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*This happened during free period. All of them (Percy, Grover, Nico and Thalia) have free periods at the same time.

*Percy's POV*

If x is equals to y, then, why do you have to find the value of x? This sucks. Why am I even thinking about this? I was seating in my chair in the most left side of the classroom as I stared out of the window beside me. Could free period ever get more boring? I should've just stayed outside. But, NOOO! I let myself be so sentimental about that stupid "x is equals to y" probably in my math homework and stayed indoors and, why do I have to stay in the classroom of my next subject? Men, I'm just so stupid at times. Just as I was about to start another set of gibberish, my best friend, whom, funnily, is also my cousin, came running towards me from Gods knows where. Oh... and he's name's Nico di Angelo, by the way and he's the son of Lord Hades. Me? I'm Percy Jackson. I'm the son of Lord Poseidon. I'm not really going to elaborate the Gods and Goddesses so... why don't you just Google them?

"PERCY! I've been looking for you!" Nico shouted as he neared me. Nico's some punk-ish/emo-ish kid. He's hair is kind of long that pretty much covers his brown eyes. He's pretty much well-built, but I guess that's expected. After all, he is a demigod. Well, I am too, by the way... Like you guys didn't know... He was wearing his usual clothes, BLACK, as expected.

"Well, you found me." I mumbled, turning to him, half-annoyed that he had to yell so loud. "And why the hell do you have to shout?"

"It's not really my fault considering you didn't hear when I kept calling you earlier." He said, rolling his eyes, while I gave a little "oh". "Have you heard?"

"Heard of what?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Some new girl." New girl? I wonder what she's like...I thought.

"New girl? What about her?" I said, speaking my thought.

Before he could say something, my other friend/ cousin, Thalia, came. Thalia is somehow like Nico but the girl version with black hair with blue streaks and her eyes were the color of electric blue but she's pretty much punk-ish like Nico. Oh, and she's the daughter of Lord Zeus.

"Have you heard?" She asked, déjà vu much. I was about to ask how she knew where we were but, thought better of it.

"Of the new girl?" I simply asked.

"Uhm, yeah, I guess you heard already. BUT, I know more than you know." She said with a very weird, cheerful, knowing grin.

"Okay?" Thalia's grin was freaking me out a little. "What about the new girl?" I asked them both.

"She-" Thalia started, but the bell rang cutting her off. "I guess I'll tell you later in class. I'll just get my things. "

"Ok." I simply said.

*In the classroom before the class starts and before the teacher came in*

"Hey, where's Grover?" I asked Nico. Right at that moment, Grover came in. Grover is a tree-hugger well that's expected from him. He is a satyr. Anyway, he looked shocked and panicky at the moment that made me raise my brows in worry and confusion.

"Whoa!" I asked as he came running in. "What's up with you?"

"Have you heard of the new girl?" he asked me quickly.

"Yes. Not would you PEOPLE just tell me about her?" I was starting to get really annoyed. "All I've been hearing is 'Have you heard about the new girl?' and I think it's about time you tell me about her!"

I was looking intently at Grover and Nico that I didn't notice Thalia's footsteps as she entered the classroom.

"I'LL TELL IT!" She butted in "After all, I'm the one who talked to her."

"Ok, so what about her?" I asked, now staring at her.

"I think she's a demigod."

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