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Chapter 4

"Did you hear about what happened last night?"

"Yeah, I heard a meteor shower took place."

"Too bad we were all asleep last night."

"B-But I think we were lucky c-considering that a meteorite crashed into the g-garden."

"True, we wouldn't want anyone to get squished."

"Except for maybe a certain a-."

"Now, now, don't go saying bad words around children."

The entire mansion was gossiping about the events last night. Pit could not go two steps without hearing about either the meteor shower or the meteorite. After his group told Master Hand about what exactly happened, which was not much, he proceeded to bring the crystal in. Unfortunately, it was too big to fit through the door so he had to break it into smaller pieces, unsurprisingly. The shocking thing was the fact that Crazy Hand, the one who liked causing destruction, tried to stop his brother from breaking it, but to no avail. He had been sulking ever since.

Currently, all the Smashers were at the main lobby for an announcement about the crystal's properties and everyone was on the edge of their seats because they all had the feeling that it was very special indeed. Actually, they all took Lucario's word about it being a strange stone, as it had its own aura. And not just one either.

"Attention everyone," Master Hand said through a microphone on the stage he created. Everyone immediately quieted down.

"I will now inform you about this interesting find." He cleared his throat.

… Does he even have one?

"First off-"



And of course, a certain insane hand had to interrupt his speech. Master Hand sighed.

"What is it now?" he said quite irritably.

"Look at the news!" his brother yelled. Before the other hand could even protest, Crazy Hand had snapped his fingers and the match screen turned into a TV screen.

"Breaking news bulletin," a newsperson announced, "last night, a strange purple mist has been spotted through the mountains and is now spreading throughout the world. Several people have been caught in the mist itself and have not come out. Authorities have sent rescue crews to bring back the missing people, only to have them not return as well. Spectators say that the cause of this phenomenon may have been caused by the meteor shower last night. We can only hope that this mist will not cause lasting damage. In other news-"Crazy Hand turned the screen back to normal.

Everyone had mixed opinions on the subject. Some of the Smashers thought it was a hoax and that the news channel was wrong about reporting the abnormality. Other Smashers hoped that the missing people would turn up alive and well soon. For Pit, he was stunned into silence. His nightmare had come alive.

"Everyone calm down!" Master Hand yelled for attention. The whole room quieted.

"Now, concerning the missing people I suggest that we send some of the Smashers to-"

"YOU CAN'T GO IN THAT THING!" Pit and Crazy Hand blurted out. Everyone in the room turned to one of the two. Then Crazy Hand turned to Pit.

"Yay, I'm not the only video gamer here!" the insane hand rejoiced. Pit ignored the comment, considering he did not know what the hand was talking about.

"…Can you explain the meaning of this Pit?" the elder hand asked. Pit sighed. It was time he told everyone about his dream.

"Well, Master Hand, I've been having this dream about the mist and-"

"Awwwwww, so you're not a video gamer…" Crazy Hand interrupted in disappointment. Master Hand turned to his younger brother.

"And you would know about this because…?" Crazy Hand beamed.

"Cause I finished the video game that tells about it," he said a matter-of-factly.

"Crazy…" Master Hand warned, "I thought we discussed not to talk about it in front of the Sma-"

"I'll go get it now!"

"GAH! CRAZY, DON'T YOU DARE-!" Too late, the other hand went to get his game. He then came back a short while later.

"Tada! Here it is!" he exclaimed. One could have sworn that they heard crickets chirping after he said that. Crazy Hand sweat dropped.

"Umm…maybe I should put it on the big screen," he said. He then used the match screen to show an enlarged picture of the cover. On it was what seemed like a human, a human-plant hybrid, a female human clothed in fur with a large…um…chest, and a helmed creature that none of them could make out. In the background was a giant crystal, the very same crystal that crash landed in the garden. The title was on top of the cover in fancy lettering. It read: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

"Hmm…seems interesting, where did you get it?" Wolf asked.

"I got it on a place called Earth," Crazy Hand said.


"All of you are pretty much famous people since you all are in a bunch of video games."


"Of course," the insane hand continued, "I had to disguise myself as a human so the fan girls won't get me and people won't be freaking out that fictional video game characters are real." Everyone exploded at the word "fictional".

"Fictional? We're very much alive thank you very much!"

"Who are the bozos that said we're not real?"

"I like to give them a piece of my mind if I go there on vacation!"

"If we were not real, we would not be living and breathing at this very moment!"

"Th-That's not a very nice thing to say, c-calling us fictional!"

"EVERYONE BE QUIET OR I SHALL FEED YOU TO THE FAN GIRLS!" Crazy Hand shouted through a megaphone. Wonder where he got that from.

Once the commotion died down, the hand continued, "Anyway, this takes place in a world covered in that mist thingy called miasma. People can't go in there because if they do, their life gets drained and they die."

Master Hand then asked Pit, "Does this happen in your dream?" Pit nodded solemnly.

"Aaaaaaaaanyway," Crazy Hand continued, "the miasma thingy is gradually eating up the world and-"

"Oh great, so we're all gonna to die," Dedede grumbled.

"Let me continue! Anyway, the only to stop the miasma thingy…" he then pointed to the crystal, "…are these crystals which protect the cities and towns."

"So we're safe right?" Fox asked.

"Eh, not really." Everyone groaned.

"The crystal can only stop the miasma thingy for a year before it loses power."

"Th-That means we only have a year left to live," Luigi gulped nervously.

"Again, not really. The people from the town need to collect special water called myrrh that power up the crystal for another year. Too bad myrrh are located in dangerous places." Several of the Smashers paled at the thought of the horrors in these dungeons.

"That's why," he continued, "the towns send out a group of people called caravans to go get myrrh from the dangerous places."

"So we just send out a group of people to go get myrrh while the rest of us stay here," Roy said. Crazy Hand nodded.

"Well then we all know the one person to go out on this journey," Marth said. Everyone nodded in agreement except for three Smashers who were clueless.

"Now just a minute," Master Hand interrupted, "from what I have gathered about the crystal, the separate fragments act as protection for each and every one of your worlds from which you came." At this, everyone paled.

"…Our home worlds…are going to be swallowed up by that thing?" Peach asked hesitantly. Master Hand nodded solemnly.

"I can only fuse a few crystals together so that the protection spreads to other worlds, but that is it, I'm afraid," he said sadly

"You see! This is why I didn't want the crystal to break," his brother said matter-of-factly. Master Hand muttered something under his breath before continuing.

"Right, so here's how it works," he said, "each one of you will travel with others from your home worlds. Those that have come alone need to group up with another person. I can't risk anyone dying because they refuse to join a group or because they were not accepted in any way." A couple of the Smashers looked rather unhappy because of that statement.

"Um, Master Hand?" Red asked with his hand raised, "What about the Assist Trophies? Won't their home worlds be in danger as well? Surely we can send some of them out in the caravans."

"Absolutely not," he replied rather stiffly, "I will fuse their home world crystals with a random group of Smashers. We don't need anyone else to gather myrrh."

"But what happens if we all-" Red continued.

"ENOUGH! We will not discuss that matter further! Now get in your groups and I don't want to here anymore out of any of you!" Master Hand yelled before swiftly fleeing the room. Crazy Hand followed soon after. The minute they were gone, the Smashers broke out into conversation while they got up and searched for their groups. The PSR Squad immediately gathered together.

"So, what do you guys think?" Red asked. Pit only bit his lip nervously.

"I think this might actually be fun," Sonic grinned.

"Geez, you always see things as an adventure," Red groaned. He then turned to Pit. "What's the matter, Pit? You sure are quiet."

"I don't know about this, guys," he whispered nervously, "I mean…what happens if we all…die?" The group became silent at the asking of the forbidden question.

"…You heard what Master Hand said," Sonic replied, "we shouldn't think about it. For now, we need to concentrate on packing supplies for the journey."

"Pika." The group turned toward the source of the noise, an electric mouse.

Red smiled, "Hey Pikachu, what's up?" The mouse gestured toward the group containing all the Pokémon, then to Red, then back to the group. The Pokémon trainer's face paled.

"But-" he protested. Pikachu did the same gestures again. He sighed.

"Sorry guys," he said forlornly as he walked with Pikachu towards the Pokémon group.

"Looks like we're on our own," Pit murmured.

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