You are my human razor blade.

Your brand new attitude cuts into me and draws scarlet colored hatred from my veins. I hate you with a passion, for what you've done to me. For the scars you've left me with. I hate the pain you cause me.

Yet I still love you. After all the pain you've put me through, I can still find the bliss and pleasure you supply me with. You make me feel normal, yet, unique at the same time. You are my way of venting my pain and suffering, even if you cause me pain as well. But that's something I can get past.

All I need is your comfort.

You are my human razor blade and I never want to give you up.

Author's Comments: Lawlz! This has to be the shortest fan fiction I've ever written. Then again, I never meant for it to be long anyway. I wanted it as a short thought, just a way of Kyra comparing Fanboy to a razorblade. I just wanted to show the resemblence. Now please, don't yell at me though. I only read the 2nd book (I didn't know it was a series when I got it) and learned it was the 2nd book about halfway into it. But I didn't feel like stopping because it was just that great a story.

Anyways, review and tell me what you think.

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