A/N: This is just a bunch of little one-shots throughout the books. They'll be mostly from Gale or Peeta's point of view.


As stated above, this has Mockingjay spoilers. Personally, that would mean, "OMG! MUST READ!" but for those of you who do not wish to spoil the book, don't read some of these. I'll post a warning like the one above in the Author's Note if the scene is from Mockingjay.

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Book: Catching Fire

Scene: When Peeta runs into the force field during the Quarter Quell and his heart stops.

Pages: 278-282

Point of View: Peeta

I reach out with my knife to slash the vines just as Katniss's voice starts, "D—"

But she doesn't finish. There's a zapping sound, and electricity shoots through my veins, throwing me back. I land on a tangle of vines, taking Finnick and Mags with me.

The last thing I see is Katniss's horrified face as my eyelids flutter shut and the world goes black.


I cough, coming back. It's like the world jump started.


Fingers brush hair back from my face, move to the pulse at my neck.


My eyes open to meet her grey ones.

"Careful," I say, but my voice is weak, "There's a force field up ahead."

She laughs, the sound zinging through me like the electricity had, but I notice wet trials down her cheeks.

I immediately want to comfort her.

"Must be a lot stronger than the one on the Training Center roof," I say, "I'm alright though, just a little shaken."

Instead of comforting her like I wanted, this statement has the opposite effect. Katniss sobs harder.

"You were dead! Your heart stopped!" she bursts out. She claps her hand over her mouth as she starts to make choking sounds. I know she does this when she cries especially hard. I move to envelope her in my arms, and she buries her face in my chest.

"Well, it seems to be working now," I say, "It's alright Katniss."

She nods into my chest, but her sobbing cries don't stop. If anything, they come harder.

Now I'm really worried, not to mention confused, by her actions. "Katniss?"

"It's okay. It's just her hormones."

I look up at Finnick, just as Katniss does. He's glancing between us, his face mirroring my thoughts.

"No. It's not—" Katniss is cut off by another round of perplexing, hysterical sobs. I turn away from Finnick, back to her. But I've seen enough in his face to know that Finnick Odair and I are thinking the same thing:

Does Katniss love me after all?