Hello, so... an Artemis Fowl and Doctor Who crossover :D Set in the future... and more details in the following chapters :D Reviews are appreciated :D

Time Paradoxes Come Back To Haunt You.

They thought I was hiding.
They thought I was crazy.
They thought I was defeated.
They thought there was only one clone.
They will never know how clever I am.
They didn't know I was planning before the start.
They didn't know that I had let them win.
They thought I was in a coma.
They thought I had been beaten.
They were wrong.
I will crush them all.

My time paradox.

I have everything planned out, precisely. This time I won't leave any backdoors open. This time there will be no clues left to find. No time left to attempt rescues. This plan, now finally ready. And no one will be able to stop me. No snivelling LEP, no ridiculous centaur and certainly no Mud Men. So very soon, the sky will fall and the earth will tremble and I, yes I will be Queen of everything. Or maybe Empress. The title doesn't matter much, but I will have everything above the earth and under it. Haven and Atlantis will be mine. As will London, Rome, Moscow, Washington and Beijing. And the world will stand up and applaud; Opal Koboi's era has begun...

... It is a shame that no one will be home, but I do have a promise to keep, Fowl boy.

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