That was the last time Misaki called out my name before he got hit by a car. I did not hear his voice since then.


"Misaki let us have our dinner outside tonight," said I with furious as my father visit me.

"O...oi, Usagi-san didn't you said you want to eat..." before Misaki finish his sentenced he was pulled out the kitchen by me.

"I hate myself for letting Misaki heard the words that he didn't want to hear most. Whenever my father spoke about my relationship with Misaki, Misaki always got hurt by his word."

We just quarrel as we walk along the road. I did not pay any attention to my surrounding except for Misaki.

"Hold... Hold it Usagi-san. Watch out for the traffic."

"USAGI-SAN!" shout Misaki as he pulls my hand with all his strength. I was thrown to the side walk but unfortunately Misaki got hit by the car instead of me.

"MISAKI!" as I watch Misaki got hit by the car.

"Misaki-kun! Akihiko are you alright? Quick go check if Misaki-kun still breathing while I call the ambulance." said my father while calling for ambulance.

Misaki just lay on the road. He did not move. I ran towards him and grab his hand.

"Baka Misaki. Why didn't you evade at the same time you pull me!" as tears flow down my cheeks.

"OI MISAKI! ANSWER ME OR I ANNOUNCE TO THE WHOLE WORLD THAT YOU ARE DATING ME! OI, MISAKI, YOU MUST NOT SLEEP. The ambulance is coming," my voicce is shivering as Misaki didn't response to me.

Misaki was quickly rushed to the emergency room. My mind just stops functioning. I can only sit at the corner, wishing Misaki will survive. My father called Takahiro and told him about what happened to Misaki.

When Takahiro came and asked me what happened, I couldn't open my mouth nor looked at him.

The doctors came out and told Takahiro that Misaki was lucky.

"I'm sorry Akihiko but Misaki will follow me back to Osaka when he is discharge. I don't want to lose him for another time," said Takahiro with a sad face.

One day, I got a called from Takahiro saying that Misaki condition got better but he did not want to wake up. I took my red sport car key and drove it.

"Takahiro, would you let me take care of Misaki once more. I promise you, when he wake up, I will inform you immediately but please let me take of him," I plead.

Everyday I visit the hospital and tell Misaki to wake up as the house is so empty and quiet without his presence. This has become my routine for 2 years.

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