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The events of this story take place after The Rogue Hunter, but follow no other timeline because it's more fun doing my own thang ;)

"I can't get enough of you, Sam."

Samantha Willan released a throaty laugh at the husky words her life mate, Garrett Mortimer, whispered against her neck between kisses.

"I return that sentiment in full, and I'd love nothing more than to stay here and let you ravish me, but I really have to leave for work."

Mortimer heaved a martyred sigh and reluctantly removed his lips from Sam's deliciously soft skin. Rising from her seat on the bed, Sam smoothed her gray pencil skirt and reminded him that this was her last day at the law firm before her two weeks notice will have been fulfilled. "Then I'll be able to focus on helping you here at headquarters. We'll have so much time together that you'll probably get sick of me."

"Impossible." Mortimer watched while his life mate moved around the room gathering the items she'd need for her day. He smiled when, mumbling to herself, she bent down to retrieve her keys after dropping them. His amusement turned to concern, however, when Sam stumbled a few steps to the side after rising too quickly.

"You OK?" Mortimer was at her side in a flash to offer a steadying hand.

"I'm fine." Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. "My ear infection must be acting up again."

The inner ear infection was a reoccurring problem that put her off-balance. Sam had never found the time to see a specialist about it. But since, as soon as she felt ready, Mortimer would turn her and make her immortal, Sam figured it'd be a waste of time to see a doctor. The nanos would forever eliminate the infection once she was immortal.

"I'm walking you to your car."

"OK, Mr. Bossy." Sam let Mortimer see her smile at his brusque tone. She wasn't actually annoyed at his bossiness. She knew he only wanted to keep her safe and she appreciated his protective nature.

Once seated and buckled in her car, her handsfree cell phone ear set in place and favorite radio station on, Sam backed down the driveway of the house that served not only as the couple's new home, but also as the new enforcer headquarters.

Looking back at Mortimer, who stood inside the garage just out of reach of any morning sunlight, Sam blew him a playful kiss and reveled in the fact that he was hers.

Sam actually found herself smiling as she practically skipped through the doors of Babcock, Hiller, and Bundy for her final day of work.

Sam had always felt stress and pressure due to her rising career as a lawyer. She had sacrificed a social life, sleep…her health. And now that she had found true joy and love with Mortimer, Sam realized she had sacrificed her happiness as well. That was no longer the case, because after today Sam would no longer have any cases. She had filled-in a few of the other junior lawyers at the firm and they were now prepared to take on the workload.

On her way to her boss' (soon-to-be former boss') office, Sam was approached by Langley Beyers, a fellow junior lawyer. She didn't know him well, but did know he was a good worker and seemingly nice guy.

"I'm a little sad it's your last day. I was going to take you out for a farewell lunch, but I guess time got away from me."

Sam offered him a smile. "Time seems to do that a lot, but I appreciate the thought. I'm actually on my way to see Mr. Babcock before heading out of the office," Sam explained so Langley would know she didn't have time to chit-chat. "Good luck with your career, Langley."

As Sam turned away, Langley took a hold of her arm to keep her attention.

Sam raised a questioning eyebrow.

"If you're free after work," he continued, unfazed by the awkward moment, "I'd love to take you out."

"Um, that's nice of you, but unfortunately I can't." Sam gently pulled her arm free of his hold and gave him a placating smile before saying her goodbyes; again.

Once in Mr. Babcock's office, while listening to a persuasive yet ineffective speech about why she should stay with the firm, Sam looked up to see Langley watching her through the picture windows from across the outer office. A chill shot up her spine at his intense, pointed stare. As wrapped up as she'd always been in her work, Sam wondered if she'd ever been on the receiving end of that stare before.

Brushing it off as an overreaction, Sam thanked Mr. Babcock for everything, but expounded her decision to leave.

Anxious to get home to Mortimer, Sam walked out of the law firm for the last time.