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Hard. That's what it was. Trying to meddle with his feelings and his mind was something that Arthur always had, had troubles with. His heart was telling him to give in to the Frenchman that he used to despise, but now had strong feelings for, while his mind, stubborn as it was, tried to tell him that he'd never go along with Francis.

Sure, he had been enjoying the time he now spent with the Frenchman and the older blonde rarely used any of his so called French charm against the Brit. It was, enjoyable to say the least. And he knew that the other felt the same. About the enjoyable part! Nothing else!

Now the winter was coming along. And thus the winter games. Arthur found himself traveling to America to pick up Alfred, then Canada to pick up Matthew, back to England to pack his belongings and then to France to pack Francis' things.

"It's for Alfred and Matthew," was Arthur's reason as his two former colonies participated in many games – hockey counted as one. True, England also participated in some, but in the hockey championships he had been defeated early and soon joined by France. Which lead them to their current position: Sweden's house.

The quiet nation held the Hockey championships in his country and had, by request of Finland, invited the participating countries to stay at his house. Or, some had to stay in the nearby hotels as the only house with enough rooms in it would be Russia's, but no one in their right state of mind would want to stay at Russia's house. Not counting Belarus, that is.

Now, the nations who got a room, either with another nation or by themselves, found themselves in Berwald Oxenstierna's living room, trying to make the time pass in their wait for Matthew and Alfred to return from their match against each other. They all knew how rough things got on the ice when the Canadian and the American team met.

"I bloody swear that if Matthew won, Alfred's sitting in some corner crying his little arse off."

"Hey! I don't cry!"

The nations looked up to see a very exhausted America, hugging his fiancé Matthew, his Canada close, while both of them smiling.

Francis was the first up on his feet to go up and give them both a hug, "So, who won, mon petits?"

Matthew giggled when the slightly older blonde next to him groaned and mumbled something about 'can't talk now, I'm gonna take a shower' and they both disappeared as fast as they had popped up.

"USE PROTECTION!" Francis shouted after them, causing himself to be hit in the back of his head by a blushing Brit.

"You bloody, wine drinking, smooth-talking, perverted French git!"

"Now, now, cher, save those compliments for when we get home, oui?" Francis said, smiling through the numbing pain after the hit. And then, another hit.

"You'll be dead long before that, git!"

"Oh, will I now? Cheri, for what I can remember, you haven't beaten me in centuries!"

Arthur slapped Francis' cheek and his eyes were turning dangerously dark, "And yet, almost every time we've battled, I have been the winner!"

"I have always let you win, cher!"

And the fight was on. They would have continued if Tino had not run to Berwald's room and taken the tall nation with him so that he, along with Germany could pull the two nations apart. After having said more insults to each other, calmed down and been released, Francis and Arthur only laughed at their own idiocy.

Arthur laughed with his hand to his mouth while Francis had his on his neck. Glancing towards each other when the other didn't look, both of them had only one thought in their minds.

'I love him.'

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