Spinner and Jay. Jay and Spinner.

Emma looked at her husband and his friend. Did they have to be so fucking obvious about it? Seriously? Admittedly, a drunk whim had gotten them married, but they'd had the chance to fix it and they'd decided to stick together.

Together forever, Spinner?

Together forever, Emma

Gavin and Jason. Jason and Gavin.

Manny glared at Jay. God, did he have to be so in love with Spinner? They were married. He loved her…right? Of course he did. Just, he ignored her when Spin was around. That was all. That was all. She glanced over at Emma, whose expression mirrored hers.

Manuela Santos, will you do me the honor?

Yes, yes Jason Hogart, I will

Mason and Hogart. Hogart and Mason.

Jay had missed this. Had missed Spinner. He was just so…cute. Jay shook his head in disbelief, had he seriously just used the word "cute" to describe Spinner? He must be losing his mind. He takes another swig of beer, trying to fight off his thoughts. He was married to Manny, Spinner was married to Emma. It was so wrong…but so right.

Jay, if you can't tell anyone about us, I don't think this is going to work

But, Spinner, I…love you

Spinner Mason and Jay Hogart. Jay Hogart and Spinner Mason.

Spinner swore at himself, interiorly. How come Jay got to be so irresistible, all the time? It pushed his limits of sanity. And why, Lord why, had he stayed with Emma? Now, they were both taken. He longed to go back, back to when he was single and Jay would kiss him, and Spinner would pretend it was real. But, God, it was so fake. Jay was so fake. He hid everything. Always told Spinner he loved him, when he didn't. Always seemed so macho, when he cried with Spinner's arm around him that night in jail. Stupid, confusing, contradictory, perfect Jay.

Spinner, I can't go on without you in my life

Right, just string me along and dump me when you're bored. Whatever Jay

Spin and J. J and Spin.

There's a spider on Spinner's shoulder. And Jay knows from experience that Spinner can't stand spiders. He leans forward and moves his hand to brush it off.

"What're you doing?" Spinner asks.

"Nothing," Jay replies calmly. Spinner turns his head to look at his shoulder and sees the spider. Jay is now out of his seat and quickly brushes it off, but not before Spinner kicks out with his feet and trips Jay. Jay puts out his hands and catches himself on Spinner's thighs. Spinner grabs Jay's waist, to keep him on balance. Spinner looks up at Jay's face. Jay moves backward and down, just close enough to Spinner to graze his lips.

"Creep," Spinner mutters.

"Yeah, well, who was the one screaming at spiders like a little girl?" Jay shoots back.

"What's up, Clare?" Spinner asks Clare.

"I think I figured out why K.C. and I always fight," she tells him.

"Why's that?" he questions.

"Because, we're afraid that if we stop, we'll realize just how much we like each other," she answers.

"I don't want to fight," Spinner tells Jay.

"Why not?" Jay questions.

"Because, I love you Jay. Always have," Spinner says.

"God, why couldn't you have figured that out before I married Manny and you married Emma?" Jay demands.

"What?" Spinner asks.

"If you'd've just told me…" Jay trails off, thinking of the possibilities.

"What?" Spinner inquires.

"I'd have married you. I'd have made it official. I'd have done anything," Jay explains.

"If only…huh?" Spinner finishes.

"If only…" Jay repeats.

How was I supposed to know, Gavin?

You say you love me, you should know me, Jason