It's been a month since Draco Malfoy had been put in isolation for raping Head Girl Hermione Granger. He has been spending his time mostly shagging Pansy Parkinson.

"Dracie, I miss you in the common room." Pansy said one night.

"Well, it's not my fault I'm here, is it?" He said. He was getting bored of isolation and extremely agitated that his only company was Pansy. He preferred it when she didn't say anything. When he fucked her he usually put a silencing charm on her so he couldn't hear her. She didn't know that.

"Well it sort of is. You know, if you'd raped me I wouldn't have gone to Snape."

"I thought I told you never to talk to me about that!" He was getting angry now.

"I know how you could get out." She said. That caught Draco's attention.

"How? Please tell me, honey." He said. He took her hand to make it look like he liked her and therefore she should let him out.

"The door I come through. Derr. It goes straight through to our common room. I could sneak you out." She grabbed his other hand.

"Do you know how to make the Polyjuice potion?"

"No. But Theo does."

"Can you get him to make me some and give him this note to read? Don't you dare read it. It's for Theo's eyes only."

"Okay, baby. I'll see you soon after I've seen Theo." She smiled and walked out.

He couldn't believe she'd only just told him that. The note he'd written wasn't actually for Theo, it was for anyone of his friends that could make the potion. It read:

I'd really appreciate it if you could make this potion. I need to get out! When you've succeeded I need you to collect a little of Snape's hair. Don't put it in the potion. I'll do that.

Thank you.


Draco had a plan. He was going to get Hermione to admit she loved him.

Three weeks later the plan was in action. Draco was released on probation. He was allowed to sleep in his dormitory again but still had private lessons. The Polyjuice potion was almost made. Theo was actually a very good potionier which Draco paid him for after he was out. Theo had also got Snape's hair.

He was in his private potion lesson when he was plan was to take place. Snape was pissing him off because all he was talking about was Hermione.

"She's so beautiful, my Hermione. Isn't she?" Snape's smile was so smug Draco wanted to hit him.

"She's spending this weekend with me. I bet you didn't know that did you?" Draco stayed silent. He was hoping that was going to happen.

When Snape turned his back Draco lunged at him. He conjured up a cricket bat and hit Snape on the head with it. Once Snape was knocked out, Draco dragged his body into the Potion Master's office and removed his wand. He put a 24 hour silencing spell on him and poured a 24 hour sleeping potion down his throat.

Once that was done, Draco took out his small bottle of Polyjuice potion it was a strong one that would last at least 2 hours (he was going to make sure Hermione knew who was shagging her) and yanked out Snape's hair from his head (instead of the hair Theo had collected) and put it in the bottle.

He heard a knock on the door so he drank the potion in 2 quick gulps and with his wand took off Snape's robes and put them on himself.

He walked out of his office as Snape and answered the door.

There stood Hermione Granger. She walked in and locked her lips straight onto Draco's.

"Hey, Sev. Had a good lesson with it?" She said, taking his hand and leading him to Snape's bedroom.

"Yes. He's a very good potionier, almost as good as you, sweetie."

Hermione gave him a puzzled look; Severus didn't usually call her sweetie. Draco noticed that and thought. Shit that was a major no, no.

"You look stressed baby; do you want me to rub your shoulders?" Hermione said once they were on Severus' bed.

"Oh, yes." Draco replied kissing Hermione.

"Well, we'd better get these robes off so I can rub them." After kissing again Hermione picked up her wand and removed all their clothing.

Draco started moaning at her touch. He'd wanted this for ages.

"Do you know what I think of that squit Draco?" Hermione asked.

"No babe, what's that?"

"I think he's fuck ugly and needs to have an attitude check and needs to have his head flushed down the toilet." She smiled. She'd been called sweetie by Draco before and she knew that Severus never called her it and Severus always makes sure Hermione got her massage first.

"Do you really?" Draco replied getting scared but trying not to show it.

"Yes. I'll be back in a minute."

She cast a body binding spell on Draco so he wouldn't see where she went.

She opened the door to Severus' office and saw a naked Severus on the floor knocked out. She renovated him and he woke up coughing.

"Oh, Hermione baby!" He cried pulling her into a huge hug.

"Severus, are you okay?" She asked once they broke apart.

"Draco attacked me after our lesson. I know it was my fault I was teasing him saying how beautiful you are but I didn't think he'd attack me."

"It's okay baby, I'm here and I love you."

"I know. Why are you naked?"

Hermione told him about what'd happened. How Draco pretended to be Severus and how she'd figured out who it was.

"My beautiful, clever girl." He said kissing her hair, head and then her lips.

"I must say I can never get over the fact that you're so beautiful naked. I can't wait to marry you."

"Me neither baby. Come on we need to sort out Mr. Malfoy." They got up and dressed.

Hermione went to Dumbledore's study to inform him of the mishap while Severus flooed to Malfoy Manor to get Lucius after filling him in on what his son had done yet again. Lucius went back to Hogwarts with Severus and Hermione was in Severus' office with professors Dumbledore and McGonagall.

"I am so sorry Minerva and Albus. I never imagined Draco to do anything to her again." Lucius said.

"I do not blame you Lucius." Dumbledore replied.

Draco's potion was about to wear off so they decided to remove the body binding spell so he could realize what'd happened.

Draco awakened and looked round.

"What's happened?" He looked down and saw that he was still naked, was still hard but was also himself. "Granger what have you done to me?"

"Don't you DARE blame my fiancée!" Severus cried and poured the Veritaserum into his mouth once more and Draco was forced to reveal all.

His punishment this time was expulsion. He wasn't allowed back to Hogwarts until Hermione had left. It was okay though as Hermione was to graduate early.

"Thank you Headmaster." Severus said.

"No problem. I just hope that boy leaves you and your lady alone now."

"I too, sir."

Dumbledore and McGonagall bid Hermione and Severus goodnight and went off to their room.

"I'm so glad that's over." Said Severus taking Hermione into his arms.

"Me too," Hermione replied and kissed him deeply, "What do you want to do?"

As soon as the words were out of Hermione's lips Severus had already vanished their clothes and was sucking on her bottom lip.

Hermione dragged him to their bed and claimed his lips.

And their night of passion began.

5 months later Hermione had officially graduated Hogwarts along with Lavender, (Ron and Harry had to stay back).

Hermione and Severus were married a year later with the vows of I love you, forever and always, I promise!

After another year came the arrival of two baby twin girls who were named Dallas and Crystal Snape.

All the past with Draco was forgotten and the Snape family was happy together. Hermione and Severus remained in love.