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Jaden's POV

"Now this is vacation weather," Chazz said, jumping off the last step of the airplane. I rolled my eyes and put my sunglasses on.

"You didn't have to come last winter so you don't need to keep complaining," I pointed out. For once he just shrugged off my remark, putting on his own sunglasses.

"Let's hurry up and go find your parents so we can get this Spring Break going," Alexis said, taking my hand and interlocking our fingers.

I smiled at her. "Good idea."

"Who's picking us up this time?" Syrus asked as he headed into the airport. We headed to the luggage carol to grab our bags.

"Dad and Uncle Mike, same as last year," I answered, reaching for my bag and missing. I frowned and waited for it to come around again. "They should be here by now."

"I see them, Mate," Jim said, looking over the mob of people. I guess that's one benefit to being crazy tall.

"Sweet. When I get my bag we'll go meet them." I reached for my bag again and missed. "Aww, come on!"

"Here." Jesse reached out and snagged my bag with ease. He handed it to me, trying (unsuccessfully) to hide his small smirk.

"Show off."

His smirk widened.

"You know what, Jaden?" Axel asked as we began worming our way toward my dad and uncle.


"I'm secretly hoping Claire will show up."

That stopped me in my tracks. Everyone else followed my lead.

"You secretly hope what now?" Jesse asked, just as surprised as I was.

Axel shrugged. "She was entertaining to have around and, no offence Jesse, but I don't feel like watching you spend the entire vacation with your nose in your phone all the time."

I looked at Jesse, whose cheeks were slightly red. "Huh," I said, looking back at Axel. "That makes sense."

Axel just sighed and started walking again; we all followed after him.

"I think we have plenty of people to keep us entertained for the next three weeks," Blair said. Axel simply shrugged, standing by what he said. I glanced around the group, mentally counting how many people there were, not including the ones that would join eventually.

There's me, Lex, Syrus, Hassleberry, Bastion, Jesse, Chazz, Blair, Jim, and Axel. Aster and Atticus returned to the pro league and had a lot of duels during our three week Spring Break. Like last year, Jesse and Alexis are staying at my house. The others are going to stay at a hotel again.

"This hotel just has to love us," Syrus said. I chuckled and nodded.

"There you are," Dad called as he spotted us before we could spot him. We hurried over to him and Uncle Mike, who were noticeably alone.

"Where's the welcoming committee?" Jim asked.

"Work, band practice, and Mark's hiding in the corner of his room." Dad ticked everything off on his fingers.

"Why is he hiding in a corner?" Bastion asked.

Dad shrugged. "Dunno. When I called to see if wanted to come his mom said he was hiding in his room."

I looked at him. "Let me guess, you added the corner thing?"

His returning smirk was the only answer I needed.

"Can we go now?" Chazz asked.

Dad held up one finger, scanning the crowd. "Uno momento, por favor."

I looked around, double checking that everyone was there; we were. "Dad," I said. "We're all here. Who are you looking for?" My answer came from the hands that covered Jesse's eyes and pulled him back.

"Guess who?"

"Claire!" Jesse gasped, tugging her hands from his eyes and whirling around. Sure enough Claire was standing there with a bag at her feet.

"You're such a good guesser," she teased. He smiled brightly and caught her around the waist, lifting her up and spinning her around.

"Again?" Chazz complained but was ignored. We all just watched as Jesse set Claire on her feet and pressed his lips to hers. Normally I would start teasing them, like I do Morgan and Mark, but Jesse hasn't seen Claire in over four months, so I think I'll cut him some slack…just this once.

"I think I just figured out who your dad was looking for," Alexis said. I looked back at my dad, seeing that he was talking with Uncle Mike, not scanning the crowds.

"What are you doing here, Claire?" I asked, looking back at her.

She stuck her tongue out at me. "What do you think I'm doing here?" She leaned toward me, her hands being pulled behind her because Jesse was holding them; the look on her face questioned intelligence. "I'm here to spend Spring Break with you. Didn't Dad tell you?"

I frowned. "No. Dad has what I like to call 'communication issues'." I used air quotes and was promptly smacked on the back of my head by Dad.

"How's that for communication?" he asked.

I rubbed the back of my head. "Painful."

"Geez," Chazz sighed.

"I thought your Spring Break was only a week long," Jesse said.

She looked back at him and nodded. "Yeah, it is, but I'm taking an extra two weeks."

"Can you do that?" Syrus asked.

Claire shrugged. "I'm a two weeks ahead in each class so I'm golden."

"How did you get two weeks ahead?" Bastion exclaimed.

She shrugged. "Simply my teachers are all idiots so I just work ahead."

"Well who cares?" I asked. "Let's just get going."

"Good idea," Jesse said, spinning Claire around so she was standing and next to him and he could hold her hand. She picked up her bag with her free one and we began heading for the parking lot.

"Looks like you get your wish, Axel," Hassleberry said. Axel just nodded and tossed his bag into the back of the van.

"What wish?" Claire asked, Jesse took his her bag and put it in the trunk of my dad's car.

"His 'secret' wish that you'd show up," Alexis answered, using air quotes again. I smiled and grabbed her bag, putting it in the trunk of Dad's car with mine.

"Really?" Claire looked at Axel, who was playing Tetris with everyone's luggage and the back of the van. She looked at Alexis, her eyebrow raised. "Why?"

"So Jesse didn't have his nose in his phone the entire time," I answered, slamming the trunk shut.

"The entire time?" she asked.

"Just like at Duel Academy," I answered.

"Shut up, Jaden," Jesse said. I just smirked at him as Claire frowned. She walked over to him, as he was standing next to me, and cupped his chin in her hand, turning his face toward her. She stared at him for a moment before sighing and pulling his face toward hers, pressing their lips together. "What was that for?" he asked a moment later.

She just shrugged and took his hand. "Are we ready to go?" She looked at everyone else. Jesse gave me a confused look, to which I responded with a shrug. Claire's mind is a mystery that I don't want to solve.

"We're all set over here," Dad said, closing the back of the van. "Your uncle and I have to go to the hotel with your friends to help them check in so you take my care home, Jaden." Dad tossed his keys to me.

I caught them. "'Kay but how are you getting home?" Dad was going to leave the van with my friends, Jim the keys.

"I have to work, so does Mike, so Jake is there waiting for us." He was tossing the keys to the van in his hands. "Have fun with Mom by the way." He ran to the driver's seat.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I yelled but he had already started the car and was driving away.

"Geez, he could be a NASCAR driver the way he peeled outta here," Jesse said.

"Yeah but why'd he leave so quickly?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Claire asked.

"What do you mean?" I looked at her. She gave me another look that questioned my intelligence. "You know I'm getting real tired of that look."

She just ignored me. "Mom probably doesn't know I'm here." She raised an eyebrow at me. "And you know how much Mom loves surprises."

I'm going to kill my father.

"That jerk!" I whirled around, as if he would be standing behind me. "How dare he leave me with this death mission?"

Claire smacked the back of my head. "Shut up, Jadenman." She shoved me toward the driver's seat. "Let's go home and get this over with."

I sighed. "Fine, but I'm blaming Dad." I looked at her over my shoulder.

She smiled at me. "Why, Jadenman, who else is there to blame?"


"Christopher Yuki, you are in so much trouble. If you don't call me back as soon as you get this message then Joey is going to have himself a new housemate!" Mom slammed the phone down on the receiver.

"Would your mom really make your dad sleep in the dog house just because he didn't tell her Claire was coming?" Alexis asked, bouncing Tommy on her knee.

I shook my head. "No, but he is in trouble." I reached up and grabbed Zoey's hand. "Zoe, don't pull my hair."

She just giggled and stuffed a milky cookie in her mouth.

"You're such a messy eater," I sighed and grabbed a napkin from the table, whipping her mouth and hands off.

"She learned from you," Claire said. I glared at her but she wasn't looking at me. She was playing with Joey, sitting on the ground between Jesse's legs. Jesse had Mia on his lap.

"Jaden, are the rest of your friends coming over today?" Mom asked, taking a cookie off of the plate in front of us and dunking it in her coffee.

"No, they want to chill at the hotel today. They'll be over sometime tomorrow." I set Zoey down on the ground. "Zoe, you've covered me in gooey cookie and milk residue."

She simply giggled again and crawled back into my lap, coving me further in the cookie mess.

"Zoey, get off of your brother and go clean up." Mom gave her a disapproving look. "I've told you a million times that you know better than to make that kind of mess." She came over and picked Zoey off of my lap and set her on the ground. "Now go clean up. Phil and Sophie will be here soon to pick you, Mia, and Tommy up."

"Okay, Mommy," Zoey said, running up the stairs. Mom sighed and followed her.

Mia crawled out of Jesse's lap and got on the ground, running over to Alexis and Tommy. "Let's go, Tommy. We need a bath too."

Tommy smiled. "Bath!"

Alexis set him on the ground. "There you go." She smoothed his hair down. Mia took his hand and the two of them hurried upstairs.

"Well there goes this evening's entertainment," Claire said once we were alone. Joey dropped his slobbered up ball into her lap. She tossed it across the room.

"So, what are we going to do today?" Jesse looked at me while he placed his hands on Claire's shoulders.

I shrugged and wound my arm around Alexis' waist, pulling her tight against my side. "I dunno. What do we want to do?"

Before anyone could answer, the sliding glass door opened up and someone stepped inside. "Lauren, I'm through for the day. Is there anything else you need done?" Ethan yelled, shipping his hands off with a soiled rag. He walked further into the house, not noticing us on the couch. "Lauren?"

"Mom's giving the kids a bath," I said. Ethan jumped, startled at the sound of my voice.

"Geez, Jaden!" He slammed his hand against his chest. "Give me a heart attack why don't you!"

I smiled at him, unrepentant.

"Ethan, you can go home." Mom appeared at the top of the stairs; she smiled at him. "I'll see you tomorrow." She disappeared back into the bathroom after the kids called to her.

"Well then," he said when he heard the door slam shut. "I guess I'm out of here." He pulled his ball cap down tighter on his head and looked at me. "What are you guys doing today?"

I shrugged. "We have no idea."

"Mind if I suggest something?"

I waved my hand at him. "Suggest away." I waited a beat. "As long as you're not trying to shirk work on us."

He chuckled and shook his head. "Not exactly. Tomorrow is the day Chris has me take the horses out and give them a little exercise." He looked at Claire, Jesse, and Alexis. "If the three of you could take a horse out and Jaden" – he looked at me – "takes his horse out that would be fantastic." He shrugged his jacket on. "But you don't have to."

"It's better than sitting here doing nothing," Claire said, tossing Joey's ball in the basket where all of his stuff is kept. Seeing playtime was over, Joey collapsed to the floor and immediately fell asleep. Claire looked at me. "He learned from you."

I threw a wadded up napkin at her face. "Yeah, we'll go do that." I caught the napkin she threw back at me and looked at Jesse and Alexis. "As long as the two of you are cool with that."

"Sure," Jesse said.

Alexis smiled at me. "Sounds like fun."

"All right then." I looked at Ethan. "We'll do that and I'll leave you a note letting you know which horses we took out."

He smiled. "Thanks, guys. I owe you one." He gave us a backward wave and disappeared out the door.

"Okay, let me go change real quick and I'll meet you guys in the barn." I pressed my lips to Alexis' briefly before flying up the stairs.


"Sorry," I apologized, quickly running into the barn. "I couldn't find anything to wear."

"Now you sound like a girl," Jesse teased. I stuck my tongue out at him, grabbing one of the many cowboy hats my dad kept out in the barn. I glanced at him as I pulled it on.

"Wait, when did you change?" I asked. He was wearing jeans and white shirt like me with a long sleeved flannel shirt, a blue, plaid one. I was wearing a red one. He also had a hat on, just like me.

"You flew up the stairs too fast to realize that we were also going to change." Claire poked the tip of her hat up with her index finger. She was dressed the same as Jesse and me, except her flannel shirt was orange and knotted in the front.

"Oh…" I scratching the top of my head, resituating the hat. "Okay then. Are we all set to go?"

"Almost." Alexis appeared from behind Claire. She was dressed the same as the Joker, only her flannel shirt was yellow. "Which horses are we taking?"

I grabbed a hat and walked over to her. "Take which ever ones you want." I pulled the hat on her head and pressed my lips to hers for a moment before walking around her to the back room where Midnight was.

"We'll meet you outside?" Jesse called. I waved the back of my hand at them.

"Sure." I opened the door and walked in. Midnight was standing there, looking at the door as if she knew I'd be coming in. "Hey, Girl."

She did that horse thing where they buzz their lips.

"Yeah, long time no see."

She did it again, jerking her head ward the saddle.

I smiled. "You always were a smart horse." I walked over to the saddle and picked it up. Midnight made a noise that sounded like she was pleased with something. As I walked into her carol-pen thing and placed the saddle on her, I realized that Jesse, Alexis, and Claire probably didn't know how to put saddles on horses.

"Shoot!" I quickly latched the saddle into place, making sure it was secure. "Let's hurry, Midnight. I think my friends don't know how to put saddles on horses."

She knocked her head against mine, making an annoyed sound.

"Geez, yeah, okay. I know I'm an idiot." I brushed my hand down her neck and grabbed the reins, heading out of the barn. When I got outside I expected to find my friends standing next to their horses with saddles at their feet. I was just a little off. "What the…?"

Claire and Alexis were on their saddled horses while Jesse was finishing latching his.

"Where did you learn to do that?" I asked Jesse, walking over to him.

He smiled at me. "This accent ain't just for show. I was born and raised on a ranch, Jay." Jesse adjusted the saddle slightly. "I grew up around horses." He hoisted himself up onto the horse.

"Huh." I got on Midnight. "You learn something new every day."

He chuckled and shook his head slightly.

"Hey, are you boys ready?" Claire called.

"Yeah." Jesse turned around and urged his horse toward her and Alexis. The three of them began trotting away. Midnight and I stayed where we were, just watching for a moment. As I watched them, I had a feeling that this was going to be one Spring Break none of us will soon forget.

"Hey, Slowpoke!" Alexis came back. "Are you coming?"

I smiled and dug my heels into Midnight's sides. "Let's go, Girl." My hand tightened around the reigns as Midnight took off.

"Showoff!" Alexis yelled. I laughed and stopped, waiting for her to catch up. She stopped next to me, scowling playfully. I laughed again and pressed my lips to hers.

"You're so cute when you pretend to be angry at me," I muttered against her lips.

"Who's pretending?" she whispered, pressing her lips back against mine.

"Yo, Casanova! Let's go!" Claire yelled suddenly. I sighed and Alexis giggled.

"I'll race you," Alexis said with a wink. I smiled.

"Let's go." I dug my heels back into Midnight's side and took off again. Yeah, this is going to be one Spring Break none of us will soon forget.


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