I usually write fics for Supernatural so this is my first White Collar fic, and probably my last if no one likes it, so if anyone reviews it please be kind, I hurt easily. I tend to write short chapters, but I usually update each week. I only write these for fun so I know there are a lot of typos and stuff so just ignore them; I'm obviously not a writer. I just started watching it this season and immediately had to buy season 1 to catch up. What can I say but I LOVE the show….. Matt Bomer has to be one of the hottest guys on earth! Those eyes….that body…what can I say but he's gorgeous!

R.I.P. Neal Caffrey

Chapter one

Peter Burke watched his "partner" on the closed circuit television screen in the FBI's van. What the hell did Neal think he was doing he wondered. They had managed to coral the "Iceman" and his partners into an abandoned warehouse on the premise that Neal was going to buy some valuable diamonds from them. They had lifted them in a heist and it was only a matter of minutes before the FBI took them down. But before the agents could break down the door and arrest the men Peter had watched Neal whisper something to one of them and had watched as the man slipped out a side door and vanished into the darkness.

"What the hell are you doing?" Peter screamed at Neal when he emerged from the run down warehouse just as the FBI agents broke in. Everything had gone wrong today from beginning till end and now this. Peter was tired and didn't feel like dealing with his "partner", he just wanted the day to end.

"Peter…." Neal tried to explain.

"Don't Peter me! We saw everything, and we saw you let Baker walk away."

"He was an old friend."

"I don't give a damn if he was your long lost brother. You're working for me and it's about time you understood that."

"I'm sorry Peter….. Baker and I go back a long way and…."

"Pulling something like this could get you sent back to prison and this time I might just let them take you back."

"Peter I couldn't just let them take him in. … He's nothing; he's just a poor soul who got mixed up with the wrong guys."

Peter didn't want to hear any of it. He had grown too fond of Neal and Neal had taken advantage of that friendship. Well it was about time Neal learned who the boss was.

"I'm seriously thinking of ending this so called relationship. You're nothing but a con and that's all you'll ever be. I'm getting tired of it, and tired of you." As soon as the words were out of his mouth Peter regretted it. He saw the flash of pain in Neal's eyes and saw him swallow hard. He knew sooner or later he'd calm down. Neal was Neal and there wasn't anything anyone could change about him. Sure he let one of the Iceman's men walk away but he had also managed to help capture one of New York's most elusive thieves. They now had seven men in custody; losing one wasn't going to make that much of a difference. "Go ….. go on get out of here. I'll see you in the office first thing in the morning."

"Can I hitch a ride with you?" His apartment was way across town and it would be a long walk.

"You find your own way home Neal, you're good at improvising."

Even though he wanted to tell Neal that he knew he had made a mistake and that he had already forgiven him for it he couldn't, that wouldn't be teaching the con man anything. Neal had deliberately done wrong and he needed to learn that his charm wasn't going to keep getting him out of trouble. He turned away from the young con man and began helping the other FBI agents process the men they had just arrested.

Neal stood watching, hoping he'd be the recipient of one of Peter's understanding smiles, but he wasn't. He felt a sharp pain in his heart; it was as if Peter had completely written him off. He knew he had done wrong but he thought Peter was a friend and that he would forgive him. He slowly turned and started heading for home. He had money in his pocket and could have hailed a cab but he wanted to walk, he had done Peter wrong and he wanted to punish himself for it. He felt horrible for letting Peter down but he couldn't turn an old friend in. As he walked he wondered if Peter would really send him back to jail, he didn't think so but there was always the chance he would. He couldn't go back there, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest at the thought of being locked up again, he'd rather die. He thought about removing his ankle monitor and making a run for it, but if he did that Peter would be even more disappointed in him then he was now. He'd have to face whatever Peter was going to do to him like a man, and not run away like some kid.


Neal was a few blocks from home when he decided to stop at a corner bar for some drinks; maybe he could get Peter's disappointed face out of his mind. He ignored the girls at the bar as they all turned around as one to admire the handsome young man that had just walked in. Instead he headed over to the counter and ordered a glass of scotch. After a few more drinks he decided he was numb enough to head for home. He walked out of the bar and started to head down the street. The scotch had dimmed his mind and reflexes and he could offer little resistance as two men grabbed him from behind and tossed him into an alley where they proceeded to beat him senseless. He grunted with each blow and was glad that the scotch he had drunk earlier had taken some of the pain out of them. Finally he fell to his knees and the only thing that was holding him up was that one of the men had his hair fisted tight in his hand. Through the blood running down his face he saw a third man come out of the shadows. The man grabbed his face and Neal managed to look at him through a bloody, drunken haze.

"The famous Neal Caffrey." The man said. "I've been looking for just this opportunity." The man then delivered a vicious blow to Neal's face snapping his head back and he felt himself begin to pass out. "Roll up his sleeve." He ordered one of the other men. He then produced a syringe from out of his pocket and removed the cap that was covering the needle. Without a second thought he plunged it into Neal's arm and emptied the contents. "Adam Weston sends his regards." The man whispered then nodded at his partners and they let Neal collapse to the ground. The last thing he saw before he passed out were the three men walking out of the alley.