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Looking out the window, Alice Swan felt a slight tug inside her chest. For three reasons. It was sunny, and it was Monday, and she wouldn't see her love of her life, Isabella Cullen at school. Pouting slightly, she moved her skirt out of the way of being caught on the bedpost. It wasn't as if she would never see her again. It was just that she was so used to Isabella being there. Silent in words, but with her emotions, her eyes, Isabella's love for her was unconditional, and full on strong.

And in that moment, Alice's mind instantly formed the memory of the night that happened only 3 days ago – before her beloved left for a hunt in Canada. Apparently there was lots of bears and elk there.

Isabella's eyes were no longer a bright topaz that shown with cool emotions, but darker, more passionate amber that were aflame with lust, love, and overall insane need. And all of that was directed towards her, Mary-Alice Swan. Thank God! Needless to say, Alice's throat was a bit rough from the screaming, and moaning. She inwardly thanked whatever gods that were in their respective heavens that Charlie was spending the night at Sue Clearwater's. Alice wouldn't know what on earth she would do, except be extremely mortified and humiliated, if Charlie heard her cries of passion, and occasional pleads for a little more spankings. Flushing, Alice inwardly wondered what she had done to deserve someone so deliciously, and strikingly beautiful.

Isabella was no Rosalie, that was for sure. With hair as gold as the sun, skin pale like swans, lips full and plump, perfect cheekbones, dangerous, but 'stop-dead-in-your-tracks' eyes that were framed with gorgeously long eyelashes. Top that with perfect breasts, long legs, and an ass to match, you had your definition of 'blond bombshell'. Rosalie was so..beautiful. And yet, she only made Alice look once, and when she laid her eyes on the lovely Isabella, the beauty of Rosalie instantly slipped her mind.

She inwardly didn't know what to think of her, when Alice first laid her eyes on the slender Cullen, or when she first saw the five Cullen's when she first attended Forks high School. Especially when she was leaning a bit too close to the redhead of their little odd family. If that was strange to her, then what was even stranger was when she felt the jealousy, no, the hostility that emanated from her every pore as the redhead leaned into Isabella's direction and his 'perfect lips' -that were no where near as perfect looking as Isabella's full, slightly uneven ones- (So what if her top lips was slightly fuller than her bottom one? It only made her look much more beautiful.) were moving, almost as if they were talking to each other.

Isabella seemed uninterested, occasionally she would look at the redhead with a bored golden stare. And those eyes captured Alice's soul, and truth be told, she would willingly give it all up towards the brunette.

'Stay the hell away from her, you ugly, demented, perverted redhead! Shes MINE!' Alice inwardly snarled, and instantly backtracked. Where the hell did that come from? Shell-shocked, Alice quickly looked away from the beautiful family. But not before the redhead, whom Alice was really starting to dislike – she had seen the slight movement he made, almost as if he wanted to test her temper, and tried to get closer to the brunette.

Fuming silently in her seat, Alice gripped her diet soda, wishing that it was that bastard redhead's head.

'He better keep his damn, unfashionable mitts off her, or else I'm gonna fucking skewer him alive.' Alice thought with unusual malice, feeling the heat of jealousy pulse through her veins when she saw the redhead pull out the beautiful brunette's chair, and then waited for another blond male to walk beside him and then, slowly, they made off.

'Seriously, those levi's were SO yesterday! Talk about a fashion disaster.' Alice inwardly sneered, her hazel eyes taking in the horrible pants that adorned the redhead's legs.

"Who the hell was that?" Alice snarled under her breath. Jessica, who was busy gossiping with Lauren, turned her head just in time to see the Cullen's leave. Snorting not so quietly, Jessica leaned in, almost as if she was going to reveal some juicy gossip.

"Well, the blond girl, that's Rosalie Hale. She's dating Emmett Cullen, the big muscled guy with the dark curly hair. And the other blond is Jasper Hale. He's dating Edward Cullen, the bronze-haired one." upon hearing that, Alice snapped her pixie head at Jessica's face, surprise on her own face. "I know, gross right?" She sneered with disgust. "And the last one, well, that's Isabella Cullen." Jessica said bitingly. Blinking in confusion, she looked at Jessica with questioning hazel eyes.

"What's so bad about her?" Alice asked, reminding herself that even if she clawed out Jessica's eyeballs, she would ruin her new nails. And it took forever to get the pink from the cosmetic shop, and even longer to open the damn bottle.

Meaning, it was definitely not worth scratching the bitch's eyes out – no matter how tempting it sounded.

"She's Emmett's little sister, and she, of course, has every single guy here pining after her and she doesn't even consider dating them. She just rips their hearts out and leaves them for us." Jessica sniffed. Alice would have believed it if she didn't notice the slight amount of sourness in Jessica's gray eyes.

The lunch bell had went, before Alice could even ask why that was a bad thing, if they were getting all the boys. But it seemed that in that moment, that Jessica had asked Isabella out, and Isabella had turned Jessica down. Alice couldn't feel more happier.

And the minute that she entered her Literature class, and sat down next to the beautiful, but silent brunette, Mary-Alice Swan fell head over heels in love with Isabella Cullen.

A loud knock instantly knocked Alice out of her memory stream and saw her father, Charlie stick his head inside her room, being slightly careful as if not to see anything remotely bare skinned.

"Alice, if you don't leave then you'll be late for school – Even if you take your...porche." Charlie said, feeling slightly annoyed that his beloved daughter brought a car that was more suited for the speeding highways of Germany than the small, rainy town of Forks.

Not that he didn't think that it wasn't nice. He had Alice drive him to his new love-intrest's place, Sue Clearwater's place. He had to admit, it went along smoothly, and the slight purr the engine made nearly made him have a small O.

"Right...I'll go have some breakfast." Alice said, in a slight daze. It wasn't everyday that you daydream about your immortal hubby, get a slight reaction, and have your dad interrupt you all just for the sake of going to some stupid purgatory called school.

After eating a not-so-exciting breakfast of oatmeal, brown sugar, and buttered toast(tastes better than it sounds) Alice made her way to school, ignoring the pit of emptiness that settled in her stomach.

"Hey, Alice, before you leave, I'm going to Sue's after work...soo..." Charlie incoherently mumbled the rest of his sentence. And Alice didn't have to be a genius to guess what was going to happen.

"Oh. Cool. I'll be doing the laundry anyway. Its stacking up. And I will do that, after my...homework." Alice said, feeling the emptiness fill her even more, why couldn't it be Saturday? Then she could be shopping whenever she pleased...with Isabella there beside her. Charlie rolled his eyes, knowing very well that 'homework' was just an undercover name for 'shopping'.

"All right. But be careful." Charlie said, pulling Alice into an awkward hug, which Alice responded by nearly crushing his spine by giving him a big hug – she was really like her mother in some aspects.

"All ways am, All ways will." Alice chimed, giving Charlie her charming smile.

Needless to say, Charlie was a bit confused, but he shook it off. If only he could have some sort of awesome superpower and fast-forward through time and get to Sue's later...

Mmmm...banana bread..


Collapsing on her bed, Alice inwardly began to whine when she removed her new jimmy-choos from her poorly abused feet. Normally, her feet wouldn't be sore at all. She started to wear high-heels at the age of 6 years old – dress up, mind you – it was just that, when you wear new high heels for more than 8 hours, your feet tend to get really sore.

"Stupid shoes...I'm never going to wear you again!" Alice snapped, holding both of the killer-looking-high-heels near her face. "Evil!" She snapped, tossing the shoes halfway across her bedroom, watching them hit the wall with a bitter satisfaction.

"You know.." A female silken voice that came out of no where, and nearly scared Alice out of her wits, said with amusement "talking to inanimate objects is a sign of insanity." Alice instantly whirled around, and felt her heart nearly skip 5 beats when her hazel eyes devoured the sight of Isabella Cullen, eyes bright and gold, glowing in the evening light.

"You're back!" Alice cried out, and zipped straight into Isabella's cool, and marble arms.

"I am truly sorry that I spent so much time away from you."Isabella said softly, kissing the top of Alice's head. Flushing at the sound of her voice, and the serenity, Alice looked up at the golden eyes that held so much emotion for her only. Only she, Mary-Alice would see Isabella like this.

"Really sorry?"Alice asked, looking up at her lover with cute, glassy hazel eyes.


Almost instantly, a thought hit Alice. Inwardly cackling like the wicked witch of the west, Alice pressed her smaller, softer body against the taller, slender, and more smoother body.

"Well then.."Alice purred, leaning forward, kissing a certain spot on cool, marble smooth skin. With her sharp hearing, she caught the small, sharp breath that her beloved took.

"Alice.."Isabella said, her voice dark. It would have scared off most humans – even vampires. But to Alice, it was a major turn on.

"I guess...we'll just have to do something about that." Alice purred, licking the smooth, cool neck.

And in that instant, Alice found her clothes ripped off, and tossed on the bed. Before she could realize it, she was currently in her matching bra and panties – both a dark emerald green- and pressed against a wall.

"Any last requests, Alice Swan?" Isabella asked, mock-threateningly.

"Kiss me." Alice said, hooking her legs around the slender waist, moaning when she felt a hand squeeze her thigh with a soft firmness.

"Yes, mi'lady." And then, all thoughts from Alice's mind slipped away.

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