Bad-guy and hero

I heard Alec open the door but stayed where I was, curled up on the bed in a patch of sunlight revelling in the warmth on my back. "Cats always seem to find the best spots don't they?" he said conversationally leaning against the doorframe.

I rolled over onto my back and stretched languidly peering through slitted eyelids at him. "How are you feeling?"

"Just dandy." Alec said wincing slightly as he slid his jacket off of settled down next to me.

"Liar." I murmured reaching up and running my hands through his thick hair. Alec caught hold of my wrist and pressed a kiss into my palm. "It's only been two days since you could walk! I wish you'd just stay in bed."

Alec raised an eyebrow. "She says while in my bed… hmmm the idea does have a certain appeal now you mention it." He kissed his way up the soft skin of the inside of my arm until his lips reached mine. I kissed him back gently careful not to jostle him or brush against his side, still heavily bandaged.

Alec groaned. "I hate this." He said against my mouth. "I want you."

"Easy there, tiger." I said, trying hard to suppress my own disappointment. "It's not really a turn on when the stitches pop out in the middle of…" I trailed off laughing softly. Alec reluctantly nodded his agreement and we forced ourselves out of bed.

We sauntered down to the main complex consisting of HQ, the gym, a large parking lot that acted as a common room of sorts for all of us to hang out and an old office that had a cafeteria which was now in use again. Alec had his arm around my waist, mine was crossed across my body so our fingers could intertwine. As we wandered through we passed several others, some couples, some alone, a couple of groups of kids playing around the alleys and pathways. "Can you believe it?" I said to Alex. "Look at them! They're playing! Playing! Just like real kids, they're getting the childhood we never did. It's fantastic!"

Alec squeezed me gently. "Hey Alec! Angel!" Joshua loped over to us. "I made a gift for you. A present. You come see." Smiling we followed him into the room he'd turned into his studio.

Joshua stopped us in front of a A4 sized, sheet covered canvas. "Ta da!" he sing songed as he pulled off the covering with a showman's flourish.

"Oh Joshua!" I breathed stepping unconsciously forward.

It was a portrait of Alec and me, beautifully painted in oils. Alec was standing behind me his arms tight around my waist, Joshua had perfectly captured the uneven grin, the mischief in his eyes, his head was slightly bent caught in the act of whispering something in my ear. I was leaning back into his embrace my eyes half closed, my mouth curved into a smile. Joshua had painted my cheeks slightly pink so it looked like I was blushing. The background showed the sky with the pale blues and pinks of sunrise. A new beginning. "It's beautiful."

With tears in my eyes I hugged him, the top of my head barely reaching his chest. Joshua patted my back. "You like it?"

"I love it. You shouldn't have." I stepped closer to admire the tiny details, each one of my crazy curls perfectly defined, a tiny dot of white in Alec's eyes to bring them to life.

"Aw sasquatch!" Alec said thumping Joshua's shoulder. "You're gonna make me cry."

"It's a present. To com… com… commemorate your," Joshua broke off suddenly. I whipped around just in time to see Alec shaking his head.

"To commemorate what?" I asked fixing the both of them with my gaze.

Joshua shuffled uncomfortably. "Your… your getting busy!" I gaped at him and Alec let out a bark of laughter. "Sorry it's late."

I narrowed my eyes as Alec who shrugged. "You can't rush art!" he joked.

He was saved with Max's entrance. "Hey Joshua I, oh hey guys. Wow! Joshua did you paint that? It's gorgeous!"

Max came over to stand by me and the painting. "Speaking of commemorations did you remember that the day after tomorrow is a year after you broke us all out of Manticore?"

Max stopped to think about it. "Oh yeah."

"I was thinking we should do something. Something to remember the ones that got left behind, or hunted down."

"Like a service?" Max asked.

"Just something to show a little respect and gratitude." I said. I'd been turning the idea over in my head for a few days.

"It's a good idea." Max said nodding. "We could all gather together. Say a few words, take a couple of moments to remember. It's a really good idea."

I had moved into the rooms that Alec was living in, not as soon as I felt better but as soon as Alec insisted that I go home and sleep. I'd glanced blearily up at him from where I was slumped in a chair next to his bed. "You want me to go?" I'd asked croakily.

"I want you to get a decent night's sleep."

"I'm really fine." I had insisted.

Alec looked at me, ""Don't make me get out of bed and drag you all the way to our apartment."

One small word had managed to make it through my sleep deprived brain. "Our?"

Alec had grinned. "Our." He nodded.

So I had gone back to Alec's, to our apartment. But when I had lain down in the bed even though I was so exhausted I had barely been able to walk I found it impossible to sleep. I had crept back into the sick bay, back to Alec's side. Because a little sleep was better than none at all.

Now I woke up every morning limbs entangled with Alex's. He always woke before me, he needed less sleep but he never got up. He lay in bed next to me and every morning I marvelled at how normal it was. How many other couples just enjoyed catching a few quite moments in each others arms?

That morning I volunteered to go on what had affectionately become known as the 'frivolous forage'. Transgenics went outside the boundary on a fairly regular basis to buy or steal food, medicine and other necessities. But occasionally one'd be sent out with some cash and a list of 'frivolities' the transgenic city inhabitants wanted. So that is why I was wandering through Section 5 trying to find a decent lingerie shop.

The small boutique with a simple sign stating 'Madame's' in curly italics was tucked away in cubby hole behind a couple of fruit and veg stalls. Grinning I pulled out the list I had been given by several transgenics of the female persuasion from my back pocket. About half an hour later I exited my backpack now full of the requested items and a little something for myself to celebrate Alex's full recovery. The proprietor, a smiley elderly woman with fantastic taste in underwear, waved me on my way.

The streets were crowded and I subtlety checked that my hair covered the base of my neck. As I wound my way through the throngs I noticed a man walking with a woman. There was of course nothing suspicious in that fact alone but for some reason they caught my attention. I stared at them trying to pinpoint what was making my heart beat faster, adrenaline begin to surge through my veins. The gun in the man's hand was almost completely concealed behind the woman's back. The woman, who I know realised was really no more than a girl, sixteen years old at the most, was staring straight ahead fear behind her otherwise natural expression as the man leered at her.

"No!" whispered a voice in my head, sounding a little like Max, "Don't cause trouble! Don't get involved."

But then another voice, this time sounding exactly like Max said "Take that creep OUT!"

Quick as a flash I was at the man's side. Before he could even register my presence I pulled by my fist and hit him hard. Then I pulled the young girl out of his clutches and positioned her behind me.

The man had already cocked his gun and shot wildly in our direction, I pushed the girl aside and felt red hot pain on my arm. The grazed softer flesh of my upper arm a few inches below the rune now carved into my skin. I glared at the man and then said very slowly and pointedly, "Ouch."

I zipped towards him under his guard and seized hold of his arm, I brought my free hand down sharply on the inside of his wrist causing him to drop the gun I caught it and stuck it behind me in the waistband of my jeans. I took hold of his shoulders and pulled him downward raising my knee to meet his abdomen as he fell towards the ground. I kicked him over onto his back and rested my foot carefully on his throat. "Say you're sorry." I said increasing the pressure on his windpipe slightly.

He swore. I pushed down a little harder and watched his face turn an interesting shade of puce. "Pardon? Didn't quite catch that."

"Sorry!" he croaked.

"Very good." I turned to the girl. "Want to kick him in the groin? I'll hold him still." She shook her head mutely. "All righty then, count yourself lucky buster, if it's been me I'd have castrated you with a spoon." I kicked him once more with my boot toe for good measure and then bent down to retrieve my fallen bag. A collective gasp ran through the watching crowd. I stiffened. My hair had fallen forwards over my shoulder leaving my neck bare, the black barcode clear against my pale skin.

My eyes darted around looking for an escape route but the crowd was three deep in most places. The girl I'd saved stepped forwards cautiously. "Thank you." She said loudly enough for everyone to hear it and held out her hand. I took it.

Then, "Stop! Police!" sounded out behind me. I saw two policemen over my shoulder trying to make their way through the crowd. The people just in front of me hesitated and then parted allowing me to pass through unhindered. I called out my thanks and sprinted away, back to TC.

I'd just finished distributing my purchases when Alec called me over to the door of HQ where he'd been standing. "Hey Ange! So how'd the shopping trip go?"

I smiled. "Why don't you come back to the apartment and find out yourself?"

Max appeared behind him. "Anything happen?" she asked her tone too casual.


"Hey it's supergirl!" Mole called around his cigar and he tugged me into the main room where a clip of a young red headed woman was beating the crap out of a much larger man was playing out on the large screen.

"Oh." I said.

"Yeah! Oh!" Alec agreed watching me send the guy sprawling appreciatively.

"Now, Max." I said quickly, "This doesn't count as negative press does it?"

Logan peeped around her shoulder. "I think it's pretty positive actually."

Behind us Alec rewound the video and watched we down the guy again. And again. And again…