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Gui Gui's POV

A range of emotions filled me as I was told the news that I was getting marry. Most of those emotions are mainly anger and confusion. Why on earth would I be getting marry when I'm only seventeen? I opened my mouth to protest, only to have them shut again as my mother spoke up.

"You're not going to get marry right away, honey. We are waiting for your eighteenth birthday. That about nine months away." Could she read my mind? I only glared at them. Still in what mind did they get the idea of marrying me to someone I don't even know and never even met before?

"Ying Jie, it's the eldest son of the Qiu family, Sheng Yi. I'm sure you two met when you were little." I was frustrated. I don't even remember the guy!
It's practically the same thing as getting married to a stranger.

"Why? Give me a good reason why."

My parents looked at each other. It's was like they're afraid of telling me the truth. But my silent father spoke this time. "The Qiu family is a friend of ours. We agreed upon this marriage when you were born. We thought it would be nice if we were a entire family. And plus now that your brother has decided to become a lawyer, we need you to take over the company and you can't do it alone." REALLY THAT WAS IT? I CAN"T BELIEVE THEM!


"Honey, please calm down."

"NO, I WILL NOT CALM DOWN AND I'M DEFINITLY NOT GETTING MARRIED!" With that I left the house. I went to find Xiao Jie to calm me down.

Xiao Jie looked absolutely scared when she first saw me. But she still welcomed me into her house. As soon as we sat down I told her about the marriage situation. As I finished, Xiao Jie turned into a stone. I grabbed her arm and shake it as hard as I can. "No. Freakin. Way."

"Yeah, it's true."

"You getting marry? Really? Plus the fact that you're getting married to Qiu Sheng Yi."

"What does that mean?" I looked at her puzzled. She stared right back at me with huge eyes

"Do you not know who he is? He's like suppose to be the hottest guy in Taipei!"

"Of course. I mean we've met before when we were like...four or five years old?" I really don't know this guy.

"Has it really been that long?" Xiao Jie crossed her arms.

"YES! I don't remember him or what he looks like." Which minutes Xiao Jie managed to gather all the information on this "hottest guy in Taipei" on her laptop. I swear this girl is a computer whiz, while I can't work a computer worth crap.

"Ok, here it is. Let's see. His name is Qiu Sheng Yi."

"I think we already got that far."

"Hold on. He is 20 year-old. Goes to Taipei University and usually is referred as Wang Zi by everyone." Wang Zi? Prince? Sounds a bit arogant and self-absorb to me.

"He has a younger brother named Qiu Yi Cheng or commonly known as Mao Di who is 19 years-old. Both brothers are extremely popular at their school." Younger brother? How come I don't remember him? Anyways Xiao Jie continues to read.

"Wang Zi is the heir to the Qiu company, but is rumored to be engaged to the little known daughter of the Wu family. The marriage will be used as a way to join the two family companys together."

"How is it that the public already knows about the engagement?" I was shocked. I was just told about the marriage an half an hour ago!

"It's says here that the article was published yesterday."

"Somehow I got a feeling that his and my parents are behind this."

"But why?"

"Maybe it's their way of making sure that he and I both agree to this marriage. We can't not get married if everyone already know about it. It would humiliating for all of us and it'll give our family a bad name."

"Wow, I'd never thought your parents can be like that."

"Yeah, but it's only a rumor. So they can't really do anything about it. That means that I can deny this whole thing!"

"But what if both of your families and him tells the press the opposite things?"

"He probably won't agree to any of this. I mean if I don't remember him, then what makes you think he'll remember me? Plus with that reputation of his, he will definitely disagree to the marriage."

"Ok, then what about your parents?"

"I could always try blackmail."

"Really? You really think that will work?"

"Nope, but I can still try."

"Gui... Maybe this is one situation that you can't get out of."

"Xiao Jie! You gotta have faith in me! I'm pretty sure I can get out of this wedding! Do you really think it's right for a eighteen year to get married?"

"Well, we've seen it on t.v."

"Yeah, but this is reality."

"I don't know, maybe you'll end up liking him once you guys meet."

"That's not likely. I can't believe you are trying to get me to go with this marriage. Aren't you the one that told me that love can't be pushed on someone?"

"Yes, but..."

"But what?"

"I'm just afraid that something might go wrong."

"What can probably go wrong? My plan is perfect!"

"Ok, if you're sure." Oh, I'm 100% sure.

Wang Zi's POV

"WEDDING? MARRIAGE? ENGAGEMENT?" I was shocked. This time the press has gone too far.

"Sheng Yi-" My parents walked into the living room.

"Can you believe this? Me getting MARRIED?" My parents looked uneasy at me. It was like they were hiding something.

"Honey, you are getting married." My mother said seriously.

"WHAT?"So the press wasn't lying? And the rumor is true?

"Now, I know it's looks bad to you, but it's Ying Jie we are talking about here. Didn't you used to say you had a crush on her?" My father was trying to make me look on the brighter side, but really there is no brighter side in this case.

"Yeah, and how long has it been since we last met? That was like twelve years ago! I don't even remember a thing about her!"

"Sheng Yi, please for our sake We just want to be a real family." I know how close my parents are to the Wu family. But giving away my freedom for them is too much to ask.

"NO. And plus she won't even agree to this herself."

"But like you, she doesn't have a choice." They finished and left the room. So that was it, I'm really going to get married. I was frustrated and angered. No, I'm not going to let this happen. Not to me. I went to find Xiao Jie to find a way out of this mess.

When Xiao Jie saw me at the cafe we planned to meet, I swear he was going to run for his life. Obviously, he knows me well enough to not ask any questions immediately and motioned for me to sit down. Once I settled down and ordered my drink, he starts bombarding me with his questions.

"So what's wrong with you today? Some girl rejected you? Or something bigger?"

"Something bigger."

"Really? I kind of expected to be something about a girl. "

"It is about a girl."

"But you just said it was about something bigger!"

"Actually-" I stopped talking as the waitress place the down my drink. She winked at me and handed me a piece of paper before leaving. I rolled my eyes. Seeing my reaction, Xiao Jie gave me a weird stare. Yes, I know. Usually I'm not like this, but today I'm not in the mood for flirting with other girls, NO MATTER how HOT they are. Pushing that aside, Xiao Jie went back to the more important thing.

"Actually what?"

"Actually it's about a girl. But not about a girl rejecting me. In fact not one girl will even go out with me after they hear about the news!"

"News? What news?"

"I'm engaged and getting married." After that there a short period of silence coming from him. He just gave me this "Are You SERIOUS?" look before cracking up in laughter.


"Stop laughing. It's NOT funny." He tried to muffle his laughter, and was failing really badly. I waited until he regains his posture.

"Seriously, you're getting married? I wouldn't believe it in a million years!"

"It's true."

"Really? So who's the unlucky girl?"

"Wu Ying Jie." He was still trying to cover up his laughter and ended up coughing.

"Wu Ying Jie? Did you used to say that you were in love with her and wanted to marry her? And now you got what you wished for. This is SO funny!"

"Why does everyone keep bring that up? First, my dad and now you. It's been twelve years and we haven't seen each other since we were eight and five! I DO NOT LIKE HER ANYMORE!"

"Jeez, if you don't like her then you don't like her. No need to yell."

"Look, I want a way out of this marriage and I need your help."

"My help? But what if Ying Jie agrees to the marriage? You can't force her to disagree."

"Please, it's been like twelve years. If I can't remember her, then I doubt she remembers me. To her it'll be like marrying a stranger."

"Ok, then is your parents giving you a choice?"


"That just makes this harder." He sat in silence again. This time he has that thinking look on his face. I thought to myself too. After a while, he lets out a sigh. I looked up at him.

"Got a solution yet?"

"Yes, but I don't think you will like it."

"Well, at least tell me about it."

"I was thinking maybe if you can move out."

"MOVE OUT?" Did he really just suggest that?

"I told you you won't like it."

"You know how much I want to inherit the company."

"Yes, I do. But I can't think of anything else." I groaned at his statement.

"Unless..." I gave him a look.

"Unless..?" I imitated him.

"Is the marriage still a rumor?"

"At this moment, yes."

"Well if it's a rumor, then you can deny the whole thing!"

"But what if my family has already made it official?"

"Please, it's only been an hour since you found out. I doubt they can act that fast."

"Actually they can."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I pointed to the t.v. behind him. On the sceen was my parents and the Wu family, minus Wu Ying Jie. They are making the marriage official with a party next Friday. Xiao jie turned back to me with his mouth opened.

"Wow, they are fast."

"Hey...are you ok?" He asked after seeing that I wasn't making a comment. NO, I AM NOT OK. HOW COULD THEY?

As calmly as I could I decided to leave. "I got to go. See you later."

I paid for my drink and left the cafe. Xiao Jie came running after me. "No way am I gonna let you go by yourself. Who knows what will happen."

At first I was deciding against it, but then he was right. I might get into a fight with guards at the T.V. station if Xiao Jie doesn't come.

"Ok fine. Let's go." He nodded. I got into my car as he took his.


Well, my plan backfired faster than I thought. I stared at Xiao Jie's flat screen in shock, while Xiao Jie stares at me, worried. A party to officialize the marriage? WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY THINKING? The shock was replaced with rage.

"Gui Gui?" As much I wanted to burst out in anger, I didn't want to scared Xiao Jie. So I took in a deep breath and calmed myself beofre speaking.


"How are you feeling?"

"Right now, I have to say I'm pretty angry."

"Wow, you're doing a great job in holding it in."

"Really? Cause right now I really want to scream."

"If it's that bad then go head." I waited until Xiao Jie covered her ears.

"HOW COULD MY PARENTS DO THIS TO ME?" Xiao Jie uncovers her ears.

"Ok, and as I predicted something goes wrong. Didn't expected this fast though."

"My parents are unbelieveable! Why would they do this to me?"

"Hey, Sheng Yi's parents were there too."


"They wouldn't need to do a public announcement like that if at least one of you agreed. So I'm guessing he didn't agree."

"So that means we both don't want this marriage! At least we are on the same page."

"Do you think that he would've seen this already?"

"Maybe, but right now we need to get to that t.v. station."

"Hm, why?"

"Cause I need a talk with my parents."

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