38: Buzz Killer! Scary Negotiators! Sexy Time!

"In other news," the talk show host said, turning away from her co-host, "we have received news about the Strife-Lockhart anniversary and his pricey gift to the sexy star." The talk show host was wearing a Pepto-Bismol pink peplum dress and had heavily hair-spayed hair. Genesis all but threw his mug of coffee at his beloved TV screen. It was like watching a nightmare. Anniversary. Godamnit. He never really thought that Tifa would last with the spiky head. The plastic doll woman's face disappeared and another scarily pretty face replaced it. She was standing right outside a modest little country house, holding a microphone and looking so goddamned happy.

"We've received news that this pleasant little home is going to be a vacation house for the power couple, Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife. The house has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a 2-hectare field at the back." The girl yapped. She was obviously jealous.

Genesis reclined on the leather couch and looked at the ceiling. That kid was just a delivery boy when he left for his tour and now he was buying his ex-girlfriend a fucking country home. Heh, well, Tifa was the reason he could actually afford to buy her a house, so maybe it was just right. He clenched his teeth. I could have bought her a bigger, better looking place though.

"The owners of the house remain mum about this subject, however. They did not want to discuss how much the house is."

Probably just a few pennies, right? Genesis thought bitterly. He grabbed the remote and changed the channel. His manager walked in, and Genesis turned the television off.

Rufus was sitting behind his desk, with his eyes closed and arms folded. He was wearing a contemplative mask. Tifa and Cloud stared at their manager nervously as they waited for his answer. Tifa shifted her weight from her right foot to the left. Her hands were hidden in the hoodie. The blonde man's office seemed dreary despite the excellent décor.

"So you two want to go to Costa del Sol for how long again?" Rufus finally spoke.

The couple exchanged looks and said, in unison, "Two days. We're planning to take the whole staff with us."

"But why the sudden idea, kids?" Their manager raised a brow.

"Well it was our anniversary yesterday. We just thought we'd do something nice for our people." Tifa said, "You guys have all been working so hard so I thought…"

Rufus raised a hand and murmured. "Just two days?"

"Well yes," Cloud said, "I've got to attend TV guestings and interviews before the official premier." He was wearing a plain shirt and a black hoodie jacket. It amused Tifa that he was trembling –it was as if he was a child asking for his father's permission. Well, both of them looked like kids asking for permission from their parent, anyway.

"I see. Okay. Have you already reserved the flights and hotel?" Rufus quipped. This guy needs this outing more than anyone, Tifa thought as she smiled and shook her head.

"I was sort of hoping that you would do that. You've got this charm that gets us discounts," she laughed. Rufus chuckled and dismissed his talents. Of course he could get discounts. Rufus wouldn't be extremely influential if he couldn't get fifty percent off anything.

The couple leaned on their manager's door and let out sighs of relief. Tifa looked at Cloud and grinned at him. He chuckled and snaked his arm around her waist as they walked towards the elevator. There was nobody in the elevator. The couple stood side by side with blank faces as the metal doors slid shut. Cloud coughed and turned his head to face her. "Hey, future wife…"

"Yes, future husband?" she asked, allowing another grin to grace her face.

He leaned towards her and pressed her against the elevator's wall. Tifa looked up at him, her face already turning pink. Cloud looked down at her and whispered, "I don't believe we've ever done anything aside inside an elevator aside from waiting for the doors to open again…" His breath fanned her neck.

She had to take a deep breath. Did he seriously want to—? Here?!


"Damn it," Cloud hissed as he took a step away from her. Tifa stared at the red haired person standing in front of them. How the heck could this devil be here?

Genesis stared at the couple. It was obvious that they were doing something before the doors slid open. This kid seriously needs to learn how to stop the elevator if he wants to fuck her in here. He smirked. "Oh… hello."

The blonde pretty boy took a step closer to Tifa, obviously being territorial. Genesis wanted to roll his eyes. He wasn't the kind of guy to go crazy when he sees his ex. He went ahead and took a spot in the small elevator. The atmosphere was extremely thick as the doors slowly slid close.

Nobody talked, nobody seemed to breathe.

Why the heck was Tifa was wearing a hoodie—a freaking hippie-type hoodie? Genesis thought. The Tifa he knew hated those…hoodies… and she preferred leather, skintight stuff…what the hell. She almost looked matronly. Genesis buried his hands in his leather jean's pockets.

"That was a nice looking house you got there, Cloud," Genesis said, without looking at the couple. "I just saw it on TV. Looks like a house from a storybook." There was, of course, malice lacing his tone.

"Err…yeah, thanks."


The couple walked out as calmly as they could. Genesis almost laughed as he followed them out. The people at the lobby were all staring, with mouths slightly agape.

Neither of them were in the mood anymore, damned Genesis. He should just change his name to Buzz Killer. It was going to be a silent ride home. Tifa watched him drive, wondering about what was going through Cloud's mind right now. His mouth was clamped shut, almost permanently.


There was no answer for a little while. What's going through your mind, Cloud?

He only spoke when the traffic light turned red. "What is it, Tifa?"

"Are you still bothered about…it?" Tifa asked, looking into his eyes…getting lost in them.

Cloud's knuckles turned white on the stirring wheel. "Of course I'm bothered. Who wouldn't be? Your ex almost saw us almost doing it in the damned elevator and he already knows about the house! What the hell, Teef, is your ex some kind of Buzz Killer or something? He always finds the most convenient times to show up!"

"I know," Tifa muttered, then started to laugh. "You know I was thinking the same thing. Genesis should just change his name to Buzz Killer!"

A glimmer of a smile appeared on Cloud's face and he agreed with her. "It would be a more awesome name for a rock star, wouldn't it?" he laughed.

"Totally!" she hollered.

He placed a hand on top of hers and smiled. "This is why we're meant to be together, Teef." Then they continued hollering with laughter. The cars behind theirs started to protest angrily with their sirens and horns.

"Hey asshole with the sports car! It's green!"

Cloud rolled down his window and shouted back, "Buzz killer! Why don't you fly?" before he stepped on the gas to escape the angry motorists' wrath. While the couple was busy laughing, Tifa's phone rang. It was her ever trustworthy manager.

"Yes, Rufus?" Tifa said, trying to control her laughter.

"I've been able to reserve a whole island in Costa, but it's still going to cost the both of you," Rufus said grimly.

"How much?" she asked.

"Your time and energy, of course." Rufus chuckled. "The resort wouldn't let us pay, your appearances are enough payment for them, actually. All you have to do is to endorse the resort while we're there. We'll all be given the luxury suites, too."

"You're so awesome Rufus, I love you!" Tifa laughed again. Cloud gave her a skeptical look. She rolled her eyes at him.

"Also, don't worry about the flights. I've got that covered. Airline's giving us thirty percent off if we rent the entire first class."

"Alright, thank you Rufus. You're the best!" Tifa looked at Cloud and explained. "We get to stay in Costa del Sol for free! And the airline company's giving us a thirty percent discount. Isn't this so great?"

He cracked another smile and nodded. "Rufus must have been scary during the negotiations, huh?"

Tifa shrugged. "I wouldn't doubt that. He's always scary to negotiate with."

"All that for like, thirty-five minutes… Wow." Cloud shrugged and laughed.

As Tifa laughed along, she thought about the trauma the person Rufus had negotiated with must have now. Rufus was a really scary person.

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