This is a sequel to Chance and Hope. It is going to be a little different those stories though as there are going to be more characters and it is going to have some plot. Never fear though apart from his prologue it will be mostly told from a Spike and Buffy's point of view but it will have other characters. I may have to change the name as again I am not happy with it.

Disclaimer: Any character you recognise belongs to Joss Whedon and co. I don't own them and I just take them for walk.

Author's note: In case you do not remember the character Gwen featured in this story, she was in the Season Three episode of Angel "Dad" and was the woman who was in the "Files and Records" department. There was also another more prominent character named Gwen Raiden but it is the first one that I am mentioning it.



It had been over a month since Angel and his gang had defeated Wolfram and Hart and ruined Gwen's life. Since the firm had fallen she had not heard from the company except to hear that they would consider her for a position if a vacancy opened up. She was not holding her breath though. Gwen was insulted. What did a half demon have to do anyway to secure a job. She had been indispensible to the firm as the link to all of their files. Once the Los Angeles branch was destroyed the link she had with all the files was terminated but she retained much of the information. She had plenty of money left from her lucrative pay package but she had become accustomed to a certain level of opulence that would not be sustainable if she did not get a well paid job soon. She left out a sigh as she opened the front door to her penthouse. Standing in the middle of her living room were three suited men. She managed to stifle a scream of shock before she regained her composure and reached for the door handle. The stockiest of the three was too fast however and grabbed her hand.

"Now we want to play nice" he said in a non threatening manner as if he was trying to put her at ease. She was not convinced however. The man ushered her over to the sofa and motioned for her to sit down opposite his colleagues. Working at the law firm had taught her how to read people. She took the opportunity for the first time to really examine her "guests". The stocky man was clearly the brawn while the silver haired man with the impeccably neat suit had to be the leader of the outfit and the younger looking bespectacled man his lackey.

"What do you want with me?" she demanded.

"We know you worked for Wolfram and Hart and we would like to offer you a position" the silver haired man said, "You would be handsomely paid of course."

"What makes you think I would be interested?" she snapped, "you broke into my flat after all!"

"We can offer you a job that will pay as well as your last job" the man explained, "We need information and we hear you have it in spades. Your expertise and information would be invaluable to us and you need a job in order to continue living in a place like this. It would be a mutually beneficial agreement."

Gwen simply shrugged in response. The man sighed. Clearly flattery was getting him nowhere or reason for that matter. It was time to try a new tack.

"We can also an opportunity to take some vengeance on a mutual enemy" he offered with a knowing smirk.

"Who are you talking about?" she asked, her eyes narrowing.

"Angel!" the man spat, "He thinks he owns the city."

"Why do you think I would be useful?" she asked.

"You used to work for him and considering your position you must have a lot of dirt on him. So are you interested?."

"Yes. Tell me more!" she replied smiling for the first time that evening.

To be continued...