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Mary Winchester entered her house smiling widely in awe, one hand resting on her abdomen. Her husband John Winchester walked next to her; smiling brightly as well with one hand wrapped around her waist.

Hearing the door open a young woman walked into the front hallway to greet them. A small brunette boy, named dean Winchester, was with her. He ran forward when he caught sight of his parents standing in the doorway.

"Mummy, are you sick?" Dean asked tearfully, staring up at his mum.

"What?" Mary said shocked. "Of course not sweetie."

"But Molly said you was at the doctors," Dean said grabbing onto Mary's legs tightly.

Molly winced and gave the two parents an apologetic shrug. Mary waved it off and bent over to swing her young son onto her hip. She then headed towards the kitchen while John paid Molly for her troubles and sent her back to her home across the road.

John followed his young family into the kitchen to find Dean sitting on the bench and Mary getting a sandwich ready. Dean was watching his mum's every move intently with his youthful pale green eyes.

"So you promise you alright?" Dean asked swinging his legs making his feet hit the cupboards. "Really?"

"Stop kicking the cupboards Kiddo," John said grabbing Dean's swinging foot. "You're leaving marks on the cupboards."

"You not answered my question," Dean pouted frowning at his parents.

"Yes I promise Dean," Mary sighed sharing an amused look with her husband. "But we do have some news."

"… What news?" Dean said curiously eyes flicking between them both.

"Well, son," John said moving to wrap his arm around Mary's shoulders. "How do you feel about being a big brother?"

"What do you mean?" Dean asked suspiciously.

"I'm pregnant," Mary said happily a wide smile spreading across her face. "You're going to be a big brother."


Can I have a puppy 'stead?"

"… What?" John said baffled at his son's reaction.

"Well," Dean said placing his clasped hands in his lap as he stared seriously up at his parent's confused faces. "Tommy's got a little sister and he says he rather have a puppy."


"So… Can I have a puppy?" Dean asked staring up at them sweetly.

"Honey," Mary said slowly trying to wrap her head around her son's logic. "It doesn't really work like that."


"You see, son," John said grasping at the words running through his head. "Your mother's already pregnant. That means you already have a little sibling growing inside of her. And in about seven or eight months you'll be able to meet them. We can't get rid of them."

"Why?" Dean asked stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well…" John trailed off looking to his wife for help.

"Dean, you know how you're always asking to have your friends over to play with?" Mary said leaning forward to grasp Dean's small hand in her own.

"Yeah," Dean said nodding his head slowly.

"Well if you have a little brother or sister you'll always have a friend to play with," Mary said smiling at her son as his eyes searched her face for truthfulness. "Everyday."

"You sure?"

"Yes," Mary said glancing behind her to share a look with John.


"… Yes."

"Then I want a brother," Dean announced to them sternly. "I not want to play with girls."

Both adults chuckled as Mary ran a hand through Dean's hair.

"Well then we'll have to pray every night for a little boy," Mary said lifting dean up and off the bench while handing him his sandwich. "Ok?"

"Ok," Dean said brightly running off up to his room.

"That is one strange kid," John said watching his son run off.

"I know," Mary said lovingly before turning to her husband. "He gets it from you."

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