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A. - Angeal

If Angeal hadn't attacked him that one day, and if he hadn't refused to fight back at that time, he would never have met the wonder that was called Aerith Gainsborough in the first place. He still was grateful for that day.

...although he could still feel all the bruises he had got from that fall. His butt still hurt a bit from the contact with the floor, too. Angeal hadn't been quite gentle with him, but then again, he never was. Well, this was the only time he didn't mind it. Besides, getting bruises everyday (without you even knowing how and when you got them in the first place) was part of his job. Heck, one would even be very lucky if he got only bruises, instead of much deeper wounds...and now he was getting off topic.

Zack quickly shook his head.

Maybe he should thank his friend Angeal for what he had done.

Nah. Knowing him, he would constantly attack him and shove him into things, just for the heck of it, if he did so.

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