalk it up to the sake' I drank last night," said Tsunade, as she looked Shizune, and then at Naruto.

"That and your old age," said Naruto offhandedly.

"And my old ag-hey!" said Tsunade, as she glared at Naruto, who grinned further at the fact he got her to admit she was getting old, and saw Shizune trying to keep her giggling down.

"What? 2 years ago you would have caught onto that so you must be getting old," said Naruto seeing Tsunade getting peeved, and looking ready to throw something at him.

Most likely her paperwork covered death.

"Fine! Whatever! You can marry them all in a weeks time, just get the Hell out of here, and do whatever it is you do when you're not on missions or training for that matter," said Tsunade, as she didn't have time to argue with Naruto, and just wanted to get this pile of paperwork done.

Shizune told her of the law Naruto passed, which made her want to quash it, but Shizune had told Tsunade it would help future Hokages not get lazy with the paperwork, and give them motivation to do their jobs. Tsunade of course protested saying she did her job just fine, but Shizune had to bring up the time she got drunk, and accidently passed a law that actually made it legal for Gai and Lee to hug each other in public with that Genjutsu of theirs without any kind of punishment.

She was never going to live that down. Ever!

(Wedding Day-1 Week Later)

"Remind me again why I don't kill the brat?" said Tsunade to Iruka, as she sat down in a chair waiting for the wedding to start while Naruto summoned Toad Boss Gamabunta to have the summons marry him off to his future wives of his harem.

"Because you promised Shizune-san after you remembered she was going to be one of his future wives," said Iruka though there was another reason why, but Naruto told him not to reveal it to Tsunade until after he left for the honeymoon, and they were gone a good distance away from what would be her in full rampage mode.

"Oh yeah. Remind me again, was I drunk when I made that promise?" said Tsunade, as she saw Iruka sweat drop, and shake his head no.

"Actually you were very much sober Hokage-sama, but you were quite angry, and tore your office to pieces," said Iruka, as he knew when angry at a certain level, Tsunade would forget about certain things, and it was quite scary.

"Damn! Well, I feel like it now," said Tsunade, as she had been thoroughly searched by Shizune before this moment to ensure that she couldn't, and possibly protest Naruto marrying the young woman while intoxicated.

"You're not the only one Hokage-sama. Subaku no Kankuro looks ready to explode right about now and only Gaara is keeping him from doing something rash," said Iruka, as he saw Kankuro glaring daggers at Naruto, and only Gaara's sand wrapped over his brother's key body parts kept the "war painted" Subaku from trying to murder the Namikaze.

"Kurenai looks a little displeased, but then again she is sitting next to Gai, and he looks like he's about to explode with emotions," said Tsunade, as she saw Kurenai was either glaring at Naruto, or trying to keep an eye on Gai should he go on about wedding being the "pinnacle of all Spring Time of Youth" with Lee beside him looking ready to do the same thing.

"She had to go on a pity date with him after using him in a prank focused on Kakashi and while Gai took it in good stride...well this is her punishment for embarrassing Gai," said Iruka, as she saw Kurenai dealing with the man now crying on her shoulder, and the now internally weeping woman patting the bowl shaped hair of the spandex wearing fru-uh man in a form of comfort.

"That and Anko is marrying Naruto though Kurenai thinks that the gaki did something to her," said Tsunade, as she saw Kurenai looking at Naruto with watchful eyes, and seemed to be looking for some kind of excuse to stop the wedding.

"Oh I saw Anko earlier and they did something together, but its probably that of a private nature," said Iruka, as he had seen the woman happier then he had ever seen her, and was looking forward to the wedding.

"I don't see the Haruno family either. You think Sakura's family would be happy she is marrying into a prestigious clan," said Tsunade, as she noticed the bitchy woman, and asshole of a man weren't here.

"Oh, you weren't here for that, but while Naruto was Hokage he had Sakura's parents arrested, and sent to Ibiki for interrogation. Apparently, they wanted her to become a simple house wife of rich clan to gain wealth, status, and all that stuff most fan girls do so they hired a semi-expert seal master to make Sakura hate Naruto while sealing up her potential in the process. They were originally trying to get Sakura ready to be the late Uchiha Sasuke's baby making breeding machine in order to gain the means to achieving high status in the Leaf. The Mother was an old fashion gold digging woman, but there was not one rich man she tried to seduce willing to settle down with her, and was stuck with her so called husband on the Civilian Council. What Sakura's Mother couldn't do, the woman planned for Sakura to succeed in her place, and hoped Sasuke would be seduced by their daughter's looks," said Iruka, as Naruto had told him everything, and saw the new Sakura with his jaw off its hinges along with eyes bulging out of their sockets.

"So why seal her potential? How the Hell did she even have potential? Before I got through with her, Sakura was a simple Uchiha fan girl, and was the dead weight of Team 7!" said Tsunade, as she didn't believe this was happening, and wanted to hear some kind of explanation from the teacher.

"One of Sakura's Grandparents was once a Shinobi of incredible skill, but couldn't find the right woman to settle down with, and somehow got stuck in an arranged marriage with some spoiled woman from a semi-wealthy man during the formation of the Leaf. Sakura's Mother is a descendant of that man, but she inherited her own Mother's spoiled side, and felt Shinobi life was not meant for a women of her lineage. She wanted the same for Sakura when her Father's potential showed and yet at the same time knew the only way to get to Sasuke was the Shinobi Academy," said Iruka, as she saw Tsunade chuckle at the sheer stupidity of Sakura's Mother, and made a mental note to visit her apprentice's parents to congratulate them on having such a Shinobi of a daughter before laughing at them for being stupid bakas for tampering with their daughter's potential.

"I'm so going to have a party the day the Civilian Council is disbanded and the Shinobi Councils powers have been diminished back to there original purpose," said Tsunade, as she knew that the time of balance of power being shifted back was coming, and knew that the Councils knew it too.

"I'll join you. Naruto already sent a letter to the Fire Daimyo telling the man everything and that you want him to take over as Hokage despite the objections from the Councils. From what Naruto told me, the Fire Daimyo is more then willing to support him, and give him the support needed to remove the problem upon being inaugurated as Hokage," said Iruka, as he saw Tsunade's jaw drop, and then look at Naruto with a death glare.

"YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT!" yelled Tsunade, which made everyone sweat drop, and it was then the female Hokage realized she just yelled at the groom right before the wedding in front of everyone.

Maybe she was getting old.

"Sit down Granny. Don't make me use the Prune Juice Jutsu on you!" said Naruto, as he saw Tsunade go pale, and shocking everyone that she shut up.

Though if anyone knew Tsunade, they would know that she hated prune juice more then Orochimaru, and Jiraiya peeping combined! Why? Because prune juice was the bane of the elderly because it made them feel old and old people do not need to eat old people's food that reminds them of being old in the first place.

With everyone quieted down, Kankuro properly gagged by Gaara so he couldn't stop the wedding, Naruto motioned for the Toad Boss to kick start this in order to get him hitched, and with several hundred Toad summons being supporting witnesses to this. Meanwhile, the girls came down one by one in white kimonos looking radiant, as Choji was being the good guy that he was, played the wedding music, and Shikamaru was being put as the best man for this simply because the lazy Nara didn't have to do anything the whole time.

That and Shikamaru's Mother wouldn't be next to him complaining about how he should get married soon.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the marriage of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, and these lovely ladies in holy matrimony. If anyone here feels these lovely ladies should marry this man, please speak now, or forever hold your peace," said Gamabunta, as he waited from someone to protest the union, and looked around to see Kankuro trying, and failing to speak while Kurenai was being slowly being buried by green spandex with a bowl shaped haircut crying on her shoulders.

"Keep going Gamabunta. No one would dare deprive these lovely angels of their much deserved happiness," said Naruto, as he made them all blush, and causing Gai with Lee to explode louder with crying.

"Very well. By the power invested in me as a Boss Summons, I hereby pronounce you husband, and wives of the Namikaze Clan. You may now kiss your lucky bastard," said Gamabunta with the last few words muttered more to himself then to Naruto.

"Gladly! 'Shadow Clone Jutsu!'" said Naruto, as he made Shadow Clones of himself to kiss all his wives at the same time, and scooped them all up bridal style before leaping on top of the Toad Boss.

"TIME FOR THE HONEYMOON!" yelled Anko, as she kissed her Shadow Clone of Naruto, and the clone kissed back while the others watching sweat dropped.

'Why do I get the feeling they will all be pregnant after this,' thought Tsunade, as she realized that all these woman were going to be with child soon, and she would have her hands full during the delivery.

Even more so with Shizune being one of the women in Naruto's harem.

"You heard Anko-chan Gamabunta. To Wave Country!" said Naruto holding Hinata and pointed in the direction the Toad Boss had to go.

"I foresee lots of fun headed our way Pleasure-sama," said Shion, as she snuggled up against him, and ignored Tsunade's eyes widening in shock at the name given to Naruto.

'So he was the one who did that to Anko, then Ino, and Hana! I'm going to kill the damn gaki for this!' thought Tsunade, as she was about to raise holy hell, and was stopped by Iruka while the Toad Boss took off towards Wave Country.

"Senju Tsunade?" said a man dressed in a mail carrier uniform from behind the peeved female Hokage.

"Yes," said Tsunade, as she was handed a scroll, and had to sign for it.

"This is for you Hokage-sama. Thanks for your time," said the mail carrier before he started running off and so did Iruka now claiming he had somewhere to be before taking off running like his life depended on it.

'What's this? Seems like its some kind of document. Let's see here...Naruto is WHAT?' thought Tsunade, as she read the document, and her killer intent spiked incredibly high at the document before her.

(With Naruto)

"I think Tsunade-sama is displeased with what you gave her before we left Naruto-kun," said Tenten, as she sensed the killer intent, and so did everyone else.

"Yeah well...I consider it a means to an end in terms of getting back at her for hitting me when I was kid," said Naruto, as he grinned while letting out a chuckle knowing this was something the old hag could not get out of, and further secured his position as Hokage.

(With Tsunade)

"HE'S SUING ME! THAT BLONDE SON OF A BITCH IS SUING ME!" yelled out Tsunade, as she glared at the list of charges placed against her, and the terms the blonde gaki stipulated for reparations for the abuse he suffered at her hands.

Hitting a fellow Shinobi of the Leaf.

Hitting a fellow Shinobi of the Leaf for name calling.

Hitting a fellow Shinobi of the Leaf for name calling while drunk.

Hitting a fellow Shinobi of the Leaf after waking up from a hangover.

Throwing objects at fellow Shinobi of the Leaf

Neglecting to do paperwork as Hokage of the Leaf to drunk.

And it goes on like this for at least another 3 pages.

(With Naruto)

"You think Tsunade is taking the lawsuit well?" said Hinata, as they entered the "Super Luxury Room" Tazuna had setup specifically for Naruto when the Hotel they were at was made shortly after Wave Country's economy improved.

"I would like to think so," said Naruto, as he smiled at his "Head Wife" among the group of wives he had, and made Hinata blush heavily in the process like he always could do.

"DAMN YOU GAKI! WHEN I SEE YOU, I'M GOING TO CUT YOUR BALLS OFF, AND SHOVE SALT SHAKERS UP THEIR AS REPLACEMENTS!" yelled the voice of Tsunade all the way from Konoha and made the room go very quiet.

"Then again I could be wrong," said Naruto letting out a nervous sheepish laugh.

"Less talk. More fun!" said Anko, who was already naked, and tackled Naruto with the other girls following since they wanted to have as much time with Naruto as possible during this honeymoon.

Oh yeah. More fun sounded really nice about now.


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