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My name is Bella Cullen formally Swan and this is my story. I have been married for 8 months now to a wonderful, handsome Doctor named Edward Cullen. You're all probably thinking that we had been dating for quite some time before getting married? Well truth is we got married a few hours after we meet, call me crazy for marrying him when I didn't even know him but it was right we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together so why wait, we headed down to the airport, got on a plane to Las Vegas and a few hours later we were husband and wife.

No one actually knows that we are married none of his friends or my friends & neither of our parents. It's not like we're trying to keep it a secret or that were ashamed of it we just didn't know how to tell anyone, "Hey dad guess what! I got married to a guy I only knew for a few hours," yeah that wouldn't have gone over so well.

8 months ago

I walked into Starbucks and ordered a caramel mocha. Turning around I bumped into the most beautiful man that I have ever seen, "I'm so sorry I didn't see you there. "I said apologizing.

"It's okay I wasn't watching where I was going either." the Adonis replied making me blush.

I walked around him and let him order his drink. I took a seat at a nearby table waiting for my name to be called out, not even a minute later the Adonis sat down at my table and I looked up at him with a surprised look on my face.

"Is it alright if I sit with you?" the Adonis asked and I nodded to stunned to speak. Why would he want to sit here with me, when there are surely prettier girls in here to talk to, before he could even introduce himself to me my order was called out and before I could even get out of my seat he stopped me.

"Sit, I'll get it." I once again I just nodded still too surprised that he was even talking to me.

We spent the next half hour talking about anything and everything and I was surprised that I was having such a good time with someone I hardly knew. A few minutes later, as Edward and I were parting ways, I heard "Bella marry me?"

I spun around fast with what I'm sure was a really shocked look on my face "Edward, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying I want to marry you Bella."

"But we don't know even each other; we only just met for god sake!"

"I know that Bella, but I feel this connection to you and it's so strong and I feel like if I let you go today I will never see you again."

"Edward be reasonable here, yes we might feel this attraction to each other but how are we to know that it would even work?"

"We don't know if it will work but Bella I'm willing to take the risk. Marry me, today."

He looked so sincere and before I could even think about in detail I found myself saying yes.

"Vegas, lets go to Vegas and get married!"

"Edward, I can't get married like this. I'm in yoga pants and a sweater."

"You still look beautiful! It doesn't matter you wear."

"Yes it matter Edward I don't want to get married wearing this" I said pointing to my outfit.

"It's okay we can just get clothes there lets just go now"

Once again I found myself going along with it, I didn't give myself time to even think about it.


We arrived in Vegas 3 hours later, being lucky to get on the next flight out of Seattle, which was departing not long after we got to the airport. We were now headed to the Bellagio. I tried convincing Edward that we didn't need to stay at such an expensive hotel but he wouldn't budge, he just kept telling me that he could afford it and it was no problem.

Once we checked in we headed up to our room, I assumed that Edward hadn't gotten the cheapest one, before I could even say anything he turned to me.

"Bella don't worry, I've got this all handled okay?"

I just nodded figuring arguing with him wasn't really worth it. As we made our way to the elevators we passed a boutique, which had a stunning simple white dress in the window.

I pulled away from Edward making my way closer to the window, it was just the kind of dress that I'd want to wear for my wedding, I turned and saw Edward watching me.

"I'll meet you up at the room okay?" I said with a small smile, and he nodded handing me the other room key.

I walked in the store and was greeted by the sales girl, "Hi my name is Sara, can I help you look for anything in particular?"

"Yes actually I'm interested in the white dress in the window," she nodded and looked me up and down.

"I'd say you're a size 5." She said.

"Um, yeah I am." I said feeling shocked that she actually knew what size I was just from looking at me.

She pulled my size and lead me to the dressing room leaving me to try it on, it wasn't until I started undress that I realized that I didn't have the right garments to wear underneath. As I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn't help but get excited about getting married, I also realized that I had no shoes either to go with my dress.

I paid for my dress and asked where the best place to get shoes and lingerie were and Sara was nice enough to let me know where the best places to shop were in the hotel. I thanked her kindly and made my way to the next store to get shoes then to the lingerie shop, picking out a set to go with my dress and also a few other sets that I thought Edward might enjoy.

I entered our room and gasped. It was beautiful! It had a nice view of the strip. I noticed a few shopping bags on the table, Edward must have done some shopping as well, considering we both hadn't brought any clothes with us. Edward walked into view as I place my bags on the bed.

"Get what you need?" He asked and I nodded, he looked hot in his navy blue button down shirt paired with dark jeans.

I was glad that we both had decided on simple for this wedding

"You look good," I said making him smirk.

"I know. You were eye fucking me just then." He replied making me laugh.

"Give me half an hour to get ready?"

"That's fine, thank your time." He said as I grabbed my dress with the bra and panty set I bought just for it and went into the bathroom. Once inside I saw a curling iron which I was thankfully for as I could curl my hair a bit.

30 minutes later I was impressed with how I looked, my makeup was simple, a little blush, some blue eye shadow to match Edward's shirt, some mascara, eye liner, just a little lip gloss and I was done. I curled my hair leaving it down, pulling a bit of the front to the back pinning it back.

Once I was a hundred percent sure that I looked okay so I left the bathroom finding Edward on the couch watching Lie To Me, he turned around once he heard me enter the room.

"You look absolutely stunning Bella." With that I was blushing.

"Thanks." I said as he stood up extending his hand to me, which I gladly took, and we headed off to the chapel.

Once we arrived at the chapel I found myself starting to freak out, I hadn't really had time to think it over and now here we are waiting our turn, there were 3 other couples there drunk as drunk can be, I did wonder how they let people who are drunk get married, do they not think that they are going to regret it? I guess business is just business to them.

I tried calming myself down, didn't want Edward to know that I was freaking out but I'm sure my pacing wasn't helping, but I couldn't help it, I mean what was I thinking agreeing to get married to a stranger, for all I know he could be a criminal someone on the run from the law and I would be dragged into it.

Oh my god what is Charlie going to think when he's found out I married a stranger, what will everyone think when they find out. I don't know if I can do it, I don't think I can get married today, to Edward.

What was I thinking saying yes to him like that? Oh that's right, I wasn't thinking. I was too stunned that this Adonis was even talking to me that I honestly would have said yes to anything that he asked.

Edward must have seen the worried look on my face.

"Bella tell me what you're thinking?" He said as he cradled my face in his hands.

"Ok, you want to know what I'm thinking? Do you really?" I asked and he nodded. "Fine I think I don't know what the hell I'm doing being here in Las Vegas right now with you getting married. I don't know you Edward and you don't know me. How do I know if you're not a criminal and how do you know I'm not?" I paused taking a deep breath.

"I think we could be making a big mistake here, We don't know if this is going to even work Edward and I only want to get married once, I want to marry the person I know I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and have babies with. The person I'm going to grow old with. Edward I don't know if that's you."

"Bella deep breaths I know that you and I are meant to be together I can feel it, I've never felt this connection with anyone before and this is how I know we are meant to be together."

"Edward you can't honestly believe that just because we feel a spark like we do, that means we belong together? God I don't know how I even said yes to marry you. I don't know if I can do this Edward I'm sorry." I said as I pulled away from him.

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