All that I can't leave behind.

A bit of a mixed bag based on gossip I've heard about the new series. So possibly here be SPOILERS, but maybe not. Covers a lot of bases. Chapter 1 will be the proper summary, if you know nothing about the supposed central thread for the new series do not read.

Based around the possible college shooting plot within the new series, all other developments are suppositions by the author. I do not own Casualty. I'm just playing with the BBC's toys.

Lenny meets a young woman who astounds him and makes him push his ethics again.

Yuki's new strength draws attention.

Ruth decides, but where will her heart lead her and who will she hurt?

Tess crashes into depression, torn between her faith and her friendship for Charlie, will the new Pastor help her make up her mind?

Charlie and Shona juggle Louis' return with raising baby Megan.

Nick and Zoe struggle to survive, and a blast from Zoe's past reminds her how strong she can be.

We find out the truth of Kirsty's home life as Big Mac and come to her rescue

And the new paramedic in town proves to be a life changer for Polly, Jeff and Dixie.