Chapter Eleven: Tony's Date

"Mom! Dad! I'm going out!" Tony called to his parents, checking that he had his car keys in his pocket and money in his wallet, he opened the front door only to be stopped by his father's stern voice.

"Freeze!" Booth said, evenly, stopping Tony dead in his tracks.

Tony turned around, and tried to act nonchalant. "Yeah, Dad?" he asked.

"Where do you think you're going?" Booth asked.

"Out." Tony replied.

"Out where, Anthony?"

"I dunno. Gonna go get something to eat. Possibly see a movie. Why? Am I in trouble?"

"No, not unless there's something that you know that your mother and I don't know. Is there?"

Tony shook his head. "No, sir."

"Good. Now, why are you going out alone tonight? Don't any of your friends want to hang out?"

"Actually I'm about to go pick up a...friend." Tony responded, catching himself before he could say, 'date'. He really didn't want his parents making a big deal of this like they did for Parker and Peter's first dates. Though he was lucky he wasn't a girl or else Booth would have gotten out his gun like he did for Roxy's first date.

"Which friend?" Booth asked, suspiciously.

"Nobody, Dad. Just a friend. Can I please go?" Tony asked, becoming exasperated.

"Alright," Booth relented, "But you have to tell your mother and I more about your friend when you get home. No later than midnight or you're grounded til you go to college. Understood?"

Tony nodded and rushed out the door.

Booth walked back to the living room, chuckling. "God, I love messing with him like that." He said, sitting down next to Brennan who had little James in her lap. Anna was sitting next to her and immediately ran to sit in her father's lap.

"Daddy!" she signed. Booth smiled and kissed her forehead.

"No dating until you're thirty." he told her.

Brennan elbowed him in the ribs and he pouted at her, making her smile and lean up to kiss him.

Tony pulled up to Elizabeth's house, his hands shaking on the steering wheel, as he turned off the engine.

Walking up to her front door, he attempted to wipe the sweat from his hands on his jeans before knocking twice on the door.

Elizabeth answered the door a few seconds later and Tony was immediately blown away.

The glasses were gone so he could now see her beautiful green eyes clearly and her hair was down in waves around her face. She was wearing a nice purple blouse and a pair of dark skinny jeans and flip flops on her feet.

"Whoa..." Tony said, feeling a deep blush come over his features.

Elizabeth smiled. "Thanks. You too. Are you ready to go?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah. After you." He turned so that she could pass him.

"Such a gentleman." she joked.

Tony grinned and followed her, opening her car door for her.

As they pulled up to the movie theater, Tony groaned at the long line. "Aw, man. I knew I should have just ordered the tickets online."

Elizabeth chuckled and pulled out two little rectangles, showing them to him. "My Dad is a Producer. He gets tickets for free. This is for that new Johnny Depp film. That alright."

Tony grinned at her. "God, you're amazing." he said, aloud, blushing as the words left his lips.

Elizabeth laughed. "Elizabeth is fine, thanks." she joked.

Tony smiled to himself as he parked.

Two hours later, they walked out, laughing about the movie.

"That was hilarious!" Tony laughed.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yeah. It really was. He's such a strange guy. But he's a very good actor."

"He's the best! He was my idol when I was little and I saw him in the Pirates of the Caribbean. But he scared me in Willy Wonka."

Elizabeth nodded. "That scared me, too. It gave me nightmares."

Tony nodded. "Me too!" He shuddered. "But other than that he's pretty good."

Elizabeth nodded in agreement as Tony opened the car door for her.

"Where to, milady?" Tony joked as he got behind the wheel.

"Well, we still have about two hours until I have to be home. Wanna go grab something to eat at the drive-thru?"

"Sure. I could eat." Tony said, pulling into the street.

Half an hour later, they were parked in the parking lot of the local McDonald's, eating side by side and talking.

"So, what are your parents like?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well, my dad is a real good guy. He works for the FBI. He's very religious too. He makes us go to church every Sunday. And my mom...well she's a lot like you."

"Really? How so?"

"Well, she's really smart, for one. She's Forensic Anthropologist and she works with my dad. She's also very pretty, but sort of awkward, too. But she'd learning. She's very nice, too. Dad says she has a pretty big heart and she didn't even know about it for the longest time. My parents are just amazing."

Elizabeth smiled. "They sound pretty cool. I wish my parents were that cool."

"What do you mean? Your dad is a Producer and your mom is literally a Brain Surgeon. That's pretty cool to me."

"Yeah, I guess, but they're never home. It gets lonely especially because I don't have any siblings. You have like six."

"Four. Hailey and Peter are my cousins." Tony explained.

"Still. I don't have any."

"Well you have something just as good."

"What's that?"

"Me. I'll keep you busy. You can come see me at games and I'll study with you and we'll just hang out."

Elizabeth smiled. "That sounds nice, but...you heard about Jeremy, right?"

"That jerk that called you a nerd in front of the entire school and laughed in your face while you cried? Yeah, I know him. I wanna punch that guy so hard..."

Elizabeth smiled. "Yeah, him. He sort of ruined my trust in guys a little so I don't know if..."

"Liz. Listen, I'm nothing like Jeremy. Like I said before, all I want is the chance to be your friend, maybe more, but only if you want. I'd be content just being your friend, if only that."

Elizabeth smiled and leaned forward, kissing Tony's cheek. "You're a great guy. Thank you."

Tony grinned. "Thanks. You're not too bad yourself."

Elizabeth giggled before looking at the time. "I hate to cut this date short but I have to be home soon or else the maid is gonna rat on me."

"Say no more." Tony said, starting up the car. "I'll get you home faster than a speeding bullet. Buckle up."

Elizabeth chuckled and buckled up her seat belt as Tony pulled out of the parking lot.

As they pulled up to her house, Elizabeth turned to Tony.

"Thanks for a great night, Tony." she said, smiling.

"It's not over yet. I still have to walk you to the door." Tony said, remembering something his father once told him.

"Oh, you don't have to..."

"Trust me. I do." Tony said, getting out and racing around the car to open her door, taking her hand as he helped her out.

Tony didn't let go of her hand the entire way up to her front door.

They turned to each other and Elizabeth smiled. "I know this is pretty cliché, but I had a really great time tonight."

Tony smiled. "Me, too. Maybe we should do this some other time?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Definitely. I'd like that."

"Great. Is Sunday too soon? Cause there's this exhibit at the Jeffersonian that my Mom says is going to be amazing and I was wondering if you-"

Elizabeth cut him off with her lips on his and he smiled into the kiss.

When they pulled back, both faces were flushed and full of joy. "I'd like that." Elizabeth said, opening up her front door and taking a step inside. "Pick me up at noon."

Tony nodded. "Sure. Good night." he said, smiling after her.

Elizabeth waved to him before closing the door.

As he walked back to the car, Tony couldn't wipe the silly grin off his face.

"That was great." He said, aloud to himself.