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The sun shined brightly and the sky was crystal clear as Mika walked down the beach in a white flowing dress that clung to her figure carrying a bouquet of flowers collected from the garden. Her arm wrapped around Conrad's as he escorted her to those waiting for them a few feet away. Raizo stood tall and gorgeously handsome in a white button down dress shirt and white trousers, a white rose pinned to his lapel. Raizo looked at Mika as she walked towards him completely in awe of her again. He didn't know anyone could look as beautiful as she did with her dress flowing around her ankles and the wind blowing her hair, it was as if heaven itself had opened up just for her.

Daichi stood next to Raizo glowing with pride. He'd found his sister's son and he was all she could have hoped for in a son and more. Mi-Ling stood as Mika's bridesmaid, a never ending flow of tears escaping her eyes and it turned out that Katuro was also an ordained minister and he stood ready to perform his ministerial duties.

Mika was holding a bible in her hands along with the flowers. She figured after all they'd been through they could use all the help they could get. Conrad released Mika to Raizo and Katuro began the ceremony "We are here to join two people who are destined for each other. Nothing in this world, or any other for that matter, could keep these two apart" at which they all began to laugh. "They will now exchange their vows."

"Mika you are my gift sent from heaven. You are the light that pierced through the darkness of my heart and brought new life. A life I never knew was possible, a life I never even dared to dream. Your are the love of my life and I cannot live without you and I promise my love to you forever" Raizo promised looking lovingly into her eyes.

"Raizo you burst into my life bringing mayhem and chaos. You turned my world completely upside down. All of this I gladly accept as long as you are there because I can't live without you. I love you Raizo because your heart is special. You are my hero, my protector, you are my love and I promise before God to love you always. I promise before God to love you forever" Mika vowed, a tear running down her cheek.

"The rings" Katuro said. Raizo took the small silver band that belonged to his mother and placed it on Mika's finger. Mika in turn placed the silver band suspended by the leather cord around Raizo's neck. "I now pronounce you man and wife" Katuro announced. Raizo pulled Mika into his arms and they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Mika and Raizo spent their honeymoon on Conrad's yacht docked far enough away to grant them complete privacy. Mi-Ling had decorated it beautifully and stocked it with plenty of food so they'd want for nothing. Raizo carried Mika over the threshold of the bedroom and lowered her to the floor. For a moment Raizo was overwhelmed by her beauty reflected in the moonlight.

Mika stood awe struck as she looked at Raizo, uncontrollably drawn to his virility, his strength and his love. Mika ran her hands underneath his shirt trailing her fingers across his chest and down his stomach. Wanting more of her touch Raizo removed his shirt and Mika let the straps of her dress fall down her shoulders, her dress dropping to the floor. Raizo gasped as she revealed herself to him. He did not believe Mika could look any more beautiful than she had when they entered the room until now. Raizo lifted Mika off the floor and laid her on the bed their lips meeting in passionate abandon. Soon there were no barriers between them, each offering themselves to the other. Mika writhed in pleasure as Raizo's lips followed where his hands caressed. Raizo's body exploded with new sensations as Mika's hands explored his body, her soft moans enticing him even more, leaving him wanting more and more of her mahogany loveliness.. Raizo needed no instructions his body spoke naturally for itself as they joined as one. Mika arched to meet him as Raizo found himself enveloped in her warmth. Their rhythm was natural and unhurried as they embraced their love, reaching a point of ecstasy neither knew existed, leaving them exhausted and placing the final seal on their love.

It was a year later and Mika awoke to the feel of Raizo's arms around her. She lay there with a smile on her face. Today was their one year anniversary. If they could make it through one year then they could make it through forty-nine more. Mika couldn't imagine her life without Raizo even with the fear and apprehension that came with it. Her life would be empty and lifeless without him.

Raizo opened his eyes knowing Mika was awake. He too knew today was their anniversary and a smile lit his face. It had been a wonderful year, trying at times but nonetheless wonderful. He'd learned a lot about emotions, how to understand hers and how to open up to his own. He'd never dreamed this was possible for him, not until Mika. He loved her with all of his being and for as long as he drew breath he would always be by her side. He lay there with his arms wrapped around Mika's waist taking comfort in the feel of her in his arms wanting to hold her like that forever. He'd slipped into bed the night before while Mika was sleeping. She looked so peaceful and he didn't want to wake her; he only wanted to be near her and to hold her. Exhausted by the past few weeks of consistent missions Raizo immediately fell asleep.

Even though he knew she was awake Raizo did not move he didn't want to disturb this moment as he listened to the steady beat of Mika's heart. He loved the sound of her heartbeat, it brought him peace. Raizo moved ever so slightly as he picked up another sound. It was faster almost a mere flutter but he heard it thumping along in cadence with Mika's. "Mika I hear…" Raizo began as he raised up to look at her only to find her smiling up at him.

"What you hear Raizo is the sound of your son's or your daughter's heart beating. You're going to be a father" she said placing his hand on her stomach. The look on Raizo's face spoke of complete awe. "We're having a baby?" Raizo asked in complete disbelief as Mika nodded her head excitedly. "I'm going to be a father" Raizo stated a smile on his face, joy leaping in his eyes.

"Yes my love and a wonderful father you will be" Mika stated looking lovingly and confidently in his eyes.

"I love you with all my heart Mika" Raizo said as he leaned over and placed a sweet lingering kiss on Mika's lips. Raizo then placed a gentle kiss on Mika's stomach " and I love you little one, with all my heart" Raizo pledged as he lay his head on Mika's stomach as if trying to hear more clearly the life that was growing inside her. Mika's face glowed with happiness as she gently stroked Raizo's hair and felt her stomach bathed in the warmth of his tears.