This is the last chapter. Thanks to all who left reviews, I hope you enjoyed the story. To videlicet…. Since I can't answer your question on a private message I'll try to answer it here…..Peter does not have the legal right to pull the plug, but he's thinking with his emotions and not his brain. Neal had told him he didn't want to be kept alive by machines and Peter thinks Neal is dying and there isn't any hope left. He doesn't want him to suffer needlessly any longer….he feels as if he can do this one last thing for Neal even though it's wrong. And to angbethe…Thanks as always for your kind words, you are so sweet and I'm glad you like my stories.

R.I.P. Neal Caffrey

Chapter sixteen

Peter put his hand on the machine but stopped, he couldn't bring himself to pull the plug, he couldn't end Neal's life.

"I'm sorry Neal…I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I never should have…."

Suddenly the door flew open and the doctor rushed in.

"We got it!...Your agents got the antidote!"

Peter looked out into the hallway and saw Elizabeth, Jones, and Diana standing there with a look of hope on their faces. "We took it to the lab to run some tests on it, but we should be able to administer it within the hour."

"Is he going to make it?"

"I can't say…..He's in God's hands now, but at least he has a fighting chance."


About a half hour later a lab technician walked into the room with a syringe filled with a pink colored liquid and handed it to the doctor. The doctor immediately injected the liquid into Neal's IV.

"How long till we know?" Peter asked.

"He's very weak, it could be hours, or even days till we see an improvement…..or we might already be too late….I'd advise you to all go home and get some rest. There won't be any signs of improvement for at least six hours or so."

Peter wanted to stay but Elizabeth could see he was both physically and mentally exhausted, and wearing himself down wasn't going to help anyone. He reluctantly left but made the doctor promise to call if there was any change in Neal's condition.

Four hours later

Once he was home Peter took a quick shower then took a two hour nap. He tossed and turned throughout his nap, too worried about Neal to get any real sleep. Elizabeth lay sleeping next to him and he kissed her goodbye as he quietly got up being careful not to wake her, he knew she was exhausted but he had to get back to the hospital, he had to be there when Neal woke up.

At the hospital he got permission to put a chair in the intensive care room next to Neal's bed, just being next to his "partner" made him feel better. He kept his eyes on Neal for the next few hours waiting for any signs of improvement, but finally totally exhausted he drifted off to a restless sleep.

Three hours later

Peter was awakened by someone gently shaking his shoulder. A nurse stood next to him smiling.

"Someone wants to see you."

Peter jumped up and stood next to Neal's bed clutching the bar that surrounded the bed. Neal's eyes were open and his color was slowly returning, but the main thing Peter noticed was that the breathing tube down his throat had been removed, and also the straps that had held Neal captive to the bed were gone. Peter had slept through it all. Neal looked weak and pale, but he was alive, and breathing on his own.

"Hey." Neal said weakly his voice sore and raspy from having the tube down his throat.

"It's about time you woke up partner." Peter said smiling. He knew Neal had no idea how good it felt to see those baby blues looking back up at him. "We really thought we lost you there for awhile."

"Can't get rid of me that easily." Neal whispered softly. "Did you get Weston?"

"Yeah, he'll be going away for a long time for attempted murder." Peter was thankful he didn't have to add murder one to the charges.

"So, did you miss me?" Neal gave a little smile.

"Not at all." Peter lied; in truth he couldn't imagine his life without him.

"Come on admit it… you missed me didn't you?"

"Well maybe just a little." Peter smiled back at Neal. If only you knew how much he thought.

"Still working together?" Neal remembered Peter had threatened to send him back to prison for botching the Iceman's case and letting his friend escape.

"Yeah we're still working together."

"Good." Neal visibly relaxed. "Did you go through with the funeral? … Is that what drew Weston out?"

"Yeah…." Peter smiled. "He seemed a little shock when I threw your head at him." Peter laughed remembering the look on Weston's face, and then he remembered something. "Oh that's right….I need to call some people who need to know you're going to be okay…..I'll need Mozzie's number, he thinks you're dead, and the last time I saw him he wasn't too happy with me."

Neal shut his eyes and tried to think, but his mind was foggy.

"I can't remember it off hand…. but I have it on speed dial."

"Well then I'll need your phone…..can I borrow it?" Peter knew the nurse's station would have Neal's clothes and anything he had on him when he was admitted.

"Uh….sure…..he's on speed dial two."

"Who is on one?"

"You." Neal smiled and Peter smiled back at him.

"That's nice to know." It made Peter feel good that Neal had put him first. "Get some rest; I got to make some calls." Peter started to walk away.

"Peter." Neal called him back. "Just press two…..Don't look at the other numbers…..Promise me." Neal knew he had a lot of numbers on speed dial that the F.B.I. wouldn't approve of.

Peter smiled, once a con always a con, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Things were getting back to normal and that was just the way he liked it.

"I promise."

"Thanks." Neal settled back in the bed, he trusted Peter and knew he wouldn't break his promise.

Peter picked up Neal's phone at the nurse's station then headed outside to make his calls; he knew hospital regulations prohibited using cell phones in the hospital. He pulled out his own phone and notified Elizabeth then called the F.B.I. and notified Hughes and the rest of the agents that Neal was going to make it. He then pulled out Neal's phone and opened it. At first he was tempted to look at the other numbers, but he had promised the con man and he wasn't going to break his promise. He pressed two then smiled to himself picturing Mozzie's face when he saw who the call was coming from …a dead man. He couldn't wait to break the news to Neal's friend that he was alive and well and would hopefully make a full recovery. Life was good he thought as he finally allowed himself to relax for the first time in days.

The End