Out-Take: 27th Wedding Anniversary

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I hope that you all enjoy this small piece of the future that Edward and Bella shared.

This is set thirteen and half years after the epilogue…..

Saturday July 25th, 2037.


Sitting here, in the spa with Alice and Rose, makes a great day for me; it is very seldom that just us three get to get out, and have a day together. All three of us have made our dreams realities. We are successful doctors, and love the work we do. We all have wonderful, loving husbands and great children. I am glad for the quiet time. I can reminisce over all the wonderful things in my life. Not everything has been great or grand, but this is my life, and I have learned to get over the bad stuff. There have been no ugly things in my life, since the hours before the birth of Ren and Mase. It is amazing, and still so strange to me, that I am the mother to seven children. Rose has four and Alice has three, together they have the same as me. We all joke that it takes two of them put together to make me.

It seems like only yesterday, that we were just roommates, sharing a dorm and our dreams. The ugly stuff we all went through, when I was being stalked was terrible, but I wouldn't change it; it is what made me who I am today. A long time has passed and I am finally free, and feel no need to fear anything. Sam is a great family friend, but he no longer watches over our children other than in a family way. Sam's nephew, Quil, moved here to Chicago to attend classes at Northwestern and met his match in our daughter, Ren.

Quil took classes in criminal science, and after he graduated he was on the Chicago Police force for four years. Quil hated it, almost as much as Emmett once had. Ren was glad to see him quit the force, she hated that he was always in jeopardy of being shot, or killed in the line of duty. Quil and Ren talked a lot about what he was going to do, and he decided to get his degree in teaching. When he was offered the chance to earn extra money to make sure that our children were safe around campus, he of course jumped at that chance. He is still attending school, getting his bachelor's degree, and watching over Dr. See and His-Tori as he calls them. He is an excellent protector and all around big brother, and someday he will make a fine son to us, and a great husband to our Ren.

Our youngest daughter is twelve now. Kelsi Ann Cullen is our smart brain child, Edward and I had been convinced that none of our children would ever be brighter then Ren and Mase- boy were we way off base. Quil tagged her as Dr. See, because we all called her See-See, and she wants to be a doctor. He is great with the nick-names. Kelsi has been in a private school for gifted and talented children since age four. She shocked us all, when she finished her high school classes at age ten; she tested out at 2370 on her A.C.T.'s. Of course she is attending and flying through college courses at Northwestern. She wants to be a doctor when she is done and said with school. Edward and I did talk her into learning a few other things too, so she is taking different language courses, and currently double majoring in computer science, and business solutions management. Then she will take all the pre-med courses, before heading off to medical school. With the economics, business and medical degrees she will put her intelligence to great use. Right now, she says she knows she wants to be a family doctor. We are not sure, what and how, she will be accommodated with interning, but we are hoping that she can put off most of that, until she is at least eighteen by taking the other classes. All of our children have attended Northwestern or are planning to attend there. It is odd having the twins still in high school, when their baby sister is working her way through her sophomore year of college.

Our son, Robert, is now twenty and he attends Northwestern and is, also, a sophomore. He took a lot of ribbing from his team mates last year, because he was the older brother of the smartest kid in school. He was offered a full ride scholarship for football, and is one heck of a quarterback. Robert wants to be a history teacher. Between Robert's college major and his girlfriend Tori, Quil nick-named him: His-Tori. Tori is a sweet girl, she and Robert have lived together for the past three months in our guest condo. Neither Edward, nor I, was overly excited about that, but we would rather have them here close to us. Robert told us last Thanksgiving that he was switching colleges to move to Utah in the spring. Tori's grandma lives there, and is Tori's only family. Tori wants to go to school closer to her home, she misses her grandma. We invited Tori and her grandmother to our home for Christmas. We pulled Jeanie aside, and explained how we felt the kids truly loved each other, and we did not want to see either of them transfer schools. Jeanie agreed, and talked to Tori. Jeanie and Tori had nothing really holding them in Utah, and Jeanie has decided to sell the property she lives on. Tori's parents died when she was only nine and her grandmother has raised her. Once we all talked, we felt more comfortable with Tori and Robert moving into together, and that was what they both wanted. Jeanie told Tori she was selling the land, and moving here to get a place to be closer. This made both Tori and Robert happy, as they both loved Northwestern.

Things really fell together, and so we offered the guest condo to Robert and Tori, so they would be close. Jeanie is planning to move here this fall, to be close to her only family. We now have another family member to add to the mix of the massive group we already are. Incidentally, our mothers and Jeanie have become the best of friends, so it all works wonderfully. The three of them have made huge plans, and Alice is excited because she loves to plan fun events. Jeanie is here visiting now, and going over the renovation plans for the small townhouse she bought. For now, Jeanie is staying in the guest condo, kinda like having a babysitter for the young couple. Esme is in her zone, and the ladies are having so much fun.

Ren is finished with law school. Ren has really worked hard, and was the youngest female attorney to make partner at the prestigious law firm of Young and Fillmore Law offices. Our old family friend, Leah, who the girls and I used to dorm with, is a partner there and really took Ren under her wing. Ren and Quil are not married yet, but are engaged. Quil asked us for permission to marry our daughter almost two years ago. They are going to have the longest engagement ever in history, at least in the history of the Cullen's. Ren says she will plan her wedding and get married the day, that her grandmother's and Aunt Alice, quit trying to plan it for her. They have lived together downstairs on the second floor for the past four years. There is no need to rush any nuptials on their part; neither of them wants to have any children, at this point. They both joke, that they will live vicariously through their siblings. Edward says it is not funny, and keeps telling me he is not old enough to be a grandpa. I honestly can not wait; I say bring on the babies.

Mase is in his last year of Interning at Memorial. Mase is following in his father's footsteps all the way, since he has chosen to specialize in general surgery. Mase, my quiet boy, and has grown into a very handsome man. He is quite the playboy though, and I sometimes wonder if he will ever settle down. He has his own place here, in the building, and is on the seventh floor. We offered him the guest condo, but he turned it down, just like Ren did. I know he only did that, so I did not see all the different interns, nurses and female staff he is banging, coming and going through the revolving door, that is his bedroom. Quil never felt the need to give Mase or Ren a nickname, since they both have always been called by a nickname.

Our son, Samuel, who is twenty-three now, graduated from Northwestern with a Master's degree in Criminal Justice, and has worked for the FBI for almost year now. His namesake had a huge hand in getting him in the door, and Samuel has always looked up to Sam as an idol. Quil has always called him, Inspector. Samuel met his soul mate in his freshman year, and they have been married now for two years. They celebrate their anniversary on Valentine's Day. Mary, his wife, comes from a rather large family. She is the oldest of seven children.

When we first met Mary, we loved her right away, and something seemed so familiar about her. The first year they were together, Samuel went to her family's Thanksgiving. When he called us that day, he was excited to tell us that we knew Mary's parents, Tia and Ben. Samuel and Mary felt like it was fate that brought them together, because we had been the witnesses for her parents when they married. It really is a small world; needless to say, our son was welcomed without any hesitation. Tia and I talk all the time and both of us are on baby watch, just itching to hold our first grandchild.

Our twins, they both look exactly like me, shop like Alice, and are tough as nails, like Rose and Sasha. Kristen and Karlie, according to Quil are known as K-Squared, because he can not tell them apart, are a duo to watch. They both have Edward's amazing talent on the piano, and sing like they are the next American Idol. They are a little put off by the fact that their younger sister is in college. They are happy though, that they are able to attend a school that caters to their abilities. Kristen wants to be an actress when she is older, and Karlie wants to be a singer. They both do very well academically, but they are both dreamers. They both say they will attend Northwestern, but I somehow think that will change before they graduate high school. I am guessing that Juilliard is in both of their futures. They both have talent and want to embrace it, so I will stand behind what they choose. I told Edward that I think they will find it easier to major in partying and stringing along the next guy, if they are not having mom and dad right there. Edward swears that no boys will date his little girls, and he will not hear of anything different. Edward always says I am over protective, but he is as bad, if not worse, than I am. Either way, wherever they go to college, our daughters will always have our full support.

I have been buffed, soaked, messaged, waxed, and had my finger and toe nails done. I feel like a new woman, and now we are in the chairs getting our hair done. Edward loves my long hair; I keep it long, but never below my waist. As the stylist is putting my hair into some up-do design that Alice pulled out a sheet on, I am not even allowed to look. I know that they have a big party planned. This is the first year Edward and I agreed to allow our moms and Alice, to plan an anniversary party. They were all distraught when we took our younger children, and went on a month long cruise for our twenty-fifth anniversary. Last year, Edward decided at the last minute, that we were taking the younger children and going to Hawaii. At Christmas last year, our mom's cornered us and said, they wanted nothing for Christmas other than an iron-clad promise to spend our next wedding anniversary here with the whole family. They are getting their way and next year, they can stick a party in their ear. The party is over board, there will be more people there for our anniversary, than there was for our wedding. With all our friends and ever-growing families, not to mention the massive amount of co-workers and employees, there will be hundreds. I guess that the RSVP list is close to three hundred, and Alice said that only a week after invitations had been mailed.

Edward and I are both well respected doctors and own quite a successful practice. We now employ sixty-four doctors, covering a variety of fields of medicine, not to mention the four different low cost or no cost clinics, we have open around the city and area. Carlisle loves that he is retired, but he still likes to work, so he does two to three days a week at the clinics. He goes to one clinic each week, and goes over everything to make sure it is in tiptop shape. Jasper is still a founding partner in the practice, and Alice and Rose joined us as partners, about ten years ago. They both love Memorial, but after Carlisle retired, the new chief of staff was not someone that they enjoyed working for. Our practice has grown substantially, and we are the biggest practice outside of any of the hospitals in the surrounding areas.

With my hair all perfect the way Alice wants it, and my make-up is exactly the way that it needs to be, I am carted off across town, to a small boutique where we are all being dressed. Alice found this dress designer a few years back, and anytime we need formal gowns or wear, we come to her, and Didyme fits our needs perfectly. Alice has it set that all of our daughters and my mother's dresses, have been delivered and ready to go for tonight. My mother is making sure the little girls have their hair done, and all is perfect. I have been measured several times, but I am nervous about my dress. I have yet, to try it on at all, but I know it will fit; I have faith in Didyme. She has made me dresses before that have needed no alterations. Alice would only tell me that it is going to be in the dark midnight blue, that Edward loves on me so much.

The dress is on, and it fits like a glove, I step up on the center platform to look in the full body mirrors around me. The dress takes my breath away. It is beautiful, dark blue, and it has three, thin straps on each side and the intricate beading on the front of the dress shows just how much work she has put into the dress. The back of the dress is guaranteed to make Edward speechless; it is made of sheer material the same color as my skin, and full of more of the intricate beading. The entire dress hugs my body like a tight glove to mid thigh and then flows out with the mermaid style bottom. The slit in the front comes to mid thigh, and the dress is paired with a pair of silver strappy Jimmy Choo's. I am so blown away by the beauty of the dress I am wearing, I barely acknowledge Alice's black dress or Rose's red dress, and both are very fitting of their styles.

An hour later, the girls and I arrive at the venue, and it is at the same place Edward and I were married at. Alice has refused all day long to tell me anything. I am just excited to go and see my Edward, I hate spending the day away from him. It is not common for us to be apart on Saturday and Sundays, and since I have not been around him since early this morning, I am starting to hate this day, even though I feel like a princess. I am so excited to go in and see if it is still as beautiful as it was when we got married here twenty-seven years ago yesterday. My father is by the door and comes out to escort us in, when we pull up. He looks so nice in his tuxedo, and I am even more excited now to see Edward. We walk into the lobby, and there is the man I love, wearing a tuxedo and looking very sharp, indeed. Everyone else has made their way into the party room, and we are told to wait to be announced. There is a coordinator of sorts, who seems to be in charge of things. Edward has not said a word to me yet, he just stands there, with a smile on his face, and his eyes wide open scanning over my body. I am only about five feet from him, when I stop walking and slowly turn in a circle, and show my husband the entire dress. When I am facing him again, the smile is gone and his mouth is open, as if to say something, yet no words are coming out. "Cat got your tongue, my love?" I ask. Edward's only response is to nod his head a little, and pull me into his embrace. After he thoroughly kisses me, he whispers "Bella, you, my love, are the most beautiful woman ever." We stand and exchange small words of love and admiration for each other while waiting to be told we can enter the grand ballroom.

"Ladies and gentlemen…..yesterday, this couple celebrated their twenty-seventh wedding anniversary together, and today, they are here to celebrate it with you. Please give a warm welcome to the couple we all are here to honor…..Mr. and Mrs., Dr. and Dr. Edward and Bella Cullen," announces the DJ. Everyone is standing and clapping and as much as I hate the crowding and attention, I am extremely proud to walk into that room and see the friends and family, co-workers and employees who all join together to help make our day special. Several times during our wonderful dinner, people stand to garner attention and make a toast. Charlie and Carlisle toast us together; they have become the comedy act at gatherings. I am so happy to see everyone enjoying themselves. We mingle and dance after dinner, and everyone is enjoying themselves. We are told there are a few gifts that we have to open tonight, and are ushered to the front dance floor area where there is a small table full of gifts. The first gift we are given is a huge scrap book, and we both have tears as we look through the pages, as we are told to do.

The large scrapbook highlights the life we have had together over the past twenty-seven years. Vacations, births, everything is in there. On the very last page, it is blank except for a large envelope. I look at Edward, and he picks it up and opens it. I gasp and Edward puts his arm around me, and hugs me closer to his body. There is a picture of a huge estate and a key. Written on the front of the photo under the house it says, 'Welcome Home.' When things calm down from the shock of being given a new home, each one of the kids come up to give us a gift. Kelsi walks up first, and presents us with another large scrapbook that is empty; then tells us that it is for the future, she kisses and hugs us, and returns to her seat. Next came Mase, who hands us an envelope- inside are tickets for a two week cruise around the Caribbean. Hugs and kisses are exchanged, and he goes back to his seat. Ren and Quil come up next and hand us a post card. We read it, and it is a save the date announcing their wedding date of July twenty-forth 2038; they are getting married on our wedding anniversary next year. We both have tears in our eyes and we hug our daughter and soon to be son-in-law. Robert and Tori come up next and hand us box, inside are new, his and hers, matching watches with our anniversary dates engraved in the backs. Kristen and Karlie come up and they give us each a small box; each box holds a brand new stethoscope. Lastly, Samuel and his wife, Mary, come up and hand us a small envelope, which contains a sheet of paper. Edward and I look at it together, and both being able to read lab results, know exactly what we are looking at. It is a positive blood test for pregnancy. With tears streaming down my face, my son lifts me in a hug, as Edward is hugging our daughter-in-law. No one has a clue, we are the first to be told, and before we announce what it says, Mary grabs Tia and Ben to stand with us. Before we can announce it, my mother gasps and yells out that Mary is having a baby. We all laugh and nod our heads. The entire room fills with cheers, clapping, and words of congratulations for several minutes. Edward and I are surrounded by our children, parents, friends and family in a huge group hug.


Grandpa….I am going to be a grandpa, Bella is going to make one sexy grandma….that dress she was wearing…hold the phone that was hot! Those thoughts have been running through my head for the past couple of hours.

After everything calms down and people start leaving, our parents explain that the house we have been given is completely furnished, and ready for us to move into at any time. The house is located twenty-four minutes from the twin's performance arts high school, and thirty minutes from the college for Kelsi, and work for us. Samuel and Mary are going to move into Sasha and Heidi's old condo, and Sasha and Heidi Williams are moving into our old condo. Rose and Emmett have a house that is located within five minutes of our new place and Alice and Jasper are, of course, close to Rose and Emmett. We will all be neighbors, and we are close to our parents, because they are less than seven minutes away from each other.

We only need to move our personal stuff and that will be done for us while we enjoy our cruise. We will leave in three days time, and when we return we will be all moved in. I hate moving, and I know Bella hates it too, so this is a blessing in disguise. The only job we have is to spend tomorrow putting post-it note papers on anything that we absolutely have to have moved to the new house. Bella has already told me that she wants to pack a few of her own personal items. My lovely wife is anal about a few of her things. But who am I to talk, the first thing I did was find out from my father, who is commissioned to move my jukebox and grand piano.

On our way home, I am glad that our girls went to stay the night with my parents. Bella and I will have our home to ourselves. I am excited about the ability to make love to my wife all over the place. As soon as I park the car, I kiss her hand that she always places in mine, when we are in the car. "Bella, my love, let's go spend the next twelve hours of being child free, making love throughout our home."

"My old man still has the hots for me, after twenty-seven years. I am one lucky girl."

"Oh baby, you are going to get lucky all right. Lucky on the kitchen counter, dining room table, piano, balcony, couch, shower, and bed just to name a few places. I will be doing all that without any little blue pills, so I am not old yet, darling!"

With a giggle, she is sprinting across the parking ramp to the elevator. "Wait for me, girlie, so I can tell you all the places I want to lick on that lovely body." Bella squirms and I can tell that the playfulness is starting to turn her on. As I wrap her in my arms, I whisper huskily in her ear. "What is it, baby; do you need my tongue in a certain place, or how about my big hard cock?" I rub my hard on against her tight ass when I ask the second question. Bella lets out a gasp as she grinds herself back into me, and I slide my hand to cup her heated center. "Soon, my love, I will have you inside, and then I will show you what I have for you." Never giving her a chance to answer, I start kissing her hungrily. Bella, never one to just give over all control, fights for dominance in the kiss. If anyone can see us, they would think we are some young newlyweds, I am sure.

As soon as the door to our home closes, I have her dress unzipped, and my hands are pulling her panties off her body. We manage to make it into the entry hall and to the dining room. I have Bella in my arms, wearing only a bra at this point, her legs wound around my waist, and our kisses are still fighting for dominance. I get her to the table and sit her on the edge, using my foot to move my chair, I sit in front of her. "Now, this is the meal, I have been waiting to have all day long." As I stare at my lovely wife's bare pussy, I can see the wetness of her arousal glistening on her lips, and smell the musky scent pulling me in. Leaning forward, I push her to recline, and remove her bra in one full sweep. With her now on her back, I put her knees over my shoulders. With no mercy, and no extra arousing actions, I bury my face in her wetness, lick, and suck her clit with an insatiable fever fueled by lust. Within seconds of my mouth descending on her, she screams out my name in the throws of her passionate climax. With two fingers, I enter her tight entrance, and slowly finger fuck her riding out her climax. "I'm not done with you yet, my love, get comfortable. I don't think your tight pussy is wet enough to handle this big cock yet," I tell her, as I lean back in to flick her clit with my tongue some more. Having to use one hand to hold her bucking hips in place, I lightly bite down on her swollen clit, causing her to chant out my name over and over again. Pushing my fingers into her, and twisting just the way she likes it, sends her over the edge again. While not removing the fingers that are still riding her through her orgasm, I use my other hand to get the majority of my clothing removed. I stand all the way up and remove my hand from her body to take off my shirts. Within seconds, I am holding my cock in my hand, and rubbing the head in the wetness between her legs. "Tell me, my love, do you want this big cock?" I ask her, as I hold my erection; I tap the head of my cock against her swollen clit.

"Yes, Edward, fuck me now, deep inside me now….please now," Bella tells me. With my cock lined up and my hand on her hip, I thrust into her as deep as I can. Bella moans out my name again, and I lift her bottom off the table. With just her upper back and shoulders resting on the table, I pull almost all the way out and slam into her deeper yet. I set a hard, fast pace, and pushing her over the edge again, I do not let up. Thrusting harder and faster, I can feel the deep burn, as it spreads down my legs to my toes. I know I am not going to hold out for her again, so I know I have to help her, if I want her to cum with me. As I start thrusting faster, I pinch her clit and before I know it, we are both draped over the table.

"Baby, are you okay, am I hurting you?" I ask her

"I think you broke my vagina," she jokes. "You're not hurting me, but I do not want to sleep here. Can we go to our bed now?" she asks.

"We still have a few places to christen again before we move out."

"We have time, Edward. If you can walk, would you carry me? I can't feel my legs."

"Of course, my love," I tell her, as I pick her up and head for our bedroom. We both crawl into bed, neither of us bothering with pajamas, and wrap up in each other's arms.


Walking through the condo is a sad, yet happy thing for me. Ren, Mase, Robert, and Samuel have all come over to claim the furniture that they want. Bella and I have packed all our private things, and have tagged all the other items we want to keep and move, and even let it be known where those items are to be placed in the new house. We spent a day touring the house, and Bella made a few changes to how she wants a couple of things. Of course, my mother is all too happy to oblige, and tells her it will be handled right away. I am rather excited at the prospect of moving out of downtown, and as much as I love that condo, our children are carrying on for us. Sasha and Heidi are grateful of the trade in gift they were given, by switching out apartments. Seems like all is well in the lives of the Cullen's, Whitlock's, McCarty's and the Williams. Bella always tells me how happy she is, but I know today, she is not only happy for herself, but for all her friends and family. Especially glad, to be closer to her sisters, Alice and Rose, in the move. The one thing in this world, I will always be grateful for, is the day I approved the lease for the sisters three.

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