Izuna breathed deeply and then slowly began opening the front door to his and his brother's apartment as silent as possible. As soon as he was inside, he glanced down the corridor with nervous eyes with hope of not finding his brother.

'Please let Aniki be asleep… Please let Aniki be asleep… Please let Aniki be asleep…!'

Luckily, he found no sign of Madara and decided to take the chance to sneak into his room unnoticed.

He sighed relieved the moment the bedroom door was safely closed behind him; he had survived so far, and now all he had to do was get a good night of sleep, before the long lecture he knew he would have to listen to in the morning.

There was just one problem…

There on his bed, sat his brother with calm eyes and no threatening aura surrounding him. Izuna gulped. He knew he was in big trouble. He waved nervously.

"H-h-hey, A-Aniki…" A content sigh escaped Madara's lips. Izuna felt himself sweat. "…"

5 Seconds later

"Uchiha Izuna!" Madara screamed, while jumping up from the bed. Izuna screamed as well and jumped backwards into his door. "It's fucking 1 o'clock in the morning! 1 am! Where the hell have you been?"

"I'm… I'm… I'm s-s-sorry, Aniki…" was all Izuna could get past his trembling lips.

"Sorry?" Madara repeated flatly. Izuna gulped. Again. "That's so not good enough young man! You said you would be home latest 10 pm, but yet you didn't! You promised me you would call, write, whatever! You promised me you would inform me, if there were change of plans, but yet you still didn't! Do you have any motherfucking idea of how fucking worried I was? You could have been killed, raped, kidnapped, tortured, threatened, you name it!"

Izuna stayed quiet. He knew anything else would be dangerous. Madara suddenly shot through the room and grabbed his younger by the arms, pushing him fully up against the door in the process.


Izuna bit his lip in order not to let the sobs escape his lips, but the tears themselves were another story. They spilled freely down his pale doll face.

"I'm sorry! Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I'm so sorry, Aniki! I'm so, so sorry! I'm truly sorry! I'm SORRY!"

Madara sighed deeply, and then shook his head tiredly.

"… Go to bed. We'll discuss it in the morning."

"… H-hai…"

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