Chapter 13: Fates and Futures

Elves are noble, elegant, magical beings who seem to possess a bittersweet sense that they are now about to pass into myth...

Many years past.

            The leaves had fallen many times since that day, the flowers had bloomed and fell over and over again.  The snows came and melted into rivers which flowed into the seas.

            Time passed as it always had, slowly and persistently, bringing old age to all the mortals of the world. 

            Aragorn had grown gray, looking as noble as a king should.  Gimli felt older, and had taken on a look of a Dwarf that had seen many battles.

            It had been a long time since they had seen each other, but on this day they thought it would be a good idea to meet once more. 

            For it now was fifty years since any Elf had walked on Middle Earth.

            They were now myth, a legend told by the elders of villages all over the lands.  Young ones thought that they were just tales, but some of the oldest members of the clans still swear that they had seen Elves walking the lands alongside humans and dwarfs.

            Gimli waited for Aragorn in front of the great forest once known as the Elven kingdom of Mirkwood.  Now that there were no more wood Elves inhabiting the wood, the power of darkness had fell the forest into shadow.

            The Dwarf saw Aragorn's approach.  The king came to see his friend alone, bringing none of his guards.

            "Gimli, my friend."

            "Aragorn, the great king of men. It has been far too long my friend. How does your great kingdom?"

            "Gondor fairs well.  Thanks to the long peace between our peoples."

            "Yes, it has been a long age of peace."

            Aragorn's smile faded when he peered into the dark realm beyond.

            "Have you ventured into this land since?"

            "No, Aragorn."

            "It does not seem like fifty years." Aragorn sighed and held his head low. "I can still hear his voice."

            "Yes, I also feel like I can see his fair face.  Do you wish to enter this wood?"

            "I don't know if my heart could stand seeing the ruin the Elven city must have become since darkness took over this land. It must be overgrown and fallen into ruin.  The beautiful works of the Elves.  It breaks my heart to know that the last speck of their race is being allowed to deteriorate so."

            Memories came flooding back, memories of when the last Elf in all the world was taken by the forces of fire and evil.  When their magical presence was forever stripped from the lands.

            "I cannot believe we could not save Legolas from the fate of the Elves."

            "That is not what upsets me, Aragorn!  What upsets me is the fact that he did not even call for us to aide him when the Phoenix came for him.  That we had to find him trapped on the beach before we even knew his predicament."

            "I believe he wished not to endanger us.  I'm sure if we had been there when the attack came, the Phoenix would have incinerated us instantly.  Swords and arrows do nothing against that enemy.  It holds the Elves captive to this day."

            "But to have to stand and watch, prevented from helping him by Gandalf of all beings."

            "Gandalf knew Legolas' mind.  He knew he surrendered himself of his own free will.  That if he wished to resist he would have done so.  He knew it would hopeless to fight this enemy.  Gandalf had tried to help but was unsuccessful."

            Gimli sighed, for he knew Aragorn spoke the truth.

            "I wish I could see Legolas once more.  I wish I could tell him how much I really do miss him."

            "Come now, Gimli.  Since when does a Dwarf miss the company of an Elf?"

            "Do not tell anyone, Aragorn.  What does it matter? Few remember their fair race anymore."

            Aragorn peered into Mirkwood's blackness once more.

            "Come, Gimli. Standing here is quite depressing. Let us go out and celebrate like the Elves, with much singing, merry making and lightness of the heart."

            "Yes, I just hope Legolas found his kin and is just as light as heart as we."

            Off in the sea Legolas waited with his family, his friends.  Finally at peace, waiting for the time when their kind were to roam the forests once more.

            Time still passes as it always have.  Middle Earth itself joined the Elves in the realm of myth.  Many of the creatures of that realm died off, but the Elves remain, forever bound to their fate.

            But nothing is as eternal as they are, and perhaps one day the Elves shall be released from their containment.  Then the firstborn shall once again roam the Earth, their light bringing back an age long forgotten.

            One day….


Author's Note: Here ends my longest story yet.  It had stretched on for quite some time, and I'm almost sorry to see it end, but it's time to begin other things. This will probably be my only story in which I melt two different author's works.

Thanks for all the reviews and keep an eye out for new work appearing soon!

Blessed Be!