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Uiharu slowly walked into the entrance of the tore up hotel suite Ovon had been holding Shana, Mikoto and Touma in thanks to the battle that took place earlier, she peeked into one of the rooms and saw Shana lying on Julia's lap clutching onto her blouse trembling furiously with her legs scrunched up to her chest. Her clothes were a mess and her diaper was probably just as worse but Julia did not want to move her at the moment, every time Julia did move Shana would jump as she would jump out of her skin. Uiharu noticed a blank stare in Shana's eyes with tears poring down her face like she was on conscious but her eyes were still open.

"Will she be ok?" Uiharu asked softly entering the room, she took the seat next to the bed that Julia and Shana were using at the moment.

"Yes she should be now." Julia answered back looking down at Shana, running her fingers through the girls hair. "Shena just did something to Shana that caused her to go into shock like she did, because of that we had to knock her out. When Shana finally came to she tried to claw out her own neck out yelling 'it's not true, it a lie, I refuse to believe it!'"

"Refuse to believe what?" Uiharu asked.

"Shena told Ovon and me that she showed Shana the truth about three years ago and that can only mean one thing." Julia sadly looked down. "I had hoped that this day would never happen, or that we would explain it to Shana when she was older but….."

"What do you mean by the truth?" Uiharu asked. "Is it about Shana-chan's parents?"

"Julia it isn't safe here we need to leave this place now." Ovon interrupted the two, walking into the room.

"Hold it!" Kuroko also interrupted walking in behind Ovon. "I think you owe us an explanation on what happened here tonight, and the two recent kidnappings that took place also. Tell me why Anti skill or Judgment wasn't notified about this!" She demanded.

Ovon turned to Kuroko. "Right now the most important thing should be getting out of here before S.I.N. shows up here with more of their goons. Shana is not looking too well and your friend still has no eye sight thanks to Matt's new power, if we are attacked now we are all as good as dead."

Kuroko scanned her surroundings, she already knew that her Onee-sama could not see, and also saw that Shana looked like a terrified child lying in Julia's lap, she just sighed. "Fine but I expect a full explanation once you find the time to secure our safety."

"Listen up everybody!" Ovon announced. "Everyone in this room is coming with us, no ifs, ands, or buts, no questions asked. As of now you are all under RL custody, I'm pretty sure some of the members of S.I.N. have already seen all of your faces and it's not safe to be seen around the city at the moment."

"Where are we going this time? No matter where we try to hide Shena always finds a way to attack us? " Julia asked.

Ovon carefully took Shana from Julia's arms and cradled the girl in his arms. "It's a house fifty miles outside the city that you and Shana should be familiar of, it's quiet and peaceful so we should be safe there for the time being and we can think of a way to stop S.I.N's plans. Shena says she plans to destroy the whole city and we need to stop her at all cost!"

"And give us one reason why we should come with you when we don't know your situation or your involvement with this case. How do we know we can trust you?" Kuroko asked. Uiharu, Satan, and Misaka Imouto had an agreement look on their faces saying Kuroko was right.

"I trust him!" Touma stood up. "He may be an asshole but I can tell he really cares for Shana and he really wants to help not only her but the whole city."

"I agree with Touma and I trust him also." Mikoto also stood up. "First Shena had Index-san kidnapped and now Last Order. Right now Shena has 103,000 books at her disposal that are supposed to be dangerous and now the whole entire Misaka network at her disposal. Whatever she may be planning it can't be good, Ovon-san is the only person here who knows about Shena-san and her gang."

"If Onee-sama says she can trust this person then Misaka 10032 will trust him also! Misaka states with trust in her voice." Misaka Imouto responded.

"Fine I guess Judgment can use RL's assistants for now since we are acting without Konori-sempai's approval!" Kuroko sighed losing the battle. "Ok how will we get this safe house then?"

Suddenly the hotel room was swarmed with guys wearing swat gear armed with semi-automatic sub machine guns wearing helmets over their faces so not be seen. Kuroko reached under her skirt and teleported servile of her spikes into her hands, Misaka Imouto pulled out her sub machine gun and took aim, Saten took out two kendo sticks she had mounted on her back, and Touma dashed to the front lines with his fist balled up.

"All of you hold on, these are my men they're not our enemies!" Ovon shouted, the four teens lowered their guards.

"Ovon Sir, we have come to escort you." The person wearing swat gear of a different color from what the rest of the men were wearing said stepping fourth and giving a firm salute.

"Good we have three injured and one with no with fighting capabilities, make sure they get onto the bus first, then we'll move the others onto the bus afterwards." Ovon pointed down at Shana, she was still in his arms, Mikoto and Touma who were injured, and Uiharu who could not fight.

"Right this way kids." Another one of the swats men said, the kids nodded and followed the men leaving the room.

Touma took Mikoto by the hand and led her through the door way out into the hallway but found it very hard to get her to walk strait because she was still trembling and she was grunting holding her ribcage. "Mikoto excuse me for a second but please bear with it." Touma then put one arm around Mikoto's waist and the other under her legs and lifted the girl into his arms and proceeded to carry her princess style down towards the emergency stairway.

"Hey wait, what do you think you're doing put me down!" Mikoto shouted thrashing around in Touma's arms.

"Well you can't see right now so I figured carrying you out of here would be easier." Touma smiled.

"No stop you're going to get your clothes messed up!" Mikoto protested.

"I don't care about that!" Touma said sternly. "The most important thing is to get you to the safe house and get your eyes checked out by Julia-san and see if she can do something to help get your sight back." Suddenly Touma felt something cut the side of his cheek and felt a killing intent. He looked behind him to see a very angry Kuroko stomping up to him, her entire body was engulfed in a purple aura and her two pony tales were flying in every direction.

"Kamijou-san what do you think you are doing to my Onee-sama!" She growled preparing another spike. "If I remember correctly King-Kong was shot off the empire state building for trying to take the princess?"

"Whoa! Hold on, I'm just helping her because she can't see!" Touma backed away in fear when another spike went across his face leaving blood trickling down his cheek.

"Kuroko wait don't hurt him!" Mikoto shouted.

"Put Onee-sama down you cave man, if anybody is going to help Onee-sama change her soiled clothes it will be me!" Kuroko stomped closer.

"Hey who ever said anything about changing my clothes, he's just helping me down the stairs!" Mikoto shouted.

Suddenly Kuroko felt a hand touch her shoulder then 50,000 volts of electricity went coursing through her body, she screamed loudly before hitting the floor. "I will not let any harm come towards Kamijou Touma Misaka says as she will finish off this pervert." She points her weapon at Kuroko's lifeless body.

"Oh crap I don't think she held back, Kuroko are you ok?" Mikoto asked worried.

"Jeez Shirai-san and you wonder why you're in the condition you in now!" Uiharu sighed.

Kuroko grabbed Misaka Imouto by her foot. "Oh yes Onee-sama look-a-like, punish Kuroko she has been a bad girl!"


A single shot from Misaka Imuoto's gun and Kuroko was not moving. She had a huge knot on her head. "Threat to Kamijou Touma eliminated, Misaka states as she blows the smoke from her gun."

"I said put me down I can walk myself!" The others then heard yelling and thrashing going on inside from inside the hotel room.

"Shana calm down, what in the world has gotten into you?" Julia could be heard yelling from inside the room also, then more thrashing sounds and things being knocked down and broken could also be heard.

"Let me go right now I have to go after Onee-chan!" Shana ran out into the hall with a possessed look on her face, she was trying to pull herself away from Ovon but he had a firm grip on her.

"Do you even know where Shena is right now? She got away Shana now stop acting like this!" Ovon yelled.

"No Onee-chan was right there. I should have been able to get that book away from her and save her!" Shana yelled. "I did not spend the last three years preparing myself to be able to fight her only to be defeated so easily-"


Julia smacked Shana right across the face leaving her stunned. "That's enough out of you Shana!" She yelled. "Save her? You're still going on about saving Shena when she just sent her goons to beat up you and your friend, and now we find out she gotten Matt involved in all of this and you still want to try and save her. Shena is beyond saving Shana she needs to put down, why can't you understand that!"

Shana went red eyed and totally lost it. "Shut up you bitch don't you dare say that stuff about her, I can save her, she's my sister she still loves me!" The whole room was left stunned at Shana's outburst.

Julia narrowed her eyes shooting Shana a glare that made her freeze in her tracks. In a quick flash Julia had already grabbed Shana by her arm and slung her across the hall up against the wall. Shana tried to use her free arm to break free but Julia quickly grabbed that arm and pinned Shana against the wall. "Now I am going to tell you once more time before I really get serious with you, I don't know what Shena did to you or made you see but now is not the time to be acting like a spoiled child." Julia saw that Shana's eyes were now red and the bracelet on her wrist was sparking, her black wind state was trying to take over.

"Julia stop it, this isn't what she needs right now!" Ovon grabbed her and pulled the woman off of Shana. "She just saw her sister for the first time in three years and now she knows Shena's true colors. Shana knows what you are saying is true but she is in denial and is just upset at the moment, but on the other hand." Ovon then turned to Shana. "Control yourself Shana I can't have you running off on you own."

Shana still shaken took a deep breath to calm herself down and nodded with more tears streaming down her face. "Mrs. Julia I'm sorry."

"Oh you haven't seen sorry yet you shitty little brat!" A voice came from the stair way. "So you're that broad's little sister, I wonder what will happen if I brought her your severed arm as a 'fuck you' present!" A young man emerged from the stair way, he had white hair, eyes as red as Shana's when she goes into the black wind state and pale skin, and on his neck was a black electronic choker. Using his cane he hobbled over to where Shana was standing and reached out to grab her. Shana panicked at the sight of the boy and backed herself into a wall, the boy flexed his hand clearly about to strangle her but was grabbed by Touma. "Well if it isn't the hero, let go!" He demanded.

"What do you think you're going to do to her Accelerator?" Touma demanded.

"What do you think? I'm going to beat the shit out of this bitch and drag her around the city by her hair until her sister appears, then I'll fucken' kill that bitch!"

"Shana has nothing to do with Last Order being kidnapped, this is all her sister's doing but everybody in this room wants the same thing to stop S.I.N."

"Oh?" Accelerator snatched away from Touma. "And what's your reason for being here, trying to play the hero card again?"

Touma looked down. "Index was kidnapped by Shana's sister also. I want to save her and Last Order and crush whatever illusions they have for this city."

Accelerator clicked his tongue and turned to Ovon. "So I take it you're the leader of this of this shitty group?"

"Yes and I trust you arrived here safely thanks to my men escorting you here?" Ovon replied back.

"Tck! Not really, I just made them tell me where to find you and told them to go fuck off afterwards, but I guess if I stick around you guy's long enough I'll probably run into that plant bitch and that dip shit who can pass through solid matter!"

"They won't be easy to beat!" Shana spoke up. "Me and Misaka-sempai fought both of them and they were tricky to fight, it does not matter how strong someone is they can be taken down once you find that person's weakness, and from what it looks like my sister found yours if she took down the strongest esper in the city."

Accelerator placed his hand against the wall behind Shana and destroyed it making her fall back into the rubble. "That's one hell of a mouth you got on you, what happen to the crying girl I saw earlier when I about to make your neck explode?"

Shana looked stood up completely shaken, but still looked Accelerator in the eyes. "I'm just telling you how my sister works, she exploits a person's weakness and uses it against them. It's the reason she sent Matt after Misaka-sempai, she knew Misaka-sempai's power would not work on Matt and plus somehow she has gotten a hold of anti esper devices that disables our powers, so as of now no one stands a chance against her."

Accelerator grabbed Shana by the front of her dress and lifted her off the ground, she was immediately frozen with fear. Shana could feel Accelerator's rage and blood lust as she looked into his blood red eyes thinking she would be his next victim. "So are you giving up? You get your ass kicked once and now you want to quit, fucken' pathetic. " He shouted lifting Shana higher in the air.

"No I want to save her- no I have to save her!" Shana choked.

"Save her?" Accelerator gave Shana a psychotic look. "Well that's too bad because I want to kill her!" Shana growled and placed her hand in Accelerator's face and shot him with a powerful blast of wind. Shana though her attack was effective but Accelerator seemed totally unfazed by it and still had her held up in the air. "You got balls for attacking me like that little girl but now you'd had better be prepared." He balled up his fist making Shana flinch, she shielded her face whimpering and shaking. "Tck! You're not even worth hitting but if you find your sister before I do you'd had better her show the same guts you're showing me before I splatter her gut's all over the pavement!" Accelerator dropped Shana on her bottom and walked off mumbling something about dealing with idiots and brats.

Shana's heart was racing a mile a minute and still whimpering when Julia kneeled down behind Shana and helped her up to her feet. "Come on I think you've gone through enough for one day."

"I need to talk to you later." Shana gave Julia a serious expression. "I think you know why."

"Right, but only after you've eating and fully rested!" Julia nodded. "Trying to get you to understand anything the way you are now would be the same thing as telling a cow to bark."

Shana nodded. "It's been a while since you had to grab me like that, you caught me off guard."

"I'm sorry, I keep forgetting that your still a child and as a child I should just let you throw temper tantrums when you feel the need, it's not healthy to hold in all that anger at your age. I guess I'm not use to it since you rarely have emotional outburst like that unless the subject comes to your sister. I guess your right I do go by logic too much."

"Yeah you do, but do me a favor and don't quit your day job as a doctor. Just leave the jokes to people who can actually tell them and not the corny ones you always tell."

"Well it did lighten you mood a little didn't it?" Shana just sighed without saying anything to Julia and walked with the rest of the group.

Soon all the kids were loaded on to a bus and properly seated. Accelerator sat at the very back of the bus and propped his feet up and folded his hand behind his head relaxing. Mikoto was sat next to Kuroko with her face leaning on the window still knocked out, Uiharu and Satan took seats next to one another. Shana had a whole row to herself and did the same thing as Accelerator did and propped her feet up, and Julia took the row across from her. To her liking Misaka Imouto took the seat next to Touma and rested her head on his shoulder. Ovon sat in the driver's seat and started up the engine and the bus soon began moving to its destination.


Mouthfuls of red dripped from Shena's mouth as she was coughing violently. She was hunched over her bed half naked and gabbing her chest coughing up more and more blood every few seconds. Her whole body was coated in a cold sweat her eyes lids were as black as coal, and her breathing was very unsteady.

"Shena-sama, why did you use your power? You know you weren't supposed to use it until the book was finished being translated and we could stop those harmful side effects." Ogai stood next to Shena trying to offer her as much comfort as possible, he held out his hand and offered Shena two tiny blue pills. "Take these they will ease the pain."

"This-is-nothing!" Shena gasped out. "Shana must be going through a lot more pain because of me, so I will do the same."


Shena coughed up more blood.

"With all due respect Shena-sama if you're dead then you're no use to anyone. Using both Esper and Magic powers is the worst taboo a person can do. With the power of that book we can negate the harmful side effects and soon all the members of S.I.N. will be able to use both Magic and esper powers with no restrictions and with that power we will be able to crush this city."

"I know that already Ogai, you don't have to remind me. I'm doing all this for my little sister, I will make the bastards who created this damned city pay."

"Then take these and get healthy." He gave Shena the pills. "And please reframe from using any of your powers until the translation of the book is complete."

"Ogai! Keep treating me like a child and I'll kill you!" Shena crushed up the pills in her hands and swallowed the powder. "Don't forget you were nothing until I took you under my wing. Know your place!"

"My apologies Shena-sama." Ogai bowed leaving the room. He continued walking until he was standing in front of another door. Instead of opening it he walked right through it. There Ivy, Mio and Matt were in the room.

Ivy used the power of plant manipulation to create a salve for Matt's wounds. He had a rag in his mouth to muffle his screaming as Kuroko's spikes were pulled from his thigh and right hand, they were in pretty deep and needed tools to be pulled out. But even after the spikes were pulled from his body the salve still burned like hell, Matt furiously jerked his body as the pain was too great, Mio tried her best to hold Matt down firmly on the table be she was way too small.

"Pathetic!" Ogai grumbled.

"What was that?" Matt grunted. "Listen pal if you got something to say then say it!"

"You fail to kill the rail-gun like you were ordered and now you're back here crying over a few little pokes? That's why I said your pathetic."

"I don't want to hear that from a petto who steals little girl's underwear for kicks!" Matt retorted.

Ogai walked towards Matt with killing intentions when out of nowhere Ogai heard a sound wave ringing in his ears, he quickly clamp his hands over his ears to block out the sounds but I didn't work. Suddenly his right arm started twitching on its own and began bending and twisting more than humanly possible.

Ogai held his arm screaming in pain as Mio walked up to him shooting him an evil glare. "Don't ever insult Mio's prince again or I'll-" She stopped when Ivy lightly tapped her over the head with her fist.

"Mio unless you want another spanking from Shena-sama when she wakes up you'd better stop." Ivy said. "You know using your voice to enter a person's mind and take control of their nervous system is a no-no on to be used on a comrade."

"But he insulted Mio's prince!" The small girl pouted. "I hate stupid Ogai."

"Please stop Mio, that's not the way a princess should act." Matt patted the girl on the head. "A princess should be kind to all her subjects even the ones she does not get along with."

Mio nodded and stuck out her tongue and apologized to Ogai, then ran out of the room yelling 'SIKE'. He just used his power and sunk through the floor.

"Thanks for calming her down, besides Shena-sama that girl has the most fearsome power here." Ivy thanked Matt as she finished wrapping his wounds. "Shena-sama is out right now, Tiyumi is still recovering from her fight against Shana, and now you're hurt, looks like S.I.N will be falling off the map for a while."

"These injuries are nothing I'll be up and around in a few, I have to get better control of this power, that way I won't lose to that spikey haired bastard again!" Matt growled. "I will get Shana away from those people even if she were to hate me for it afterwards."

Ivy stood up and walked towards the door. "That salve I rubbed on your wounds will speed up the regeneration process of your cell's so you'll heal quicker but give it some time first ok."

Matted nodded and laid down on the bed he was sitting on.

"Shana-chan is time to wake up sweetie!" A voice called out. "Please get up if you sleep like that you'll get a bad crook in your neck."

"Just five more minuets Mrs. Julia." Shana grumbled.

"No wrong!" The sweet sounding voice sang. "Now does my voice sounds like Julia's?"

Shana groaned opening her eyes, she saw a tall woman with long black hair and glasses on her face, she wore a white lab coat the doubled as a dress. "Professor Heather?" Her eyes shot open. "No way if you here then that means-" Shana looked out the window and saw a gigantic house completely surround by nature. There were trees that were as tall as skyscrapers that surrounded the house so it couldn't be seen from the sky and different types of plants could be seen everywhere that hid the house from a distance.

"That's right we're at my lab!" Heather winked. "My how you've grown you're not the same little girl who was able to sit on my lap two years ago. You're turning out to be a fine young woman."

"Not really!" Shana looked down. "All I've been doing is causing everyone around me problems, because of my family issues my friends are suffering and it's my fault." Shana brought her knees to her chest. "When I saw Shena again I messed up, I was so desperate that I ran at her without thinking and fell into another one of her traps. Then she used some strange power on me and implanted visions in my head and now I know things I wish I didn't know."

"So what will you do? Will you ran away from what you know now, or will you confront them?" Heather asked.

"I'll give myself sometime to calm down and rest first, then I'll have Mrs. Julia and Ovon explain their self's, then I'll decide on how I'll handle it from there."

"Good girl." Heather ruffled Shana's hair, she blushed. "Julia already asked me to tend to your needs while she helps your other friend and I can already guess what one of them is."

Shana blushed looking down. "No its ok I can take care of that myself."

"Oh!" Heather giggled placing her hand over her mouth. "I was going to say let's get some food into that tummy of yours but we'd better check your diaper first, Julia told me what happened so you could probably use a change." Heather grabbed Shana by the hand and dragged her into the house.

A bright light was shined into Mikoto's eye pupil. She was currently sitting on an examination table just dressed in a medical gown. "Ok I see now." Julia pondered to herself. Using her fingers she stretched out Mikoto's eye lids and shined the light in them again.

"So will I be ok?" Mikoto asked nervously.

"I don't know how to say this in a medical term, but Misaka-san you seem to have the opposite of blindness."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Let me explain when a person is blind usually their eye pulp's are gone disabling their sight so they can see nothing but while light. But Matt seems to have done the opposite, he took the light from your eyes, so from your point a view it looks like your standing in a pitch black room, that's probably why your eye sclera's are black at the moment."

"So will I be blind like this forever?"

"Don't worry you'll be fine if we let the light return to your eyes naturally, so if we shield your eyes from any light around you then your sight should return within a few hours."

"Thank goodness!" Mikoto placed her hand over her chest. Julia walked over to a cabinet and took out some bandages and proceeded to carefully wrap them around the front of Mikoto's eyes and the back of her head, after three layers of wrapping Julia tied the bandages in place and then tied some of the bandages around Mikoto's ribcage to treat the girl's bruised ribs. After her treatment was done Mikoto was made to lye back down on the table. She noticed that Julia had walked away from her and she could hear shuffling sounds. "Now what are you going to do?"

"One, something you may not like. Two just trying to find some pain killers for your bruised ribs that won't make you high! The ones that heather has really aren't meant for children, just one of these will send you to cloud nine for a while."

"Thank you for all that you're doing for me."

"No I should be thanking you for befriending Shana. She really looks up to you and it's not just because you're a level 5 like she is, she admires you the same way she admires her sister."

"I really didn't do anything special." Mikoto blushed. "I don't know, before I knew it me and her somehow connected with one another."

"If only she had met you sooner she would not be focusing on chasing down Shena. She could be a normal girl living in Academy City going to school and hanging out with you and your friends, that's all I ever wanted."

"Don't worry I'm going to help Shana at all cost, I'll help her find her happiness. Shana just needs to figure out that she isn't alone and she has friends that are willing to stay by her side."

Julia leaned over and hugged Mikoto while she was still lying down making her squeal. "Thank you so mush Misaka-san, but It's my fault. I taught Shana to be independent and to not rely on others too much because it was a good way to get hurt and running the risk of losing control of her powers and going into the black wind state. But now I know I was wrong, who knows where she would be right now if she hadn't met you and you friends."

"I was that exact same way, always running off on my own not wanting other people to get involved with my affairs, but thanks to a certain idiot I know who stood in my way I really did not have a choice in the matter."

"That's maybe why you and Shana connect with one another so much, you're both hotheaded." Julia joked.


Mikoto sneezed loudly.

"Oh my look at me ranting while you're sitting here in this ice cold room wearing nothing but a medical gown after you just got out of the bath. You're going to catch a cold."

Mikoto lifted her head. "Is there anything I could wear until my clothes are clean?"

"Nothing but the gown you're wearing now I'm afraid, but we'll just have to improvise I guess."

"Improvise on what?- Wait you don't mean?" Mikoto asked fearfully as she heard a crinkling sound.

"Misaka-san I ask that you please bear with me, after all Shana told me about the time at the mall so it shouldn't be that bad."

Mikoto let out a small whimper thinking to herself. "Such misfortune!"

Authors Notes: Starting to have a little writers block at the moment, I totally went off topic with this chapter It wasn't supposed to be all talk but the ideas weren't coming to me as freely as usual but I guess this chapter help keep the story going, but look ford to a major fight and a something else that will make you say WTF. I will take my time writing the next chapter so it might take a while.