Happy New Year to all my readers of this and my fanfic readers :] Thanks for following this story and stuff you guys are awesome. Now without further ado. Chapter 12 :] So sorry it's so short but I couldn't keep you guys on a cliff hanger from the last chapter XD Chapter 13 will be longer I promise :]

-Randy's POV-

I don't know where I am. All I know is my back hurts and I have cuts on my arms and across my legs. I sit up and I notice I'm in a heavily wooded area. How the fuck did I end up here? Wasn't I just talking to John. Wasn't I in the house with everyone else? What happened. I can barely grasp what's going on. I feel myself fading back...into a deep sleep...somebody...find me...somebody...Please...save me.

-John's POV-

"I looked everywhere, where can he be?" I asked Stephen tearing his house apart. Randy is missing and right now is not the time to be missing. I am trying to save him from "The Viper" It's almost time to bring him to James and I can't bring him if he's missing now can I?

"It's not like you have anywhere tobe calm down" Stephen said holding down my shoulders

"I do and I need Randy to come to.."

"John please tell me you didn't..."

"It's the only fucking way Stephen"

"John. I just...Come downstairs when you have come to your senses" Stephen said closing the room door and going downstairs. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door it was Jeff. Covered in dirt. For a kid whos 14 he surely acts like he's about 2. He's so playful it's cute. He comes over and sits next to me

"Where is Randy?" He asked me

"I'm not sure" I replied back

"Randy isn't like everyone else is he?"

"What do you mean Jeff?"

"There is something wrong with him"

"Why would you say that?"

"I don't know he seems off. I mean I don't dislike him. I don't dislike anyone really. But he just needs help. Were you gonna get him help?"

"Yes I would but now he's gone"

"Well he'll come back. I know it. No one else seems to care he's missing. Almost as if he never existed. But I care. I know he existed" Jeff said looking up at me and then walking out. He's such a deep kid. I shook my head and proceeded to come downstairs when I saw a shadow by the door. A tall shadow. To tall to be the kids at least. Then someone knocked on the door. I braced myself and opened it. James Mitchell...how did he even know I was here...he has his ways.

"John I do believe we had an appointment" He said pointing at his watch

"I know but the kid kinda went missing" I said looking down


"Hush your voice...Stephen doesn't want you here and also he went missing like I went to get him and he was fucking gone"

"John who are you talking to?" I heard Stephen yell from the kitchen. Oh God not now.

"The kids!" I lied

"Oh okay" Stephen said. I breathed a sigh of relief maybe that lie should hold him over for now.

"We have got to find him" James said putting his hands on my shoulders

"I know we do"

"Where do you think he could of gone?"

"Hell if I know. He can be anywhere right now. ANYWHERE"

"Well we haven't time to waste..let's go" James said pulling me out the house. Madison ran over to me as James was opening his car door and looked kinda scared which I would be to if I was her and saw my older brother get kidnapped by a guy in a flashy red suit and a pimp cane.

"Where are you going? And who is this guy?" Madison asked me

"He's a friend. I'm helping him with something...just do me a favor don't tell Stephen you saw this guy okay" I said closing the car door

"Why?" She mouthed out but I just shook my head and she walked back over to the others. James stepped on the gas so hard I was pretty sure we were gonna go straight into the tree in front of us.

"I can't believe you were so careless. This is life or death and you let the fucker get away" James said driving down the interstate like a maniac.

"I didn't mean to. I didn't think he'd try to run"

"Well The Viper is a crafty one. I almost defeated him before .He knows you got me. We will be lucky if we don't find this kid dead somewhere for your insolence"

"Thanks for saying this is my fault makes me feel good"

"Well it is. You should of kept that kid under heavy duty watch" James said driving down to his store and parking the car in front of it

"Why are we here?" I asked

"Just stay in the car ...there is something I need to get" James said running into his store. Just then my phone rang. Stephen. I debate whether I should answer or not. I decide to answer because I'm gonna have to tell him what's going on sooner or later.

"Hello?" I said trying to sound as if nothings going on

"Was James Mitchell here?" Stephen asked

"Why?" I asked trying to play dumb

"I don't know Madison told me a guy in a red suit threw you in his car and drove off...John why was he at my house...how did he even know where I live"

"Don't worry about that...he's helping me find Randy"

"Oh God not this shit again"

"Stephen please..believe me"

"I can't when you are talking fucking crazy. You need to get your ass back home. I can only lie to your sister for so long."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her James is just a friend you have that I don't like cuz she said you told her not to tell me. You are so fucking suspicious John . I just have no words"

"Stephen just I'm gonna find Randy and save him just please"

"He doesn't need to be saved it's not like he's fucking possessed"


"John you know what .. whatever...come back when you gained sanity" And with that the line died. It kills me that Stephen doesn't believe me but he will be thanking me , everyone will be thanking me when I save them from what Randy/The Viper is capable of. James finally came back 20 minutes later holding a big book covered in dust and passed it to me in the backseat.

"What is this?" I asked

"Don't worry bout it. Just don't open it" He said pulling out of the space and continuing on down the road

"Is it gonna help us?"

"It's gonna do more than that..just trust me" He said detouring into the woods. All of a sudden I feel not as confident as I did twenty minutes ago. All of a sudden I feel like getting James involved...was not the best idea.

"Why are we in the woods?" I asked

"Because we are gonna do something out here to conjure The Viper to us"

"I don't feel good about this"

"It doesn't matter how youfeel John. Think of that boy. If you want to save him you have to put your fear aside and do this"

"But what will I have to do"

"We will discuss that...when the time comes"