Here's that sequel I promised! This takes place about three years from where the last one, Surprises, left off. The Booth twins and the Hodgins baby with the really long complicated name are now three years old, Hailey is nineteen, Peter is six, Parker is twelve, and the adults are...three years older. Anyways, enjoy! Oh! And Brennan is pregnant and Angela had another kid, who is now a year old. Did I forget to mention that? Oops! xD

Chapter One: Barbeque

Brennan, Cam, and Angela sat at the picnic table in Brennan's backyard, with Angela's son, Ben, in her arms, and Cam's daughter, Lily, on her hip, while the older children played on the jungle-gym with each other, and the men stood by the barbeque, grilling burgers, hot dogs, steak, and, for Brennan, tofu dogs.

Roxie and M&M (Jack and Angela's daughter) played princesses on the highest point of the jungle-gym, while the boys, Peter, Parker, and Tony, played football on the grass. Tony seemed to have the most trouble catching the ball, so Parker helped him by standing behind him when Peter threw th ball. Parker was there in case Peter threw the ball too high, and he would catch it and hand it down to Tony, making him think he caught it by himself. Every time this happened Tony would shout to Booth.

"Daddy! Look! I catched it! I catched it!"

Booth smiled at his son. "Good job, Tony! That's my boy!"

Tony took great pleasure in being praised by his father. To him, his father was the coolest dad ever.

Meanwhile, Roxie would run over to Brennan, when, M&M, the "evil dragon" was after her.

"Mommy! Mommy!" she cried, running into her mother's arms. "Help me! She's gonna get me!" Brennan picked up her daughter and laughed with the little girl while Angela cheered on her daughter.

"Go get her, M&M!" she cried, and the little girl would start roaring at Roxie. Soon Roxie was wriggling to get out of her mother's arms, so Brennan would place her on the floor and M&M would attack and the girls would roll on the floor, laughing hysterically, before starting the game all over again, while switching roles.

The games ended when Michelle and Hailey came out with the side dishes and Booth announced that the food was ready, placing everything on the table.

All the children immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed to get a seat at the large picnic table.

Brennan sat all the children in a row. Parker sat next to Peter, who sat next to Tony, who sat next to Roxie, who sat next to M&M, who sat next to Lily. Brennan served each of them a hot dog with her special mac&cheese, except for Roxie, who she gave a tofu dog, because Roxie didn't digest meat very well. Booth thought this was hilarious. She's just like you! He'd said. But Brennan reminded him how outgoing she was and how she had his smile that could get her just about anything she wanted.

Brennan smiled, remembering this little dispute. It was true, Roxie was just like her, only more outgoing and with her father's charming smile that she couldn't resist.

While they ate, everybody talked about the recent cases they'd worked on, until Booth told them to cut it out in front of the kids and they moved on to talking about sports, and what they did on their vacations.

"Booth, Bren, how was your trip to Barbados?" Angela asked, since they hadn't gotten to talk about that yet.

Brennan smiled. "It was fantastic. We took the kids to all the sights, then Hailey took them to a movie and dinner and we got some time to ourselves." Brennan winked at Booth, who blushed visibly, making her giggle.

Everybody else at the table looked at each other, trying not to laugh for fear that the little ones would ask what was so funny.

They were all interrupted by the sound of Dr. Sweets' voice.

"Sorry, we're late, but Amy wasn't feeling too good this morning." Sweets said as he and a very pregnant Daisy made their way towards the table with their little girl, Amy, in his arms. As soon as he noticed their faces he gave them a confused look. "What? What are you guys staring at?"

Sweets had been so upset by the fact that his daughter wasn't feeling well that he didn't bother to change his shirt, which had Amy's breakfast all over it.

Everybody immediately burst into laughter, while Booth thanked God that at least something had taken the focus off him and Brennan. Looking around the table, he also thanked God for his wonderful family, wondering what he did to deserve them.

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