Title: The Perfect Mother

Author: slytherin-nette

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters you recognize from the HP books in this story. All I own is the plot and the OCs. Everything else belongs to JK Rowling.

Full Summary: In which Jaimee "Harry" Potter finally learns, once and for all, that all Malfoys really do get what they want. Even if, sometimes, they need to make a few mistakes along the way to get it. Of course, hilarity, madness and good ol' family fun ensues. TPG/TPW Universe, Next Generation Fic. :D

Pairings: DM/femHP, GrM/?, GbM/?, HM/?, Many others. :D

Timeline: Assume the prologue happens when the twins are 7 and Hale is 5. After that, there is a time lapse and the rest of the story happens during Garrett & Gabriel's seventh year / Hale's fifth year.

Warnings: This is a NEXT GENERATION story based on the characters and universe of TPG/TPW so hopefully, you've all read those two stories first before attempting to read this one. Also, be warned of slow updates on this story as I will be focusing most of my attention on my other two stories too. :D

A/N: And now…Presenting the FINAL installment to The Perfect Series! :D

I finally got around to writing this! Very sorry it took ages but I've just been swamped with so much work these days… Not to mention the fact that I'm also writing TWO other stories on the side. Waaaah! T_T Anyway, I don't expect this fic to be long. 10 chapters at most. Enjoy the story! :D

Chapter 1 – Prologue

40-year-old Marge Merryweather, Headmistress of Littlesworth Preparatory Academy, considered herself to be a fairly formidable woman – especially when it came to dealing with children.

Littlesworth was an exclusive preparatoryschool, relied upon by the most prestigious families. As young as the children entering the school were – ranging from ages 5 to 10 – it was crucial that their years in the school were spent on molding them into future, well-bred and cultured young adults.

Having taught in this very institution for more than twenty years, she believed herself knowledgeable in every little thing that happened in her school – and more importantly, she knew every single thing that happened amongst her students. Some, if not most of her students, she knew were the sons or daughters of the richest families in London and were very much normal children.

Some of the kids, like the occasional bad apples she's seen over the years, were quite difficult to deal with and required more attention than the others – nothing a little proper discipline couldn't fix. Littlesworth was, after all, one of the top preparatory schools for children in England and it certainly wouldn't dowell to have her students acting like the mere common peasants out along the streets.


Marge's dry, red-painted lips curled into a displeased scowl as she gazed down over her horn-rimmed glasses at the three, innocently smiling blonde children seated across from her in her office.

These three…Are an entirely different case altogether.

She pressed her lips together in a line and began tapping her pen impatiently against the table.

"You three…Malfoys."

One by one, the seemingly angelic faces of three platinum blondes – two identical twin boys and one girl with her long hair up in pigtails - all blinked up at her, their eyes twinkling with unspoken mischief. She glared at them, her heavily outlined eyes narrowing as she studied their expressions.

"Would either of you three care to explain to me what happened this morning?"

A slight movement caught her eye and her gaze riveted to the blonde in the middle of the group – none other than seven-year-old Gabriel Harry Malfoy, easily the most polite of all three children. He took heed of his brother and sister nudging him from either side and began to speak up.

"If you'd allow me to elucidate further the situation, Headmistress—"

Marge felt her left eye twitch involuntarily in irritation.


Gabriel blinked once as though in surprise and gave her a politely confused smile.

"Elucidate, Headmistress…It's a verb that's quite synonymous to 'explain'—"

"I know what 'elucidate' means, Mister Malfoy! Do not get smart with me! Speak your age!"

She heard a definite snigger coming from the identical blonde seven-year-old beside Gabriel – his smirking brother – but she chose to ignore him and settled her glare on the former instead.


Gabriel smiled pleasantly at her again, his emerald green eyes sparkling with amusement.

"What I'd like to 'explain' is that—"

Marge heard another poorly muffled sound of laughter coming from Gabriel's sister seated at his left but the seven-year-old continued speaking before Marge could even address her reaction.

"—our fellow students obviously must have misinterpreted what they saw today out in the playground. They were quite hysterical saying they saw Garrett, Hailene and I coming to school on—"

"You were seen FLYING into the school grounds on BROOMSTICKS!" Marge's nostrils flared with anger and her eyes narrowed again as they fixed sharply on the twins' identical, wide smiles.

The two boys were certainly a striking pair, she'd give them that. With their unique shade of silver blonde hair and very bright green eyes, it was almost tempting to let the matter slide but when Gabriel attempted to speak up again, Marge broke him off before he could even try to say anything.

"You three were seen by no less than three of your classmates this morning – FLYING up over the school on broomsticks!" She slammed her palm against the table and caused the twins to wince. She shoved her glasses higher onto her nose when they were about to slip and turned to their sister.

"Miss Malfoy…Would you care to explain for your brothers, instead…?"

Like her two brothers, Hailene Antoinette Malfoy's hair was silver blonde but her eyes were a light shade of gray – near silver. Her features were exceptionally beautiful, the face of an angel indeed. She met Marge's flushed features with slightly wincing but nevertheless, innocent smile that would have made even the harshest judge relent. Marge, however, was certainly no judge and she answered this with another suspicious sneer of growing contempt before leaning back against her seat.

"Suspicious…Suspicious indeed…I've had my eye on you three for quite some time now."

Marge paused and slowly, she reached into the bottom drawer of her desk, pulling out three thick folders. Ignoring all three children's confused looks at each other, she placed all three folders separately onto her desk and opened the first one, holding it up so that they could read the first page.

"Garrett Draco Potter Malfoy…" She read out loud for them, instantly causing Garrett – the oldest among the three seated in front of her – to stiffen in shock and glare at her in obvious dislike.

Marge glared at him over her glasses and sneered back, flicking her gaze back to their files.

"I have all of your school records here, actually…And…" She placed Garrett's folder back onto the table and picked up Gabriel's instead, flipping over it briefly and frowning as she read its contents.

"It seems you three have been giving your teachers quite the strangest experiences lately…Certainly stranger than all the other cases I've ever witnessed in my years as Headmistress here…" She paused and looked up at them again, feeling a surge of satisfaction when she saw that the three blondes seemed to have lost their amusement now and were fidgeting around in nervousness.

Setting the folders back down, she eyed them carefully, noting their uneasy expressions.

"Is there something about you three that I should know…?"

When neither Gabriel nor Garrett seemed inclined to say anything, Hailene finally spoke up since the first time they had entered the room. She turned to Marge and gave her an imploring look.

"We're sorry! We didn't mean to! Mommy or Daddy weren't home and the house-elves—"

Marge's eyes narrowed and her face began to blotch purple in growing anger.

"Exactly what are…House-elves…Miss Malfoy?"

Hailene instantly looked as though she wanted to cry and take back her words but Garrett interrupted before she could say anything else, looking up at Marge and giving her a disdainful sneer.

"Why do we even have to tell you anything…? You're nothing but a filthy muggle!"

Gabriel and the Headmistress' eyes both widened at the same time but while Gabriel's had widened because of shock, Marge's had widened with a mixture of both confusion and shocked insult.


Hailene reached up and slapped her palm over her forehead while Gabriel shook his head.

"Garrett, we're not supposed to say anything—"

Garrett's sneer widened as though he hadn't heard him and he looked up at Marge with a smug expression on his features. "I called you a muggle…It's a term used for those with no magic—"

Highly irritated at the seven-year-old's impertinence, Marge interrupted him with a low growl.


"Headmistress Merryweather! I'm so sorry to keep you waiting!"

Pausing right in the middle of attempting to reach over the table and grab a smirking Garrett Malfoy by his collar, Marge managed to look up just as the doors to her office opened and a tall, black-haired woman came rushing into the room, her lithe frame covered by a long, simple black cloak.

The ends of the cloak seemed to flow out magically behind her and for a minute, Marge stared in bewilderment at her. She watched as the young woman slipped the black cloak off and slung it on her arm when she entered, causing the Headmistress to gape even more at her very unique outfit.

What in the world—

Though the woman's frame was slight – tall and slender – the clothes that adorned her body were made of the most interesting material Marge had ever seen. The fabric was thick, very durable and glistened with an elegant glow. A strange symbol was emblazoned onto the fabric's front. She wore a pair of thick leather boots and her hair, long and black, was piled loosely on top of her head.

She was remarkably beautiful; even Marge couldn't deny that. But there was a certain aura or strangeness about her that the Headmistress quite didn't understand. And she certainly didn't like it.

"Ah…Let me guess—"

The scowling Headmistress recognized the face of the woman in front of her immediately.

"—Mistress Jaimee Malfoy…? Am I correct…?"

She had only met her once before but she never forgot a face – especially one as annoyingly pretty as hers. And if anything, Marge had to make sure she remembered all of her students' parents.

It was one of her major responsibilities as Headmistress of Littlesworth Academy.

The young mother smiled uncertainly at her again, ducking her head once in embarrassment.

"Last time I checked…" She gave a short, clipped laugh and ran a hand through her hair to push the black locks away from her face, allowing Marge to see her features and her bright green eyes.

Jaimee smiled then, her eyes glowing with warmth, and extended her hand out in greeting.

"Headmistress Merryweather…Always a pleasure, of course…What can I do for you…?"

Marge eyed her face carefully, noting the strange lightning-bolt shaped scar on her forehead.

"Yes…I'd like a brief word with you…Mistress Malfoy…About your children…If you don't mind."

Apparently, Jaimee certainly looked as though she did mind but her smile only tightened. She nodded carefully and after they shook hands, made her way over to where the kids were standing.

"Please have a seat, Mistress Malfoy."

Marge did not fail to notice the way Jaimee's narrowed eyes had averted very quickly from her to meet her childrens' several feet away. She also didn't miss the fact that Jaimee, as expected, looked very much like she was trying hard not to show her anger at the wincing blondes. She literally had to force a smile back onto her face when she turned to meet Marge's suspicious dark eyes again.

"Is there a problem with the children, Headmistress…?"

Instead of answering her right away, Marge turned to look at the three blonde children who had now stood up from their seats near their mother and were fidgeting around in obvious discomfort.

"Frankly, Mistress Malfoy…I'm concerned about your children's rather…Odd behaviors…"

Gabriel's eyes flashed and he looked like he was about to protest but Jaimee spoke again.

"Really…? And what sort of odd behavior would you be referring to, Headmistress…?"

Marge had taken that opportunity to peer closely into one of the folders on her table so she failed to notice that Jaimee was gesticulating madly to her children and pointing frantically to the door.

"Go outside! I'll handle this! Go before she changes her mind!"

All three Malfoys got the hint immediately and the instant Marge had turned back around, Jaimee was already smiling innocently at her and all three Malfoy children had just left the room. When the door shut noisily behind them, Jaimee winced again and looked up at Marge's cold glare.

"So…Headmistress, you were saying?"

"Mistress Malfoy—"

"Oh, please call me Harry."

At the strangely masculine-sounding name, Marge's eyebrow arched up at her in question.


The younger woman smiled sheepishly at her again, scratching at the back of her head.

"Long story."

Marge's eyebrows slowly fused together in suspicion but she nodded and reluctantly continued.

"Very well…Harry…If I may begin with—but—wh—where are the children?"

Jaimee's smile tightened again and she leaned back uneasily against her seat.

"I've asked them to go back to their classes, Headmistress…We wouldn't want them missing out on their academic tasks now, would we? I'm sure this matter can be settled between us." She folded her hands carefully onto her lap, drawing Marge's attention to the strange ring on her finger.

It was a white gold, contrasting perfectly against Jaimee's pale skin, but what puzzled Marge was not the ring itself but the emerald on top it – emblazoned with a strange insignia that glowed in such a luminescent way that that it was almost, as Garrett had mentioned just minutes ago, magical.

And that intrigued Marge greatly.

Narrowing her eyes again, she copied the younger woman's stance and leaned back casually against her seat with a cold smile. "That's a very strange ring you're wearing, Mistress Malfoy…Is that your family insignia, you have there?" She asked, making sure she kept her voice light and casual.

At once, Jaimee's reaction was to sit up straighter and laugh nervously, hiding her hand behind her back. "Oh…Well, Headmistress…It's my husband's actually…His family insignia…I…uhm—"

Marge smiled calmly at her, raising a single eyebrow at Jaimee's growing nervousness.

"What did you say you and your husband did again for a living, Mistress Malfoy…Harry?"

Blinking, Jaimee stared stiffly at her for a couple of seconds before smiling uneasily again.

"My husband is in…family business…And I'm into…politics." She placed her bare hand over the strange ring on her other one when Marge looked as though she was trying to get a look at it again.

"I see…And your husband's family…? What kind of business are they involved in…?" She arched an eyebrow again and her gaze fell once more on the lightning bolt scar on Jaimee's forehead.

Jaimee followed her gaze and immediately moved away, her eyes beginning to narrow.

"Mostly…Investments…Er…International investments and acquisitions…You know…That kind of thing…" She forced out a laugh and crossed one of her legs over the other. "Anyway, Headmistress…Let me not bore you about this. You said you wanted to talk to me about my kids, right? Anything happen to them that I should be concerned about?" She looked at Marge expectantly.

Marge did not take Jaimee's seemingly nonchalant behavior as a sign to let her guard down and if anything, she merely sneered again but nodded, reaching over and opening one of her folders.

"Very well then, young Harry…If I may—" She paused and flipped Garrett's folder open first, looking up again quickly in warning when it looked as though Jaimee was trying to peer into the folder.


When she noticed that Marge was glaring at her, she offered a sheepish smile and leaned back against her seat. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, she shrugged and gestured for Marge to continue.

"Please go on."

Marge's eyes narrowed and she shook her head as she began rifling through Garrett's records.

"As I was saying…I'll begin with your oldest, Mistress Malfoy—" She froze and jerked her attention back to the younger woman again when it looked as though Jaimee had swatted warningly at something peeking impatiently from her bag. It was gone in a blink of an eye, however, and Marge wasn't even sure she saw anything as she eyed the young mother smiling innocently at her again.

"Yes…? You were saying…? Headmistress?"

Utterly confused, Marge reluctantly tore her suspicious gaze away from Jaimee's black purse.

"Frankly, Harry…I have to admit I'm rather concerned about young Garrett's—" She paused as she pulled out a sheet of paper from the folder and set it in front of her, smoothing it with her palms.

"—antisocial behavior."

At once, Jaimee's eyebrows fused together and she stared, obviously not understanding.

"I'm sorry, Headmistress…I'm not so sure I understand what you mean—"

"I mean—" Marge's dry lips tightened again and she gave the other woman a condescending glare, pointing frantically to one of the written reports of the teachers included into Garrett's folder.

"—your son is a disrespectful, obnoxious little brat."

"Garrett, sweetie…What are you doing over here…? Don't you want to ride the horses?"


"Oh but don't you want to see that really pretty—"


"How about your friends, wouldn't you want to go with them—"


"You don't like the zoo very much do you, sweetie?"

At the sound of his teacher's warm, friendly voice, the blonde seven-year-old scowling by himself near the benches at the other end of the zoo looked up and answered with a shake of his head.


He didn't say anything else though and his teacher frowned slightly at his antisocial behavior.

"Aren't you enjoying our field trip? Do you not like being with your classmates like this?"

Again, Garrett's only response was to scowl even further and glare up haughtily at her.


His teacher looked irritated at this, looking around the zoo around them and watching as the other students of her class ran about happily, eager to view the other animals trapped in the cages.

"Garrett…" She began, watching as the blonde continued to ignore her presence altogether.

Leaning down slightly so she could peer at the drawing the seven-year-old was so busily fussing over, she offered him a patient smile and tried to speak again in a more encouraging voice.

"Garrett…Do you want me to come with you and introduce you to some of your classmates?"

Garrett blinked and looked up at her with bright green eyes – a disdainful sneer on his lips.


The young teacher frowned at him, growing more and more agitated by his attitude.

"Why not?"

He scoffed as though the very question she had asked amused him and jerkily shook his head.

"Father says a Malfoy should never associate with muggles." His voice held a distinct air of superiority and childish arrogance as he spoke, further irritating his teacher with his snobby remark.

"And just what is that supposed to mean, Garrett…? Pray tell, what is a muggle?"

His smile widened but he ignored her, laughing gleefully as he turned back to his drawing.

"I can't tell you that."

His teacher's eyes narrowed, now fully exasperated with the young blonde's obnoxious antics.

"And why not?"

Garrett smirked smugly again and picked up a green crayon before continuing his drawing.

"Because you're a muggle."

His teacher's left eye twitched irritably and she clenched her fingers in growing anger.

"Garrett, I have had just about enough of your attitude problem." She reached over and grabbed the seven-year-old by his arm, pulling him back up from the wooden bench he was sitting on.

"Now go on over there, join your classmates and make friends! They won't bite!" She tried to pass off her agitation at him with a forced laugh but Garrett growled and yanked his arm away from her in annoyance, walking back over to his bench and plopping himself back down with a 'humph!'.

"No one tells a Malfoy son what to do!"

His teacher sputtered quietly and glared down at him, absolutely infuriated at his behavior.

"There are so many sights to see out here! Garrett…Don't you even want to see the animals—"

He scoffed at her, looking at her as though she was the stupidest person he had ever seen.

"Why would I want to see those boring animals when we clearly have so much more animals at home…?" He held up the drawing in his hands and gestured to it with a wide, self-righteous smirk.

"See? In my house, my grandfather buys me any kind of animal I want to have as a pet…Look, last weekend, he even bought me my own horse! It's staying out in the manor stables right now." He pointed proudly to the drawing in his hand again but his teacher suddenly frowned at it in confusion.

"What's this thing poking out of the horse's back, Garrett…?"

Garrett followed her pointed finger and let out a choked-up sound of laughter, shaking his head and setting his drawing back down onto his lap. "They're his wings, you incompetent muggle! In my house, all of our animals are rare and exclusively bred! See? My horse even has wings to fly!"

She stared at him, her eyes flicking back and forth from his gleeful expression to his drawing.

"You think horses can…fly?"

"Ehehehe…Flying horses…Wow…Kids do say the strangest things these days huh?"

Jaimee's sheepishly apologetic smile faltered and her weak laugh died out somewhat when Marge's only reaction to her comment was to stare blankly at her, clearly demanding an explanation.

"Somehow, I'm not amused Mistress Malfoy." She brought out the picture Garrett had drawn of the supposed 'flying horses' they had in their stables and laid it out for Jaimee to see more clearly.

The black-haired woman winced as she peered down at it, rubbing nervously at her neck.

"Well, at least you can't blame Garrett for lacking any imagination, Headmistress—"

Marge's nostrils flared again and she practically felt like tearing her hair out in frustration.

"Imagination? Harry, your son has been boasting of owning a flying horse to his class and causing confusion among the children! Frankly, I wouldn't mind if he kept this kind of 'imagination' in your household but the fact that he influences the other students of MY school is very disruptive!"

She took a deep breath to steady herself after she had said this, failing to notice the way Jaimee had stiffened at her words and looked as though she was trying to control her own outburst.

"You remind me way toomuch of my mother's side of the family for my liking."

Marge heard Jaimee's strange comment but she didn't quite understand what she meant so she continued, still gesturing to the neatly colored drawing laid out on the table between them.

"I don't know what kind of things you or your husband teach your children in the house about animals, Mistress Malfoy but I would encourage you to help them clearly distinguish between what is fiction and what is reality! Leading your children to believe in magical animals or imaginary friends or lord knows what is something I would consider irresponsible parenting and such is something that I will never tolerate for my school! Think of the other children! Am I making myself clear on that?"

Jaimee said nothing but stared blankly at her, her eyes narrowed into dangerous slits.

"Clear as crystal."

Marge nodded firmly and continued, encouraged by the younger woman's passive response.

"And furthermore! While we're on the subject of distinguishing figments of imagination from reality—" She closed Garrett's folder and turned to Gabriel's next, rifling quickly through its contents.

"—don't even get me started on young Gabriel and his little animal friends!"


Gabriel was still smiling and nodding animatedly to the large, boa constrictor in front of him when Marge, his teacher, and the rest of the Littlesworth faculty found him that day. After more than two hours searching the zoo for his whereabouts, the adults' faces sagged with relief at the sight of him – all but Marge Merryweather, who froze by the railings overlooking the boa constrictor cage.

"Mister Malfoy."

The blonde had been standing up on the middle railing surrounding the snake's large den and was leaning so far in towards the snake curled around the tree that it almost looked as though Gabriel was going to fall right in. He didn't, however, and simply turned around the sound of Marge's voice.

At their gaping expressions, he blinked and smiled at them as though nothing had happened.

"Oh hello, Headmistress...Are we heading back to the school now?"

Marge's entire face turned purple, her eyes bulging out of their sockets.

"Mister Malfoy...Just what do you think you're doing?"

She all but hissed spitefully at him, well aware of the fact that the rest of her faculty behind her had paused and were watching the bizarre scene unfold with wide, bewildered stares.

Although aware of their reactions, Gabriel certainly didn't look like a helpless seven-year-old standing so frightfully close to the boa constrictor hanging from its cage. Turning fully around to face them, the blonde smiled calmly at Marge and his teacher again, stepping down from the railing.

"Headmistress, I was just exchanging farewells with my friend here—"

"You are aware, Mister Malfoy, that that animal is a boa constrictor? Step away...Mister Malfoy, step away from that cage this instant." Her voice cracked and one of the male teachers behind her began to walk up towards them, reaching out and trying to yank Gabriel away from the snake cage.

The blonde stared back up at her, his eyes widening in confusion.

"Oh but Headmistress, Sythe doesn't mean any harm. He was merely sharing with me his perilous journey through South America—"

Marge gaped at him, her eyes narrowing into slits.


Gabriel stared back at her with wide, incredulous green eyes, shook his head slowly and sighed in exasperation as though what he just had said was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Sythe, Headmistress...The boa's name is Sythe."

Marge took a careful step back and blanched as she unwittingly collided with the other huddled teachers behind her, all of them watching as Gabriel turned away from them, leaned up over the railing and addressed the snake one last time by patting it gently like it was some kind of pet.

"It was nice meeting you, Sythe."

Jaimee's eyes were wide and she was clutching very tightly at her purse when she spoke up.

"A talking snake…? What do you know…? My son's congeniality extends to animals too—"

"Animals do not talk to people, Mistress Malfoy! It is your responsibility to make your son understand that! And to get him to stop freaking out the other children with his bizarre behavior!" Marge raged, her short, stubby fingers balling angrily into a tight fist as she stiffened in her seat.

Undaunted, the young mother in front of her smiled back calmly, offering her a careless shrug.

"Gabriel wasn't hurting anyone, Headmistress—"

Marge's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets and she grew hysterical as she answered.

"We searched the entire zoo that day and when we found him, he was leaning right into a boa constrictor's cage! Smiling and talking to the boa constrictor like it was an old friend!" Her voice cracked in the middle of her sentence and she grew furious when saw Jaimee trying to hide her smile.

"If I may inquire, Harry…Exactly why do you seem to find this serious situation amusing?"

A little chagrined at her anger, Jaimee bit her lip and tried to answer with another light shrug.

"Snakes are generally harmless if they're not provoked, Headmistress—"

"Snakes are dangerous creatures that give me a heart attack at the very sight of them!"

Jaimee's lips twitched and she clutched even tighter at the clasp of the purse on her lap.

"Well…Like I said, Headmistress…It's not like my son was hurting anyone."

Marge's eyes grew remarkably wide at this and a furious sneer curled her lips as she reached for the last thick folder on her desk, the one labeled 'Hailene Antoinette Malfoy – Kindergarten'.

"Oh you want to talk about hurting other children, then? Let me tell you about your daughter!"

Hailene clutched her doll tighter to her chest and giggled as one of her classmates, a small girl with bright red curls, brought her two dolls together and made them mimic an actual conversation.

"No, I'm the prettiest princess—"

"No, I am!"

"No, me—"

"Hey look! It's little Miss Pigtails and her friend Curly Sue."

A boy's voice, out of nowhere, suddenly interrupted the two girls from their activities and they looked up from where they were huddled by the corner of the classroom. One of their classmates – a dark-haired young boy – walked over with two larger boys behind him and towered over their forms.

With a disdainful scowl on his face, he eyed the two girls in front of him in dislike – his eyes narrowing further when he saw the large, pink dollhouse that the two girls had been playing with.

"What a stupid looking dollhouse! It probably has your yucky girl cooties all over it!"

His two larger companions laughed behind him but Hailene had already stood up from where she was seated on the carpet, scowling and clutching her doll even tighter as she walked over to him. Her friend watched her as she did this, stepping back and holding her own dolls tighter in panic.

"My Mommy is a girl and Daddy never complains that she has any cooties—"

"Your Daddy has been cooti-fied then!" The boy sneered, laughing again and crossing his arms over his chest. He tried to walk away after he had said this but Hailene's eyes had widened in anger.

"My Daddy has not been cooti-fied!"

"He probably has to take medication just so he can be around you or your mom."

Hailene's face reddened and her doll fell to the floor as she clenched her hands into fists.

"That's not true!"

He looked at her and made a face, turning to his friends and pretending to back away.

"Ewww… She's turning red! It's the cooties, I tell you! Let's go before we all get infected!"

Just as he and his two friends were laughing hysterically and walking away, a sharp, angry shriek caught their attention and they whirled around again – only to gasp and back away in panic when they saw Hailene growling angrily and running at them, jumping the middle boy to the floor.


She tackled the gaping boy easily and, like a street brawler, began punching right at his face.

"T—teacher! H—help me! Sh—she's going to kill me!"

Unable to think of anything to say, Jaimee just gaped at Marge in a complete loss for words.

"Uhm…W—well, Headmistress…That is…I—I can explain—" Her stammered protests came to a halt when Marge spoke up again, indicating briefly to Jaimee's black, mud-smudged boots.

"Although I can say, with utmost certainty now, Mistress Malfoy…That judging from the way you obviously seem to be lacking in proper feminine conduct and behavior, I can see where your daughter gets her brutish behavior from." This time, the flat-out, sarcastic comment seemed to agitate Jaimee completely and the Malfoy Mistress stiffened, gritting her teeth in growing annoyance.

"Is there a reason as to why you've just suddenly insulted me, Headmistress?"

Marge snorted at her comment, flinging her pen impatiently onto her table with a huff.

"What I am saying, Harry…Is that I see no clear example for your young daughter in terms of proper female etiquette and upbringing!" She slammed Hailene's folder shut and narrowed her eyes.

"Hailene is a charming little girl! She is not supposed to be going around, tackling young, bigger boys her age to the ground and punching the lights out of them like a common, uneducated brute on the street! Where did she learn such outlandish, unlady-like behavior? I won't have it!"

Jaimee's only response was to look even more annoyed and cross her arms over her chest.

"Hailene grew up with two older brothers so it's perfectly natural for her to—"

Marge cut her off with another derisive scoff and slammed her hand against her table again.

"She also grew up with a mother who should be very much capable of teaching her the proper behavior for a future lady of British society…Something I need not be telling you, Mistress Malfoy." She drawled back with a pointed glare, causing Jaimee's cheeks to redden in growing indignation.

"Are you telling me that I'm a bad influence on my daughter? That I'm a bad mother?"

Marge noticed the definite anger in the other woman's voice now but still, she continued to speak, sitting up straighter in her seat and leaning forward to glare the young mother right in the face.

"Which brings me to my final point, Mistress Malfoy…"

She stiffened at this and averted her eyes to the corner of her office where three rather strange objects lay on the floor, drawing Jaimee's attention to them immediately. Once the dark-haired woman noticed, however, what Marge was referring to, the anger on her beautiful features drained away and panic began to replace it instead, causing Marge's sneer to harden even more.

Without giving Jaimee the chance to react, she began to speak, making sure to keep her hard gaze focused intently on the young mother's uncomfortable expression. "This morning, Mistress Malfoy…Your three children arrived in school today…seen riding thosebroomsticks up the gates…"

If it was possible, Jaimee's cheeks paled even more and she began to cough in panic.

"Th—that's ridiculous, Headmistress—"

"Furthermore—" Marge continued, her cold glare unrelenting. "According to three different students from three different classes, they saw all three of your children FLYING in the air on these very broomsticks…" Marge's gaze flew to the three broomsticks by the far corner of her office again.

"Would you care to enlighten me about these events, Harry…?"

For the second time that morning, Marge caught the younger woman speechless.

"Th—that is…I'm uh…I'm certain that this is just a misunderstanding—"

Marge leaned back against her seat, folding her hands primly over her lap with narrowed eyes.



Jaimee lost her train of thought and she gaped stupidly at the entrance to the small office.

"Ladies! My sincerest apologies for my absence…It looks as though you started without me."

Marge stopped herself in the middle of the long tirade that she had already formed in her head and looked up at the sound of the smooth, silken voice that had spoken. Her gaze didn't have to go far, however, and pretty soon, the words she had so carefully assimilated in her head vanished the instant she caught sight of the incredibly handsome young man who had just walked into the room.

Oh bless me dear lord.

He stopped by the doorway, looking at the two women and arching an eyebrow in question.

"May I?"

The man couldn't have been older than his late twenties, with his perfectly elegant stance and the agile physique of his lean frame. His hair was platinum blonde, almost silver, and slicked back expertly from his face such that several strands were made to fall quite attractively over his eyes.

"I apologize for my intrusion."

Walking over to stand in front of her, he looked up, allowing Marge to see his face clearly.

His eyes were a shade of mercury, bright and piercing at the same time, while a lightly teasing smirk was on his young face, drawing her attention even more to his exquisitely handsome features.

That is one fine male specimen.

He smiled lazily at her then, giving her a good glimpse his perfectly even, white teeth.

"You must be Headmistress Margaret Merryweather…Such a pleasure to finally meet you." He bent down slightly and took her hand in his, giving the back of her palm a formal, gentlemanly kiss.

"Oh p—please…The pleasure is mine, Mister—" Marge breathed out heavily as he straightened back up. She watched with glazed eyes as he smiled at her again and inclined his head in mild apology.

"Again, you must forgive my manners, Miss Merryweather—"

Marge's eyes swooped down once over his lithe frame again, taking in the expensive looking business suit and the neatly shined and polished leather shoes that adorned the young man's feet.

"—I do believe this is the first time we've actually met."

He smirked again when he noticed the way Marge was still eyeing him up and down and took the seat beside Jaimee, deliberately ignoring the way the young woman was glaring irritably at him.

"Please call me Draco, Headmistress…Draco Lucius Malfoy…" Again, he inclined his head briefly in a quick nod and turned to smirk at Jaimee, meeting her glare with a particularly handsome grin.

"I certainly hope my wife hasn't been giving you much trouble."

At once, the word 'wife' snapped Marge back to her senses and she blinked rapidly to stop staring at him, following his gaze and glaring unconsciously at the black-haired woman beside him.

"Well, Mister Malfoy—"

Draco cut her off with another charming smile, followed by a teasing wink.

"Call me Draco, Headmistress."

She blushed at this, almost forgetting what she was going to say, but managed to continue.

"Y—yes, well…Draco then…" She coughed lightly and self-consciously began to adjust the stack of papers on her desk, crossing and uncrossing her legs several times to avoid Draco's gaze.

"I—I…I was just telling young Jaimee over here—"

"It's Harry, damn it!" Jaimee snapped at her but Marge didn't even notice her there anymore.

"—that we've been having a lot of—" Her cheeks flushed darkly again when Draco slowly moved his thumb from where he had been stroking his chin and traced his smirking lips in thought.

"…Please go on, Headmistress…"

An exasperated groan was heard from Jaimee beside him.

"Oh give me a break."

Again, Marge paid Jaimee no attention and kept her eyes focused mainly on Draco.

"—trouble…" She breathed out, reaching up and uncomfortably loosening her blouse collar.

Draco's smirk only widened at this and he nodded slowly again, urging her to continue.

"What kind of trouble, Headmistress? Anything I can help you with?"

She swallowed at the unintentional innuendo she found in his words and forced herself to look away from him, flicking her gaze down and unintentionally wrinkling the papers all over her desk.

"Y—yes…Uhm…Mister Malfoy – Draco…Your children have been causing some problems around the school lately and I was concerned that their influences come mainly from the household—" She paused again when Draco took one of the stray papers on the table and handed it elegantly to her.

He feigned a look of concern as she took it from him, leaning back against his seat.

"I'm quite disappointed to hear that, Headmistress…" He sighed and shook his head to himself, avoiding the questioning glare that his wife seemed to be shooting at him from the opposite chair. "You see…I strive for nothing else but to humbly raise my children to be the best that they could be—"

Jaimee scoffed and tried to cut him off with an angry, sarcastic comment.

"Since when have you ever had a twinge of humility in you, Malfoy?"

Draco shook his head, choosing to ignore her. "—and it disheartens me to know that they are causing such a prestigious institution, as well as a respectable woman like yourself, so much grief." His words seemed to come out so fluidly from him that it was almost as if the very art of conversation was effortless and Marge was stunned at his natural eloquence – utterly and completely enraptured.

She blinked stupidly at him, trying in vain to remember her point.

"Oh…I—it's no trouble at all really, Draco…You see…As I was telling young Mistress Jaimee here awhile ago…The other teachers have been giving me strange reports about your children and, of course, as the Headmistress here…I was…Well, I was merely expressing my concern for them—"

Draco smiled easily at her again, allowing her a glimpse of the dimple on his left cheek.

"And a truly gratifying, admirable concern of yours that is." He teased, much to her delight.

"Y—yes, I am very concerned for the welfare of each of my students…And I must say, Draco…" She lowered her lashes and blushed again, failing to see the face Jaimee was making at her behavior.

"Meeting such devoted, responsible fathers such as you…" She knotted her fingers together and looked up at him again. "It gives me great joy to know that there are still men like you out there."

As she dropped her eyes down shyly again, she failed to see the disgusted grimace on his face.

"Then it honors me that I have earned a place for myself in your high regard, Headmistress."

"Please call me Marge…"

Draco's eyes twinkled and he smiled again, flustering the older woman once more.

"Very well, Marge."

"Ugh. Gag me."

Despite the way Jaimee was rolling her eyes and practically gagging herself at the direction the conversation had taken, Draco had obviously said the right thing because it was at that moment that Marge Merryweather giggled like a giddy little school girl, crossing her legs coyly to herself again.

"I suppose I could let your children go just this one time…As long as you don't let it—"

At this, Draco saw the opening he had been waiting for immediately and he interrupted her.

"I will personally take it upon myself to relay your concerns to them—" He glared warningly at Jaimee when it looked as though she wanted to say something and quickly added further. "—and I will also personally see to it that they show more respect for your commendable leadership and authority."

Marge positively beamed at him then, her eyes lighting up with utmost delight.

"I'm glad to see we have an understanding, Draco." Her smile dissipated somewhat when she seemed to remember Jaimee's presence and she glared at the much younger woman in obvious dislike.

"Now if only all the parents of my students can be more like you."

Unable to stop himself, Draco turned to his wife as well and gave her a mischievous smirk.

"Don't worry, Headmistress…I'll be sure to personally…chastise…my wife tonight."

Marge missed the hidden implication of his words and smiled approvingly at him.

"Quite right…Now, if I may Draco—" She missed the heated flush on Jaimee's face and turned her confused, frowning expression to the three broomsticks situated at the corner of her office again.

"There is the remaining matter about explaining the incident this morning—"

Draco immediately tore his eyes away from Jaimee and looked back cautiously at her.

"Oh, that! Headmistress, again…You must allow me to apologize…You see…" He chuckled good-naturedly and waved his hand dismissively over the three broomsticks. "My sons are quite the pranksters, it would seem…And what the children must have seen this morning was simply another one of their well-thought out stunts. I mean, honestly…" Draco began to laugh, a little too nervously.

"Whoever heard of flying broomsticks?"

He laughed again after he said this – perhaps a little too much than necessary – and Jaimee soon joined him, their nervous laughter ringing clearly in the room. Eventually, Marge's shoulders relaxed and she allowed herself to join them, shaking her head at herself and nodding in agreement.

"That was precisely what I told the teachers this morning…It seems these ridiculous rumors were just spurred on when more and more children were claiming to have seen them." She sighed heavily and began to place the folders back into her drawers, shaking her head to herself with a smirk.

"Children, these days…They'll believe anything they want to believe."

Draco and Jaimee's smiles were plastered on their faces as they shared a look and nodded.

"We couldn't agree with you more, Headmistress." Draco assured her smoothly.

"Ridiculous." Jaimee added hastily, wincing when Draco nudged her sharply to say something

Marge's eyes flicked back and forth between the two of them, trying to assess their words.

"And the snakes…?"

It was Jaimee who answered her this time and she answered with a rather strange smile.

"Rest assured, Headmistress…You won't see any of my kids near a snake any time soon."

Marge arched an eyebrow stiffly at her.

"And your daughter's atrocious behavior, Mistress Malfoy?"

Jaimee's smile faltered somewhat at this but she nodded once again in affirmation.

"I will do as you said, Headmistress."


Marge signaled the end of their conversation by rising up slowly from her chair again, reaching across the table and pointedly offering Draco the back of her palm again with an expectant smile. Carefully smiling back, he bent down and kissed it again before helping Jaimee back into her cloak.

Just as the couple had said their goodbyes and were headed out the door, however, Marge called out to them again, causing the two adults to stop at the door and turn around stiffly to face her.

"Hey…Uhm…You forgot your…Er…broomsticks."

Draco had stiffened while Jaimee turned around hastily with a nervous laugh and nodded, gathering the three broomsticks into her hands and rushing back out towards the door. They didn't speak again after that and once the young couple had finally left, closing the door softly behind them, Marge let out an exhausted sigh and finally sat back down her desk to start her work for that morning.

So much for flying broomsticks…Ugh…Children…I don't think I'll ever understand them.

She didn't get much done yet, however, because about five minutes into reading through the letters on her desk, a strange, hissing sound caused her to look up and glance briefly around the room.

What is that dreadfully irritating hissing sound…?

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, she let out a disgruntled sigh and stood up from her desk again in growing impatience, finally noticing the small black purse that sat on Jaimee's vacated seat.

"Of all the irresponsible little…I wonder what Draco ever saw in that woman—"

She grumbled irritably under her breath and snatched the purse from the chair in annoyance. Rolling her eyes, she was just about to turn around and head on out of her office to return the small purse to the couple that had left when she suddenly stopped, looking down at the purse in curiosity.

A quick, curious thought had suddenly formed in the back of her mind.

"I wonder what that woman keeps in her bag."

"You owe me, Potter."

Draco couldn't have wiped the triumphant smirk on his face if he tried and he chuckled as he watched Harry's expression shift from anger to exasperation at him, her movements quick and agitated as she led their way through the long, narrow corridors of Littlesworth Academy that morning.

Still chuckling, he stopped in the middle of a corridor and leaned haughtily against the wall.

"Admit it, Potter…You owe me. In fact, you owe me big."

Furious at the smugness in his voice, Harry's eyes blazed as she stopped and turned around to glare at him, growing even angrier when she saw the way he was watching her with an arrogant smirk.

"I don't owe you anything, Malfoy!" She seethed in a hiss, watching as Draco grinned at her again and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back comfortably against the wall with a chuckle.

"Yes, you do."

Harry cut him off before he could say anything else, her features twisted into an angry scowl.

"I could have handled that situation just fine all on my own but you just had to go barging in there like the idiot you are, acting like such a bastard and thinking that you could just charm your—"

"It worked, didn't it?"

Draco scoffed at her reaction and straightened himself up from the wall, walking back over to her and answering her haughty retort by arching a single eyebrow. "If I hadn't gone in there, you would have blown our cover and sent the blasted Ministry after us yet again for muggle exposure—"

"I couldn't help it! That bloody muggle was a blasted toad who would have deserved it!"

He smirked again at her reaction, reaching over and yanking his glaring wife into his arms.

"You…owe…me…" He leaned down to whisper something to her, deliberately letting his lips brush seductively against the outer shell of her ear. "My rules tonight, Potter…No holds barred…"

Despite herself, she shivered at the intimate contact, unconsciously melting in his arms.

"Since when has there ever been any rules for you in the bedroom, Draco…?"

He laughed, leaning down and planting a kiss onto the crease between her neck and shoulder.

"Touché, Mistress Malfoy."

Harry rolled her eyes but smiled at him, easing herself slowly out of his arms so she could step back and meet his mildly curious expression with an exasperated otherwise slightly worried look.

"Is it so much to ask that any of our children manage to…fit in and be…normal…for once?"

Meeting her eyes, Draco shook his head in amusement and answered her with a wry grin.

"Hey, it was your fault for insisting we send them to a muggle preparatory school in the first place, Harry…" He drawled and linked his hand through hers as he led her through the corridors again. "All that rubbish you laid on me about them 'avoiding the fame' in the Wizarding world and all that nagging you did about how you 'didn't want them to get a big head'. Serves you right, huh Potter?"

Harry glared at him, clearly irritated, and answered by trying to pull her hand away.

"Well it was your idea to send them to these ridiculously stuffy, elitist schools, Malfoy!" She sighed as they rounded a corner, heading towards the school exit. "We could have sent them to a normal muggle prep school like Ron, Hermione and Neville did but no…You insisted on eliteones!"

She rolled her eyes again and gave Draco another glare but this time, the former Slytherin met it easily with one of his own and he answered her by letting out another loud scoff of contempt.

"I won't have my children associating with commoners, Potter…If they have to be around muggles, they should at least be with those of high social caliber and class. They deserve that much."

If anything, his haughty retort raised Harry's hackles even further and she groaned loudly.

"Draco, it's your fault we're in this bloody mess. I'm going to transfer them to another school!"

Draco stopped them immediately as they reached the exit and gave her an exasperated glare.

"Harry, this is the third muggle school they've been transferred to in two years…We can't keep doing this all the time! If we transfer them again, we'll have exhausted all prep schools in London!" He reasoned out but his words only agitated Harry again and she tried to push him away from her.

"Well then stop insisting we send them to all these stupid exclusive private schools then!"

He scoffed at her words, looking at her as though she had grown an extra head.

"The only way my children will attend a peasant school is over my dead body."

"Argh! You insufferable prick!"

"You intolerable bitch!"

Harry clenched her hands into fists and glared at him with daggers in her eyes.

Draco gritted his teeth and glared right back, his eyes glinting like steel as they met hers.



She stiffened and tried to calmly meet his gaze, lowering her voice to an imploring tone.

"Draco, the teachers are all suspicious of them now…And just because that stupid Headmistress back there wants to get into your pants doesn't mean she'll learn to lay off our kids!"

He still looked a bit angry as she said this but Harry could see that he was beginning to relent.


After a moment's pause, Draco finally sighed and shook his head to himself in defeat.

"Fine!" He narrowed his eyes and glared warningly at her, noticing the smugness of her features. "Wait for one more mishap…ONE more mishap before we consider transferring them again."

Harry smirked knowingly at him, her bright green eyes suddenly twinkling with mischief.

"Glad you see things my way…" She ignored the suspicious glare on his face and turned around again to head towards the school exit. "Well, I'd better start looking for a new school then."

Draco instantly regretted his words and he shot her a half-confused, half-irritated glare.


Her smirk widened and she paused, looking over her shoulder to give him an innocent smile.

"I think I may have left my purse back there in that old troll's office."

Still unsure of what she meant, Draco looked confused and he raised an eyebrow impatiently at her in question.


Luckily, Harry didn't have to answer him when, just in that very instant, a high-pitched shriek suddenly echoed around the entire school – sounding like it was coming from the Headmistress' office.


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