Hello Ladies. Because some of You asked for an epilogue, here you go. I hope everyone will be satisfied with this. Thank you for everything again :)



The sun is high on the sky, the air is hot and humid. A smile appearing on my face as I watch my kids running around in the parking lot of the garage. 10 years ago at this very same day I almost died. In that moment when the knife entered my body, shocking my body, my mind at the same time, all I could think of was what would happen if I didn't die.

What would happen if I had the life what I always wanted. If I had Jax, became an old lady, be there for him, for the club, for our family, no matter what would happen.

Now I knew the answer for all those questions. Through the years, through all the sorrow, the pain, through the loss of beloved people, through betrayals, and rivers of blood finally, we were at peace.

I didn't have to be afraid anymore of my baby girl, Daisey running around on the yard, and getting caught in the crossfire, Abel getting kidnapped, Jax getting arrested… me being stabbed to death.

Those times were behind us. Jackson Teller finally reached his aim, what he was working so hard for, what he craved for in all his life, he cleaned the club, and could live the life he always wanted to, surrounded by friends, brothers, kids, and a devoted wife.

He didn't become his father, fighting for something better, and die trying. He managed what Thomas Teller couldn't reach, and with that Jax found his peace of mind.

The sound of bikes broke the relative silence. Daisey stopped in midstep, starting to bounce up and down, squealing happily „daddy, daddy". Abel of course, being the grown man he was, tried to keep his cool, though, I could see the excitment on his face, realizing his dad was finally home.

The guys stop in the parking lot, Jax being jumped by baby girl right away. Even after the hug, she refused to let go of his leg, so he had to carry her around. Abel tried to give him a hug, getting through Daisey, letting Jax know right away he got into the football team, and was praised by the coach big time.

Finally, my husband turned to me, and walked to me slowly, still carrying our daughter on his leg. He pulled me up with one swift motion, giving me a knee shakening kiss, the kind of kiss what always reminded me he still loved me, I still belonged to him like I always did in all my life.