TGWT: Total Glee World Tour

Chapter 1

We begin this story at the glee practice room two weeks before the tragedy strikes. Since Mr. Schue's divorce came through with his wife "Terry", he received half of what his wife owns and her shares. He decides to break the news to the Glee club that ten of them are going with two teachers on a flight to Jamaica to perform at the "Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival."

"Hey guys, Listen- up, we have got a new assignment" announced Mr. Schue to the entire Glee group.

"What is it Mr. Schue?"Rachel asked curiously.

"Alright, now don't freak out but ten of the Glee group are going to be performing at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival this month!" Mr. Schue explained excitedly.

"Oh my god that's amazing, Mr. Schue, but, won't it cost allot of, you know, cash?"

"Don't worry about that, I've got that all sorted; Now all that you have got to do is to get your parents to sign this booklet with your allergies and Medical Stuff. Now about the assignment, I will need you all individually to write an essay about the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival." Mr. Schue explained whilst tapping a bunch of Medical forms.

"What? Mr. Schue, can't you just pick us by our individual talent? But, no, that might not be fare for everyone because I will defiantly be at the top of the list because I have got the most talent in this club." Rachel pointed out, to which in five seconds she was covered from head to toe in ice cold Slushy juice courtesy of Puck, Santanna and Britney, leading to a cat fight including all the girls plus Kurt, verging on tearing the entire arts department apart

"Hey, that is not the type of glee kids that I want to be taking to Jamaica. Rachel, go and get yourself cleaned up. Ok then, no essay, just decide between you all and, be fair." Mr Schue warned them as the fight died down.