Insight to Sloths story.

It's an old picture. The faces are faded. One of the corners was a jagged tear. A single crease just off center told the tales of constant folding. The creases white line barely missed the face of a rather unsightly woman and eternally separated one of its subjects from the others.

It spoke of old times, of better times. It came from an era before the crimes, before the humiliation. It came before the corpution of innocent souls at the hands of their mother.

It reminded her of what was, what could have been. It brought back memories of happier days. It showed what could have been.

To the woman's right stood two young boys. Their dark hair messy and their dark eyes glinting with mischief. Both wore breech's, held up by suspenders. The one closer to her wore round glasses and a thin cotton shirt. The others suspenders were at his waist, his thin chest bare.

Another boy stood to her left. His light hair neatly combed and his eyes bright with intelligence. His smile was wide, revealing crooked teeth and gaps of gum. He was larger than the woman and other boys, but his face held the innocence of childhood. Unlike the other boys, his breech's were clean and his shirt spotless.

The picture represented a time just after it started. The few previous falls had hurt him. But the worst was yet to come.

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