Disclaimer : I do not own the Persona Series.

This is a kind of crossover AU I had been wanting to write. (Kind of T2 Scene over here)

Setting is the same, Except Minako Gets death sealed in her.

Minako Is 16 years old in this fanfic and her brother is 7 years.

It was the 20th of January 2o1o.

Minako observed her younger brother playing with Aigis at the playground near the shirne,

Thoughts of what Igore had told her the previous night running through her mind.

Nyx would come, and there would be a price to pay to stop her. It would be a costly one…..

She was worried about Minato, who would look after him and take care of him. Read him his favorite story at night.

Then Suddenly, it became very clear to her,

Aigis would never stop, She would never shout at him,

Hit him or say she was too busy to spend time with him,

she would always be there for him and She would die to protect him.

Of all the would be foster parents that came and went over the last few years this thing this machine was the only one that measured up,

and in an insane world which they lived in it was the sanest choice.

She felt Minato was in good hands, And knew what she had to do to protect him, And ensure he had a future to look forward to.

She would have to become the Great Seal….. Even if it cost of her own life.