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Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


Leonard exhaustedly opened the door to his bedroom on which Sheldon had been knocking. He was still wearing his pyjamas and had taken the liberty of wrapping himself in both his robe and a comforter. His glasses were off, so he looked up at Sheldon through blurred eyes. "What?" He whined, obviously annoyed by his roommates antics at 9am on a Wednesday morning.

Sheldon wasn't pressed by his tone and smiled in his own Sheldon way. "I was wondering when you were going to drop me off at work."

Leonard just looked at him, wearing the most aghast face anyone had ever seen. "Sheldon, I can't drive you to work today – I'm sick!"

"Sick?" Sheldon cried, leaping backwards and covering his airways with the front of his shirt. "You can't be sick! I decontaminated the apartment only last week!" Sheldon didn't wait for Leonard's reply, and abruptly dashed to the bathroom, returning with a can of aerosol and spraying it in Leonard's direction.

Leonard sighed, pulling his comforter more securely round his chest, "You didn't decontaminate my office, Sheldon." And at that, he slammed the door behind him, leaving Sheldon standing in the hallway momentarily frozen in a world of his own. Dropping his shirt from his face and letting his arm drop to his side he stopped spraying the aerosol. He just stood still for a moment, staring at Leonard's door as if he was still stood there.

Suddenly he called out, "Well how am I supposed to get to work?"

From inside, Leonard replied, "I don't know! Ask Penny to drive you!" Followed by a large nose-blowing and a hysterical fit of coughing.

Disgusted, Sheldon backed away from the bedroom and out into the living room, looking around dazedly for answers. But unfortunately, even Sheldon knew that his trusty whiteboard couldn't help him now. He pondered about asking Penny to drive him. She had driven him to work before, only for her to order him out the car in the middle of an unfamiliar area. But she would have to be heading to work soon herself, anyway, and he couldn't risk being late or not going at all.

Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


Knock, knock, knock.


When Penny answered her door to find Sheldon there, he was happy to say that she reacted better to his presence than Leonard had. But in his roommates defence, Sheldon had decided that that was because he was sick.

"Hey, sweetie, what's up?" Penny asked, smiling.

Sheldon had been right in the fact that she would be on her way to work, too, as she was wearing her Cheesecake Factory uniform. Her yellow sweater-vest and green skirt. He classed this as a good start, and he was hoping that she would accept to driving him.

"Good morning, Penny. Leonard is sick, and I need a ride to work."

Penny had slammed the door in his face before he'd even finished.

"I don't know how you managed to talk me into this." Penny droned to Sheldon in the passenger seat of her car, turning into the Pasadena freeway and sighing deeply.

"Well it was really quite simple, Penny. A good use of persuasion and a good recollection of the rush hour traffic times was all it took to make you reach for your car keys." Sheldon replied, all too pleased with himself, it sounded. Even as he looked out of the passenger window to examine the shrubbery growing on the side of the road, he continued smiling.

"Oh, wowee." Penny droned once more, dripped in sarcasm. "I think it was more something of you falling to your knees and begging me until I gave in."

Sheldon shrugged beside her. "Yes, well, that too."

It was then when they realised that her car was slowly grinding to a halt but her foot was nowhere near the breaks. Sheldon seemed to notice too, as he looked at her questioningly and asked, "Penny, why are we stopping?"

"It's not me, I'm not doing anything!" Penny protested, raising her hands away from the wheel and raising her knees so her feet were off the peddles. Sheldon hastily snatched both Penny's wrists firm and slapped her hands back onto the wheel, his chest heaving.

"Keep your hands on the wheel, woman!"

"Sheldon, we're moving barely twenty miles an hour." She told him, taking her hands exasperatedly from the wheel again and resting them onto her lap.

There was a pause. "What's your point?"

Just then, there was a loud POP and a BANG and Penny watched in horror as a thick white smoke slithered from below the bonnet of her car and swirled up into the air in long tendrils before forming one large puff and fading away with the wind. The car had completely stopped now, and Sheldon was more concerned about the cars speeding past them rather than what had happened to the car they were sat in.

"Penny, I don't know if you've noticed but cars keep overtaking us at dangerous speeds and I'm scared."

Penny closed her eyes to take this all in. Also to drown out the sound of Sheldon's voice nagging in her ear. Her car had broke down? In the middle of the freeway, about ten miles from home, just because Sheldon wanted a ride to work? God, she was gonna kill him.

Opening her eyes, she turned to him to reply through gritted teeth, "Yes, Sheldon. I see that. But I don't know if you've noticed that my car just died!"

As if he was realising for the first time, Sheldon glanced around the car, before exclaiming in a surprised yet somehow sunny tone, "Oh, yes. I see. Well..."

Penny slammed her head onto the wheel, blaring out the car horn for the whole world to hear.

"Yep, it's definitely dead." Penny concluded, slamming down the bonnet of her car after examining its dead engine. Slapping her hands together to remove oil and dust, she mumbled to herself, "Well, at least it's not smoking anymore."

She got back into the driver's seat beside Sheldon and sighed once more. The only good thing about this situation right now, she decided, as she studied Sheldon's pin-straight form beside her, glancing around at the busy road, was that her Cheesecake Factory uniform hadn't gotten all oily.

"Do you have your cell phone?" Penny finally asked Sheldon, who just looked at her tight-lipped and shook his head. Slumping down into her seat, she fiddled with the catch on the door.

After a moment, Sheldon asked curtly, "Do you?"

She turned to him, a disbelieving expression on her face. "Sheldon, if I had my cell phone do you think I'd just be sitting here doing nothing?"

"I'm not sure." He replied, looking back out towards the still road ahead of them. "I've never been in this type of situation before." He sighed. "I told you about your 'check engine' light months ago, Penny, I conclude this as your fault."

Penny groaned. "Whatever, Sheldon. The 'check engine' light is fine, it's just the stupid engine that's dead."

He waited, and when she just arched a single eyebrow at him, he turned away exhaustedly, "Oh, dear Lord."

Penny sat up straighter in her seat, tapping mindlessly on the wheel. "Yeah, Sheldon, well I'm not exactly looking forward to sitting here with you, either."

"Oh, I have no problem with sitting here with you, Penny. In fact if you close your window just a little more then I would have a perfect cross-breeze."

"Well in that case why don't I just open it all the way?" And at that, her finger was on the button to open her window, and soon the roar of cars breezing past them echoed in the tiny car, and soon Sheldon's eye was twitching. Penny laughed quietly; satisfied with making Sheldon annoyed, and closed the window all the way. At least her hair wouldn't get even more messed up.

"Penny, I hate to point out the obvious, considering you clearly have everything under control, but shouldn't we be out looking for a phone?"

Weighing the pros and cons, Penny sighed and silently opened her door and began walking down the side of the road. When Sheldon didn't follow her, she turned and folded her arms, raising a single eyebrow at him once more.

"Oh, that was a yes?" He realized, undoing his seatbelt and stumbling from the vehicle.

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