Chapter Ten – Baby?

"How's Emmett doing?" I asked as Alice and I sat down on the couch in my office she had dropped by with starbucks for the both of us, not that Alice really needed anything to make her even hyper.

"He's okay I guess, he's not talking to anyone at all, he goes to work and then comes back and goes straight to the guest room I'm worried about him Bella I don't know what to do and he won't let us help him."

"Ali just give him time and hopefully he'll come around. I know Edward tries calling him a couple of times a day, but he doesn't answer I tried as well but nothing. I guess he needs time to figure out what he's going to do first. Has he spoken to Rose at all?"

"Nope and I know she's tried, she's been calling the house phone but we don't answer and just let it go to voice mail. He went over the other day to get some of his stuff and his jeep I drove him over there, she answered the door with her pathetic crying, being her damn drama queen self but Emmett just pushed passed her and 3 minutes later he was back out the door and in his jeep."

"Well of course she's going to make this all about her, she's gonna make herself the victim and us the mean people. What did Emmett ever see in her seriously?"

"I don't know," Alice said shrugging her shoulders, "I mean once upon a time when they first got together she was nice and normal I guess but then as the years passed she got bitchier and bitchier and we all chalked it up to her being her. I never knew that she had wanted Edward."

"Do you think she ever loved him? Or was it all just a way to try and get Edwards attention to make him jealous?"

"You know what Bella I honestly don't know. But enough about that bitch, how are you doing?"

"I'm good Ali." I said hoping she'd leave it at that.

"Bella? Common you can't leave it at that, you were puking your guts out at the club so therefore you are either sick or pregnant and I hope your having a baby. Oh it would be so cute, a mini little Edward or Bella and I could shop for them so that they at least have style, oh and mum can do the nursery."

"Ali Ali Ali slow down slow down, we don't know if I am or not. We both discussed it and if we are then we are, but if were not we are going to try."

Alice squealed so loudly that I was sure I was going to lose my hearing.

"I'm going to be an aunty oh this is so exciting!"

"Yes Alice you are but don't tell anyone yet and I mean anyone! Edward and I want to know for sure before we tell anyone."

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go and find out shall we." Alice said hoping to her feet ready to pull me up as well.

"Alice I have a doctor's appointment on Friday."

"But my brother's a doctor why couldn't he just do it himself?"

"1. Because I told him no and 2. Because were going to need to find me a doctor anyway so we made an appointment with Dr Ashleigh."

"Fine but your calling me right after the appointment okay?"

"Yes okay Alice I will."


It was now Friday and Edward and I were waiting in the exam room for our results. I had peed in a cup and a blood test was also done and so now we were waiting patiently on the doctor to return so that we could find out.

"Remember it doesn't matter if it comes back negative we can try and try until we are okay?" Edward said kissing my forehead.

I nodded leaning into him as the doctor made her way back into the room.

"Well results are back and well seems like you are indeed having a baby Bella, congratulations guys."

"Thanks Dr Ashleigh." I said sighing with relief I was so happy that we were having a baby.

"Baby were having our own little baby." Edward said and I saw a tear run down his face; I wiped it away and smiled at him.

"We are and I've never been happier."

"Now let's go tell people, you know what I might even shout it from the roof top."

"Edward hunny no getting crazy okay, we'll tell your family tonight at dinner as planned and then we can tell Charlie, Sue and Renee tomorrow I'll do a three way skype that way we can see if my dad will want to kill you or not." I said laughing.

We thanked the doctor and headed to the pharmacy to pick up my prenatal vitamins before heading home.

"You're happy right?" Edward asked once we were back at the apartment snuggled on the couch.

"Yes Edward I'm happy, really happy."

"Okay good."

"Do you think Emmett will be there tonight?"

"I hope so B, I called him again this morning to check and he answered and he said he would be there as he knew we had news, well might have news. He even sounded a little more like himself. She really did do a number on him."

"I miss my bear." I said, Emmett was such like a big teddy bear that I had started calling him bear.

"Okay we need to get ready and going if we are going to make it in time for dinner."

We were having dinner at Alice and Jaspers as it was in the middle place for everyone and meant that Carlisle and Esme didn't have to drive all that far.


"So are you?" Alice said as soon as she opened the door.

"Alice darling why don't we let them in and let them tell us when they are ready too okay." Jasper said making Alice pout she really hated being told what to do especially when she knew that Jasper was right but Alice was Alice and was always excited about the little things just as much as the big things.

Jasper lead us into the lounge room where Carlisle and Esme were, we hugged and said hello while jasper went to get us drinks, club soda for me and a red wine for Edward.

We hadn't been sitting there long before the front door opened again, we all held our breathes wondering if Emmett would join us or if he would go straight to the guest room.

"Hi guys." Emmett said as he came into view.

"Oh bear," I said as I got up giving him a hug, "I've missed you." I said sniffingly into his shirt.

"I'm so sorry about everything Bella, so so sorry."

"It's okay bear none of it was your fault so please don't blame yourself." I said and he nodded, I let go of him so he could say hi to everyone.

"So what's this news that you have Edward?" Carlisle asked.

Edward looked at me first and I nodded letting him know he could announce it.

"Well I know this may seem to soon but Bella and I are having a baby."

"Oh that's wonderful Edward!" Esme said with a huge smile on her face getting up to hug us.

"Congratulations Bella," she said as she pulled me into a hug, "You'll make an amazing mum that I'm sure of."

Alice was busy dancing around the living room singing "I'm going to be an aunty, I'm going to be an aunty" and clearly she was excited.

Everyone took their turns congratulating us and wishing us the best. I was glad that everyone was happy for us and that Emmett was smiling and laughing. It was good to see him happy again, he actually looked happier than I had ever seen him.

"How are you really doing Emmett?" Carlisle asked, we all looked at Emmett waiting on his response.

"I'm doing better, I made arrangements today to sign a lease for an apartment not far from Bella and Edward's actually. I filed for divorce, Rose got sent the papers but she sent them back today unsigned with a note begging me to talk to her and to give her a chance. But I can't I feel like my whole life with her has been a lie and I honestly can't even tell if she ever loved me.

A part of me likes to think that she wasn't always like that and that she did love me but it, is what it is and it's time for me to move on and get on with my life."

Esme stood up and walked over to her baby boy, you'd think that Edward was her baby being the youngest of the boys but Emmett was definitely that baby.

"I love you Emmett and I'm proud of you and if you need anything and I mean ANYTHING just come to me. I'll handle Rose you know I can."

"Okay mama bear." Carlisle said laughing as he pulled Esme back to sit down on the couch handing her a glass of wine. We all knew that Esme could take Rose if needed.


"Hi sweet girl."

I heard my mum say as she came on skype, Edward and I waved back along with Sue and Charlie who were also on.

"Well while I don't mind talking to you on here Bells, something must be up if you have your mother and I on at the same time." Charlie said.

"Yes dad, Edward and I have something to tell you all and I not sure how you will take it. Edward and I are going to have a baby."

"Oh Bella hunny I'm so happy for you!" Sue said smiling I'm sure there was also tears involved.

"I'm going to be a grandpa?" Charlie asked and Edward nodded.

"Yes you are Charlie."

"Congratulations Bells, Edward." Charlie said shocking Edward and I. I didn't expect him to be happy about that baby right away.

"You're happy for us?" I asked causing Charlie to chuckle.

"Yes Bells I am, you'd both make amazing parents I'm sure."

"Mum your being rather quite."

"I'm sorry Bella. I want to be happy but I don't want you rushing into anything. Do you really think that it's the time for a baby? You haven't even been married all that long and a baby can cause problems for a couple you know. Look at how…"

"Renee!" Charlie yelled, "Don't you dare try and say that Bella was the reason we ended our marriage. You and I both know that's not why and if you can't be happy for your daughter and husband about then that's your problem. But don't you dare make Bella feel bad for becoming a mum"

"Dad I'm sure that's not what she was trying to do."

"Bella I am happy for you. Call me soon okay?" Renee said and I nodded and she signed off.

"Well that went well?" Edward said making us laugh.

"Call us and visit us soon okay kiddo?"

"Of course dad I love you."

"Love you too kiddo. Edward look after her, and be careful she's pregnant now mood swings galore."

We all said good-bye and signed off.


"Honey I'm home!" I heard Edward say as he walked through the front door carrying a bouquet of mixed roses.

"What's with the flowers handsome?" I asked as he handed them to me giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"I thought maybe we'd have a date night, so why don't you go get your pretty self even prettier and ready to leave in 20."

I nodded and hurried upstairs to shower and find something to wear. I decided on my blue skinny jeans, black tank top with a nude colour cardigan I paired them with my favourite black Christian Louboutin pumps, a layered necklace and my vintage crystal flower studs that Edward had given me last week, he claimed they were a "Congratulations on being pregnant" gift. I nodded accepting his excuse for just wanting to buy me something.

Once I was ready I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs to find Edward dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue buttoned down shirt and his favourite chucks.

"So where are we headed?" I asked as we headed out the door and down to the parking garage.

"Well I thought we'd go check out Hop since I know you've been wanting to watch it and then afterwards we can go get something to eat?"

"Sounds like a plan hubby."

Once the movie was over we headed off to the Waterfront Seafood Grill, the food there was delicious and I was craving some deep fried calamari, macaroni and cheese along with their chocolate chip walnut cookie sundae.

By the time dinner was done I was completely stuff and feeling happy. "Did you have a good night?"

"Mhm I did E, the movie was funny and I really enjoyed it and the food was just as amazing as I remember it from the last time we were here. I'm surprised I ate all that food."

Not only had I eaten all of what I ordered but I had also eaten half of Edward's steak and veggies too.

"B it's alright your eating for two now remember it's normal and it's fucking sexy just watching you eat."

"Yeah okay Romeo." I said laughing as Edward brought my hand up to his mouth and kissed it.

"Let's get you home into bed, you look tired." Edward said and I nodded ever since I found out I was pregnant I seemed to get more and more tired.


I was sitting at the front counter of the bookstore when I heard the front door open, looking up I was surprised to see that it was Emmett.

"Bear what are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you but you've never actually been here before."

"Actually I was here the other day but you had gone out to lunch with Mum so I ended up talking to Kassie for awhile and we made plans to go out for lunch today." Emmett said somewhat shyly.

"You have a date with my employee?"

"Um yeah," Emmett said scratching his head, "B I know I should have asked you if I could take her out but that hour I spent with her the other day, it's the happiest day I've had in quite some time and I just want to see where it goes I guess."

"Oh Em you don't need my permission to date Kassie but if you hurt her I will sick Charlie on you. I'm happy for you bear. I'll go get her for you okay. Be back in a second."

I said before hoping off the chair and headed to the stock room where Kassie was currently unpacking the new stock we had got in this morning.

"Kas you have a visitor up front, said he's taking you out for lunch?" I asked raising my eyebrow. I felt like having a little bit of fun messing with her.

"Oh fuck. I was going to tell you this morning that I was going to lunch with Emmett and I completely forgot to and please don't be mad at me."

"Kassie, Kassie, Kassie I'm just messing with you. Go have lunch he's waiting for you and take as much time as you want. You make him happy and that's all I care about right now. But I did tell him that if he hurts you Charlie will kick his ass."

"Oh thank you Bella." Kassie said giving me a quick hug and ran out the door, I watched and waved as the left. A part of me was bursting to calling Edward about Emmett going on a date but I figured I'd wait and grill Kassie when she got back before telling anyone about it, give Emmett a little bit of privacy before his family was on him.

Three hours later I heard Kassie return smiling as she sat down in front of me.

"Good lunch?" I asked as I made my way over and sitting down next to her on the couch.

"It was, we just went to A's and it was so casual but we spent the whole time talking and getting to know each other and he's so sweet and loving and you can tell that he loves his family just by the way he talks about you guys. But he seems broken at the same time, seems that bitch really did do a number on him."

"I'm glad you guys had fun Kassie and I think your exactly what he needs right now. She really did do a number on him but I'm pretty sure you can fix him. And who knows maybe you'll even become my sister in law one day."

"Getting ahead of yourself aren't you?"

"Nope and I bet you Alice would say the same thing too."

"Oh god I don't think I'm ready to have the pixie knowing about this yet."

"She'll find out soon enough. Besides she'll be happy that Emmett is moving on and you know she loves you."

"Your right. Okay enough gossip, time to go and stack the shelves." Kassie said as she stood up.

"You know what, why don't we close up? It's already 4 o'clock and this way you could invite Emmett over for dinner?"

"Should I? I mean we've already spent three hours together shouldn't I give him some space?"

"Just call him and ask him you never know what he'll say unless you ask so get out of here and call him. I'll see you tomorrow at nine."


I left work and headed off to the hospital to surprise Edward, I knew he was getting off work in 10 minutes. I walked through the front entrance of the hospital and was greeted by the security guys, I said hello and went to find out where Edward was but before I could get far I bumped into him.

"Bella? What are you doing here? Are you okay?" Edward asked looking rather concerned.

"Yes I'm fine Edward. We closed up early and I knew you were getting off work soon so I thought I'd drop by and see if maybe we could go get an early dinner somewhere."

"Sounds fantastic babe, what do you feel like?"

"In N Out." I said making Edward laugh.

"If my baby wants In N Out then that's what my baby gets."

We both agreed that Edward would stop and get the burgers while I'd stop and get ice cream, I had a craving for some but I didn't know what flavour I wanted so it was safer for me to go instead of Edward who would probably buy every flavour available.

Once we were both home we made ourselves comfortable on the living room floor having a little picnic.

"So guess what happened today?" I said after I took a bite out of my cheeseburger.

"Um a giant Panda got loose and destroyed the shop?"

"No you goose. Emmett stopped by."

"Oh yeah, what did he want?"

"To take Kassie out for lunch." I said causing Edward to look at me mouth open shocked.

"I'm sorry what? Did you just say Emmett took Kassie out on a date?" Edward said once he recovered.

"I was rather surprised myself, turns out he came in the other day I wasn't there he and Kassie got talking and he wanted to take her out for lunch. I did tell him I'd sick Charlie on him if he hurts her."

"I'm glad he's moving on. Rose won't like it when she finds out though."

"I grilled Kassie about their three hour lunch date, they seemed to have had a really good time and she makes him smile and happy again. I might have even told her to ring him up and ask him over for dinner tonight. And as far as Rose goes if she hurts him one more time I will kill her."

"You'd have to get in line behind Esme and Alice."

"I think Kassie would be good for Em, I just hope Rose doesn't somehow ruin it."

"I hope not either babe." Edward said as he pulled me into his side.

"Alice is going to have a field day when she finds out; I know she's wanted to set Emmett up with someone since he left Rose."

"Crazy pixie. I think I'll leave it up to Emmett to tell everyone when he's ready to. No need to spoil it for him because you know when Alice finds out she going to want to do family dinners and other stuff that might scare Kassie away."

"Good thinking but doesn't mean I'm not going to call him up. Need to heckle him about it a bit."

"Edward don't be mean"

"Me? Mean? Never." He said with his signature smile that made me melt each time. "C'mon lets get you some ice cream and watch a movie in bed."

"Sounds amazing husband of mine."

"Can't deny it I am Ahhh-mazing."


"You bitch."

I looked up to find Rose starring at me looking somewhat crazy, I was just glad that Kassie wasn't here and had gone to lunch again with Emmett. I continued to stare at her not even bothering to say anything.

"You ruined everything. If you had stayed away and left when I told you too I would still have my husband."

"I didn't ruin anything. You're the one who drove your own husband away. You can't blame me for what you did."

"Yes I can because if you hadn't come along I'd still be married and Edward would be single."

"If I hadn't come along someone else would have. You do know that right? Or would you have paid them to get rid of them like you wanted to me?"

"Please you may have them fooled still but I can spot a gold digger when I see one and soon enough they will come to their senses see you for what you are. A no good gold digging slut."

"My god women do you really think that if I left Edward you'd get a chance with him? He never wanted you! So instead of moving on you played Emmett made him fall for you and marry you and instead of being happy with Emmett, who is so sweet and caring and tries his hardest to always see the good in someone and never let the bad win. But YOU broke him all because you couldn't get over the fact that Edward didn't want you."

"I suggest you leave." I said after a minute of silence.

"You can't make me."

"No but I can." Said a voice behind her, Rose turned around coming face to face with Emmett and Kassie who happened to be holding hands.


"Leave Rosalie."

"Not until you talk to me. Please just talk to me I know we can work things out."

"There is nothing to work out. You never loved me, you wanted my brother but settled for me because you thought it would make him jealous and then you drive away anyone he dates because they aren't you. We wouldn't be able to fix things because you want Bella gone, but she's not going anywhere. Edward and Bella love each other and I mean really love each other.

I thought what we had was love but compared to them its not, fuck compare what we had to everyone else and we don't even come close at all. So you can go on blaming Bella for me finally seeing that you aren't it for me and you can keep trying to not sign the papers. But let me tell you this I will never and I mean never get back together with you. Hell I've even moved on!"

"What? To that mousey looking thing?"

"Don't you dare insult her, hate me all you like but leave her alone." I said marching over and pulling Kassie near me.

"Her name is Kassie and she makes me happy Rose and if you don't like it, well I just don't give a fuck. I'm better off without you. I know that and one day you will see it too." Emmett said before turning to Kassie, "C'mon lets go, see you later Bells." He said before he and Kassie walked back out he door.

"You can leave now." I said to Rose once again, she looked at me glaring.

"One day you will get what's coming to you Swan, just you wait."

"Oh for fuck sake Rose give up. Now leave before I call the police and tell them that you've been threatening me."

"You wouldn't." She replied in a taunting voice.

I picked up the phone and dialled.

"Yeah hi my names Bella Cullen and I'd like to speak to someone about reporting someone who's been making threats to me… Sure her name's Rosalie Cullen well soon to be ex-Cullen… uh huh… well she came into my shop calling me names telling me I'd ruined her life and that I was going to have to pay for what I've done… no sir you see she thinks that I'm the reason her husband broke up with her… She doesn't like that I married her husband's brother… okay... yep sure I can come down right now... okay thank you sir."

I laughed as I watched Rosalie get in her car and leave. I'd have to remember to delete that message off the answering machine when I get home or I could leave it for Edward to listen too I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it.


I was relaxing in the bath when I heard Edward calling out for me.

"Bathroom babe." I called back, I was enjoying my bath too much to move so I stayed in and waited for Edward to come in.

"Hey you look tired." I said as he walked in, he just got off a 16hour shift after going in early to cover for one of the other doctors.

"I am and I want to do nothing but curl up in bed with my wife and sleep."

I hummed in response, it sounded like a good idea and after the day I had it was much needed.

"Sounds good, I'm tired after such an eventful day."

"Why what happened?"

"Rose came in, wanting to blame me for everything and then she wouldn't leave. Then Em and Kassie showed up and they had words and then they left but Rose still wouldn't leave so I told her I'd call the police after she tried to threaten me, telling me I should be careful cause I'd get what was coming to me so I faked dialed the police, after a while she high tailed in out of there I had to wait till she was out of sight before bursting out laughing."

"Who did you call when you were pretending it was the police?"

"Our answering machine so if you want you can listen to it. She needs help, she seems to think that if I leave you everything will go back to normal."

"She is defiantly insane; I'm never leaving you or bubs ever." He said as he pulled me out of the bath and wrapped a towel around me.

"I don't know about you but I just want to sleep. So what do you say wifey?"

"Take me to bed hubby."