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~June 5th~

~10:43 AM~

Trains are cool.

I say this because I've never been on a train before, let alone a monorail. It's not as bumpy as a car ride, and you don't even have to wear seatbelts! Also, I got a nice view of the countryside as the train made its way to its destination.

That destination is some small town called Inaba. It's not a very big place, but I don't mind that - I'd rather live in the country than the city. It's nice and quiet and you don't have skyscrapers obstructing the view of the night sky. Just looking at the stars makes me smile, for some reason or another.

...Oh. I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I? My name is Andrew Ricketts and I'm fifteen years old. I have short brown hair and green eyes. What I'm wearing now consists of an orange shirt, grey, baggy shorts and white sneakers.

By the way, I'm not Japanese (though you probably figured that out already). I'm actually Canadian, but I've come to Japan because I wanted to. See, my parents figured it would be best to send me out to wherever I wanted while I was young. They figured experiencing things at a young age was a good way to live and learn. So, here I am, going to an unknown town in an unknown part of Japan while my folks are on the other side of the world.

It's alright, though, 'cause I'm not defenceless. If anyone tries to come and beat the crap outta me, I'll do the same thing. I'm not exactly strong, but I know how to fight. Well, not really, I just feel like I know how to fight. I've fought my brother a couple of times, and he plays a lot of hockey, so he's pretty strong. I also took some karate classes a few years ago, and whenever I was bored back home I used to bench press (65 lbs. always made me tired).

Enough about me, though. You guys are probably bored right now.

A tunnel suddenly enveloped the train. I could only see darkness from the window, but thankfully the lights were still on in the train. I closed my eyes since there was nothing better to look at, and imagined what my first day at school might be like.

...Knowing my luck, I'd probably trip up on my way to the desk and land on top of some girl. That would be pretty embarrassing.

The tunnel ended and I got to see more of the landscape. It wasn't any different than before the giant land hole - just a plain field with a few hills farther back. Then we went over a lake on a bridge. I saw some fish jumping out of the water and smiled, chuckling to myself. I settled myself in and listened to the new songs as they played.

Before I knew it, the train stopped. I removed one of the ear buds and listened. I heard the dude on the intercom telling us that we'd arrived at Yasoinaba station. I, too, stood up, retrieved my bag from the overhead compartment and made my way out of the train.

I stopped to look around as I exited the station. Most of the passengers were already off while some were just exiting the station. A few of them were on their cells, talking to other people for a ride, most likely. I saw a child run up to her father and gave him a big hug as her mother came after her and gave the dad a kiss. Some other people were just leaving the station, already knowing where to go.

I, on the other hand, took out a map of Inaba from my bag. My parents decided to put a map in my bag so I don't get lost. They even thought of drawing a line to where I was supposed to go. The name next to the end of the line was "Amagi Inn." I had figured that I'd be staying in the school dorms, but supposedly there were none. I had figured that most of the towns in Japan had school dorms, but that just shows how much I know about the country.

And so I was on my through the town. I followed my map through the central shopping district, which had a bunch of different stores. The map said to get on the bus to the inn, so I did as it said and waited.

It was about ten minutes before the bus arrived. As I got on it, I half expected the driver to ask me why I wasn't in school, but then I remembered it was Sunday. I paid the fee and made my way to the back of the bus and sat down.

I looked out the window to see the sights. Nothing too interesting, just a few houses and streets. After a few more minutes, the bus stopped. The inn was just outside, so I got up and exited the bus. I yawned and stretched, then entered the inn.

The inn wasn't really what I was expecting. Of course, I was thinking it'd be something like the inns from North America. The entrance was Japan's typical lowered floor with the main floor in front of it. Unlike houses though, this one was fairly bigger. To my left were cubby holes for the guest's shoes. I removed my shoes and placed them in an empty spot and made my way to the counter.

From where the door to outside was, the front desk was straight ahead. To the left of it was a hallway that had the bottom floor rooms on it, and to the right end was the doorway to the Dining Room. Beside the receptionist desk were two doors, one with a picture of a male on it and a female on the other. The sign above the doors read 'Hot Springs.'

I walked towards the counter. A women who seemed to be in her 30s or 40s was behind the desk writing something down. She looked up at me and smiled, "Welcome to the Amagi Inn," she said with a small bow, "How can I help you?"

I smiled back and said, "I have a room reserved here. It's under the name Andrew Ricketts."

"Is that you?"

"Yes, it is."

The woman seemed to hesitate, "And...how old are you, now?"

"Fifteen. I'll be turning sixteen on September 17th."

She blinked a couple more times, "One second now." She turned to the computer that I failed to notice and typed something in. "Aren't you a little young to be traveling on your own?" she asked without looking from the monitor.

"My friends said that too, but my parents insisted that I go see the world while I'm young," I replied.

The woman chuckled, "Ah, of course. Seeing the world while you're young is always a pleasant experience. Where are you from?"


She looked at me with wide eyes, "And you're parents allowed you to come here by yourself?"

"Well, they're too busy working and stuff, plus they trust me a lot and know that I'm able to live by myself for a while."

The woman seemed to chuckle at that statement, "That sounds like a friend of the manager's daughter." She must've seen my confused face, since she continued, "From what she tells me, he moved here because his parents had to go far away for work, so he's staying with his uncle and cousin. She's almost always spending time with him. In fact..." She looked around the lobby for a second, then leaned in closer to me, "there's a rumor going around about them being in a relationship."

I did not know why this lady was telling me a rumor about two people I've never even met, but I didn't want to be rude and ignore her, "Is that so?" I asked, "I never heard about that. But if this rumor's true, I wish them the best of luck."

"As do I," the woman said. She finished typing on the computer and handed me a key she got from somewhere. "Well, I hope you have a wonderful stay in Inaba, sir."

I took the key with a thanks and walked away.

I slid the door over and looked around the room. There were only the basic necessities that one would have in a room at an inn, such as a bed, TV, fridge and a phone.

I set my travel bag next to the futon and turned on the TV as I unpacked. It turned on to the weather channel, and according to it, we're to see some clear and rainy days.

I had nothing better to do, so I took my cell from out of my bag and called up my folks. Luckily, I was able to reach them (it's really hard to get a hold of them since they work a lot). They told me that they were relieved I made it to Inaba safely. They then instructed me to go out and buy some things for supper, then find the path to the school so that I don't get lost. I'll be starting school tomorrow, so I guess I should know where to go.

I got a few packages of instant noodles, some ingredients for school lunches, and some drinks for the coming week, and followed my map to the school, drawing a line from there to the inn. There were still a few people out around, and when I walked by they seemed to look at me with curiosity. Was it because of my height? I am pretty tall for my age (5'10'', or as the Japanese would say 177cm), and it probably isn't normal to see such a towering person here.

When I returned to my room, it was late; around six o'clock. I guess walking around Inaba takes a long time, especially if you're concentrating on a map. So I popped a package of noodles into the microwave, sat at the table and turned on the tube.

"I start school tomorrow, so I gotta get to bed on time..." I said to myself. Yeah, I usually talk to me whenever no one's around. It makes me feel less lonely.

I was flicking through the channels as I slurped my noodles and, deeming all the other shows as lame (there's never any good shows on on Sundays, even in Japan), I turned on the news. Apparently there had been a case involving the disappearance of a first-year high school student, but he had been found a couple of weeks ago. Why that would still be talked about, I don't know. The news also said it could be linked to another kidnapping case about a month or two ago, and two murders that happened in April.

I decided not to give it any more thought. Thinking about things like murders and such always made my skin crawl. How someone can willingly take the life of another is beyond me. I rolled out the futon and settled in it. I didn't care that it was only seven-thirty, the train ride and walking around was tiring. Making sure to set my alarm clock, I let sleep take over me.

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