fTitle: Blow Out Loud

Author: BN998

Beta Reader: Animefreak646 (copy and pasted, yada yada yada)

Fandom: Bleach

Pairing: IchixHichi

Rating: M

Summary: Ichigo's hollow has been acting weird lately and Ichigo is worried about it. When something unexpected (or was it expected?) takes place on his 'happily ever after' life; his relationship with his hollow changes drastically.

Warnings: AU, OOC'S (this is a FanFic; even if I try there WILL be OOC's), BL. Shonen-Ai, Yaoi (Don't Like: Don't Read.)

Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach neither its characters. It belongs to Tite Kubo and I just do this for entertainment. (Animefreak646: don't own story...etc...)

- Chapter 04 -

Ichigo was on cloud nine. He was in a really good mood and couldn't get that stupid grin off of his face. Things between him and his hollow were going smoothly, and things couldn't get better. Well, they could, but for now the way it was just perfect.

Though, he still had a problem to resolve: Inoue.

"Kurosaki-kun!" Speak of the devil...

Ichigo looked up from where his current position of staring out the window, "Yeah?"

"Hm...Y-you see...c-can you help me...with this...?" She asked showing Ichigo the notebook she brought.

Ichigo internally groaned, but didn't say anything, "Where?" He asked and grabbed the notebook from her hands. He placed it on his desk and she brought her finger to point at the place.

"Oh, sit down; I'll help you with it." Ichigo knew how to solve the problems so he taught Inoue how to do it too. After a while, all of a sudden Keigo appeared out of nowhere, though Ichigo was glad for it.

"I~~chi~~go~~! What are you doing?" Ichigo didn't need to answer since the brunette figured it out by himself, "Hey! I don't know how to solve that too!" Ichigo sighed.

"Okay okay. Don't be that loud! Bring your book and I'll help you too." Inoue was disappointed by this. She had thought about having some time alone with Ichigo, but seems like her plan failed.

Keigo instantly brought his notebook and sat down near Ichigo to hear his explanation. After some time, Ichigo noticed that Inoue wasn't paying attention and Keigo didn't understand anything. He sighed just in time the bell rang, signaling the end of the break and beginning of the next class. He almost jumped out of his seat and danced in relief.

The two teens reluctantly sat back on their seats in time Ochi-sensei walked in and started the class.

After school, the little group normally walked home and Ichigo was glad the day finally ended. Though, he didn't notice that Rukia misunderstood the reason of his good mood as related with Inoue and that the girl misunderstood it in the same way too.

When Ichigo walked in his house, he thought something was off, "I'm home!" He shouted and received a welcome home hug from Yuzu who came out of the kitchen.

Looking around, he realized what was off, "Hey, where's goat-face?"

Yuzu looked up with her usual smile. "Dad had gone to buy groceries with Karin-chan." She answered. He felt sorry for Karin, but nodded anyway and walked past her as she returned to the kitchen.

He walked up the stairs and opened the door to his room. However, when he walked in, he let out a yelp of surprise at seeing his hollow sitting in the middle of his bed with his legs and arms crossed and with a small smirk on his lips.

"Welcome home, King." Getting out of his initial shock, Ichigo quickly turned around to close the door and lock it. Turning to face the hollow Ichigo had a perplexed look on his face.

"W-wha-...how...?" The hollow's smirk grew wider.

"I can do what Zan can." At first Ichigo was confused, but then he remembered that the old man can materialize, relaxing he let out a sigh.

"At least warn me when you're gonna do this. I almost had a heart attack there..." The hollow scowled.

"Wha? Don' liked the surprise?" Ichigo stared at him for a minute, making the hollow get nervous more and more after each second. A grin grew on Ichigo's lips and he walked away from the door to stand in front of the bed. He sat down, pulling the hollow on his lap and kissed him fervently.

"Of course I liked it. There's nothing better than find your lover on your bed waiting for you to come back home." He whispered against the hollow's lips making him blush a little.

The hollow pushed his King making him lie down on the bed. Ichigo raised an eyebrow at this, but soon was replaced with a smirk when the hollow crawled on top of him on all fours. Ichigo placed his hands on the hollow's waist and the hollow leaned down brushing his lips on his Kings.

"...King..." He whispered and locked his lips with Ichigo's. They started kissing each other hungrily, tangling tongues in a sensual dance.

The hollow wanted more and worked on showing that to his King by leaning his body flush against Ichigo's and moving his hips, rubbing his half-erection against Ichigo's. The redhead was startled by this action momentarily, but quickly responded to it by bucking his hips and making the hollow gasp. But he didn't stop, and continued rubbing against his King, sensually slow. He heard Ichigo grunt and the next thing; he was lying on his back and Ichigo on top of him, biting on his neck.

Ichigo untied the black obi from the hollows waist and tossed it somewhere on the ground. Opening the white shihakusho, he worked on his nipples, playing with one with his hand and licking and biting with his mouth the other, earning gasps and moans from the blushing hollow. When he felt a tug on his shirt he stopped and started unbutton his school shirt, but was prevented of finishing it by a knock on the door. He looked up glaring at the door.

"Who is it?" He asked.

"Onii-chan," Recognizing the voice as Yuzu, Ichigo sat up.


"Dinner is ready," She said. Ichigo locked eyes with his hollow, making a pained expression while the hollow only blinked at him.

"We will be waiting for you." She finished and walked away. Ichigo sighed then looked at Akira as he sat up too. When he saw the face the hollow was making, he almost jumped him. He looked like a kid who wanted something another kid had, but couldn't have it. With his little scowl and pout, he looked really cute. Leaning forward Ichigo gave him a peck on the lips.

"Sorry...I'll come back as quickly as possible..." The hollow's pout deepened as Ichigo stood up and walked to the door. He opened it, walked past and closed it with a sigh, walking down the stairs to the kitchen.

Inside the room, still in the bed, the hollow sighed and lay down again. He was really disappointed to have his little time spoiled. And he was still hard...oh well; he didn't know when King was coming back so maybe he should take care of that.

With that thought in mind, the hollow slid his hand inside his hakama and curled his pale fingers around his arousal. As he slowly moved his hand up and down his shaft, lewd thoughts of him being laid by Ichigo ran wild inside his head. He imagined Ichigo's voice whispering lustful words on his ear, having his body touched and toyed with by those warm hands, feel the heat from that sinful body...At this point the hollow was stroking himself at an erratic pace, the room filled with moans muffled by his hand. More and more images of Ichigo keep popping up on his incoherent mind and the next thing he knew, he saw everything white and he came, the white fluid staining his hand and belly. Letting out a shaky breath, he removed his hand from inside his loose hakama. He didn't feel like moving and stayed just like that, his body started relaxing as he came down from the sex high and his eyelids started to drop, completely worn out. Without noticing he fell into a deep sleep, dreams overflowing with clouds of little Ichigo's all over them filled his head.

Ichigo walked up the stairs fuming. He should have skipped dinner! He couldn't believe his father had brought up that he was already in the age of getting a girlfriend, marrying and giving him grandsons! Can you believe that? Ichigo wasn't going to marry anyone any time soon! He had Akira and wasn't going to give that away, no chance what-so-ever!

Letting out a deep breath, Ichigo curled his fingers around the door handle, spinning it and opening the door. He found his breath caught in his throat at seeing, a very pale, sleeping beauty on his bed. Closing and locking the door behind him, Ichigo walked closer to the bed to inspect his Hollow better. His eyes widened at seeing his hand and belly stained with more white and at what that implies. He groaned.

Damn. He really should have skipped dinner.

Sighing in regret, he walked to the closet to get a clean towel and clean the albino sleeping on the bed. After cleaning him, and tossing the towel somewhere on the ground, he walked to the closet again and got a sweatpants for himself, but stopped before put it on and looked at the albino. He put away the pants and walked to the bed again with a grin. Handling the albino with care, as to not to wake him up, Ichigo took off his shihakusho, tossing it to the ground. He took off his hakama too and the fate of it was the same: to the ground.

Looking over the now naked albino, Ichigo toyed with the thought of waking him up to continue what they couldn't finish earlier, but was discouraged by his peaceful sleeping face. Taking off all his own clothes, Ichigo crawled on the bed, pulling the blanket to cover their naked bodies and settled himself down, pulling the albino closer to his chest. Almost instantly the hollow reacted by snuggling closer to him. With a soft smile, Ichigo left protective arms wrap around the albino's body and fell asleep himself.

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