Title: The Science of Memory.

Character[s]: Read it.

Pairings [if any]: John|OC [friendship].

Arthur's Notes: Slightly AU. Made it so Little John 'grew up' in Nottingham, and the like. Also gave him more history as to why Friar Tuck was always on his heels during the movie. What better way than imputing a girl? Namely Tuck's daughter. Now, before anyone goes off on me-I see it that Tuck wasn't always a 'friar'; nobody's born into priesthood. He could have had a family-then turned to the church afterward. Title is the quote that Robin told John during the 'cup and rock' game; which seems to fit for this fiction.

Story Type: AU; Friendship|Hurt.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Violet.

Plot Summary: [AU] Little John recalls his childhood-and his closest friend; he returns to his childhood home and meets her years later. Nothing is the same. [John|OC; friendship]


The mid-afternoon was cloudy; it was going to rain in Nottingham, but that did not stop the children of the small town from playing. Two children-one of eight years of age-the other ten; played laughing outside in the small field, just a bit away from Nottingham Abbey. "It's your turn to watch Thomas, Violet." the little boy said, handing the big Irish potato he held in his hands; to the brunette girl beside him.

"Okay, but you have to go fight the dragon and keep him from getting into the house." the little girl named Violet said; pointing to the big barrel of hay a few feet away. "You're the papa, John. You have to save us from the dragon!" she nodded.

"Okay. I'll kill it with my sword!" the boy named John said, picking up a stick and holding it up. Showing her, a big smile on his face, before attacking the 'dragon' made of hay. The girl grinned and gasped-holding the big potato in her arms.

John Little and Violet of Dover, these two children, they were attached to the hip. They had grown up together. His father was hardly in his life; and her mother had died when she was a baby. There were many complications to both of their lives, but they were too young to understand this. His father left him and his mother when he was younger; her father was the local Friar and beekeeper. They did not understand the hard times of their parents life; but they seemed not to be interested in these thing. They were only children. Playing childish games; at what they 'thought' what family was supposed to be.

The rain had finally started to fall; and John could see his mother coming up from over the hill. "Little John! Where are you? John? We have to leave. It's time to go." turning to Violet, John gave a confused look; before shrugging, as he frowned.

"I have to go." he called to his best friend. Waving to her, as he raced to his mother, who was motioning to her son, with a small frown on her face. Violet watched as her friend had raced off; and waved good-bye.

Feeling the small droplets fall from the sky, Violet turned back to the Abbey; before seeing Friar Tuck-her own father-coming out of the church; wearing his beekeepers outfit-along with his habit. "Papa!" Violet called, before going up to her father. Turning back, to look at where her friend had stood; "Where are they going?"

Tuck did not answer and just frowned. "They're leaving."

"Where? Where are the going? Are the going home?" Violet questioned her father. He had no answers for her; what could he tell her? He didn't have the heart to tell her that her closest friend was moving away-far away-to Edinburgh, and probably would never come back.

"A new home, they're moving away from Nottingham." he replied, before feeling the need to take his daughter by the hand. Violet gave her father a confused look; before frowning. Sometimes parents were cruel to their children, and did not tell them the story as to 'why', but in time, they'd understand it was for the best.

Tuck had lead Violet to the town; the rain falling softly. There was no thunder or lightening with this passing storm. Just rain.

John had made his way with his mother, along with his thing already packed; as he followed her to the wagon. "Where are we going, mum?" the boy asked his mother. John's mother did not have the heart to tell her son, they were leaving. Going to Edinburgh, away from what was happening in Nottingham. So they could have a better life.

"On a trip. We're going to be staying with aunt Berta in Edinburgh." the mother replied, now putting a few baskets of things into the wagon; pointing to a bundle of cloth for her son to put into the wagon.

"I don't want to go visit aunt Berta. I want to stay here and play." John said in disapproval of his mother. Tossing the bundle into the wagon, annoyingly.

"We have to." his mother said, now picking the boy up and placing him into the wagon; before she heard a familiar voice calling her.

"Miss Little-" it was Friar Tuck, and his daughter; "-I just thought it was only right for the children to say their good-byes, before you leave." he said. The elder Little nodded, before finishing up her packing; Tuck helping her with her things.

John sat disgruntled in the wagon, before looking down seeing his best friend at his feet, which brought a grin to his face. "Where are you going, John?" his best friend asked.

"To visit my aunt Berta in Edinburgh." he replied to her.

Violet frowned; the young girl didn't know where Edinburgh was and it showed on her face that she didn't know. "Where's Edinburgh? How far is it?" she asked, now turning to her father-whom patted her shoulder.

"Far away dear. We need to let them finish up packing for their trip. Now, say good-bye, Violet. We don't want to keep them awaiting."

Violet turned to look at John again; confused she tilted her head; "I'll keep Thomas safe 'til you get back, promise." she nodded, holding the potato tightly in her arms. Her best friend was leaving her-and not coming back. She did not realized this now-but they wouldn't see each-other again-unless by a miracle of God.

John frowned deeply before nodding; "Okay. You promise?" he asked her-she nodded.

"Yeah. Promise." she smiled, still hugging to potato.

It was then that Miss Little sat next to her son on the wagon; a frown flooding her face. Tuck had the exact reaction on his face, but he forced a smile to appear. "Safe travels. Many blessing. We'll keep you both in our prayers." he said, before waving the Little family off.

As the wagon managed to ride off; Violet too a few steps forward-watching her friend leave. John managed to look toward his mother-then toward the fading childhood friend of his, waving. "Goodbye Violet!" he called to her. Unsure of how long he'd be gone, but he did not know, it would be for a long time. Too long.

"Goodbye John!" he heard the brunette call to him, waving with a frown on his face. He was hopeful that his stay in Edinburgh wouldn't last long; but he did not know that this would be the last time he'd see of his best friend-for a long time.

A/N: End of the prologue|flashback. More to come soon.