Hello, and welcome to my very first Victorious one-shot! I am the ultimate shipper of Bade - I've got a Bade-yacht the size of Kansas - thus inspiring this story. I got the idea for it while I was in the shower yesterday & now I'm writing it in the airport . . . strange.

It couldn't be.

She stared at it. There had to be a mistake; this couldn't happen to her. Not now, not ever. So she dropped it onto the floor and ran for her bathroom. She didn't bother to shed her clothes, just turned on the water and sat on the floor of her shower. The warm water ran over her body, her face.

It was only here, surrounded by water, that she let her emotions loose. The sadness overwhelmed her. It was one night, and now it was going to be the rest of her life. Where could he be? He said he was on his way over as soon as she called him with her suspicions.

Her mother slid the door open, revealing her daughter crumpled on the black tiled floor of her shower. She tried to convince her to talk to her. She refused. The only person she wanted to talk to was her boyfriend, she wailed. So her mother ran down the stairs and dialed his number.

He said he was already on his way over.

The back door to the Wests' house swung open. There was no way he could have made it there that fast unless he had gone far over the speed limit, not that he didn't do that on a daily basis. He brushed past her mother and took to the stairs. There was no need to tell him where she was; he knew.

The water streamed down her face. He couldn't tell where the tears stopped and the shower water started. So he took off his shoes and crawled into the shower next to her. She sobbed into his shoulder, but her mascara didn't have the time to stain his shirt, for the steamy water washed it all away. All that could be heard was the pounding of water against their bodies and her cries.

A good ten minutes passed, and then he cupped her face in his hands. Her eyes were rimmed in red, making the irises appear a deeper brown than usual. Her makeup was gone; she was stripped down. Raw.

"Well?" He wanted an answer. He had a right to know; after all, he felt as if this was his fault.

"I'm pregnant."

It wasn't a surprise to either of them. They weren't careful. He wrapped his arms around her and she started to cry again. All he wanted to do was tell her was that it was all going to be okay, but honestly, he didn't even know how to say it. He was scared, too. They sat there on the floor of her shower for what seemed like ages, so long that the bathroom began to fill with steam and she coughed on the liquified water.

He kissed her on the forehead; he felt like should. It made her feel just the smallest bit better. Their clothes began to cling to their skin. Their hair: stringy wet messes. So he spoke.

"It's gonna be okay, babe." She looked up at him.

"It's gonna be okay? How?" she wailed. "I'm gonna be a mother. A fuckin' mother. I have no maternal insticts." Her boyfriend gave her a tiny smile; if the Mona Lisa was a teenage boy, that would have been his facial expression.

"And you think I can be a father? We'll figure it out. And I'm not going to let this hurt you. We're in this together." He held her closer and watched as her lips moved noiselessly in a silent prayer, a prayer that everything would turn out okay for the two - three, she corrected herself - of them.

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