Chapter 21: Honeymoon

"I don't think I ever saw Byakuya so surprised," commented Ichigo, letting his yukata slide off his shoulders and drop onto the floor as he joined an equally bare Urahara Kisuke in bed, "He really had no idea today was going to be his wedding day."

"I don't think I've seen Abarai Renji so happy. I have to say, though, it's been a long time coming. They had to fight for it. But they're safe now."

"I think we'll all be sleeping a little easier now," said Ichigo, settling against Kisuke's shoulder and meeting him for an exchange of slow, wet kisses, "You did a good thing getting rid of that hourglass."

"Yeah…although an interdimensional rift isn't a permanent solution. The real solution will only come once I figure out how to destroy the hogyoku so we can kill that bastard."

"Huh…" Ichigo chuckled, lifting himself so that his body straddled the one beneath it, "You may not have killed him, but locking him away with Diablo will give him something to keep him busy for awhile, ne?"

"I'd say so," said Kisuke, his eyes glazing over as Ichigo brought his lover's hardened member to his entrance and lowered himself slowly onto it, "That demon has some really nasty tricks up his sleeve…"

He trailed off, locking his eyes on Ichigo's as their fingers intertwined tightly and their joined bodies began to move together.

"Hey, ah, Ichigo," he said more softly, "You sure you're up to this? You were pretty miserable earlier…"

The ginger-haired youth only laughed and intensified the thrusting of his slender hips.

"Nothing…is going to…wreck our wedding night," he panted, "I'll be fine…and so will our little one."

"Ah," Kisuke managed as pleasure began to send his mind into a slow, dizzying spin, "that's good…good…ah…what was I saying?"


Byakuya slipped out of the formal kimono he wore and wrapped a white silk yukata around his slender frame. He turned to Renji, who was already changed, and the redhead smiled and silently extended a hand, then the two left the dressing area of Byakuya's bedroom and walked back to the bed together. They paused beside the bed and looked out through the open doors and into the brightly decorated gardens.

"It was nice of your staff to decorate things for us," commented Renji, "The place looks even more beautiful than usual, don't you think?"

Byakuya smiled and nodded.

"But," he added, reaching up to pull the hair tie from Renji's hair, "I have something even more beautiful here…"

"Really…" Renji said, looking around.

Byakuya caught Renji's face in both hands and locked their eyes together.

"You are beautiful, Renji," he said, slipping his fingers into the long red strands, "and I look forward to a lifetime of enjoying that."

He rested his head against his spouse's shoulder with a contented sigh.

"There is nothing to keep us from happiness now," the noble continued softly, "This place is peaceful and safe once more, our children are secure and happy, the council is firmly entrenched in our corner, and Aizen Sousuke is gone from our lives. I don't pretend to think he cannot escape again…but now I know that whatever foul plan he tries to employ…Renji…you and I are stronger. We need not fear him any longer."

"Well," said Renji, turning his head to nip lightly at Byakuya's lips, "I think that between Diablo and that interdimensional rift Kisuke placed the hourglass in, Aizen Sousuke will be too busy to mess with us…for a long time."

Byakuya lifted his head off of Renji's shoulder and kissed him, letting his dark eyes close and sinking deeply into the redhead's embrace. Renji's tongue stroked his lips gently, then slipped into his mouth, meeting and caressing his and making him press his body closer to his lover's. A moment later, he caught his breath lightly and stepped back. Renji gazed at him questioningly.

"Is something wrong?" Renji asked, frowning.

Byakuya shook his head and let a hand slide down to his abdomen.

"I should warn you, though…that noble couples always conceive a child on their wedding night. So that means that I have to ask you…which of us will carry the child?"

"Huh?" Renji said, looking confused, "You mean…it's like you can choose?"

"If decided before making love, yes," Byakuya explained.

"Then…why did you get pregnant both times before?"

"The chaos surrounding us prevented me from taking an active role in such a choice…so by default, I became pregnant."

"But you could have made me…?"

"Yes, not that I would have done so without your consent. The first time we were together, I wasn't sure you were the one…my soul mate…the one who could awaken me. The second time, we were together amidst great chaos and in the midst of our bonding, and the spirit chamber had already formed inside me. But Renji, are you sure that you do not wish to have the full experience, from beginning to end? I promise you, you would not be sorry."

Renji laughed softly.

"Well, although having Raiden was a really neat adventure…I uh, think I would rather be the strong, overprotective father. I don't do the quiet, nurturing thing as well as you, you know? I think you're better at looking radiant, and I'm better swinging a sword at anything that tries to get near you, ne?"

Renji stared in surprise as Byakuya smiled and chuckled softly.

"As you wish, then," he said, "but I do hope that in the future, you might consider it. I think you do a wonderful job of looking radiant. And I would happily play the role of overprotective father, raising my sword to protect my family."

"All right," Renji laughed, "Next time…"

"Next time," Byakuya repeated, sinking into his arms again.

Renji moved forward, lowering Byakuya slowly onto his back on the bed as the noble contented himself clinging warmly to the redhead's body and tracing the tattoos that ran down the sides of his throat with curious fingertips. Renji's hand took hold of the ties that held their yukatas closed and pulled them free. He let his yukata fall open to reveal the full expanse of tattoos that danced across his chest, down his abdomen and seemed to purposely draw the eyes down to the flushed and large arousal beneath them. Byakuya pushed gently against his shoulders, holding him away for a moment to take in the lovely sight and to breathe in the delicious, masculine scent of him. An unusual, almost playful look entered the noble's eye and that was the only warning Renji had before he was suddenly overthrown.

"What the…?" he gasped, then Renji was silenced as the pale, glowing body of his spouse set itself on top of his and Byakuya gazed down at him hungrily.

Byakuya laced his fingers into Renji's and pushed the redhead's hands down on either side of his head. He attacked the tattoos he had been admiring with hot, delicate strokes of his tongue that sent a pleasant jolt through Renji's midsection and left him too breathless for words. He arched his hips upward, rubbing their lengths together as Byakuya commenced a slow crawl down his body, chasing the pretty black lines that led him ever closer to the redhead's leaking member. Renji watched, entranced as the noble's eyes went hazy with contentment, as the wicked, pink tongue caressed each black line, then dipped into his navel and rose out of it to follow the trail of red hairs downward. The noble paused to smile up at Renji's flushed face, then lowered his head to pleasure him. Renji groaned and tried not to thrust too hard as Byakuya's mouth continued its warm manipulations, pausing now and then to release him, lick away the moisture, then to continue. Just when Renji was convinced he could take no more, Byakuya shifted and moved to straddle his body, holding his length in position and taking it inside him in slow, gentle thrusts until he was fully entrenched and Byakuya's hands set themselves lightly on the redhead's chest.

Renji looked up into the noble's wide gray eyes and peaceful expression and felt happiness flood his body at the deep contentment in his lover's face, and the absence of the lingering pain and sadness that had been there before.

He really has come back…finally. He knows now that he can fight Aizen if the bastard ever does get free. He isn't afraid anymore…and that means…it means we can live again.

He reached down and captured the noble's round bottom, loving the feel of Byakuya's petal soft skin on his calloused hands and encouraging the heavy, wonderful rise and fall of Byakuya's body on his. The noble leaned forward, his breath releasing in soft puffs that teased Renji's skin as his hips moved hard and fast against the redhead's and both lovers found themselves beyond words at the intense pleasure the movement caused. Renji freed a hand and reached down to wrap a hand around Byakuya's hot and leaking member, sliding down its length as Byakuya's body continued to writhe and dance on top of his. He bucked his hips upward, sending a jolt of pleasure through the noble, making him gasp and his chest heave as his hot release erupted between them. Renji released the noble's member and wrapped both hands around Byakuya's hips again, holding himself deep inside as pleasure claimed him and he emptied himself in hard, gripping pulses.

Byakuya collapsed onto his chest, his eyes glazed with contentment and his lips smiling sweetly. Renji wrapped his arms around the noble, holding their bodies close together as they rested in each other's arms and let sleep overtake them.


Diablo admired the dribbling wounds on his skin and then the lovely bared body of the powerful shinigami that had treated him to them. Heavily bound in the devil's kido, Aizen Sousuke could only glare at the red hollow god as he moved closer, his eyes flaring dangerously as Diablo ran his hands over the freshly healed skin.

"The noble, Byakuya was a lovely man," Diablo said in a low growl, "but you have your own wicked beauty, Aizen Sousuke."

"I'll be happy to show you the full range of my wickedness," hissed Aizen, "Unbind me and we will duel."

Diablo laughed and the sound echoed through the hourglass.

"I could do that…if I wished to play…or I could eat you and escape. But escape seems less attractive when we would not be able to return to our worlds."

"I can return us out of the interdimensional rift he placed us in," offered Aizen, "If rather than eating me, you instead release me and let me use the full strength of our combined power…"

The demon laughed again.

"Perhaps…but before we do that, I think I would like to enjoy the fruits of my labors. You did, after all, lose the game."

"But if you devour me, then you will be trapped here. You don't know how to escape and I do," Aizen reminded him.

"That is a problem," admitted Diablo, one hand sliding down his red body and wrapping around his rising erection, "but it is something I think we can come up with a solution to. I imagine I could devour you in a different fashion…leaving you alive to be of assistance in escaping."

He climbed onto Aizen's white back, positioning himself between the bound man's thighs. He laid his heated body along the shinigami's back and licked the skin on the back of his neck. One hand slid down Aizen's body and pushed into his entrance.

"You are a man who has brought a considerable amount of pain into people's lives, Aizen Sousuke…especially into the life of Kuchiki Byakuya."

"And why concern yourself with how much I made Byakuya suffer?" the shinigami asked.

Diablo smiled.

"Because his suffering nearly resulted in him becoming a very powerful hollow. I encountered him after his death…and we indulged in another game…to decide his fate."

"Another game?"

"Yes," the hollow god laughed, "It turns out that Byakuya is much better at games of strategy than I imagined. He defeated me quite handily at several before I granted him a certain desire."

"And what was that?" asked Aizen, trying not to wince as the demon's large fingers pushed into him, thrusting and stretching.

"He said that if he could have one desire granted, he would see you punished by every person you ever hurt in your lifetime. And bless his heart, I found that desire in him so touching that I promised that if you lost your game and the others all won, I would see to that desire."

"How kind of you…" Aizen said sourly.

"Well, it won't be so bad…" said Diablo, his body glowing and beginning to change, "I think you'll find this first accuser quite pleasant…even as he returns the pain you caused him…"

Aizen flinched as he felt a tickle of silken hair against his shoulder and the sweet scent of sakura rose up around them. Diablo, now looking the perfect image of Kuchiki Byakuya, leaned over the restrained shinigami's shoulder and pecked him lightly on the cheek.

"You see," he said in Byakuya's voice, "There is balance in all things. You held him against his will, and now he holds you. You took him against his will, now he will take you. You caused him enough pain to make him become a hollow…and now he will return that pain in full…"

The hollow god, removed his fingers and pushed into Aizen's body, then, pressed down along his back and licked the shell of an ear.

"I don't think this will be bad," he commented, "But I won't make promises about what it will be like as you face the others…so you may want to enjoy this one…"

"Bastard," hissed Aizen, "You…and that insolent noble are going to pay for this!"

Diablo laughed in Byakuya's voice and thrust into Aizen roughly.

"I look forward to that," the hollow god replied, thrusting harder.


Byakuya woke late the next morning to the sound of voices in the gardens. Turning, he found himself alone in bed. He rose and dressed, then stepped out the garden doors and found Renji at the patio table with Rukia, Akane and Raiden. Raiden was in Rukia's arms, sucking happily at a bottle, while Akane sat on Renji's lap, chattering about her stay with Yoruichi in the living world.

"Well," said Renji, looking up, "Look who decided to join us…"

"Daddy Bya!" Akane squealed, jumping off Renji's lap and running towards him.

She launched herself into his arms and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him tightly. Byakuya hugged her back and carried her back to the table, where he set her down and took a seat beside Renji.

"Good Morning, Renji," he greeted his spouse, kissing him, then turning to address the food on the table.

"Good morning, Nii-sama," Rukia greeted him.

"Good morning, Rukia," the noble replied, curling an arm around Akane as he started to eat.

He tried not to smile as Renji's toes teased his under the table.

"We were talking about going to see the horses after breakfast," reported Akane, "I want to see Raiden's horse…and Renji's!"

"That's right," agreed Byakuya, "Renji will have one too now."

The group hastily finished breakfast and left the gardens. They flash stepped to the waterfall and down the cliff face, Byakuya carrying Raiden in a front pack and Renji holding Akane on his back. As they set down in the meadow, Ikazuchi reared and squealed, then the horses raced across the field to where the shinigamis waited.

Akane caught her breath as a brand new, wobbly legged foal appeared beside one of the mares. He was coal black, with a white star on his forehead and another on his nose.

"Oh!" she gasped, "Raiden is going to love you!"

Byakuya stepped forward and the foal brought his face close to the infant's, blowing sweet, hay scented breath on him and making him coo softly and touch the horse's velvet muzzle.

Another loud neigh sounded and the group looked up to see a huge red stallion moving towards them at high speed. Renji looked around at the others and then back at the approaching steed. He stared at the odd, golden eyes and the black stripes that ran in haphazard lines all over him.

"Wh-what is that?" Renji gasped, "Is that a horse? A zebra? Some kinda…demon? What?"

"That," Byakuya said, "is your spirit steed. I think he reflects your personality rather well, ne?"

The great beast honed in on Renji, failing to slow as he closed in on the surprised shinigami. Renji turned and flash stepped away, the horse close behind as he fled, yelling epithets and calling to Byakuya to 'get the damned thing to leave me alone.' Rukia and Akane looked up in surprise at the sound of Byakuya laughing. Across the meadow, the red demon horse, lowered his head and caught Renji, still running, throwing him into the air and catching him on his back.

"What the hell? You crazy thing! Let me DOWN!" howled Renji, "Byakuya! What do I do?"

The noble stifled another laugh.

"Just say his name, sternly," he called back.

"Wh-what is his n-name?" Renji cried.

"Come now, Renji," said Byakuya, "Listen with your heart. It will come to you."

"Aw, damn it!" complained the redhead, "I knew you'd say something like that! Ah…Baka! Ketsunoana! Yakkaigoto!" (Idiot, Ass, Trouble)

The red beast slid to a stop, sending Renji tumbling over his shoulder and crashing to the ground. The redhead lifted his head and glared up at the spirit steed as he blew through his nostrils and stamped impatiently.

"Seriously," muttered Renji, "Yakkaigoto?"

The horse tossed his head and whinnied.

Renji sighed and dropped his face into the grass. His spirit steed lowered his head and began to chew on the redhead's hair.

"Oh kami, quit it, will you?"

"I think he's perfect for you," observed Byakuya.

"Yeah," laughed Rukia, "I think you two will be very happy together. After all, idiots and trouble go together, ne?"

"Hey!" yelled Renji.

Byakuya stepped forward and helped the redhead to his feet.

"He's actually rather exotic, Renji…much like you."

"You don't need to insult me," muttered the offended shinigami, "Damn thing looks like his stripes don't know which way they're going…red with gold eyes…maybe he's a hollow in disguise…"

Yakkaigoto gave a soft horse laugh and nuzzled Renji affectionately. After a warning glare and a long pause, Renji lifted a hand and patted the feisty beast lightly on the neck. Byakuya stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Renji, giving him an affectionate kiss.

"It's official now…you are family, Renji."

"Huh…" huffed Renji, "I don't know if I want to be part of one of those stuffy noble families…but…if it means being with you, I guess it won't be so bad, ne?"

"No," agreed Byakuya, gazing up at him and smiling, "I think we make a beautiful family."