Hel on Earth

Rated:T, until possible further notice.

Summary: Castiel's army defeated the demon who summoned Loki's demented children. But not before releasing the worst of them all. Now, some will face personal demons before they can begin to try and take her and her own army down...FINAL installment in Castiel's Army series. Picks up where Ouroboros leaves off.

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS or Supernatural. But...well, yeah, you know.

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"We're reporting live from downtown Metro's Covenant House after the discovery of what seems to have been a cult mass-suicide," The team gathered around the TV in the bullpen as the female reporter narrated. "Six residents were found dead in the shelter's recreational center after an unauthorized gathering sources believe to have probably been going on long before their final meet last night."

The screen switched to a pre-recorded interview done with the shelter's director, "I just don't understand," the African-American woman was in tears. "These were good people. Good kids tryin' to get back on their feet. I don't know why they'd do somethin' like this. People are sayin' 'cult', but I can't believe that...not for a minute! Not for a minute..."

The newscaster reappeared on-screen, "Metro PD believes the members took some kind of poisonous drink that stopped their hearts. But so far haven't been able to find any trace of drugs in their systems. Their supposed leader was found with a self-inflicted stab-wound to the chest. Names of the victims are being withheld until we can contact family..."

"Shame, isn't it?" Director Vance's voice sounded from where he was suddenly standing just inside the bullpen. Out of instinct, Ziva and McGee scattered to their desks; Tony switching off the TV before sitting back down at his own. Gibbs looked over at Vance in question. "Jackie used to volunteer at Covenant House a couple days outta the week back when the kids first started back at school."

"She know any of the victims?" Gibbs asked him.

"They came in after she'd already left. But she knows the director. She plans to go visit with her today if the media dies down."

"Tell her to be careful," Gibbs said as he made his way back to his desk.

"Not to drink the punch?" Vance asked with a smirk, but then glanced around the bullpen at the tense faces, finally settling back on Gibbs before approaching his desk. "There somethin' about this case you know that I don't, Gibbs?" The lead agent simply looked up at him from his desk. "Tom says you and your team came through the gate yesterday. I wasn't aware you'd had an open case."

"We don't," he replied. "But we came across an article about another victim of a wild dog attack. One we didn't hear about when we still had the case. And seeing as Shriver's case hasn't been looked into further, we thought we'd follow up on it."

"We're not animal control, Jethro."

"No, we're not. But the victim had a tattoo of an ouroboros. McGee's captor had the same one. He also happens to be one of the six victims found at the Covenant House last night. All six of them had the tattoo."

"So it was some kinda cult," Vance surmised. Then he narrowed his eyes as he came to a revelation, "You discovered the victims when you went to talk to them, didn't you? One of them being McGee's kidnapper gives NCIS jurisdiction on this case. Why'd you hand it over to Metro?"

"We know what happened, Leon," he replied simply. "Now we've got bigger fish to fry."

"Like I said before, I wasn't aware you had an open case..."

"We don't; not officially."

"You don't use this office for unofficial business, Agent Gibbs. You wanna continue whatever it is your investigating, you need to run it by me, first." Vance held Gibbs' glare, giving as good as he got. Gibbs glanced to Tony, who'd been quietly and anxiously observing the conversation. "Conference room; all of you. Now," Vance ordered.

Robotic in their movement, they all stood and followed Vance to the conference room, each sharing nervous glances before entering. They each took a seat at the long table, except for Gibbs, who watched as Vance closed the door and turned to face them. "What's goin' on?"

"Things you probably don't wanna know about, Director," Tony supplied.

"Oh, I wanna know," he retorted as he stalked to the chair closest to the window. "Sit down, Gibbs."

After a moment, Gibbs did as he was told. "It's not that we don't wanna fill you in, Leon," he began, "But it's hard to believe."

"I've seen a lot of things in my day, Gibbs. Try me."

"Nothin' like this," he insisted.

"We even had trouble believing it ourselves, at first," Tony added.

"But it is difficult to deny when you witness them with your own eyes," Ziva told him.

"Just how long has this been going on?" Vance questioned.

"Where it started to involve us?" Tony asked. "Right after my father died in the accident."

"This is about your father?"

"Not exactly. It's just...when things started to get weird."

After a noted amount of silence, McGee decided to begin the elaboration. "At first, we were pretty sure Abby was having some sort of...episode. She called Gibbs that night, claiming there was someone in her home meaning to cause her harm. Only, when we got there, he was gone. She claimed to have seen Tony's father."

Leon raised his brow, "And this turned out not to be an 'episode', as you put it?"

"Well...like I said, at first we were pretty sure she'd seen someone at least. But her description of what he was wearing matched the description exactly that of what DiNozzo Sr was wearing at the time of his death. Since Abby was away at a convention that entire day, there was really no explanation as to how she would've known that. So, to calm her fears, I brought her back here to let her run some info through the database. Little did I realize, her true intention was to call in some professionals."

"Professionals in what?"

"A lot of things," Tony smirked. "But she called them in hopes that they could do some ghost-busting." Vance simply raised his brows again. "We went along with it for the simple reason of giving Abby peace of mind. They told her to stay away from her apartment; find a place to stay the night where she'd feel safe, and to put salt down in the doorways and windows to ward off whatever might be after her. 'Cause, see, at the time, she figured it was just after her."

"McGee brought her to my house," Gibbs took over. "Tony was already there and she insisted they all stay. Then things started getting a bit...unexplainable."

"Tony began getting headaches," McGee said. "Really bad to the point we thought he should go to a hospital. But he insisted he was fine. Thing is, he was having visions."

"Visions?" at this point, Vance was simply waiting for them to crack and say this was all some kind of joke; an elaborate hidden camera prank. He visually scanned the room for any red lights.

"He saw Ducky in his first vision," Gibbs picked up. "But at the time, he wasn't sure what it meant. Then I got a call from Ziva, tellin' us Ducky was sick."

"This is when Dr. Mallard ended up in the hospital?" Vance furrowed a brow, suddenly convinced they weren't actually joking, but questioning their sanity a bit.

Gibbs nodded. "Turns out he'd seen the spirit, but couldn't be attacked because his bed frame is made of iron. Apparently, ghosts can't cross through the stuff."


"We said it was hard to believe, Leon. You wanna hear us out, or what?" Gibbs glared. Vance sighed and leaned back in his chair. "Tony's next vision was of Ziva being attacked."

Vance looked at Ziva, who met his eyes instantly. "I was in the hospital," she told him, "In the restroom, when I saw the spirit. It attacked me; held me up against the wall by my throat. I lost consciousness for a small amount of time. When I awoke, I believed I was possibly losing my mind. So, I went to Gibbs' house fearing that I might possibly be in some kind of danger by myself."

"The Win-" McGee stopped short, realizing he shouldn't use their name, "The professionals showed up the next morning. After talking for a bit, Gibbs and I went with one of them to retrieve Sr's body."

"That's when you asked permission to remove him," Vance verified with Gibbs, who nodded in reply.

"They said we needed to burn the body," Gibbs told him. "Only way to put his spirit to rest. So we took him to a crematory."

"Before we could finish," McGee took over, "I saw it for the first time. He flung me into a cabinet and locked me inside."

"Then he tried to drown me in a sink," Gibbs told him. "'Til the professional was able to salt and burn the body, at which point the spirit kinda...evaporated."

"We never saw him again, after that," McGee said.

"And we thought we were done with the pros, till that case we caught with the dead Marine who was murdered by her husband and killed himself in his home," Tony said. "Turns out, the guy was possessed."

"Possessed..." Vance narrowed his eyes, "By a...ghost?"

"A demon, actually," Tony replied. Vance looked for the tell-tale sign of bullshit, which would've been some kind of smirk. But none came. There really was nothing to respond with besides question, so he allowed him to continue. "Finding out ghosts really do exist, tends to open your mind a little to some possibilities. But, like with the spirit-problem, at first we weren't convinced."

"What was it that convinced you?"

"One of them possessed McGee," Ziva told him. "His eyes became black and he was able to throw Gibbs across the room without even touching him."

"My back's still a bit sore," Gibbs added with a slight smirk. Vance wasn't moving, aside from his eyes which moved back and forth between speaking agents.

"The pros knew how to tackle it though," Tony said. "Some holy water and an incantation later, the demon thing kinda flew outta him. It's actually kinda gross...like vomiting black smoke." After catching Vance's unamused glare, Tony continued, "Anyway, so we found a connection to three other similar incidents, thanks to these pros who'd been following the case a lot longer than we had. McGee made the connection that they'd all, at one point in time, been at a resteraunt called Arzeal's."

"We talked to an employee; figured some things out," Gibbs said. "Sent Tony and Ziva in undercover. Tony ended up being possessed by the demon."

"The pros had a trap laid out the back door," Tim took over. "So when Ziva led him out, we had the situation contained. They started the exorcism, but before they could finish, it stabbed Tony in the throat."

Vance's eyes flickered as he recalled the fact that Tony had, in fact, been hospitalized with that injury. But this elaboration that he could only mentally process as some kind of psychotic lie, was getting just a little bit creepy.

"That was the beginning of what none of us realized was going to become a small 'war'," Ziva told him. "Not even the professionals knew this."

"The demons we've been hunting," Gibbs told him, "Were being summoned by that 'cult' at the Covenant House."

"There's been three so far," Tony said. "We almost lost McGee," his eyes shifted. "We did lose McGee, actually..."

"He was brought back by an angel," Ziva told him.

"An angel..." Vance was getting a headache.

"He's the one who chose us all to do this," McGee told him. "To hunt down these demons and take them out."

"Why you?" Vance asked, purely out of curiosity in what was now a worthy fairytale if not for all the holes.

"We're not exactly sure," Tony said, "But it's not really something we can sit back and ignore. Especially now that the little 'cult' successfully completed a ritual to summon yet another demon."

"That's what we're working on now," Gibbs finished. "And that's why Jackie shouldn't go to the Covenant House. Not yet."

They all leaned back in their chairs, awaiting Vance's reaction to what he'd been told. The director focused his eyes on the table top for a few long moments before meeting each set of eyes in the room, one by one.

"I want you all to go home," he said. "And I don't want you back until you've each passed a psychological evaluation with someone qualified at NCIS. And I don't mean Ducky."


"No, Agent Gibbs," he stopped him as he stood from his chair. "You've all obviously been working too hard. Take some time off. I won't put this on your records, but I'm damned serious about the evaluations. I don't wanna see any of you back here until I've got them on my desk. Do I make myself clear?"

After a long moment, Gibbs stood, "Crystal."

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