Riley had never pissed him this badly before.

Zane had never felt this bad before.

Anya had never seen him drunk before – not like this, anyway.

"Zane, put the bottle down, please," Anya pleads, grabbing the bottle he's holding tightly between his shaking fingers. He's actually starting to scare her. Still, he lets go of the bottle pretty easily – considering it's still half-full of the swirling amber liquid – and she takes it to the kitchen. "What did Riley do this time?" she asks him softly when she returns.

"He almost hit me," Zane replies. "I mean, I know he has anger management, but I didn't do anything, I swear. And, he's been so good, I don't even get it…" he trails off into tears.

"Okay, I'm gonna call him, okay? Ask him what's up?" she questions. He nods his head slowly, not really seeming to have heard her – but she really doesn't mind.

"Hello," Riley's voice answers, when he picks up the phone.

"Hey, Riley, it's Anya," she says.

"Oh, hi," he responds.

"I'm with Zane right now, he's really scared," she tells him.

"Is he okay?" Riley demands.

"He's upset and scared," she informs him.

"Oh," he replies dejectedly.

"Why'd you do it?" she asks him.

"I didn't…" he remarks uneasily.

"But, you came close," she disputes. "You can't just do that to him."

"I…just…snapped. I'm so sorry. I would never hurt him intentionally. I've lost him too many times to do that. I don't want to lose him again. Tell him I'm sorry. Please, Anya, please," he replies.

"Okay…" she says. Hanging up on Riley, she turns back to Zane. "He says he's sorry," she tells him.

"What should I do?" Zane slurs in response.

"I think you should make him apologize again, and then go back," she answers.

"Zane, I'm so sorry," Riley says for what must be the millionth time – in Zane's opinion, at least.

"Okay, do you have some Advil?" Zane asks.

"Yeah, sure, here," Riley answers, handing him some Advil and water. "Please don't ever do that again," Riley begs.

"Then, don't hit me, or even think of hitting me," Zane counters.

"Never," Riley swears.

"I love you, Ri," Zane replies.

"I love you too, Zane," Riley answers as he moves in to kiss his boyfriend.